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  1. Are there any impressions on the mk 2 compared to the original?
  2. Hi caleb just wondering whether your Double Helix Balanced cable is still for sale?
  3. Thanks for the responses guys, i guess it is a subjective query, looking at past sales it doesn't seem to affect price.
  4. As the title suggests has anyone compared silver or copper internal wire? It would be quite expensive to buy both to listen to and am not sure how difficult it would be to rewire these tonearms.
  5. It seems any time something of quality is listed it is either on hold or sold before they have even posted the listing. Has anyone had any luck with these guys? http://www.hifido.co.jp/KW/G0301/P0/A10/E/0-10/S0/C13-77279-03386-00/
  6. Thanks for the feedback Tubularbells, sounds like it was an interesting seminar with the development of the caliburn he has probably forgotten more technical knowledge than most designers have learnt. I take it it wasn't recorded which sounds like it would have been a good reference even for people who attended. Interesting comment about azimuth i wasn't aware that it changes with VTA/SRA adjustment?
  7. A heads up for any one going to the Australian Audio & AV show 2013. http://www.chestergroup.org/chester-group-news/australian-audio-av-show-13/australian-show-main-page/turntable-masterclass-by-mark-doehmann.html I think this would be a very interesting seminar picking Mark Doehmanns brain, I hope this is going to be tape recorded and posted for all of us not being able to make it.
  8. Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinate Sadness original Uk $290.00, my most expensive so far, damn 90's vinyl
  9. Not overlly difficult the sales rep i corresponded with Jules had very good english but you need to consider any warranty will need to be shipped back to germany. Although his best solution to listen to his product was for me to travel to the munich audio show in may.
  10. There is no EMT Australian Distributor i had the same question when i contacted them to try and organise an audition of the JPA - 66 you will need to deal with them direct. Good luck
  11. Headphones are the cheapest way of getting reference level sound, i hate to think how much i would need to spend to get the same level in a 2 channel speaker system that i get from my headphone rig.
  12. Hi all, i've breezed over this site many times but thought i should join as there seems to be a lot of local knowledgable audiophiles here also didn't realize there was such a significant classified section with a lot of australian sellers. I look forward to looking at this site more closely. Cheers Jason
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