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  1. Nice work Peter - turned out very clean and discrete. Given how large your space is, how have you found the P5s? Are they playing cleanly at the volume you typically listen at?
  2. Item: Anthem AVM60 Price Range: $2.5K - $3K (depending on age/condition and location) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Would consider other receivers/processors with Dirac or ARC. Balanced output highly desired, but not essential
  3. Don't see Totems come up on this forum too often. By all accounts, a very good speaker brand. GLWTS
  4. Has anyone been bought this yet, or been following it since its release? From my brief reading on AVS, it seems the most stable and reliable of the recently released 16 channel processors that are not in Trinnov/StormAudio/Lyngdorf price range (so Emotiva, Arcam, JBL). Tempted to dip my toe in the water, but given I won't have a dedicated theatre room for a couple of years, it will be underutilised........I recently sold my Denon 8400 for that reason.
  5. The MX30 was setup by the store's proprietor, who has had training on the Trinnov. He had arranged for a US trinnov rep and I think Scott Krix to calibrate the system for opening night, but then Covid19 lockdown hit and the guys couldnt make it. For the MX40 upgrade he's doing, he'll definitely have them down for setup and calibration. So for next demo, atleast there'll be no question on the system setup.
  6. I've read great things about AMTs. There is a brand called Alcon Audio that is mentioned in AVS a fair bit. It uses ribbons with their own propriety tech. Pro audio focused, but has been used in higher end cinemas. Paul is very talented. But given I'm looking for a very specific sound character, it will be difficult for him to design/advise until I can better define it.
  7. Thanks for the detailed info mate. I do have my suspicions that it's in the midrange, because reflecting back on the cinema sound signature I referred to, it's very evident in sudden noises - gun shots, engines, explosions. And it's not the midbass/bass. In your demo, how did the MX40 compare to your Theatrix? I've heard the MX30 in 3 separate demos. They didn't have the sound signature I was after. I spoke to Krix about the MX40 (particularly referencing the horn loaded midrange), but they said the voicing of the MX30 is very similar to MX40 and the Series X. BTW Is a trinnov on your horizon...
  8. Yeah, life has a way of getting in the way and keeping us busy. I hope you don't end up starting something, only to finish it in time to sell What made you decide to go custom route, rather than buy something commercially available? The Home Theater Engineering guys have a Procella/Trinnov demo room here in Perth which I listened. Their calibrator Andrew Poole is HAA certified (https://hometheatreengineering.com/). That room sounded great (most people would be blown away), but that unique sound character I'm seeking wasn't there. So I don't think it's room acoustics. It's not the large scale sound that I've found missing, it feels like more to do with the sound character of the speakers themselves. And I don't think many people would find that sound character particularly appealing; it's just something I've developed a particular bias towards and hence my journey. Maybe I'll shout the guys from hometheaterengineering to a movie (when cinemas reopen), and get their opinion. I might do the same with Paul Spencer when I head down to Melb next.
  9. Hi Peter, hope your keeping well. Not much progress since last update, as I ended up moving house, and the new place has no room appropriate for a theatre 😭 But we plan on demoing and re-building in 2-3 years, and a new theatre is top of the priority list 😁 I've already engaged a local mob (Home theater engineering) to do the room design for me. Regarding the speakers, I'm in 2 minds on what I'll be doing with them moving forward. Paul mentioned Eqing will be a big part of achieving my taste, and based on the experience I noted above, I can see some sense in that. But I'm still struggling to see how I can achieve the cinematic sound I'm after. Part of the struggle is even describing the sound character I'm chasing. I actually haven't heard the sound character in any deomestic/showroom Ive been to . It may actually be a function of the large spaces in commercial cinemas, or the native cinema recording mix. If so, I won't be able to achieve my goals. But I'm using this time to do some experimenting. I've reached out to a few forum members who have true cinema speakers at home ( @Neilsy is one), and when covid-19 restrictions lift, I'll be paying them a visit. There is also a place in Perth who will be upgrading their demo room to a Trinnov Alt30/Krix MX40 soon, so will be attending the opening night and chatting to reps from both companies. I'll also make sure I attend the next Melbourne Hifi show (now in 2021) if they do another extreme Krix/Trinnov setup. Hoping I can get the unique sound with the speakers I have, but if not, I'll make sure I exhaust all options before changing them. @almikel - apologies mate, I didn't get notification of your post.
  10. Unfortunate but understandable. I just read what you had planned for this year and kudos for building this into something that would have been an amazing event. Hoping next year will still provide you the same opportunities for creating a milestone event.
  11. Sale fell through, item still available. Price drop $3800
  12. Thanks guys. Great thing about Denons/Marantz is they sell large number of units so tend to be reasonably bug free, compared to the smaller brands. Unit will be missed. Thanks for the correction dbau.
  13. Item: Denon AVC-X8500B Location: Perth Price: $4000 $3800 + shipping Item Condition: Excellent (1.5 years old – but has been boxed for last 5 months) Reason for selling: Moved house with no room for theatre ☹ Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer Extra Info Denon’s flagship AVR with 13.2 channels. Allows for a very flexible arrangement with 9.2.4, 7.2.6 ATMOS, DTS-X or Auro layouts. The 13 channels are fully amplified, so an external amp is not required to fully use all channels. Comes with all documents and accessories. Have original box, so shipping is an option (fyi this thing is not light). If you search my name, you’ll see details of my previous system(s) so know that I am an enthusiast. Rest assured when I say this is a quality and very capable product. I was extremely happy with the Denon. If I still had my system, I would have happily kept it until it died (with the only reason to change out being going to a higher channel count). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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