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  1. Sale fell through, item still available. Price drop $3800
  2. Thanks guys. Great thing about Denons/Marantz is they sell large number of units so tend to be reasonably bug free, compared to the smaller brands. Unit will be missed. Thanks for the correction dbau.
  3. Item: Denon AVC-X8500B Location: Perth Price: $4000 $3800 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent (1.5 years old – but has been boxed for last 5 months) Reason for selling: Moved house with no room for theatre ☹ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info Denon’s flagship AVR with 13.2 channels. Allows for a very flexible arrangement with 9.2.4, 7.2.6 ATMOS, DTS-X or Auro layouts. The 13 channels are fully amplified, so an external amp is not required to fully use all channels. Comes with all documents and accessories. Have original box, so shipping is an option (fyi this thing is not light). If you search my name, you’ll see details of my previous system(s) so know that I am an enthusiast. Rest assured when I say this is a quality and very capable product. I was extremely happy with the Denon. If I still had my system, I would have happily kept it until it died (with the only reason to change out being going to a higher channel count). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Sorry for the delay guys, been busy adjusting to life with baby. We did a preliminary calibration with Paul. Some improvement, but still not where I wanted. After calibration, I then re-ran Audessey and found the sound had improved (in terms of dynamics). Quite ironic, as I normally hate what Audessey does to the sound. I compared the FR using REW, and noticed that Audessey with the new speakers produced a curve similar to the CATs. Encouraging results. I flagged this with Paul, and he said he'll produce some filters to more closely match the CATs response. I still want to experiment more with custom curves, to try and get closer to the sound character I like. Only hurdle is that while Audessey provides ability to customise curves, it's a bit finicky. I may look at getting Dirac to help with my experimentation.
  5. Yeah I was after a very particular sound character, main reason I went with a custom speaker. Paul will remote in to do the calibration. I think we're going to try using team view. It will give me an opportunity to learn as well, which I'm looking forward to.
  6. Based on my experience with playing around with speakers, I 100% concur with Paul on this. Setup makes a big difference, especially if you are after a particular sound character (as I am). My brief to Paul was give me a speaker that I can customise to my taste, and that is what he has delivered. Only problem is it will be a while before I can truly provide provide accurate feedback on the speakers. I need to sell the Seatons before I can move these speakers into position, so I can demo to potential buyers. Maybe I'll give it a month, and move them out of the way if they are not gone.
  7. So listening impressions. I only had a brief chance to try these out, before I had to fly out for work (won't be back for a couple of weeks now). I listened with them in random position (as shown in the photos), with no setup by the receiver for timing delays or eq. I just wanted to get a feel for the sound. And the outcome - I did not like the sound at all 😭 I was very underwhelmed. They were boring - quite laid back. There was no crispness in the sound (details were missing), and not dynamic at all. Miles behind what the Seatons provide. I ping'd Paul with my concerns. His feedback was as follows: "Let me know when you're ready to calibrate them in your room. It doesn't matter how many times I go through this process, it can still surprise me how much the sound can change. This reminds me of something in videography. The pros shoot using a log profile. Before editing, you can capture better looking footage out of your mobile phone. It looks washed out, no contrast. It's done that way to capture more shadow detail. When colour graded, the log footage has all this extra shadow detail where the iphone video makes them all simply black. The contrast is easily brought back into the image and the final result is cleary superior. But if you were judging on the basis of what comes out of the camera, you'd think an iphone beat a pro cinema camera! What I've created for you is a speaker designed to be calibrated. Therefore there is no voicing to make it sound a particular way right ouf of the box. It has been designed to deliver extreme dynamic range with a neutral sonic signature and freedom from fatigue. This provides the best "blank canvas" for us to then shape the tonal balance. Once we lift the top end and shape the response, you will notice the return of detail and dynamics and the sound will come to life. Before that is done, it will really test your faith that the sound can change that much with EQ."
  8. I tried to engage Nyal to do a acoustic design for my theater, but he informed me he is now concentrating on US only 😔 Oh well. It would be great to get some feedback once you've installed the treatment on the difference it made.
  9. Geez, I thought I was into overkill. Are the other 2 surrounds, or do you use them for wides? They are the older ones, without the upgraded coax.
  10. I have a thread here: Paul will send me some power cables. In the mean time, I used the ones from the CATs for an initial test. You've gone with a mixture of different manufactures for your acoustic treatment. All good choices. Did you get a specific acoustic plan design ? My bad on the 3 way active crossover mistake - memory going in my old age 😔 Paul and I were discussing speaker design concept early in the design phase, and I was looking into a particular speaker I thought was a 3 way active, but turned out to be 2 way active with passive.
  11. Item: Seaton catalyst 12C LCR (Black Oak) Location: Perth Price: $11,000 $10,500 + shipping Item Condition: Perfect (kept in kids, pets, smoke free environment) Reason for selling: Going different direction (custom speakers) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These speakers speak for themselves. Pretty much epitome in HT speakers in this price range (possible any price range….). You’ve probably read reviews, but it’s difficult to appreciate the sound until you hear in action. The headroom coupled with active crossover leads to unbelievable dynamics. Not to mention the ample (but tight) bass they produce. There’s a reason why these speakers get so much praise. Refer to recent feedback from audio show in US: http://www.avsforum.com/seaton-sound-demos-catalyst-12c-spark-f18-7-2-system-axpona-2017/ Doesn’t matter how big or small your room is (My room is about 4 x 5m), these speakers will sound great. These speakers currently retail for about $3900 USD each. With shipping and taxes, you are looking at $17-18K AUD new. Not to mention a several month wait. Demo absolutely welcomed and encouraged (I love the look on people’s face when they hear these J). The speakers are about 4 years old. I have original boxes, so shipping is available. Pictures:
  12. Good to hear from you Bud. Life has changed a bit since DTV days - am now a family man with a 3 month old baby girl. But no matter how busy life gets, I still make time to indulge in this hobby 😁 Didn't realise that they do resemble the Triad Platinums. Both are a WMTMW design. But the triads use soft dome tweeters, where as these are compression drivers.
  13. Thanks for the info @Krix Loudspeakers Michael. I personally would love to see a member specific session for future demos of this nature - make it into a gtg. I'd happily fly from Perth just to be involved in something like that. Would also love to see the calibration and testing process - where do I sign up
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