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  1. This is good point, REL has a carbon/fiberglass cone which looks pretty robust. What's the svs like?
  2. Been trying to find a secondhand replacement for my Jamo SUB300 which bit the dust for some time now with no luck, I seem to keep missing anything decent in the classifieds. I'm all ready to buy a SVS SB-1000 but in my search I came across this thread where someone makes a very good point about small children, fabric speaker covers and poking the driver, so thought bugger it I will buy a SB-2000 with metal grill for $1600......no luck SB-2000 is now the SB-2000 Pro for $2000(way out of budget). Can any recommend a $800-1600 compact front firing sub which is safe from little fingers? I know downward firing would solve the issue but last sub was down firing and we have wooden floors, I would like to give front firing ago. I'm also looking at the REL HT1003 but appears to have the same fabric style grill as SB-1000.
  3. So buying any REL sub secondhand is a bad idea? Or its only going to damage the amp?
  4. So there's an issue with connecting REL subs to class D amps using the high level speaker inputs? Not an issue if you're using LFE?
  5. Item: SVS or REL subwoofer/s Price Range: $400-800 Item Condition: New or Used Location: Melbourne, willing to ship Extra Info: Narrowed my search for a replacement subwoofer down to the following or similar: SVS SB-1000 SVS SB-2000 SVS PC-2000 REL HT 1003 REL HT 1205 I see I've missed afew good deals on here recently, so getting close to pulling the trigger on something new. Happy to pay for shipping if price is right.
  6. Genuinely interested! Been admiring these bad boys for awhile. Is shipping to Melbourne an option?
  7. Sorry yes, it has to be sold by the "Amazon Global Store". The above link Russell gave doesn't take me to the $82 ones, I definitely was looking at $82 the other day too and I'm sure they were Free Shipping with Prime. May have sold out?
  8. Sign up to Amazon Prime, free shipping from international over $39. Theres probably a free trial or it's like $8 month, streaming service is pretty good too
  9. Looks like it's gone! Thanks tho, there's another with Andrew Jones Speakers but he's not willing to post.
  10. Very tempting and sounds like a good deal, however on doing some research the 120Hz ceiling seems a little low and still asking a lot from main speakers. Let me think about it.
  11. Hi Barbs Thanks for the offer, it's there some reliability issues with this model? I can't find that much info on them.
  12. Item: Mid-range 10" or 12" Subwoofer i.e. SVS, Klipsch, Definitive Technology, Yamaha Price Range: $200-600 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Jamo SUB300 has chosen a great time to pack up, need to find a reasonably priced replacement. I'm in Melbourne, but happy to consider postage.
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