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  1. I'm looking for a KGST amp, I remember sometime back, there is a local (Australia) guy that does the complete built. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. If you decide to split the sale, I'm interested in the SR009 only, cheers.
  3. Once you listen to Stax, there's no return! Good on you, mate!
  4. I'll take Item 4 (coaxial cable), will PM later with transaction details, thanks!
  5. I would like to find out how old is the headphones and if you could consider shipment to Perth (WA).
  6. Mine is driving a Benz Micro Wood SL beautifully, feeding my Stax gear?
  7. Just checking if the tonearm is still available.
  8. 2 thumbs up for Tian! Just bought my 2nd purchase from him.
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