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  1. Looks like the 2i might be worth waiting for. I was considering picking up the 2 this week while the cash back offer is on.
  2. PKay

    DACs & DSD

    So did I. Mine is arriving tomorrow.
  3. Other than Airplay which they have improved, how are they improving SQ? I have a Dac so I am interested in the streaming/server (nas) connectivity.
  4. PKay

    Weston Acoustics or McChanson amps

    Very True. I think the OP is asking about choosing between the two. Over the years there have been some fabulous reviews of Earle’s amps. When you look at the internal photos they are so well constructed and if I were ever to get some valves they would be one of the first amps I would audition. Try before you buy is an absolute must. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=earle+weston+300b+time+machine&prmd=misvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj76sf645TeAhUKaI8KHeP3B6UQ_AUIEigC&biw=375&bih=553#imgrc=YGJNLIAT_GhQNM
  5. PKay

    Weston Acoustics or McChanson amps

    If I was going to get a valve amp it would be one of Earle’s amps. They just look like a work of art. So beautifully made.
  6. I didn’t see the original post but I thought SNA only edits posts in rare circumstances. Perhaps the policy has changed?
  7. Really good buying on the Dynavector cart.
  8. Happy to hear. My experience with the Audio Origami arms (I have the PU7) is that they incredibly well made and compared favourably with some bigger brands.
  9. Sonos doesn't do hires as a server so the Blu Node 2 may be better for future proofing.
  10. Nice CD player - Audio Origami make fantastic tone arms. Russell is a great guy to deal with.
  11. Yes, I'll give that a try. Currently downloaded foobar and no issues whatsoever. I live the functionality of jriver but it is too much of a pain.
  12. I think enabling WDM driver in Jriver was the beginning of all my problems. I have uninstalled Jriver but the WDM drivers must still be lurking in the background.
  13. Changing from song to song in the same album seems to work okay. Changing between albums in the same sample rate will give white noise mostly (but not always). Then hit stop and wait a minute and the music will restart properly. Changing between sample rates doesn't seem to be the issue. It is just changing that causes the noise. When the noise starts it keeps going until turned off. Sometimes if the previous song was played loudly the Devialet can mute (for protection I am guessing). I couldn't find how to turn on AIR WASAPI - I did delete the Devialet Air driver and reloaded from their website. It doesn't give the choice of other drivers. I may try Roon again as a last resort. Since I have uploaded MC24 and selected the WDM driver my Tidal app has stopped working properly so I may see if I can go backwards in Jriver.
  14. Windows 10 with a new over specd computer, Synology NAS and a Net Gear router. The computer is connected via cat 5 or 5e (not sure) cable to the Synology through Netgear also cat 5 or 5e. My Devialet is connected to the router via cat 6 cables. No wifi in the loop. Older versions of Jriver worked fine and no issues with Roon before discontinuing. The system currently plays but when I change albums I get a white/hash noise. I'm not sure if it some sort of buffering issue? I suspect that selecting WDM in features may have caused some sort of problem?
  15. PKay

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Yes mine is 2012.