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  1. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  2. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Ahh....Alan. Yes, he had some nice stuff. One of the unfortunate side-effects of having to organise and sell this year was, I did not pick a single crate to dig for myself until around 3pm Sunday afternoon!! 😠
  3. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  4. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Oh WOW, that price! Who was that from? (and why didn't I see it first??!?!)
  5. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    I was there too....
  6. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne? Festival Hall, Melbourne? Our tastes are scarily similar.... I have virtually ALL the albums you do.
  7. Yes, but I'm a nuff-nuff when it comes to remembering names. A lot of it, from one manufacturer, I believe. Someone here will know.
  8. candyflip

    Musical discoveries at the 2018 show

    We played over 30 albums (one side each) in the Record Room over the 3 days. A real mixed bag of old and new ...everything from Hundredth and War on Drugs, thru to Meat Loaf. If you liked something there, ask us what, here.
  9. All done and dusted. All 3 winners have their turntables and (on the final day) the Grizzly satchel and signed LP, and all winners were stoked. Thanks everyone for coming along and supporting us this year! ✌️
  10. you should be visiting the Record Fair room each day - plenty of anti-social noise happening here. And of course, I DO mean the music we're playing.
  11. candyflip

    The other hi-fi show thread

    Thanks Jake. It’s been a huge success I think. 🤗 In the location I’m in, and the amount of thru traffic we have each hour right past our open crates, I’m finding it very challenging giving everyone we meet equal time and chats though. My apologies. I will where I can tomorrow, but just be aware we *are* seeing theft from crates and I’m spending a lot of time on active watch. It’s actually exhausting being ‘on’, 8 hours straight, 3 days in a row, as any exhibitor will attest. We are really enjoying the Fair and the Show, but this isn’t a cakewalk. Please understand this - with kind thanks. 🙏
  12. candyflip

    Bands or artists you just never 'got' ?

    These threads don’t have to always go that way. If someone takes the time to explain their position, like you just did, these can be very educational.
  13. candyflip

    SOLD: Deleted

    Seller messaged to advise NOT deleting content for sale.
  14. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.
  15. This item has been withdrawn from sale or relisted.