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  1. Hi. I think the power supply is solid state and it’s never been mentioned to me that it has a valve rectifier. Given TS Lim’s general design approach though , I’m sure he’s given careful consideration to the sound quality of the PSU as well.
  2. Further information: For sale here is my TS Lim Diva Audio Virtuoso iii MM Valve phono stage. This is a truly excellent phono stage which has a sweet, musical sound that really does have the ability to "put the performers in the room", and to provide that live, transparent quality to music playback. I am the second owner, with the unit being originally purchased new from Audio Salon in Melbourne. Original RRP on this unit would be about $3K, but this one has had some special upgrades added to it (read below) which would take the original cost somewh
  3. Further information: For sale here is a very nice set of Krix Acoustix Mk1 stereo stand mount speakers with a perfectly matching Krix Graphix Mk1 centre channel speaker. All three speakers are finished in real wood Atlantic Jarrah veneer. Together these three speakers of course serve as a seamlessly matched speaker front end for a surround sound system. Of course , the Krix Acoustix speakers on their own also serve as a very nice pair of speakers for stereo music playback, and received a Highly Commended award by Sound+Image Magazine in 2011. This sale is
  4. Thanks everyone for your interest in the Marantz KI SACD player. the unit has now been sold.
  5. Further information: For sale here is my Marantz SA-7001 KI SACD/CD player. The "KI" in the model number of course signifies that this model has been further enhanced from the base model by the legendary Ken Ishiwata. I am the original owner and I purchased this unit from Len Wallis Audio in Sydney. RRP in its day was $1999.00. The SACD/CD drive and optical pickup mechanism was replaced (actually upgraded to a better unit) under warranty by Len Wallis Audio Service centre in 2013. Since then the player has never missed a beat and happily plays just ab
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