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  1. PKay

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    A good debate is healthy and should be encouraged. All you have said is you prefer your DAC which is perfectly fine and the reason you bought it. I sold my Naim CDX2 player as I preferred this DAC there will be a lot of Naim fans that wouldn't understand this. Your next comparison will be well received by me and many others I'm sure.
  2. PKay

    GIESELER Groß DAC official release

    ???? Not sure you read my post properly. I was raising a question. My setup is into a Lavardin IT integrated amp.
  3. Shame you can’t get your hands on DAVE that would be an interesting comparison.
  4. This thread is really taking the SNA family to another level...
  5. PKay

    Speakers for my naim system

    See if you can borrow a hicap or Teddy PSU
  6. PKay

    Speakers for my naim system

    Another suggestion I would recommend that you try a hicap or Teddy Pardo power supply. My experience with Naim was that the hicap made a huge difference. The Teddy gets a lot of positive reviews and is much cheaper. The earlier comment on the NacA5 cable is important.
  7. PKay

    Speakers for my naim system

    See if you can find some PMC speakers. I used to have some PMC OB1s with a 140. They did sound a lot better with the 250.2. What size room do you have?
  8. How do you find the Kefs close to the wall?
  9. I'm not sure that they would sell anymore than Elac. It would be interesting to see their sales figures because there are a lot of them that come up for resale.
  10. This is just my opinion but the LS50s are terrible - I had a listen at 2 different stores as they had a lot of WAF and I was after small speakers. They come up for sale far more than any other speaker on these forums. Don't buy a pair before you have a really good long listen.
  11. PKay

    GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    I'm with you on that - anyone looking to buy a new dac should check it out and I am yet to see one come up in the FS. I'll be keeping mine for a long time, in terms of digital music this dac is better than some I have heard costing a lot more. And if you can afford the PSU get one of those while your at it.
  12. I wonder how this would match up against Hugo M scaler? DSD over coax sounds good.
  13. You should see if you can audition a Lavardin IT with your speakers.