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  1. pine weasel

    Anyone tried UD1S Records?

    I'd agree with a couple of the posts above. I have 2 of these - the Bill Evans, and the Simon and Garfunkel, and to me, on my system, they both sound appreciably better than the other versions I have of these albums. The 45 rpm doesn't bother me, but I'd be happy if they were less expensive
  2. pine weasel

    SOLD: FS: 78 Classical LPs $125

    Can I take this please. will pm you Cheers
  3. I'd like to try them, but I shudder to think how much 9 metre runs would cost.
  4. Springsteen Unplugged please, Jon Cheers
  5. pine weasel

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    They're not hippos, they are sophisticated resonance control devices, and can also double as cable lifters..
  6. pine weasel

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    This is my little slice of vinyl heaven When it's done right, with the right gear, set up properly, and with the right records, vinyl sounds better to my ears than the best digital that I've heard. And it's more fun! It does, however, take more time and effort , and is dependent on the quality and condition of the the record.
  7. Arrived today and listening now. The Esher demos, just amazing. I wasn't a huge fan of this album until I listened to these versions.
  8. pine weasel

    pioneer plx-1000

    This was from a previous thread involving the PLX1000 I was a very happy owner of a Clearaudio Concept( the MC version) - no issues at all for the 4 years that I was using it.
  9. I'm sorry I missed seeing this. Can I please be next in line if the sale falls through? Cheers
  10. pine weasel


    Is this something you've noticed just with the 1 CD? It may be worth listening to a range of music, both on CD and Vinyl, to work out if this is a general issue with your vinyl setup, or something specific to that recording, before you look at making any changes. People have already made some very good points in this thread. CD, done properly, can and should sound very good. Despite having a much better TT than than my CD player, I still find CDs that sound better to me than the equivalent vinyl recording does. This used to bother me, but after discussing this with a number of vinyl gurus, they all told me they've experienced the same thing, and that their vinyl playback systems will sound better 90-95% of the time, but some particular recordings/pressings/etc just don't work with their cartridge/arm/TT/phono stage combination and are nicer to listen to on CD
  11. pine weasel

    Vinyl disillusionment

    @Sir Sanders Zingmore I had similar feedback issues with a Clearaudio concept TT on a wooden cabinet. Placing the TT on a platform made with a Stone/slate paver on a bicycle inner tube did the trick - cheap and easy.
  12. pine weasel

    Soundsmith Cartridges

    Sorry, My fault! I think I edited my post to mention what I'd heard at VAF before I read your reply.
  13. pine weasel

    Soundsmith Cartridges

    I was wondering if someone here on SNA has any experience/thoughts on the Soundsmith range of cartridges? Having heard the Soundsmith Strain Gauge system at the recent Hi-Fi show , as well as some others at the VAF Turntable night, I'm tempted to venture in that direction. Probably not the Strain Gauge, as I already have a decent phono stage, but maybe something else in the range. Cheers
  14. pine weasel

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Welcome to the dark side.