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  1. Him and Harry and Norman from Audio Genesis in Sydney. Although AG don’t sell Harbeth.
  2. You could ask one of the Sydney guys driving to the hifi show to take it down.
  3. Good to clarify - I would pay and then chase my refund. The credit agencies don't care that you have received shoddy perfomance. They are binary, you are late or on time.
  4. Give Aleksandar at Audio Magic a call if you are interested. He is genuine and a fantastic bloke to deal with. You can buy with confidence from him.
  5. I would be very careful about not paying. Cancel the subscription but if you miss payments it will go against your credit rating.
  6. Does that mean 2 remotes for volume control?
  7. Nice platform and I especially like his advertising photo.
  8. Lavardin IT at 1,700 euro is a bargain. https://www.ukaudiomart.com/details/649557280-lavardin-it/
  9. PM coming - re clarification of grading. H Hancock and C Corea In Concert Sony (Jap) VG++ $25 Carmen McRae The Sound of Silence Atlantic VG++ $12 Sera Una Noche 12” 45 rpm MA Recordings NM $35
  10. Excellent write up and it was great CAV let you try the amps at home.
  11. Looks like you have a friendly retailer. They certainly look impressive hope the sound matches.
  12. I’m also in the minority. Having had the Qutest and M Scaler for a week I would agree with your review. I found that I preferred the Qutest without the M Scaler.
  13. I'll have to find some and give it a try.
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