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  1. Item:IKEA Shelving Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: This has been in the garage for a while so could do with a good clean up. Structurally sound. Pick Up in Unley Area. You'll need to be able to move it and load it without any assistance from me ( dodgy back!) Also 2 bookshelves - Well used and need a good clean , but I used to use them to store CDs. Adjustable shelves. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. How does this set sound? @metal beat, and what are your thoughts on the tracks from the vault? I'm very tempted Cheers
  3. I think that may the album that will benefit most from the Mofi treatment, as well as having a beautifully quiet pressing.
  4. @metal beat Being a bit of a vinyl novice here, I don't want to upset my elders!!
  5. I'm a little concerned may have lobbed a grenade with my observations on the Mofi DS 45s! They certainly were not meant to be a reflection on Mofi pressings in general, or on 45s vs 33s. I have a lot of 45s, ( MoFi, Analogue Productions, etc) and the vast majority do sound better than the standard 33s I compare them to. I certainly don't regret buying them, and I'm still waiting for the last 2 Mofi DS to arrive ( Love over Gold and Dire Straits) My comments were in regards to the OP's question on the Box set vs the Mofis. I felt that the Mofis definitely sounded b
  6. With regards to the Mofi 45s in general , I agree that getting up to change sides more often is a bit of a pain, and it does interrupt the flow of the album. With some, I've find it definitely worthwhile for the benefit in sound quality. The Dylan Mofi 45s, for example, sound absolutely superb, and I think the cost of finding NM copies of originals of those albums from the 60s would be prohibitive. People who have done comparisons with the orignals ( such as Fremer) have rated the Mofis as being far superior in sound quality. I'm always hoping that Mofi could work with
  7. Thanks @scuzzi They've all been through the Audiodeske a few times, so are probably as good as they're ever going to be. Like almost any used album of that vintage, they're not perfect - the very occasional pop or tic, and some subtle surface noise. As someone who "grew up" with CDs in the 80s and 90s, I still find that annoying and it can detract from my enjoyment of the music. That's certainly where the Mofis show their strengths, as the ones I have are beautifully pressed and deathly quiet.
  8. This post inspired me to have a listen to the Dire Straits albums I have, at over the weekend. Unfortunately I don't have full sets of all of the versions to compare. I have the Mercury Box set from a few years ago, 3 of the Mofis ( still waiting for the last 2 to arrive), 3 of the Aussie Maxi-cuts, and 2 Uk 1st pressings. I didn't get enough time to listen to everything, nor were they blinded tests, volume matched , etc, so my thoughts are just based on my preferences for what I enjoyed most, through a fairly reasonable vinyl front end that I think is abl
  9. If you were in Adelaide, you should have let us know. I'm sure there would have been an SNAer who would have been happy to catch up for an ale or three. Enjoy getting back home to see the family and the new toy! Cheers
  10. Hi Mark Congratulations to you and Michelle. Great news Cheers Suresh
  11. I can't suggest a specific phono cable or RCA cable for your situation , but it may be worth contacting some of the sponsors on SNA to see if you can trial some different ones at home. Cam, at Krispy Audio , has been very helpful in the past, and although I didnt purchase the cables at the time, he was happy to post a set to me to try in my own system for a week or two. Cheers
  12. Cheers I've tried with an old Canon 7D and 24-70, but I've struggled to get the lighting right. Do you use an external flash?
  13. @Hydrology ,Perhaps slightly off-topic, but how do you take those beautiful photos? They always look absolutely stunning. I'm assuming they're not just taken with a phone camera? Cheers
  14. I think you're due for another road trip to Adelaide , Keith. It's been a while since you were here ( late 2016 I think) I've moved the speakers further in to the room, wider apart and with more toe-in , and things are now sounding better than before. Cheers Suresh
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