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  1. MQA were given the chance to review and respond. It should be up to MQA to respond.
  2. I would agree with that. IMO the worst part is that Tidal are taking away the option of choosing.
  3. I think that was one of the points of the analysis. He did say musical taste was subjective and some people may prefer the sound with MQA.
  4. Me too! That's why I posted it in the DIgital Music section.
  5. It is interesting that the mods have moved the topic to the great audio debate. I'm guessing that they didn't have a look/listen to the youtube clip because if they had, they might have left it in the digital section. I actually thought the video was unbiased and also supported by measurements. These type of exercises/clips are very informative and help audiophiles make more balanced judgements.
  6. I received my occassional post from Dr AIX which I thought would be worth a bit of a follow up. On the train this morning I listened to part of the youtube interview and thought it was worth posting for those that may be curious. I'll listen to the rest of the session a bit later. For those that don't have the time the presenter did a prepare a little summary. For those that are time-challenged, here are the main takeaways: MQA is NOT lossless MQA adds unwanted noise and distortion MQA is not usually sourced from a high-sample rate master MQA 'authentica
  7. I have an Orion Mk2 that has new bearings and serviced by Mark Döhmann. Audionote (Japan) silver wire. It is a 10 inch arm that tracks beautifully. I want a bit more but your close on price.
  8. Item: Whest PS.30 RDT SE Price Range: market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text). Looking to go further up the Whest chain.
  9. I think your system with Snakeoil would be awesome. All you would need is a very cheap app called iPeng and it would sound amazingly good without having to buy a Roon licence. @Snoopy8is our local Snakeoil expert. https://www.snakeoil-os.net/
  10. Agreed SQ is great and reasonably user friendly thanks to people like Snoopy8 who pop in with a lending hand.
  11. Thanks for the support @JDWestand a good reminder to make another donation to Snakeoil. Let’s keep this fabulous program going. Awesome sound quality and great support. It has kept my old Antipodes DS Ref going on a second life.
  12. I know. But still worth a listen today or any other day.
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