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  1. The second should be even better and hopefully quicker. You should be very proud of your new speakers. I would be if I made something as good as that. Hopefully when I retire the men’s shed will have enough tools. Only problem is that it will take about 4 old blokes to move those things.
  2. Oh no. Definitely looks much better with the red front.
  3. paul Thomas towards the end of this video recommended Flint from a matchbox carefully moving from the back to front. He said that Linn used to sell some fine emery paper years ago. also suggested gluing MM stylus with a bit of super glue to reduce movement.
  4. number 2 IMO less is more. In fact I would suggest no cover, enjoy all that hard work each time you sit down.
  5. I used some Herbies Fat Dots between my speakers and stands to isolate them.
  6. These are the stands Anthony made for me. The big speakers will want some large steel bars compared to my thin/ light speakers.
  7. If you need any stands made I would highly recommend @Grizzlyhe made mine for my LS5/9s and made some for @rossb . First rate workmanship and a very reasonable price as well. Not to mention keeping the work in the SNA community. you should also make sure you leave enough of a gap to get your hands under the bottom of the speakers for lifting.
  8. I had Daphile for a long time and in my system it doesn't come close to the SQ from Snakeoil. At the moment I am running Roon on the main home computer and using my Antipodes (converted to Snakeoil) system as the Server. It does sound very good and it was very easy to implement. I did look at Jriver and as my mother board is a very old 32 bit board I thought that path was fraught with too much angst for me. I concur that Agent Kith is a legend and a great guy to deal with. I hope that the users of the system do make donations to keep it going.
  9. Hi Rob, I remember having a few issues with this as well. You need follow the steps on the snakeoil website very carefully. Also if your MB is older it may require the 32 bit version which is what mine did. This is a good place to start https://www.snakeoil-os.net/wiki/Installation/choose-the-iso-to-download
  10. I'm going to have a nice whisky tonight to celebrate your progress. These are looking awesome...
  11. These little speakers are fabulous. I think they are better than the next model up which is more than 2X the price. These are some brilliant Australian made speakers by an absolute gentleman. Brad is one of the nicest guys around and a seriously good speaker maker.
  12. I will be using my Audio Origami PU7 when the armboard arrives from the UK. Charles at True Point Audio is shipping it tonight. the other option I have is a Helius Orion Mk II which will be going to Mark Döhmann on Monday for a service. I think both should be heavy enough. Hooking up the belt is a major challenge so I’m just glad to get it on. I will try Charles’s little tool first and then your wool trick if the tool doesn’t work. 40 years is impressive- my first listen was very enjoyable and pleasing since I bought the table on a recommendation from @rossb neve
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