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  1. Payment pending. Thank you to everyone for your interest.
  2. Thanks to everyone for their interest. I now have a purchase pending. Will let you know if it falls through.
  3. Item: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with Linn Ittok LV II tonearm, Valhalla power supply, circa 1983 vintage Location: Lower Blue Mountains, NSW Price: $900 Item Condition: Very good for its age. Small bobble on the arm board, otherwise no visible problems. Lovely wooden plinth in excellent condition (is it afromosia? someone here will know…). Has worked flawlessly for me for many years. Reason for selling: Moving house into much smaller place, so I am getting out of vinyl. Will I survive? Only my therapist will know…. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. I have no packaging for this, so shipping would be difficult - prefer a local buyer. Extra Info: This turntable is a fine example of a classic, in excellent condition. It has that famous Linn ability to draw you into the musical experience. It was manufactured around 1983. I am the second owner, having bought it privately in 1986. It has been well used at times, and stored on a shelf in my house at other times. Comes with the Ittok tonearm, and also a Rega moving magnet cartridge you can have as well - obviously it would benefit from a much better cartridge. I have not had it serviced in the last few years, but it has always worked flawlessly for me - would probably benefit from new oil, belt, and some knowledgeable love. Of course, as with all LP12s, it can be upgraded almost endlessly with either Linn's own improvements or the many after-market manufacturers who can supply improvements to power supply, sub chassis, etc. I have been very happy with it just as it is. Pictures: If someone can turn my pictures around, I would be most grateful. I didn't realise I was standing on my head when I took them...
  4. Payment pending. Will post again if sale falls through. Thanks everyone.
  5. Item: Project Phono Box USB V Mk 2 Location: Lower Blue Mountains, NSW Price: $125 - half new price. I bought it for $250 from Castle Hill HiFi 6 months ago. Item Condition: Excellent - only 6 months old Reason for selling: I bought this 6 months ago to digitise my LP collection before moving house and getting out of vinyl altogether. Have finished recording - well the removalists are coming next week, so I have to finish Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. May be able to deliver to some parts of Sydney.... Now I think about it, I still have the original packaging, so I actually am happy to post it, if you want to cover the cost of postage. Would require bank transfer of payment first, of course. Extra Info: This is quite a decent sounding unit, and it's been a pleasure to listen to all my records through it as I have transferred them onto a portable hard drive - one-by-one in real time of course, so fairly time-intensive. But now I have 200 Lps on a drive that fits in my shirt pocket, a reminder of the music of my youth. It records at 16-bit, at 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz, and talks to Windows VISTA, XP or 7, AND does Mac OS as well (I used Audacity, a free software program from the web, and a Mac and had no problems). Or you can just use it as a regular phono stage. Does MC as well as MM. Pictures:
  6. Item: Used vinyl Lps - approx 200 individuals plus 9 boxed sets Location: Lower Blue Mountains, NSW Price: $250 - that's right, $1 a pop - but you must take the lot. Moving house imminently, so no time to sell separately - but what you choose to do with them is up to you... Item Condition: Most are good to very good, considering their age. A few are scratchy, but then the kids need some new frisbees, don't they? Reason for selling: Moving house into a much smaller place, so I have bitten the bullet and am getting out of analogue. Oh, I can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth - most of it from me. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash. May be able to organise delivery to some parts of Sydney..... Extra Info: This is the bulk of my Lps, dating from the 1950s through to the 80s, mostly played on my beloved Linn LP12 and holding up pretty well. All have been opened and played, so they are not highly prized "collectable" commodities - I prefer listening to music, strange as that may seem. But then I shared a bottle of 1984 Grange Hermitage the other day, rather than sell it - not bad, too.... Genres? An eclectic mix, including jazz (Scott Joplin, Cab Calloway, Ella, Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Blossom Dearie) classical (sets of Schumann and Schubert lieder, Ravel, Britten, Gershwin, Rachmaninov, Orff, Prokofiev, Berg, John Williams guitar) a few soundtracks, early folk/pop (The Weavers, Cat Stevens, Belafonte, into Janis Ian, the McGarrigle Sisters) plus 70s/80s rock (Dire Straits, Sting, Elton John, Peter Gabriel). Something for everyone - sorry, thrash-heads.... Oh and several Monty Pythons! Pictures: They look like records. A big pile of them.
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. I have a buyer who will receive these tomorrow. I have had a great deal of pleasure from these classics over the years, and it's a pleasure to pass them on to someone else to share their mini-marvelness. (If that's not a word, it should be. If it was good enough for Shakespeare to make up words, it's good enough for me.) Sometimes in the progress towards higher fidelity we lose a little something, I've just been listening to Nina Simone played through a Linn LP12 and a pair of Harbeths, both rather old-fashioned pieces of equipment, and yes there are a lot of objective limitations to the reproduction, but also something seductively (and musically) just right, too. Pip
  8. Great tip Ian, thank you. I'll make sure the new owner is aware of this when I pass the preamp on to him tomorrow.
  9. Can you get done for DUI on a ride-on mower? Or would the lack of number plates on the shopping trolleys attract the attention of the authorities first? I seem to have a purchaser after my own heart….
  10. Thanks Ozcall. I can only assume you have some magical power that enables you to get inside my computer and turn my dodgy photos around!
  11. You're in Brusbane? Sounds like you might have moved there from New Zealand….. Thanks for the good wishes.
  12. Item: Where do I start? (deep breath) Marantz 2215B stereo receiver, NAD 304 integrated amp, Rotel RCD-865BX Cd player, Sony CDP-312 Cd player, Sony RDR-HX710 DVD recorder and TEAC MV-4090G video cassette recorder. Location: Western Sydney (lower Blue Mountains) Price: $100 for the lot Item Condition: All are between 10 and 30 years old, all still working fine, a few marks but haven't we all got a few marks at that age? Reason for selling: Moving house and selling off accumulated hifi and video accretions no longer needed. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is a job lot of components that have served me well in the past, but I no longer need. I am going to put them in the garage sale, but I thought there might be someone here on stereo net who would find them useful as backups or a cheap second system. The Marantz receiver is 30 years old, 15 watts a side, has phono input, FM/AM channels and weighs 23 pounds. The NAD integrated is a later version of the classic 3020, has 35 watts a side, phono, and separable pre and power ( a feature I have found very useful). The Rotel Cd player is a bitstream dual converter, which I preferred at the time to the multi-bit model, is solidly built and has a coaxial digital output. The Sony Cd player is more lightweight. The Sony DVD recorder has a 160GB hard disk drive as well, and records +RW/+R/-RW/-R discs. And the TEAC VCR is simple and cheap but does the job. If you're quick (i.e. before they go in the garage sale), I'll even throw in a pair of Mission 753 floor-standing speakers in rosewood - a bit tatty and one tweeter is bust, but hey, what do you want for $100?! You get a whole CD/DVD/VCR music-playing system. Come to think of it, I've got a cheap turntable I could throw in as well…... Seriously, I would be delighted if someone could find some pleasure out of these. Pickup only, no boxes. Pictures: Don't you hate it when the photos go all sideways on you?
  13. Item: Vacuum Tube Reference preamp with MC/MM phono Location: Western Sydney (lower Blue Mountains) Price: $250 firm. Item Condition: Fair. The volume pot is sometimes noisy when changing volume. Reason for selling: Moving house, so selling off hifi gear I no longer use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: This is a valve preamp from 1988 designed and made in Australia by Chris Power. It uses 5 ECC88 valves, including 2 that are dedicated to the phono input, switchable between moving coil or moving magnet. It has a separate power supply box, connected by a an umbilical cord. To quote from the manual: "The VTE-RP utilises the best available components for superior sonic performance, including German Resista resistors, WIMA polypropylene capacitors with polystyrene bypasses, Jean Renaud gold plated switches, and ALPS potentiometers. Internal wiring is plated, high purity single strand copper….regulated filament voltages provide stable operation….separate fully regulated high voltage supplies are used for each channel." I bought this preamp from Audio Investments in St Ives in 1988 as an ex-demo for $750 (normal price $1350), and in audition it sounded better to my ears than Allan Wright's FVP - if that means anything to you! It served me well for many years, but has been stored away for the last 10 years or so. It works well enough as it is, but would reward a bit of love and attention. It has 5 Golden Dragon E88CC-01 valves installed, which should have plenty of life left in them, plus 9 other spares (pictured), all used to some extent. Would suit someone looking to get into the world of valve amplification without breaking the bank. Also if you want to experiment with vinyl. Pictures: Apologies for the strange orientation of the photos. Can you tell I am not Gen X/Y?
  14. Yes, rab, I believe you're right about the laser interferometry. Celestion were at the technical forefront in many ways of speaker design at that time. I think the tweeter was first designed for the SL6, then slightly modified for the 600. They used the honeycomb aluminium cabinet because it shifted the main resonances up 2 octaves compared to any wood or wood-composite they had tried. Celestion then designed and sold a dedicated dipole subwoofer to match the SL600s - I suspect they secretly admired the Quad electrostatics! Certainly one of the reasons I bought them was the lack of boxiness to the sound compared to most speakers.
  15. Item: Celestion SL600 speakers Location: Western Sydney (lower Blue Mountains) Price: SOLD Item Condition: Cosmetically 7/10, a few small scratches on the nextel finish and some marks on the bottom (which you don't see). Otherwise good. Reason for selling: Moving house and selling off hifi gear I no longer use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: I am the second owner of these speakers. I bought them at Doug Brady Hi Fi in London in 1987, after the original owner had traded them back. They are a sealed 2-way speaker, with a 6 inch PVC mid-woofer and a copper dome tweeter - one of the first speakers to use a metal dome. The cabinet is made from honeycomb aluminium (taken from the airplane industry), painted in a matte-black Nextel finish. They were famous in their day for having a magical midrange, a bit like the Quad electrostatics and the LS3/5a; and have the same mild roll-off at both ends of the frequency spectrum. They are famously inefficient at 82dB, but a modern D-class amp with a lot of watts could well be a successful, cost-efficient match. They also like good solid stands and some space around them. Then they can be very seductive, great imaging, tonally pure in the mids. If you're looking for music rather than spectacle, they could well suit you. This pair has had the biwire crossover factory fitted by the previous owner - as was later made standard on the SL600si version. I don't have the boxes, so would prefer a local buyer, and could possibly deliver them in the Sydney area. Sorry, I don't have the stands for them. Lots of info on the web for these classics. Pictures:
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