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  1. I will take 1b, 3a, 3c, 5c, 8a if still available + postage to Darwin.
  2. I will take, if still available: GEORGE BOHM: Keyboard Works (Leonhardt) (Sony, U.S., 1993) ALFRED HILL: Symphonies # 5 + 10, etc. (Queensland Symphony/Lehmann) (Marco Polo, Germany, 1999) SCHEIBE: Sinfonias (Concerto Copenhagen/Manze) (Chandos, Germany, 1994) SCHOENBERG: Suite + Wind Quintet (London Sinfonietta/Atherton) (Decca, Germany, 1992) [Recorded in 1973 and 1974] SOLER: 6 Concertos for 2 Organs (Mathot/Koopman) (Erato, U.S., 1992) STANLEY: 6 Organ Concertos, op. 10 (Gifford/Northern Sinfonia/Gifford) (CRD, Japan) [Recorded in 1979] TELEMANN: Violin and Viola Concertos (Peabody/Philharmonia Virtuosi/Kapp) (ESS.A.Y., Canada, 1991) “MUSIC FROM THE TIME OF ELIZABETH I” (Academy of Ancient Music/Hogwood) (L’Oiseau-Lyre, Germany, 1992) [Recorded in 1978] “LATE RENAISSANCE DANCES IN HUNGARY” (Camerata Hungarica/Cdizra) (White Label, Japan, 1987) “GEORGIAN HARP MUSIC” (Ellis) (Belart, Australia, 1994) [Recorded in 1969] “KRONOS QUARTET-EARLY MUSIC” (Nonesuch, U.S., 1997) STAMIC: 3 Mannheim Sinfonias + BENDA: Sinfonia in C Major + FRANTISEK RICHTER: Sinfonia in G Major (Slovak Chamber/Warchal) (Opus, Czech Republic, 1986) “BAROQUE CHAMBER MUSIC” (Graf/Goritzki/Sax/Dahler) (Claves, Japan, 1987) + postage to darwin
  3. If these are still available, and if you will post to Darwin, I will take them.
  4. If you are willing to post, I will take all Soft Machine CDs.
  5. I will take: MICHAEL PRAETORIUS: Dances from Terpsichore ANTONIO ROSETTI: 4 Symphonies SCULTHORPE: Earth Cry + Sun Music III + String Sonata # 3 + Djilile,etc. SCULTHORPE: Fifth Continent + Lament + Little Suite + Night Song,etc. Plus postage to Darwin (with jewel cases.
  6. Richard Thomson fan here. Are 'Henry the Human Fly' and 'Daring Adventures' still available?
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