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  1. candyflip

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    Definitely one of his best, for mine. I have this pressing but am yet to spin it against the other 3 I have - looking forward to that, this weekend.🚀
  2. candyflip

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    Chris Cornell - Songbook 2LP Anyone who has seen Cornell live, whether with SoundGarden or solo, knows he had one of the best rock (nay, ANY) voices on the planet. When I saw him at The Palais Theatre in Melbourne a few years back, he played for two and a half hours, with 4 encores, and left us all spent. Remarkable man - and this incredible double album captures all that power and majesty perfectly. A fitting testament to all that Cornell brought to the table, every performance. Huge sound, huge catalog of iconic songs, one massive record & mythology captured.
  3. candyflip

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    The Who - Who's Next (original US Decca press) One of the truly great ROCK albums, and of course, the very best thing The Who ever did, in my very humble opinion. It regularly ranks in the Top 30 Greatest Rock Albums ever released (as nominated by anyone, anywhere). In 2007, 'Who's Next' was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for "lasting qualitative or historical significance" ie. it influenced a generation of young rock bands for the next 40 years after it's release, and it goes on doing so today. Highlights are many, but obviously 'Baba O'Reilly', 'Behind Blue Eyes' and the expansive and absolutely ball-tearing 8 minute anthem, 'Won't Get Fooled Again' rank as the stand outs. Any self respecting rock muso worth a single damn *still* learns that in their first, early years. Just a really enjoyable record.
  4. candyflip

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    Sugar - Copper Blue (2011 Ryko remaster) Sugar spiralled out of Bob Mould's completion-of-creation with seminal noise-makers, Husker Du. The new band's 2nd effort, 'Beaster', was a crunching assault to the senses (a very very good one), but the power-house guitar havoc is dialled down just a tad for this debut, which I rate as their best and most accessible effort. Mould always came across as a somewhat shy musician, a theme he dealt with squarely and effectively in all his following solo work, but he confidently *seethes* on this record. And it's all the better for it. Fantastic songwriting, glorious loud melodies, and a beautiful story woven skillfully throughout. 'Copper Blue' is for mine a bona-fide early 90's rock classic, that today still sits comfortably amongst anything PJ, Nirvana or RHCP released at that time. Nice one to rev up Sunday morning....
  5. candyflip

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    I love you too Terry
  6. Gidday Luc. I'm not sure what you'd call me: I do this as a hobby, part time, I make money from it, I sell individually, I sell in bulk, but my main 9-5 job is in IT Consulting and I do a table Show sale like this now maybe once every 2 years. I prefer buying, keepng them for myself and playing them honestly!! I have 4 crates only currently - I was telling Marc the other day, "hang it, book me for a table anyway, and maybe I'll come across enough in the next 4 months to make it worth my while".... so yeah, let me know by PM what you have Luc?
  7. candyflip

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    I'm a fan of the band in the same way - the early stuff is best, although I do quite like 'Strangeland'. I have both re-issues too and though not stellar, I'm so glad to have them - the originals are still rid-onc-ulous prices... 😣 These will certainly do for now.
  8. candyflip

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    Beasts of Bourbon - Axeman's Jazz (European original press) For me, there's only one 'Tex', and that's the guy that led these bunch of reprobates through a sterling set of grungy psycho-billy rock in 1984, while I vainly attempted to complete a single class at University the same year. I Spit On Your Gravy's fun & punky "St.Kilda's Alright' had a definite puerile appeal too, sure, but it was this album, and the smash hit single 'Psycho', that really captured my attention, and the nation's, in the second half of that golden semester. Apparently recorded during October 1983 in a single eight-hour session for just $100 by Producer, Tony Cohen, the line-up of spencer P.Jones, Perkins, Boris Sujdovic, James Baker on drums and Kim Salmon on guitar, got as near-as-dammit to a perfect storm of dirty swamp guitars, evil bass lines, crashing cymbals and occasional crazed screeched vocals. It's absolutely beautiful to watch unfold. God I wish I could have been there..
  9. Everything posted (so far) - thanks all. This will be my last VINYL Sale thread for some months. I've taken a table at the upcoming Stereonet HiFi Show in Melbourne in October, and *everything* I have on vinyl will be on show at that one place, one time. There will be deals-a-plenty too, as I'm storing the best stuff now, just to debut at the show only. But of course there'll be a box of $5 Cheapies....and many of you will know the quality of those $5 Specials from my mail list, so don't miss that! It is growing every day...luckily for you. If you're out of state and can't make it, I suggest you buy anything you have your eye on well beforehand. Nothing more will be sold here before October. cheers everyone - see you at the HiFiShow!
  10. candyflip

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    Smashing Pumpkins - Adore (2 LP recent repress) Are you ready to go on a heartbreaking journey of love, betrayal, love lost, and utter loneliness? Such is the content of The Smashing Pumpkins' perhaps lesser known 1998 album, "Adore." Although disregarded by most for its lack of a radio friendly, feel-good single, it remains a favourite of Pumpkins fans of a certain dark persuasion (and that's most of 'em, eh?). This repress is superb - large (I can't find a poly outer that easily fits it in fact), shiny, weighty and just has that absolute touch of class in it's overall production. Not to mention an incredible sound on each bit 'o wax. Also very likely to be better sounding than the Mono pressing, although I don't have one to compare to, but I've been reading lately that people who *do*, seem to favour this one. Still in print and cheaper for some reason than the 'Siamese Dream' repress from the same series, which always goes for a +$20 premium, despite them both being big heavy double albums of equal content. We could argue about which album is worth more I guess, suffice to say on this point, you need both in your collection anyway because these are the current duck's nuts of vinyl reproduction for the Pumpkies. Lovely stuff.
  11. Reserves so far, done. Invoices on the way. Cheers!
  12. Come in as my 'significant other' on the day....
  13. candyflip

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    Alice In Chains - Black Gives Way To Blue Dbl LP 2009 gatefold cover with 2 CLEAR vinyl LPs. Drugs ravaged Alice in Chains in the 1990s, and Heroin and cocaine ultimately killed singer/guitarist Layne Stanley in 2002. But eventually, the surviving band members reunited to create and release "Black Gives Way to Blue" in 2009, an album that could have been a complete f#cking train wreck (see above), but actually picks up the torch and carries on in a very similar (and successful) vein. William Duvall does a fantastic job as the replacement front-man, and the songwriting is still as strong as ever, with both singles "Check My Brain" and "Your Decision" each hitting #1 on the Billboard Rock chart on release. This is an album I come back to again and again, not from some ill-conceived sense of respect or loyalty, but because I really enjoy the music time after time.
  14. candyflip

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