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  1. Abit out of my price range for effects speakers. Went with polk owm3 https://clefhifi.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4112 and this mount https://www.amazon.com.au/Panavise-105108W-Speaker-Mount-Ceiling/dp/B00AEBPF78
  2. Item: Cubox-i4Pro Location: Melbourne Price: $60 Item Condition: Used, as-new Reason for selling: Don't have the time to get what I want out of it, needs someone with abit more computer knowledge than me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Happy to post, buyer's expense but should be cheap as it's tiny. Extra Info: Put your laptop away. At 2” X 2” X 2”, the CuBox-i is the world’s smallest computer EVER. Flash your choice of OS to a SD card KODI/OPENELEC, Ubuntu, Debian, Android etc. Completely silent, DTS passthrough, S/PIDF optical output, I/R etc. make this an excellent tiny HTPC/media player which can be hidden anywhere. Incredibly powerful for it's size, more info here: https://www.solid-run.com/nxp-family/cubox-i/ Pictures:
  3. Hahaha not quite what I was meaning. Are they decent sound quality? Would they work well? Anyone got recommendations on a speaker that's available in white with bracket that would allow it to be mount to the ceiling?
  4. Well your right there, it is. New layout attached. Unfortunately not :(, think it makes enough difference to warrant changing entertainment units? Given everyones advice see new layout at 65deg, I would have to mount the speakers outside of the ceiling rose so therefore not symmetrical to the MLP. I think a white outdoor speaker would be the easiest to mount and least obnoxious, but do they sound any good? loungeHT2.pdf
  5. Sorry probably should of given an explanation of why the current layout is the way it is. I know it's not ideal but couch has to be against wall, small room which is a thoroughfare from kitchen to rest of house. My understanding of 5.1 surround placement was slight behind the listen, definitely not in front of the listener? Currently wall mounted, but could be stand mounted. Only other options for sub is sell the low flat entertainment unit and replace with a skinny high unit that way sub could go below tv, would that be worth it? Or just on the left side of the short wall in the dining room? That's the dolby spec 80deg from horizontal from ear level, that's not far off 90deg which would be directly overhead? To go further forward I would have to go either side of the ceiling rose, so wider than the fronts?
  6. Was going to suggest the Nvidia Shield but it appears Netflix Atmos is about the only thing it doesn't do.
  7. Hi Guys, Just brought a Denon AVR x3400H to replace an old Marrantz SR5004(not blown away by the Denon yet even tho I never ran the Marrantz Audyssey in the new room), and I would like to take advantage of the Atmos feature in a 5.1.2 layout as it seems more robust for different formats than a front heights layout which I had always planned on doing with the Marrantz. Attached is my layout currently minus the TFL and TFR Atmos ceiling speakers, TFL and TFR are located according to Dolby's specs of inline with FL and FR and 80º from MLP ear level. Luckily this is just outside of the ceiling rose, but I still really want to avoid cutting big holes in the ceiling for in-ceiling speakers. Room: plaster walls and ceiling, hardwood floors Ceiling Height: 3020mm Current speakers: Jamo fronts:S606 Center and Sur:S60 Sub:Sub300 Here's what I see my options are: Mount small bookshelf/surrounds/satellites to the ceiling on an omnimount and either down fire or angle slightly, these could either be the surrounds I currently have and replace them with Bipoles for better dispersion along back wall or something small like jamo A340. But I'm not sure if surround speakers like this have enough dispersion for Atmos ceiling duty, I can't find dispersion in the specs for most speakers? This would also be the ugliest solution. Mount flater more diffused speakers like https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Jamo-ART-wall-mounted-speakers-made-in-Denmark/253944970508 or some sort of low profile bipole? Mount outdoor speakers like option 1, not sure outdoor speakers are the best? If they were white shouldn't stick out too much. In-ceiling speakers like Jamo contractor series or Yamaha NS-IC800s, I really don't want 6-8" holes in my ceiling as it's a litte too permanent and close to the ceiling rose. Also regarding layout would there be much difference in mounting the ceiling speakers symmetrical to the MLP as Dolby wants it or symmetrical to the room? What do you guys think? I don't see a problem with mounting on ceiling except for aesthetics given the 3m ceiling allows plenty of room between ear level and speaker. Also any other suggestions you have to improve the less than ideal room layout would be appreciated? loungeHT.pdf
  8. Thanks BATMAQN John any chance you could post the photos up again, attach them or PM them? Definitely something I want to sorted out on the Akai AA-1200, probably about time I started thinking about a resto/recap for the old girl as well. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  9. That's what I was thinking, and pretty sure the stereohedron is patented. Is the shibata really that good? If your records aren't worn out does it make a difference? Is there any side-by-side comparisons out there of the jicos? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. Am i the only one who can't see the photos? Both tapatalk and the webpage, I've checked I'm logged in. Have i missed something as i haven't been on the forums for awhile now? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. Hi Guys, Well it's been afew years since I replaced my stylus on my Stanton 681EEE(old thread), I ended up going with the Lp Gear STNS681EEES(Link). Which I has pretty happy with, however as you all know the attraction of an upgrade is alluring. I'm currently looking at this hyper-elliptical Jico from here, however Jico don't list a Hyper-elliptical on their website only an elliptical $105 and a Shibata $167 (Jico). And turntableneedles.com lists an elliptical $44, hyper-elliptical $130 and a Shibata $160. Do you think the turntableneedles.com "hyper-elliptical" is just the elliptical from the Jico website? I've sent Jico an email asking if they make a hyper-elliptical, but I don't know how they are with responding. The other thing I've noticed is the LP Gear website now lists a STANTON 681EEE CARTRIDGE CALIBRATION STANDARD D6800EEE needle stylus is used with the Stanton 681EEE Calibration Standard cartridge, for the same price as the above(here). Now the calibration standard stylus sounds great see attached brochure, but I doubt for the same price it's any different than what I got? ve_stanton_681_eee-s_brochure_en.pdf
  12. Hi Jake, Good to know, can he do re-wiring? Or is it more just aesthetic things?
  13. New 3D tv, old non-3D AVR. Need two separate hdmi signals, one for 3D and one for HD audio. Bluelabel I will sent you a PM
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