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  1. I am interested if Steve doesn’t buy. Let me know mate.
  2. previous century is still pretty good - some might say it is better 😉
  3. my morning listen...so good to have a new recording set.
  4. me for the afternoon...Vickers was a master.
  5. I don't think I have reached the stage yet where I have listened to Dawn too many times 🙄 that said I was keen to hear the new recording. My immediate reaction to Beth was to recoil but I stuck with it. Obvious pretty quickly she isn't classically trained but it was so different to Dawn's very prim version I was captivated. The very fast vibrato and vocal pushing really felt brittle and tenuous and strangely appropriate to the text. The whole piece was very unsettling but in a way it worked. I got to the end and felt completely on edge. I wouldn't regard it as enjoyable at all but it certainly had something to say. I haven't heard Sym #4 yet.... You are right though it would all be very boring if every recording was the same.
  6. I have long been a fan of Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 (Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs). I hadn't heard about this new recording but am going to enjoy the journey tonight. See how measure measures up to Dawn. thanks again
  7. actually no. guess I know what i am listening to tomorrow.
  8. I agree I finished listening a little while ago and I thought it was worth adding to my collection. The second last price really reminded me of Britten’s sea interludes from his opera Peter Grimes.
  9. thank you for this great recommendation. 👍
  10. Love this. Paul Hillier has made a number of great Part recordings.
  11. Really enjoying this recording tonight.
  12. Item: Dunlavy Labs SC-IV speakers Oak finish Location: Brisbane Price: $4,250 Item Condition: Great - 8/10 some marks see photos Reason for selling: NLR 😪 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank deposit Extra Info: I bought these just over 12 months ago here on SNA. Unfortunately they did not get a huge amount of use (maybe 300 - 400 hours or so) as I worked away from home much of last year however I really enjoyed my time with them. That said my wife didn't so for martial bliss there are being stored at a friends place. Setup took some time but I found in my room given their separation necessitated by the steinway, the listening position was much further back than with my EV Cs. I read most people find them best about 4 feet off the rear wall, however I found they needed a bit more but suspect that is mostly due to the separation. Also they needed very little (if any) toe in. Best combo for me was my mystery one tubed pre and threshold stasis power amp. The Michi drove these well but the Threshold gave that little bit of extra bass and mid bloom that I prefer. Having said that we have listened to them a bit at my mates place on his Pass Labs pre/power combo and I can honestly say I have never heard Beethoven Symphony # 3 so good other than hearing the Berlin Phil play it live.... Local auditions should be fine for serious buyers but will need a little notice to make sure my mate is available. There are many reviews online about these big guys so I won't rave on suffice to say I will miss these. I will just add a link to the Stereophile review https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/99dun4/index.html Other than a couple of marks they are in very nice condition. I have taken a pic of the worst mark and from very unflattering light. It does not look that bad in real life. The drivers are in great condition. In terms of logistics, these things are pretty big and fairly heavy. If you wish to move them yourself bring a mate and a ute or big wagon along with a good trolley and thick blankets. I would highly recommend using a furniture removalist and am happy to work in with a removal company for any in town or out of town interested parties. Someone who bought these and the Dunlavy SC1s advertised last week would be WELL on their way to a top notch main system and HT setup (sacrilege I know)...seriously thought about it myself 🙄 Speaker Specifications: Manufacturer: Dunlavy Audio Labs, Colorado Springs, CO (1994). Description: Three-way dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" soft-dome tweeter, two 5½" cone midrange units, two 10" long-throw woofers. Crossover frequencies: not specified. Amplitude/frequency response: 37Hz–20kHz ±2dB, approximately –6dB at 27Hz. Phase/frequency response: ±20° from 200Hz–10kHz. Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m. Impedance: nominal 5 ohms, minimum 3.0 ohms, maximum 7.5 ohms including bass resonance. THD: ±0.3% for an SPL of 90dB (re: 1m) at all frequencies above 100Hz. Pair matching: better than ±0.5dB up to 15kHz. Power handling: peak 250W for 10ms, average (pink noise) 25W. Recommended amplifier power: minimum 100W into 8 ohms. Recommended listening distance: 8'–25'. Dimensions: 72" H by 12" W by 18" D. Weight: 180 lbs. Price: $4995/pair in black or oak finish; $5495/pair in dalwood rose or dalwood teak (1994); Pictures:
  13. to reiterate the pitting while doesn't look great does not go through the case. The powerboard does its job otherwise very well.
  14. Thanks mate. Great detail. Making me rethink 😉
  15. Item: Isotek Polaris 6 AUS Outlet EVO3 Location: Sherwood, Brisbane Price: $300 plus post Item Condition: See note below and pictures. Excellent operating condition Reason for selling: Thor Payment Method: Pickup - cash or EFT only Extra Info: I bought this some time ago here on SNA. The unit has some corrosion pitting on one side of the aluminium housing that the previous owner said happened while resting against the wall. The pitting didn't worry me and I have used the unit until I bought a Thor here recently. Tuck the unit away somewhere and you can't see the damage Photos:
  16. Item: a pair of Dekoni ear pads suit Senn HD600 earphones Location: Sherwood, Brisbane Price: $60 posted Item Condition: excellent - used for 2 weeks Reason for selling: Prefer the original pads Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or EFT only Extra Info: Photos:
  17. Item: 2 off Scan speak 18W/1651G1 drivers Location: Sherwood, Brisbane Price: $200 plus post ONO Item Condition: Excellent - as new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT transfer Extra Info: I bought these off Mr Scum a year or two ago with plans...have new plans now and these won't work. I did try and find another pair so I could make an MTM but gave up in the end and have moved on. I understand he tested them only so are in as new condition. Photos:
  18. Sold now. Thanks for your interest
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