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  1. PKay

    Will Tidal Continue

    My wife’s new car has Bluetooth connectivity so I can use Tidal in her car. Over time I expect most cars will have internet connections. I have at least 2000 CDs and lots of hires music I have bought. Since I subscribed to Tidal I haven’t bought a hires file and am now only buying vinyl.
  2. PKay

    Will Tidal Continue

    I agree, without Tidal I wouldn’t bother with Roon. Not that the Roon guys would have the financial backing needed by Tidal.
  3. Thanks Ross I'm currently enjoying my 17D3. In my limited experience I have found the Dynavector cartridges to be very dynamic and musical.
  4. PKay

    MM Vs MC

    It would be great to see this coming back to a respectful discussion about mm vs mc carts. Disagreements and differing views are fine but play the ball not the man/woman.
  5. PKay

    Phil Emmanuel - RIP.

    Very sad news. I used to go and watch Tommy, Phil and a drummer called David Jones around the traps in Sydney a long time ago. Many enjoyable nights. RIP Phil.
  6. Yes, no wonder that the gel so well. Great to listen to them perform together.
  7. Mussorgsky-Ravel Bilder Einer Ausstellung with Riccardo Muti. This is a must get for any classical fan. Mine arrived from Germany today. The Stravinsky is a bonus (how insanely difficult that must be to perform). Thanks for the heads up @rossb
  8. PKay


    Awesome post Cedric. I was wondering whether the valves didn’t generate too much heat being so close to the next level of your rack?
  9. Alfred Brendel playing Mozart Piano Concerto no 23. What a fabulous touch on the piano.
  10. Been there and done that! GLWTS.
  11. PKay

    SOLD: FS: Kuzma CAR 30 MC cartridge

    I’m surprised it didn’t sell quicker.
  12. Are you low balling yourself?