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  1. Not the pressing... Prime Cuts was just a retail store promotion.
  2. Ahhh nice Doug! Sort of like for me if KISS had some themed storyline through a few of their albums they carried on for 30+ years - I'd feel the same. Unhappily for me, KISS never grew beyond the clown faces, and one absolutely classic pseudo-art-rock album ('Destroyer'). Enjoy! 🤘
  3. Morning James! You've come to the right place. Wel come!
  4. I just gave away the one I had made by Bills Cables, to another SNA member. Hit up Bill on here.... 👌
  5. Now THAT is a great little party list... 🔥
  6. QUALITY LOT contains... The Alan Parsons Project - Vulture Culture - Japanese 1985 vinyl w/OBI (Arista 25RS-239) VG++/VG++. Unbelievable copy with virtually no wear anywhere, cover, OBI or OIS. The vinyl might have one small whispy mark, else it was brand new before I offered it to you. Another superb example, rarely seen. The Alan Parsons Project - Stereotomy - 1986 Japanese vinyl w/OBI (Arista 28RS-10) VG++/VG++. Another absolutely superb example with only the back of the OBI in the white parts, showing tiny amounts of browning spots. Everything else is awesome. Both cover and OIS are great without any wear. Vinyl is near perfect with one, tiny, barely-there mark on one side - else deeply gloss black and radiant. Wow. Donald Fagen - The Nightfly - 1982 Japanese vinyl LP (Warner Bros. P-11264) VG+/VG++ Lovely cover with just a hint of a ring on the top of the back cover, else a lovely unmarked front. No OBI. 2 x nice inners with just light browning on the single paper one. The wax is another glossy clean superb example, with barely a whiff of a mark to be found on any side. Jimi Hendrix - In The West - Japanese 1977 vinyl LP reissue (MPF 1081) VG+/VG++. Containing one of the definitive Hendrix performances of 'Voodoo Chile' ever recorded. Another nice copy this one, with a very light wear (rubs only) front cover, which is square and very hard-wearing (luckily for us) stiff cardboard original. The back is even better. Awesome 4 page OIS. No OBI. Vinyl is another terrific example of a vintage title with shiny black uninterrupted music tracks both sides. Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge - Japanese 1980 vinyl gatefold reissue LP (Reprise P-6404R) VG+/VG++. Lovely thick hardboard cover with front showing no wear, inside gatefold or on the back. 4 page white paper OIS has some light browning but very presentable. No OBI. Vinyl again amazing and cared for so delicately through it's long life that I want to shake the original owner's hand (or at least bow in his direction). Ultravox - Rage In Eden - 1981 Japanese vinyl LP (WWS-81444) VG+/VG. Good cover with just a few lines along the front spine edge, bump on the top edge, else very presentable front and back. No OBI. With good 4 page OIS. The vinyl is quite marked on both sides Ultravox - Quartet - 1982 Japanese vinyl (WWS-81531) VG/VG. Cover has push through in the middle of the spine, and a bend around it both sides. Other various small marks - but overall very presentable in the Blake sleeve and largely invisible. No OBI. OIS there but brown stained. Wax is marked up both sides Chick Corea - Piano Improvisations VOL.1 - 1971 Japanese vinyl w/OBI (MP 2223) VG/VG++. Just short of a VG+ cover rating, as slightly worn OBI is torn at very bottom on back side (can be easily and almost invisibly clear taped if you wish to - will leave that to you). The cover is age spotted front and back, but still mainly white. OIS is ok too - just a few spots. The wax is superb - clear, glossy and bright, as well as being unmarked most importantly. Chick Corea / Gary Burton - Lyric Suite For Sextet - 1983 Japanese ECM original w/OBI (ECM 25MJ 3291) VG++/VG++. Gorgeous cover with fine gloss across front, a few original store price stickers on front bottom right as shown (all looks better/super nice in person). OBI is also spotless. Very nice white OIS. Superb glossy wax with barely a mark to be found anywhere. Wynton Kelly - Wynton Kelly! - 1981 Japanese vinyl w/OBI (RJL-6013) VG+/VG+. Cover is really solid, with just a little browning along edges at front (see photo). Lovely white OBI. 1 page OIS the same. The wax is really beautiful, with just one small line on one side - no sound from it at all. Else super glossy and new looking. Manhattan Transfer - Best Of - 1981 compilation w/OBI (P-6481A) VG+/VG++. Front cover great but for browning spots in top and bottom right front corners of cover. Back is very clean. OBI is excellent both sides. 4 page OIS also very sweet. Brilliant clean 12 track vinyl that looks near new - Side 1 has a 'Sound Guard' little red sticker on the label. Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair - 1985 Japanese vinyl (25PP-157) VG+/VG++. Cover has some rub wear on front, a little more on back. But really square and straight and very presentable. No OBI. Quality 4 page colour OIS is great. Wax is very clean, shiny and bright. OST (Blues Brothers) - Various Artist / Blues Brothers - Japanese vinyl original w/OBI (P-10853A) VG+/VG+. Cover is great with barely any wear visible (little rubbing on back top centre the worst of it). OBI is slightly sun affected on left hand length, else lovely example. OIS is great. Wax shiny and clean with a few stray marks is all. _______________________________________________________ Delivery Methods: NO PICKUPS SORRY - mail only. Bank transfers, or PayPal (Friends & Family only, no notes) are both welcome. STUFF YOU NEED TO KNOW: Once sold, a donation to SNA of 5% of items total will follow. Any title here gets a brand new inner and/or outer quality Blake sleeve as needed before shipping. I try and ship 3-4 days a week. THE SMALL PRINT: I fully guarantee everything I offer - if you don't like any item for whatever reason, return it at my expense for a full refund, no questions asked (verified 30 day+ active Forum members only thanks).. Original contents are stored inside the cover. I try to ship all records themselves outside the cover, so any postal damage is minimised. I use mostly s/hand pre-made cardboard mailers for all orders, and these virtually guarantee safe arrival of your record (they are also MUCH faster to pack). Combined postage to anywhere in Australia at cost (or close enough) and is EXTRA (ie. not included in prices). ABSOLUTELY NO LOCAL PICKUPS - don't ask - it's not going to happen. Complain to me loudly if anything goes wrong (although it barely ever does) - and it'll be fixed, in your favour.  Please post in this thread to reserve your item(s). ________________________________
  7. Bargain given the country of origin and how hard these are to import currently. Great album too.
  8. I used to get mine from this lot, but the Aus operation were f%#ng hopeless and I believe they are now kaput locally? https://www.lilpackaging.com/collections/vinyl-record-mailers
  9. The Europeans repackaged a Greatest Hits album with this cover art, thus your confusion.
  10. First dibs please - if able to post. Edit : posting may be more trouble than the poor Seller should bear. Withdrawn my interest.
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