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  1. Advice on best way to sell CD collection?

    I'd argue not as important as LP covers, but each to their own. If he needs room, cases will make a massive difference to the bulk he is storing.
  2. Donations & Classifieds

    As one of the largest donators (not a word, apparently) on SNA, and a regular big time seller of vinyl here, I have a vested interest in things being free as long as I can. But honestly and seriously, I'll just go with whatever promotes the site SNA the longest, and with most financial ease. I don't get a free ride (my minimum donation is $20 each and every time I list), but I know plenty of regulars seem to, so perhaps it would be good to reign them in? Loads of good suggestions above, and I'd happily accept almost any of them.
  3. Advice on best way to sell CD collection?

    You know how cassettes are having an (undeserved) resurgence right now? CD's will be the same. Hang on to them. Flat pack 'em (ditch the cases) if your wife really wants the room, but keep all the contents. And let her know you're *not* sitting on a 'goldmine' (yet).
  4. Currently Spinning

    Glad you found it!
  5. Back to vinyl

    Welcome back to the vortex (vinyl!) Jon
  6. Hi from Melbourne

    Welcome to the vortex Jon
  7. Get a turntable son - the fans'll appear from the bushes behind your house!
  8. Hello to all at SN

    'Bout time Baz! Welcome to the vortex (vinyl!) Jon
  9. Currently Spinning

    These guys rarely get it wrong. This is one of their very best in many years. Feeder - All Bright Electric.
  10. 20% off Music tomorrow

    Amazon US, mostly.
  11. 20% off Music tomorrow

    Went today - as usual, not a damn thing I want that I can't find another 20% cheaper elsewhere, delivered to my door. These guys have their days numbered, surely.....