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  1. @TOPSHELFTry Harry at Audio Genesis. This should be an easy task for him in Pyrmont. I would think if you arrange it in time Harry could do it while you wait. Top bloke and nice hifi store as well. https://www.audiogenesis.com.au/about-us
  2. This is still a great value Aussie Red. Selfishly hoping it doesn’t get too discovered.
  3. Many years ago Penfolds was my staple. Sad that it is now so overpriced (IMO) and these days I would only buy the rare bottle. They are generally lovely wines but we have so many other fabulous Australian wines At much lower prices.
  4. I will probably get one if I can’t find a reasonably priced Orb online. We already have the step down.
  5. So far on my smaller purchases ie, <$1000 they seem to go straight through, also no duty on imports from the US due to the treaty. I would say you would have to be really unlucky to get slugged for the GST.
  6. There are a few shops who have invested in the flatterners providing a service going rate seems to be between $10-$15. That is a lot cheaper then sending them back to the US for a credit and then pay postage for the replacement album. For those interested in the vinyl flat this was my response; In 2017, we moved production of the Groovy Pouch from China to the USA but we have not been able to locate a suitable 220 v heating element replacement here in the USA for our International customers who require a 220 v heating solution for the Vinyl Flat, so you have two options: * You can just buy the Vinyl Flat and use it with your kitchen oven (see our Tips download .PDF file on our web site for more info). Price: Vinyl Flat discounted to $129.95 + Shipping $100 = $229.95 USD * You can buy the 110 V USA Groovy Pouch and purchase a 220v to 110 v step-down voltage converter separately in your country that is suitable for 150 W of continuous use. Price: Vinyl Flat discounted to $129.95 + 110 V Groovy Pouch $79.95 + Shipping $108 = $317.90 US converts to AUD 460 approx.
  7. @Jeffo Geethis is the same as mine except my PSU is the Gold tunes. This is a bargain at the price.
  8. @woogie59 here’s another chance although perhaps not quite as good as the other pair sold last year.
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