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  1. If you don't get any here you should contact @Grizzlyto make you a pair. He made me a pair for my Graham LS 5/9 which I had modelled on the Graham stands. They should work equally well with Harbeths.
  2. Item: Integrated amp Price Range: up to $1000 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: My brother's mate is after an integrated amp for his Yamaha speakers - specifications below. 100w is his preference but willing to look at other alternatives. NS-777 Specifications Recommended Usage Front speakers Type 3-way bass reflex design Woofers Dual 8" PMD cone MidRange Driver 5" cone with waveguide horn
  3. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing the finished product and hearing your thoughts on the sound of the 401.
  4. Welcome Rasa. What system do you have? I like some of the gear coming out of Serbia, especially the Karan amplifiers. @Gandra
  5. I came across this site yesterday. They have some excellent recordings at good prices (much better than Birdland). https://www.audiophilereferencerecordings.com.au/vinyl.html
  6. Having lived with a DS/1 for a few months I would say this streamer/dac at the asking price is the best value dac that I have heard in many years of digital listening.
  7. I’m getting to the bottom of my Redbreast😢.
  8. @KtonyIf you cant get a belt try the guys at Origin live. Their belts are fantastic, I just changed over my Kuzma Stabi belt and the sound performance/improvement was immediately obvious. As well as sounding so much better it was a relative bargain (gbp 27.5 plus gbp 13 for delivery). If you get a few belts the postage per unit is negligble. https://www.originlive.com/technical-support/upgrades/turntable-belts-support/belt-faqs/belt-lengths-popular-decks/
  9. This might work @Evil Donaldwill be able to help.
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