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  1. This thread inspired me to actually do some measurements in my room ( distances only, nothing more complicated than than that!) The speakers are approximately 1.5 m out from the wall, 3m apart , and 2.5 m from the side walls. They're about 2.5 from the sofa where listen. I guess its almost a nearfield arrangement in a large room, so hopefully minimises the influence of the walls. Over the years I've tried many different positions of equipment/speakers etc, including having them firing down the long axis of the room, and currently, I'm enjoying the best sound I've had
  2. I've had my system in rooms of varying sizes, and each time , as the room got bigger, I preferred the sound. My current listing room is about 9m*7m, with a flat 3.7 m ceiling, but behind the sofa I do my listening from, there's an archway opening into a 6*7m room. The downside of this is that when I listen to music/systems in smaller or normal size rooms, I always seem aware of the "room", and keep thinking to myself, I wonder what this would sound like in a bigger room. I don't use any room treatments , but there's plenty of furnishings, rugs, record shelvi
  3. They're actually old Micrex amps from the early 90s - early work from the same designer who then went on to Supratek. Almost 30 years old but still pretty good to listen to.
  4. The main system isn't being neglected. The cellar system is to listen to while selecting the wine. The main system is for when I'm drinking it! My wife isn't fussed, as long as I'm sharing the wine. Cheers
  5. I've ripped my whole CD collection to the hard drive in the server, and there are some soundtracks, compilations etc with rap and hop hip. They'll come on before I have time to skip them...
  6. The wine is the best tweak in my system. Everything sounds better after a few glasses. After a bottle or two, even Rap, Hip Hop and RnB are tolerable. Wine also makes digital sound good!!
  7. I've been trying to find a way to combine my two favourite hobbies, Music/HiFi and wine, so I thought I'd set up a system in my cellar, made up of bits and pieces I had put aside over the years. Currently I'm using my old Micrex P1/R1 Pre/power setup, B&W 602 S2s and an Olive 6HD music server( finally found use for it). Sounds pretty good so far. I need to set up a comfy chair now. If I end up spending more time there, I'll set up a better source ( my Clearuadio Concept MC) Cheers
  8. The Ultra Systems 7" and 10" adaptor for the the Audio Desk Ultrasonic Cleaner. So far, working well, and less expensive than the Audio Desk adaptor ( about $150 vs $750)
  9. I remember that these have been discussed before on SNA, though when I've tried searching, I can't seem to find the threads.. A few of us here in Adelaide bought and listened to some of their earlier releases ( myself, @Kensell21, @darthlaker) and were very impressed. I've got the 3 Martzy Lps and a couple of the Kogans, and I think they sound absolutely superb , especially the Martzys with a mono cartridge. I didn't regret spending the money on them at the time and I still don't. The Martzy Lps are amongst the best pieces of music I own and I play them regularly.
  10. There was fair bit of discussion about this a few years back - mainly comparing the new remasters to the originals, but also a bit about different original versions. Cheers
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