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  1. Or you could buy using paypal and pay the premium - it is cheap insurance if the item is faulty and gives you peace of mind. If they aren't prepared to accept paypal with the premium then walk away unless you know them. Sadly this forum does have the odd user and we should be giving them negative feedback when this happens (I did recently).
  2. And that doesn't even take into account the value of the Townshend Springs.
  3. They should work just as well as the expensive Furutech and other lifters. Looking forward to reading your results.
  4. Perhaps Mike could lend you some boxes.
  5. I agree awful compression/mastering - I expect it was done for FM radio.
  6. Record Dr is really great value. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/record-doctor-v-vacuum-cleaning-machine-lets-your-fingers-do-walking I use Melody Mate fluid which you can get on eBay.
  7. I was also a fan for many years. I am now into simplicity with a Lavardin IT and Devialet Le 200 driving my 2 systems.
  8. @metal beatshould be able to help here.
  9. Good on you to both you and your brother. Having heard some Van Damme “cheap” cable compared to Cardas Clear I can say in my system they sounded very similar. More expensive isn’t necessarily better.
  10. Good excuse for a road trip.
  11. Have you have heard their cables?
  12. These look like very good value.
  13. John, I'll grab the Ray Brown if you do split. Cheers, Peter
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