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  1. Sorry for the late reply on this. Thanks Tax, and to everyone who answered, as well as those who PMd me. I'm definitely not a tweaker - between a busy job, increasingly busy kids ( 11 and 13), and other vices/hobbies, I don't get a lot of time to listen, so when I do, I just want to sit back and enjoy ( preferably with a cold beer or a nice red!) I did go through the process of fine tuning the speaker positions about 18 months ago, and that did make a big improvement ( I think it's now pretty close to how the big Kyron System sounded when we were playing wit
  2. A classic Amp. I bought mine 27 years ago with the matching pre, and it still looks and sounds great. GLWS
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread, and who've shared their experiences. The difficulty is obviously being able to demo cartridges in your own system, or even comparing different cartridges in the same system. When it's easier to travel again, I'd hope to visit Harry in Melbourne, and if he still has the 2 arm Balance, compare the Palladium and Archon on the same TT/system. I'll also get in touch with Warwick at Sonic Purity if I'm thinking of a Lyra Here in Adelaide, I may be able to convince a friend to bring over a Lyra to listen to on my TT.
  4. Thanks. I'd probably err more towards warmth than overly detailed or clinical. Were you able to listen to the 2 different cartridges in the same system? Cheers Suresh
  5. Thanks I've never heard the Phasemations or the MY Sonic Labs or Air Tights. Obviously I've read good things about them. There are a lot of cartridges at that end of the market, but limited opportunities to listen to them, especially here in Adelaide, and I'd be loathe to buy something that costly without hearing it first. I'm already running a 2nd arm with a Myajima mono cartridge , so I'm not sure I want 2 good stereo cartridges. It would be too tempting to want to change cartridges during a listening session, and after a few reds, that could prove da
  6. Thanks John, and also for your detailed PM today. I've had the pleasure of a listening session at Harrys, and when travel becomes easier again, I hope to head over and have a listen to the Palladium, ideally up against the Archon. Cheers Suresh
  7. Hi Shane Thanks for your thoughts on the Lyra's. I've owned a Kleos ( but with different TT), and listened to the Delos, Etna and Atlas ( the older models), but not in my system. A number of the TT guys I know here in Adelaide have gone with Lyra. I suspect the sound may be different to what I've become used to with the Archon. The rebuild program is certainly appealing. The difficulty is auditioning one in my system on my TT. Cheers Suresh I've never heard the ZYXs, but if I get the chance to ca
  8. Thanks I've been in touch with Stuart from Audiofidelty and Keith from Wydnham Audio who distribute Acoustical systems, and I've previously listened to some Lyra's at Warwick's. They'll obviously be where I go to purchase, but unfortunately neither stock both. Cheers Suresh
  9. Thanks to everyone who's replied so far. I'll answer you all in more detail in the next day or two. Cheers Suresh
  10. I've had my Acoustical Systems Archon for about 5 yrs, and I'm having thoughts about a new toy. I was wondering if any of the Vinyl gurus here have had any experience with comparing some of the top end/esoteric models from various manufacturers? I was contemplating moving higher up in the Acoustical systems range, and thus would also consider some of the better models from Lyra, Koetsu, Myajima, Benz, Shelter, etc. The better Acoustical systems cartridges range from 12-16K, so the budget would be anything in that range ( or less if possible!)
  11. I'd also be suggesting a Brinkmann Bardo with the 10.5 arm. I had a listen to this in my system and was very impressed, though eventually went for the Spyder to mount a second arm with a mono cartridge, as well as preferring their belt drive to DD. I listened to a Balance up against the Bardo, and think the Spyder comes very close to the Balance. I've also listened to the Bauer DPS, but that was running a Lyra Atlas!
  12. Next in line if the sale falls through? Cheers
  13. Hello Can I grab these please? I've PMd you with an intention to purchase. Cheers Suresh
  14. That looks amazing. I can't begin to imagine to amount of work and skill involved, especially in getting the cabinets right. ( the limit of my carpentry skills is putting up stick-on picture hooks, and even they don't always work...) Do you have access to a pair of Amati's to listen to and compare when you're working on tuning the crossover?
  15. This thread inspired me to actually do some measurements in my room ( distances only, nothing more complicated than than that!) The speakers are approximately 1.5 m out from the wall, 3m apart , and 2.5 m from the side walls. They're about 2.5 from the sofa where listen. I guess its almost a nearfield arrangement in a large room, so hopefully minimises the influence of the walls. Over the years I've tried many different positions of equipment/speakers etc, including having them firing down the long axis of the room, and currently, I'm enjoying the best sound I've had
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