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  1. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Oh mate - relax. My opinion, here or elsewhere, is just as valid as anyone else's, and just as welcome in this thread. As is your's. It has never been about a simple postering of records, and has always had a discussive element. Citroen got it, exactly in the spirit it was meant.
  2. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    I respectfully disagree - I think it is their best album by a fair margin. Nothing else they've done, that I've heard, has the absolute directed emotional power that 'Valtari' packs. 🙏
  3. candyflip

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    We have a WINNER!! get in touch Winner and I'll get these out this weekend. Thanks everyone for entering. Here's the receipt for our $210 donation to Wayside, screen print and I'll forward the PDF receipt to Marc now.
  4. candyflip

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    Need to draw this one now. We're sticking with the 9 entrants! Good luck all...
  5. candyflip

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    You still have time. I’m stuck in the city and won’t draw this now until later tonight.
  6. candyflip

    Turntable Isolation platform DIY

    Based on what science? What ‘real’ sorbothane are you referring to?
  7. candyflip

    Presentation of items for sale

    My pet hate is the Seller’s feet and toes in photos. No, yours are not attractive. Yes, please crop them out. 🤮
  8. candyflip

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I do the same: same result. Seems to be a foolproof method.
  9. candyflip


    Cheers Dave - welcome and nice to have you here. Look forward to your posts.
  10. candyflip

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    CLOSED with thanks to all who donated! Our total SNA donation is going to be : $210 thanks so much! A Friday night draw for you all tomorrow night, so be watching after 8pm.
  11. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.