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  1. pine weasel

    FS: 72 Classical LPs $100 PRICE DROP

    Hi rotur I'll take them if they're still available Cheers
  2. pine weasel

    EOI: GTG at The Coates Cellar Door

    I'm not sure my wife would approve of the babysitting arrangements! You should definitely drop by sometime for a quiet ale and some loud music. I will try and organise a GTG before the end of the year.
  3. Given that the cost of new vinyl is relatively high ( $20-25 if you're lucky, up to $45-50, and more if people are buying box sets, "limited edition coloured vinyl", etc), I find it strange that the same people are so price sensitive when it comes to the actual TT. The difference in price between the cheapest TT that will probably sound below average, and potentially damage those expensive records, compared to a decent entry level TT from Project/etc. would probably amount to a handful of new LPs.
  4. pine weasel

    Bands or artists you just never 'got' ?

    Porcupine Tree - I've tried to listen to a number of their albums a few times but they just do nothing for me.
  5. pine weasel

    EOI: GTG at The Coates Cellar Door

    Thanks Duane - this looks like it will be a fantastic GTG. My wife is away that weekend, so I'll have the kids with me. If no one objects, I might need to bring them with me - they're pretty well behaved, and can usually be bribed with iPads and junk food! Cheers Suresh
  6. pine weasel

    currently drinking

    If you like Grenache, you should try the Izway 3 Brians. Probably my favourite Grenache and slightly ahead of the Torbreck Les Amis.
  7. Is he angry, or constipated??😀
  8. pine weasel

    Candyflip account hacked?

    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely 😀
  9. pine weasel

    Candyflip account hacked?

  10. pine weasel

    New TT Advice?

    If you're in Adelaide, why not see what they have at VAF at the moment. There was certainly a wide range of TTs at their vinyl night last week. I think they stock Rega, rather than Project, but if your TT is portable, you could bring it in and compare it to what they have there?
  11. pine weasel

    VAF Turntable event night. 20 Sep '18

    A big thanks to Simon, Ben and everyone at VAF for hosting the vinyl event last last night. A great idea, as evidenced by the number of people there. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to stay long. It was nice to catch up with some SNAers. I certainly would be interested in getting Ben to check out the set-up on my TT sometime. Cheers
  12. pine weasel

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    I ordered it a week ago from Audiophile Reference Recordings in Melbourne, so hopefully still in stock there.
  13. pine weasel

    Clear audio Concept or Rega Planer 6

    If you're in Adelaide this weekend, you're welcome to come over and have a quick listen to the Clearaudio . I don't have a Rega or Project to compare it to.
  14. pine weasel

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Duran Duran - 7 and the Ragged Tiger - Aust Maxicut pressing. I'd forgotten just how good this album was. One of the few albums I own where almost every track is great. Classic 80s pop.
  15. pine weasel

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Michael Jackson - Thriller - US 1st press