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  1. You need to make sure the horizontal shelves are the ones that run from side to side all the way across the shelving unit. If you do it the other way they can collapse sideways
  2. The BD2 plinth is not large enough to mount an RB300. The connoisseur tonearm is very short Wayne
  3. I have the kit version bd1 mounted on a reinforced concrete plinth (about 30KG) with an RB300 tonearm and garrott P77. I replaced the steel plate with brass. The bearing is set solid in the concrete. The platter has a 3mm perspex platter mat with neoprene bonded to it (full size of the mat is 12 inches). In this form you would be surprised how good it sounds, in fact so good I have not bothered to replace it with anything else. I do have a lenco gl75 in the shed I will get going one day in concrete plinth to see if it is any better. Wayne
  4. Those boards look like ETI5000
  5. Those speakers are ETI 4000 /1 speakers there was also 4000 /2 which was a 3 way.
  6. Yes they are in constant use Have just uploaded a picture to my member introduction. The bass dipole- there is only one at the moment but will eventually be 2.
  7. Gyprock cement would work fine to fill the holes. For my concrete horns I used 3 parts gyprock cement and part cement. I used a spray bottle with water to dampen it a little as it tends to dry out too quickly when spreading it. To spread and smooth I used a 10cm x 15cm piece of camping roll-up mattress (the blue spongy stuff about 10mm thick)
  8. I presume the screws holding the inductors on the board are not steel. Steel will change the value of the inductor and probably do other things as well as the steel saturates with signal This comment relates to the air cored inductors only .
  9. Sometimes the manufacturers rating is borderline on the low side, maybe to limit warranty problems. I had a piece of equipment that kept blowing the fuse and so I put a slightly heavier fuse e.g. 1amp slow blow and it has not been a problem since. From experience, if the amp has a problem whether it is 800ma or 1 amp is not much difference it will blow.
  10. Many years ago I used to go to a local pub every week and it had live music. Just a bass guitar and acoustic guitar with the players both doing vocals and often one of the bar staff doing some singing as well. It sounded very musical, the place was always rocking. One night I went along and it sounded bad, the place was not rocking. It turned out the bass valve amp had gone in for repairs and fallback transistor amp was being used. The player was the same the house speaker was the same, the guitar was the same. This means the equipment was adding to the sound. If now we have a direct feed off the guitars rather than microphones at the speakers the recording will never sound like the original. I also had a similar experience listening regularly to the same blues band, they changed the lead guitar amp and this also had a marked difference, likewise the bass guitar speakers sometimes four tens in a box, and sometimes a single 15, these were also quite different sounding.
  11. I have used a glue stick heat gun to attach the cloth but is a 2 person job. Staples can tear the fabric
  12. I will take these if they are still available Regards, Wayne
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