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  1. Andy, I had a look at the Accutrak and it looks like great value. How do you place the protractor on the platter in the "correct" position? Does it neet to align with some point on the turntable?
  2. Some photos of the whole cartridge may be a bit more helpful with your sale.
  3. Just voted - Lavardin IT from France. Devialet for the family room.
  4. Very enjoyable late night listening
  5. How did you manage poker after all that wine?
  6. This is a great setup and better than most TTs I have heard, it is also excellent value at that price.
  7. I auditioned a lot of integrated amps including the Pass Labs INT150 and ended up with a Lavardin IT. It is a beautiful sounding amp 55watts of good quality current. You would need to pay around $5k second hand but they can be found a lot cheaper on the second hand market overseas. https://www.audio-markt.de/market/lavardin-it-vollverstaerker-3113488355?cookie_agree=1
  8. Great combo which I paid full price for and considered it to be excellent value and better than a lot of other very expensive dacs that I have heard.
  9. Item: Aurealis 5-Pin Plug to RCA Tonearm Cable 75cm Location: Artarmon, Sydney CBD Price: $100 + postage if required Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded up the Aurealis chain Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal + fees Extra Info: Interconnects for transferring the signal from a turntable or a moving coil step-up transformer need to be well-shielded and able to carry a weak signal with minimum interference. The Van Damme cable which is famous for its use in studio applications (e.g. Abbey Road) is also used as the external cable on the excellent Audio-Origami PU7 tonearm. Features include: Fine stranded copper and silver wire combined together to preserve precise detail and tone. Tinned copper high density shield Low capacitance at 50 pf per metre Cotton and rice paper damping ETI Nexus RCA - silver plated pure copper signal pin and body of tellurium copper - aluminium housing for RFI/EMI shielding and 5-pin plug with gold-plated copper tellurium contacts 22awg ground cable with mini spades at phono end Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Great cause John. Well done. For those who missed out and want to donate there is the Red Cross appeal. https://australian-red-cross.giveeasy.org/australian-red-cross---donation
  11. check in with @BATMAQNas he bought my old DP60L. I'm not sure what cart he was running on the TT.
  12. I had a Dynavector DV20X2 for a little while which I upgraded to the 17D3. They both sounded fantastic on that deck. It is a really good turntable which warrants an excellent cart. If your budget doesn’t go that high I have also heard that TT with a Stanton cart and it also sounded great.
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