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  1. candyflip

    Is anyone watching Rake?

    oh **** - missed it ! Are they replaying during the week/end perhaps?
  2. And the AM/FM antenna included, of course. Sorry I missed that before.
  3. Item: Cambridge Audio TOPAZ SR10 Stereo Receiver 85W w/ remote & phono 4 vinyl IN BOX Location: Bulleen, VIC Price: $350 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Moved to another idea Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://www.synergyaudio.com/Cambridge-Audio/Receivers/Topaz-SR10-Stereo-Receiver/260/productview.aspx CAMBRIDGE AUDIO SR10 - TOPAZ 85W CH STEREO RECEIVER REMOTE AND PHONO STAGE with original box, packing, remote and manual. Some marks on front right side of case, as shown in detailed photos. Serviced 18 months back at original Dealers and in perfect working order. Selling only due to change in system setup. The fully-featured SR10 combines a punchy integrated stereo amplifier with an FM/AM RDS tuner. A completely discrete high power amplifier mated to a custom design low flux oversize toroidal transformer instantly reveal its audiophile pedigree as will its sound the first time you hear it. And adding to the already weighty specification is a front-mounted connection for your MP3 player or iPod plus a full remote for the perfect armchair experience. Features 85 Watts per channel 4 x rear mounted source inputs FM/AM RDS tuner with 30 presets 1 x front input for iPod or MP3 Integrated phono stage for turntable connection Twin speaker outputs Full remote control Sexy blue LEDs Specifications Power Output:85 watts (into 8 Ohms) Frequency Response:(-1dB) 5Hz - 50kHz Max. Power Consumption:500W Radio function Aerial inputs FM 75 ohms, Coaxial.AM 300 ohms wire loop/single wire. Europe:AM (522-1629kHz),FM (87.5-108MHz) US:AM (530-1710kHz),FM (87.5-108MHz) Dimensions (H x W x D):110 x 430 x 340mm Weight:8.1kg (17.8lbs) DELIVERY as you wish - I can take to a freight forwarder on your request (NOT Aus Post), or you can pickup in Bulleen (VIC) *** ADVERTISED elsewhere so may sell or be withdrawn without notice.
  4. candyflip

    Vinyl store sale

    And would you look at the absolute Fe#rk knuckles commenting and trying to drag it all down as soon as they get half a chance. The *facts* are, Glenn has lived long, and loved his store, for decades. After a near-lifetime of hard work, he's now sold both the retail spaces (2) that together make up his shop, for good coin, allowing him to retire early and now fire sale all his vinyl stock to clear it out, and give the new owners vacant possession. We wish we were that lucky.
  5. candyflip

    Too many records?

    You'd be surprised mate... very few of Joe Public, in my experience, rate records like the vast majority of the SNA readership. If you have items you don't want, someone, somewhere, will want 'em. 🙌
  6. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend (2 LP recent repress) Sooooo pretty...and the SQ is just fantastic on this. A lovely listen, all 4 sides.
  7. candyflip

    Too many records?

    I'm *very* selective with what I hold. If it doesn't get listened to, I sell it, or give it away. What's the point in keeping things you won't listen to? This keeps my total collection at under 500 total records. My local cafe has some records with covers they were putting up around their walls a few months back - they got a stack from me to add. The Op shop get some others, and I've even done a crate of nuff-nuffs on eBay with complete honesty about the contents, and been surprised by the response. And I've even given away crates on zilch.com (carefully avoiding flippers).
  8. candyflip

    FS: JULY S/hand LP's - Final Vinyl

    No probs - reserved for ya.
  9. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Exit Calm - Exit Calm (2LP - 500 copies made) I love this band and their debut is stunning, although even this was eclipsed by the sophomore effort 'The Future Isn't What It Used To Be'. They split up in 2015 due to creative differences (read: the lead singer was a cock) so this is all we'll be getting from this little lot. Club AC30 were on an absolute winner with this band and they must be cursing to the hills that they couldn't sort it. If you ever dabble in Indie Rock and Shoegaze, and think the Oasis v. The Verve period might have spawned a few illegitimate children in their time together, you'd be bang on the money. This one cost me $150 to obtain, and I could not be more pleased with the outlay. Superb.
  10. candyflip

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Tsk tsk tsk.....
  11. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Split ENZ - True Colours (AUS press Laser Edition) Lovely looking, and sounding, piece. I find it hard to fault this record - definitely of it's time, but that time with them and for them, was perfect.
  12. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Persist mate - this album is frikkin tops! the two big singles (currently) are 'Pain' and 'Holding On'....vibe on those for awhile. ✌️