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  1. Is it 2-3mm at all three spring points?
  2. How do you guys go about levelling the platter? What is the ideal distance between the bottom of the platter and the top plate of the turntable? My armboard is pretty much level with the top plate of the turntable. I am finding that I have a very tiny wobble with my platter spinning which I don't think is affecting the sound. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My latest learning is to let the arm fully settling when taking the VTF readings, it is really interesting to see the weight reducing as the springs settle.
  3. Contact Trevor at Rage Audio. He is the ME expert. https://www.rageaudio.com.au/index.php?p=1_3
  4. It’s great have someone in Australia that can do this type of work.
  5. The PU7 is now on the PT while the Orion is off to Mark Döhmann for a comprehensive repair. After putting it all together I didn’t realise I somehow got some air in the slave pulley which caused it to rub on the underside of the platter. After talking to Charles I burped the slave pulley and things are great again. The little tool made light work of putting the belt on 😀. So after all that effort (and there is a lot more effort with these decks) it sounds fantastic. This table is dynamic, musical and just so enjoyable. I could listen to music for hours if wasn’t f
  6. If you’re patient I may end up selling my Stabi S with the PSU. the Kuzma Stabi is very very close to the Ref and looks a lot better (IMO). That’s the brass version.
  7. Thanks Dragan, it is a Benz Micro Wood low output.
  8. Shane it sounds a lot better than the Kuzma. It really is a great sounding deck. This one had the full treatment from True Point Audio in the UK. The arm did not come from True Point. The arm that came with it is off with Mark Döhmann getting the full treatment.
  9. Given the amount of hassle that this has involved I should have.
  10. Recent Pink Triangle purchase finally fitted with Audio Origami PU7. The Stabi is on holiday for the time being.
  11. You could give Bryan at Audio Note Sydney a call and check out the TT. Having recently fitted my belt on a Pink Triangle Anniversary this a much more sensible way to have the belt fitted.
  12. You should hold onto this until you have had the Chord for a while. Chord dacs sound great at first with the level of ultra detail but after awhile they are a bit fatiguing (IME). You may regret selling this dac.
  13. Someone on vinyl engine has identified the stylus as an Astatic stylus.
  14. Thanks Warren, I will give the brush a try tomorrow.
  15. Thanks Warren. Dropped the vtf to .75 grams. Sounds a lot better. A huge amount of bottom end. the cart is very dynamic and may be worth investing in a better stylus. The PU7 is 11g which works well with a lot of cartridges.
  16. I thought I would setup the Pickering and give it a bit of a spin. Tracking force at 1.92 grams. So far I have to say it is very ordinary, it could be my setup very easily. The treble is a bit on the bright/shrill side. Bass sounds much better.
  17. Thanks, it’s great to have someone in Australia that can do this type of work. My next retip will head up to Chris.
  18. I heard these speakers at a friend's house with Gryphon Amps and they sounded fabulous. https://audioconnection.com.au/products/tad-cr1-compact-reference-as-traded I don't think you need worry about buying TAD amps to go with their speakers.
  19. I know a good physio - you may need him after that.
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