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  1. Item: Unison Research Mystery 1 Tube preamp Location: Brisbane QLD Price: $1300 plus postage if required. Item Condition: Used. A couple of cosmetic blemishes but in great working condition. Reason for selling: Reduce box count...simplifying life Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3%), or Direct Deposit Extra Info: A beautiful tube preamp that knocks out a great sound. I bought this to dip my toes with tubes and as much as I love it we are moving to our farm and I need to reduce the box count so looking for a nice integrated. Would consider a trade / part trade for nice integrate upto $3k with cash adjustment either way. This is a 240V version and cost around $5k new. I had this paired with my Michi amp and CD player. Sounded fantastic. I believe the previous owner to me replaced the tubes prior me to purchasing along with the batteries. In the time I have owned this pre it would have seen under 500 hours use as I have worked away from home much of the past 4 years. I do not have any packaging but can drop off to Pack and Send or similar. Pictures:
  2. Item: Rotel Michi RHB-10 amp and RHCD-10 cd player Location: Brisbane Price: $1,600 each if sold separately or $3,000 for the pair for single purchaser plus any Pack and Send fees (if required) Item Condition: 7/10 - conservative rating due to the marks. They still look great in my opinion. Reason for selling: moving to the farm so going integrated to reduce box count Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Please note I will only sell these items if both are sold. I will consider selling to separate purchasers but would much prefer a single purchase. Local purchaser also preferred as I have no packaging. For any out of town purchasers I will only drop off to Pack and Send. Happy to work with the buyer to organise if required. I also have a spare BNIB Philips Pro mech for the CD player that the purchase may opt to purchase for an additional $400. I found this in Germany a couple of years ago and cost over $500 to land here. As many of you know these mechs are extremely difficult to find yet alone BNIB. These components are not in perfect condition - they both have marks from previous owners. I have tried to capture any marks in the photos below. These components have always treated with respect while in my care. Both units serviced by AvDigitech in 2015 and given a clean bill of health. Neither unit has seen much work in the past two years as I have been away for work. Please note there is NO remote for the CD player. I have been told recently you can buy the remote logic for logictech remotes. Would consider a trade for an integrated up to $3k with cash adjustment either way. Pictures:
  3. @Mintt here you go mate.
  4. ok so looked at the settings. The buzz between songs only happens on the two highest settings so currently having to use Hi-Fi setting...it is ok but at this stage Tidal doesn't seem to have the range Spotify does to justify the additional $/month. I will see how I feel in another 2-3 months. Thanks for the members for notifying of the summer trial though it will be good to scratch the itch if nothing else.
  5. To be honest I am not too sure. I have tried 15-20 different playlists or albums and each one does it. I assume the MQA option will be in settings ? Yes ? If so I will check. Thanks for the suggestion by the way.
  6. I recently took advantage of the Tidal holiday offer. Enjoying but while it changes between tracks I get this fairly loud buzzing. I normally use my PS Sprout to Senn 600s off my PC tower via a yellowtech PUC2. Also tried a different head amp (Burnson) straight from the headphone jack on the soundcard but still get the same buzzing...Damn annoying I must say. Anyone got any suggestions or have experienced this ?
  7. @Winno now you you know what to do with them..
  8. RobbC

    SOLD: FS: Usher Mini Dancer 2 

    Great choice mate. I was thinking about it too.
  9. RobbC

    FS: MISC cable and USB Accessories.

    mate PM incoming for the Audio Principe 75 ohm BNC/RCA 1.5M Digital Interconnect ($35)
  10. RobbC

    Bladelius embla

    Vinh I see this will play from internal HDD or external HDD and maybe NAS, but does this work with Tidal or Spotify ? Sorry for the noob qustion.
  11. mate what pre did you run this with ?
  12. Hi mate would these work ok on a desktop or do they need more distance ? thanks
  13. @Winno sharing the love mate...😉
  14. WOW - David your work is a credit to you. Just beautiful
  15. thanks mate. I am actually leaving towards the MD as they will "fit" the look of the room better. The bigger guys I am sure would be awesome but will likely take much more convincing...I have read they like plenty of juice. My michi might be up to start with but I am hoping to go to a nice integrated pass, classe or similar. The one recently listed just didn't want to post so missed it again... I have heard the 7" mid woofer used in a number of car audio systems. The driver has heaps of mid bass punch and great clarity in a car environment, which is one of the reasons I was looking at these guys. thank you for the offer. I dont find myself in Perth much these days (travel much less for work), but I head that way i will look you up.