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  1. Tony is correct in saying that for people skilled in fixing furniture will have the know how to repair the damage, so that it will be almost back to the way it was. Luckily it appears to be superficial and not structural. The matching of the repair to the existing appearance is the major part, but with know how this should not be all that difficult. A mate used to repair timber work on old cars (dashes, consoles, door trims) and there was quite an art to it. The repairs ranged from sanding and polishing to fitting new parts into the veneer, to making a whole new part closely matching
  2. How very disappointing. They have taken a large hit to deform the timber the way it is. Almost like a pallet was pushed into them during loading. The freight can be through many parties before it makes its way to the final destination so lots of loading/unloading. That will be a major repair
  3. You could tape some aluminium foil to the window. Many new home owners do this before getting blinds and curtains
  4. Congratulations Maybe more to come so you can have surround sound?
  5. The elsinore speaker is worth looking at. A mate of mine has a pair and they are very good https://www.customanalogue.com/elsinore/elsinore_index.htm
  6. Just looking online at the 6014 instructions, it appears when you set front speakers to small, you can choose the crossover frequency with default at 80hz
  7. A yacht to sail around the Whitsundays, with fishing line trailing behind
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