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  1. candyflip

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Apologies- it was @mloutfie
  2. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Rare - Hundredth (OG) - a mate of mine on Instagram gets a lot of new music from the labels, features them on his page, and his recommends usually end up on my personal Top 5 list each year. He's pretty_vinyl if you want to follow him. This album is great music for the ear buds - energetic, rockin', with heaps of actual tunes. Airiel - Molten Young Lovers (OG) - another one of the Insta suggestions. Not every song a winner, but some nice melodic stuff on this double LP. They are a Chicago based, two-man shoegaze project, which is what first attracted me - but in practice, they sound like the band the Cocteau Twins would have been if they missed Liz Fraser, and got a guy into the singer role instead. Radiohead - Amnesiac (2LP 45rpm 2016 repress) - love this album. But then, there's not much I don't like from the band. Hugh Masekela - Hope (analogue productions 2LP 45rpm) - Sunday morning jazzy folk, live. Think I got this one from @soundfan a long while back. Lovely. Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (recent remaster) - perfect sound, and an album I've always loved. Nitin Sawhney - Live At Ronnie Scott's (OG) - finding Side-A very 'spitty' sounding. Else the content is great.
  3. candyflip

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    So these should give excellent isolation. They are missing the rubber wrap-arounds to make them look nicer, but the idea is the same. on eBay if you want them.... @jakeyb77 I think tipped us to these originally?
  4. This advertisement has been withdrawn or the offer has expired.
  5. candyflip

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Nope.... try F5 on your keyboard (if you are at one) or closing your browser and re-opening? Appears fine, still, on my laptop here at home.
  6. candyflip

    Currently Spinning

    Loved that lead single back in the 90's.... 🙏
  7. candyflip

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Thanks for the link. Good learning there.
  8. Guys - last warning. Take it elsewhere. The OP has an item to sell here. If you are not asking about the item with intention to buy, take it OUTSIDE the sale thread. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/announcement/30-classifieds-policy-read-before-posting/ "..Members posting nuisance replies (criticism of products or pricing, off topic discussions etc) will result in their posts being deleted, and possible warnings/suspension. You may not make any post which may potentially undermine the sale, including questioning the price, starting rumours about the provenance of the unit, and so on...."
  9. candyflip

    Shipping Heavy Boxes

    We musta' jinxed it - just had a crate of records for an eBay sale go missing from the Syd-Lismore route, door to depot (my door to their depot). It left Sydney OK...and just never arrived the other end. The Buyer has been trying to chase e-Go with zero luck and of course as luck would have it, he elected not to take insurance, so is sunk......
  10. You can’t, no. Please use the private messaging system.
  11. candyflip

    What creates Imaging/sound stage

    Of course you can post here anytime you like - I believe Dave is questioning why you would say 'who cares' in a thread titled 'What creates Imaging/sound stage'
  12. candyflip

    Contact details for Weston Acoustics

    Enough said here. Thanks everyone for your concern.
  13. candyflip

    Catman's Analog Musings

    Can Worms. 😋
  14. candyflip

    FS: Audiolab Q-DAC

    Cease and desist. Bumping is against Classified Forum Guidelines. BUMPING / REPOSTING OF ADS Bumping of advertisements is not permitted (and serves no purpose). Next one gets your thread closed.