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  1. A friend of mine had these and I was MIGHTY impressed. Very nice speakers indeed. GLWTS
  2. Hi overjp, Do these have speaker grills? cheers, Rob
  3. I presume everything works ok. If you can post it to Melbourne (my cost) I'll take it.
  4. Item: Tannoy HPD 315a (12") Speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $1500 obo Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Item Condition: Very good indeed - small mark - photographed. Extra info: Cabinets are 3rd party but very well built, and Devon size cabinet, in wallnut I'd say. They are a small floorstander (similar in size to Klipsch Heresy) or large bookshelf. At this size they're very easy to fit into any lounge room. I've had them on the floor and raised up. I thought they sounded a hint better raised but you may differ. The drivers were recently refoamed by Atilla and also the crossovers have just been upgraded by Atilla aswell. So they're good to go for another 15 years! They project a big, very focussed and dimensional sound with a large sound stage and are dynamic and rich. You might think the bass would be a bit weak from a smaller enclosure but you'd be wrong - its certainly there (the wonders of a 12" driver). A great Chrissy present for yourself.
  5. Well guys you hit the nail on the head. One of the cables I'm thinking of is the Naim NACA5. I had some for many, many years (I had a Naim amp once). A couple of years ago I sold the naca5 thinking it was time for a change. Trouble is, nothing can match the focus and dynamics of it (for the money). I know some people hate it but I had an excellent experience with it. The other cable I have now is QED Revelation, which is musically superb but I still miss the qualities of the naca5.
  6. Thanks for your comments fellas. The speakers do not have a double set of binding posts, hence my idea of using a 'double' banana plug. But I think you're right - I'll just have to do it and find out if I like it. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to damage anything.
  7. I don't know about their capacitance, though I could research and find out. (What number is regarded as high?) What could happen if if they are high capacitance?
  8. When bi-wiring speaker cable (running 2 speaker cables together for each stereo speaker), can the cables be different types, as in different brands and models? I have some different cables and I'm aware of the different audio characteristics of each, and I would like to combine the sounds of 2 cables - the focus and dynamics of one with the detail and tonality of another. Would the electrical characteristics of each cable 'fight' with the other cable, or, would undue load be placed on the amp (or speakers)? (I have seen banana plugs which take 2 other banana plugs, so I could plug 2 cables into 1 banana plug which would in turn be plugged into the amp/speaker.)
  9. I'll go with the Isotek Aquarius if the other sale doesn't happen.
  10. Do these have Aus plugs or US? And can you ship to Melbourne? cheers
  11. Oops, sorry I can't, I've just realised that it won't reach my power point. Sorry for the confusion.
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