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  1. @ViognierTo carry on with the Italian theme. @metal beat
  2. PKay

    ML2 Stands: What Height should they be?

    John, Sounds like an amazing system and yes I would expect that an upgrade in the speakers will round it off.
  3. Perhaps he has stopped posting. I couldn’t find any post by looking at his profile.
  4. There were a few who left at the time of the flipping debate around whether it could be highlighted in FS. The feeling was that some of the community spirit had been eroded and it was becomming a bit more like eBay. I'm not sure where @Zaphod Beeblebroxhas gone, I for one like his directness and no BS approach to cables but it does cause a bit of angst.
  5. PKay

    No more riding for me

    This is truly insane.
  6. Has anyone bought the new 17DX? The aussie pricing is up at $2,490 at 41.5% higher than the D3. I did find a review by a retailer in NZ, it has taken a long time to upgrade the model. https://totallywired.nz/analogue/the-dynavector-karat-dv17dx-moving-coil-cartridge/ Karat 17DX showed a ruler flat response from 100 Hz to 30KHz of under ± 0.5 dB @hugo_wilco
  7. PKay

    EXPIRED: EOI - Kuzma Ref 2 Turntable

    Sadly the fiscal police have stepped up surveillance and she really likes the brass look. These are really excellent turntables and I am not sure how much more the next model would improve.
  8. Here is another option in simplicity. I heard these at the Sydney HiFi show last year and thought they were great. Albeit a lot more expensive than the storm troopers.
  9. PKay

    Tidal / blue sound

    I had some problems as well and they recommended using google port on my router. It is much better since changing the settings. I am on ADSL2 at 10mbps and it is okay at the moment.
  10. PKay

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Blue Saxaphones with Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins supported by Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Herb Ellis and Alvin Stoller. This was recorded in 1957 and this Verve pressing was 1959. I wish they could press vinyl as well as this today. The SQ is superb as is the playing.
  11. With the Devialet Le 200 it takes an analogue signal converts to digital and then analogue so it may be a Devialet thing.
  12. PKay

    EXPIRED: EOI - Kuzma Ref 2 Turntable

    Having heard the Ref they are exceptionally well engineered and constructed turntables. They also sound fantastic. IMO the Ref is also a much smarter looking TT than the M.
  13. Holst The Planets Herbert Von Karajan and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Pressed in 1962 by Decca (my favourite of the older pressings). Arrived from the UK today.
  14. Hi Mark, I think you will struggle to better Kimber 8TC which for 2.5m and ultra banana plugs comes in at $686. I tried a fair few speaker cables before settling on a pair of these. https://www.jdaudioonline.com.au/product/8tc/