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  1. Have an Ittok 11.5g the Zyx SB is 8g if the compliance is 15 we get RF 9.1 right in the magic 9-11 zone.
  2. Andy I think your right if the compliance was 25 it would be a terrible match with high mass arms. If you calculate your combo with a 25 compliance it gives an RF of 6. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Thanks Andy To measure street home you need a test record like this https://recordclean.com.au/4/20840/20923.html Found this on Vinyl Engine Zyx is a Japanese maker and Japanese makers usually specifies their compliance at 100 Hz, so if we say a static compliance of 15 @ 100 Hz, this means a dynamic compliance of roughly 7.5 @ 100 Hz. Now, to convert to 10 Hz we use 7.5 x 2 or x2.2 and get 15 or 15.4. So a static compliance of 15 @ 100 Hz is roughly a dynamic compliance of 15 @ 10 Hz. Then on the contrary on Audiogon ZYX dynamic compliance is 15cu (horizontal) and 12cu (vertical), both measured at 100Hz. To convert it to 10Hz we have to multiply on 1.7 (not on 2.2). I have original manual on hands from my ex ZYX Premium 4D SB. Static compliance does not even mentioned in the original printed manual for ZYX (because nobody need it). at 10Hz ZYX compliance is about: 25.5 cu (lateral) 20.4 cu (vertical) And Pinkfish EQ Compliance horizontal - 15×10-6cm/dyne EQ Compliance vertical - 12×10-6cm/dyne Recommended tonearm effective mass 12grams minimum/20grams maximum With the TB or SB headshell added it will be: +TB - recommended tonearm effective mass 9.5grams minimum/17.5grams maximum +SB - recommended tonearm effective mass 7grams minimum/16.5grams maximum. Therefore a tonearm with a medium effective mass is recommended for all of the above. Hence my confusion. If the information in Audiogon is correct they would require a very low mass arm not medium as suggested by the Pinkfish quote which was posted by GT Audio the UK distributor.
  4. ZYX Cartridges ZYX Cartridges: I was wondering if anybody could tell me if the stated compliance on the spec sheet is measured @10hz or 100hz? I have read that the compliance on the spec sheet is for static compliance not dynamic. What I would like to know is the dynamic compliance @10hz so I can determine resonance frequency. If nobody knows would it be possible for a Zyx owner to measure their own cartridge? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Looks like A/B this is a quote from the measurements section of the Sterophile review I ran it at one-third power into 8 ohms for an hour, which maximally stresses a class-A/B amplifier's ability to shed waste heat. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/mark-levinson-no532h-power-amplifier-measurements#RKuKECvFpIYhgWph.99
  6. And here is me thinking she was just enjoying the music
  7. ......and you want to be my latex salesman
  8. I am considering purchasing the Terminator T3 tonearm but would like a professional to set it up. Who in Sydney would be the best person for the job?
  9. Thanks aasza, found phone & email at the end of the post.
  10. Does anyone have contact details for Elson Silva?
  11. Hello all I have read a lot of positive feedback regarding these speakers. I would love to hear them before I commit. Does anybody around Sydney own or know anybody that has these & would be willing to let me have an audition? Kind regards Michael
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