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  1. Hi Mark Congratulations to you and Michelle. Great news Cheers Suresh
  2. I can't suggest a specific phono cable or RCA cable for your situation , but it may be worth contacting some of the sponsors on SNA to see if you can trial some different ones at home. Cam, at Krispy Audio , has been very helpful in the past, and although I didnt purchase the cables at the time, he was happy to post a set to me to try in my own system for a week or two. Cheers
  3. Cheers I've tried with an old Canon 7D and 24-70, but I've struggled to get the lighting right. Do you use an external flash?
  4. @Hydrology ,Perhaps slightly off-topic, but how do you take those beautiful photos? They always look absolutely stunning. I'm assuming they're not just taken with a phone camera? Cheers
  5. I think you're due for another road trip to Adelaide , Keith. It's been a while since you were here ( late 2016 I think) I've moved the speakers further in to the room, wider apart and with more toe-in , and things are now sounding better than before. Cheers Suresh
  6. @Mushroom01 Yes, they're hippos, but they could also work as cable lifters, or magical resonance control devices!
  7. I haven't heard the Mofi Ultradeck, or the Rega, but I used a Clearaudio Concept MC as my TT for about 4 years when first getting into vinyl and it worked extremely well, straight of the box, with no set up required. It's now almost 8 years old and still works fine when I use it.
  8. Hi @cheekyboy Its a Les Davis mat that i got from the Stereonet HiFi show. It’s very thin (1-2mm) soft mat, so when it doesnt have a record on it, it doesn’t sit flat( @metal beat)Once there’s a record on it and clamp is screwed down , it’s fine. The clamp still works perfectly. Since the mat is thin and soft, and the record is also clamped, I haven’t felt I’ve needed to adjust the VTA . I’ve actually got some free time this long weekend to do an extended listening session and see if there are any significant benefits to the mat. cheers
  9. Nice deck Keith. I must admit, I've probably been committing heresy recently by using a mat on my Brinkmann. Please don't tell Helmut! Still not sure if it makes much of a difference. If anything, it keeps the dust off the platter..
  10. UK 1st Pressings of Ziggy Stardust and Synchronicity 2 Favourite albums that I've been looking for decent copies of. Definitely better than the newer pressings I had of each of them
  11. In 1994 , I was buying Sonique, Micrex and Meridian from Grenfell HiFi !!
  12. Hi Rod Let me know if you want to borrow them to have a listen to. I think I have almost all of his albums on vinyl Cheers Suresh
  13. Hi Rod It sounds great on vinyl. You should also listen to One Zero - a direct to disc live recording - 45 rpm best of collection spread over 5 lps ( also a double CD and DVD) - just amazing. Cheers Suresh
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