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  1. 96 - is THAT all ?? The great advantage of buying at a Fair is quality control. You can slide the record out of the sleeve yourself, put it under the harsh fluro lights (or better yet, daylight), and try and get a better gauge for the exact condition first before plonking down your hard-earned.
  2. Hey April - nice one. 👍 The guy in your first photo, far left with the grey/white shock of hair, is Matt the Vinyl Junkie. He's always got 40+ crates of US imports he brings in himself, and is a fantastic seller for anyone new to the hobby to start filling in the big records you need in your collection. Hope you stopped by....
  3. The Church is in the house! ⛪ Nice one Doug. Have a think about a date in January.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm beginning filming a new Stereonet TV video show in very early 2020, called 'Watts Good' and it's going to feature SNA member's systems and record collections. As I'm a vinyl nut myself, I'm most interested in the vinyl collections of course, but killer audio systems of any kind are also going to be a key feature of each episode. This is an early call out to our many member strong Melbourne and Victorian community to get in touch with me, either here in the thread or by PM (or both), and express your interest in participating. Not comfortable in front of the camera? No problems. You can choose to either appear or not, as much or as little as you feel you want to. Prefer to have it go like 'Lifestyles of the Rich.....' instead... all good. Or you've always dreamt of having your collection star in the limelight, but you'd be totally removed: also fine. Hit me up with your thoughts and let's get your amazing gear, and/or collections, out in the best light(ing) for all to see!
  5. They are still an under-rated little secret, and though not exactly 'common' anymore, the Record Fairs are definitely still the best place to find them - which I recommend anyone does if you want a near-MOFI sound at less than 25% of the MOFI price.
  6. Fascinating Ben - thanks for the notes. 👍 I've been banging on about the Maxicuts for a while now, nay-saying against the S.Hoff Forums who decided the Japanese pressing was superior (of course, THEY had never been lucky enough to hear a Maxicut, so perhaps in that case, Fair Play to them.)
  7. It's for your protection - I'm sure most of us get enough spam phone calls as it is, without inviting every overseas skimmer in with a big Welcome mat layed out.
  8. Sure is : read the Guidelines at the bottom of my signature. "EMAIL ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS are not permitted to be posted in threads. All discussions shall take place either in the forums themselves or via Private Messages. Private contact details will be removed to ensure privacy."
  9. Don’t put your personal mobile in public messages my friend.
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