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  1. Hi mate would these work ok on a desktop or do they need more distance ? thanks
  2. @Winno sharing the love mate...😉
  3. RobbC

    FS: Linkwitz LX521.4 System

    WOW - David your work is a credit to you. Just beautiful
  4. thanks mate. I am actually leaving towards the MD as they will "fit" the look of the room better. The bigger guys I am sure would be awesome but will likely take much more convincing...I have read they like plenty of juice. My michi might be up to start with but I am hoping to go to a nice integrated pass, classe or similar. The one recently listed just didn't want to post so missed it again... I have heard the 7" mid woofer used in a number of car audio systems. The driver has heaps of mid bass punch and great clarity in a car environment, which is one of the reasons I was looking at these guys. thank you for the offer. I dont find myself in Perth much these days (travel much less for work), but I head that way i will look you up.
  5. thanks for your thoughts Thomo. I agree a listening session in my room would be the best but probably difficult to arrange with a seller. A very good point though as I was putting a bit of reliance on a listening session but you are right the room changes everything probably.
  6. Gday All, I am about to move on my Dunlavy SC-IVs due to poor WAF. I have run photos of the larger Usher (CP-8571 and MDs) in front of her and these may be "acceptable" 🙄. There are plenty of rave reviews online but I would rather hear some if possible. Wondering if there are any around CQ/Brisbane/SEQ /Nothern NSW that someone may be happy to hold a listening session. My room is large (ish) at 9x7m. I have a yammy cds2000 and Node 2 for a front end. Current amp/pre is rotel michi and unsion research mystery pre although looking to upgrade to an integrated in the near future. I listen to mostly classical to but the boss is into more modern stuff. Would also appreciate other members sharing their experience of integrated amps driving ushers. thanks
  7. RobbC

    EOI: Dunlavy SC-IV

    No stress mate. For me the stage works well to line up the tweeters well as my listening chairs are fairly short.
  8. RobbC

    EOI: Dunlavy SC-IV

    Spot on mate. Floor is accoustically decoupled and seriously deadened. Was a fair bit if work but was certainly worth it. Yes we use it for recitals. We can seat around 40 people. Room also used by visiting artists to brisbane to prepare for and rest up for concerts. It is a great space.
  9. RobbC

    EOI: Dunlavy SC-IV

    Thanks mate - we do love it.
  10. RobbC

    EOI: Dunlavy SC-IV

    Item: Dunlavy Labs SC-IV speakers Location: Brisbane Price: $4,300 Item Condition: Great - 8-10 Reason for selling: Marital bliss Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Bank deposit Extra Info: I am very reluctantly posting this EOI - it has taken me 2 weeks to get to it. I have come to the conclusion marriage is worth FAR more than a glorious pair of speakers. Sentences like "those things have taken over the room - I can't even go in there..." or "They are the wrong colour..." Doesn't matter how good they sound (she will even attest to that) they must go. Originally planned for my man cave on the farm but that is going to take me some time and clearly they cannot stay in their present spot, so very reluctantly I will offer these up for sale when I return to Brisbane end of next week. I bought these off Garfield1 in mid June and had them moved to Brisbane using a furniture removalist ($600) so I am listing them including some of the moving fees. I was tempted to convince a mate to store them but I am sure my wife has got to his wife first - @Mintt you better get over for a listen before they go... There are many reviews online about these guys so I won't rave on suffice to say they will be sorely missed. These things are heavy - bring a mate. I am happy to work in with a removal company for any out of town interested parties. Here is a link to @garfield1 's original add...grills are included just hiding behind in my photos below. Pictures:
  11. Any chance this will play hires files ? I assume given its age it may not.
  12. RobbC

    Inline ads in a thread?

    @Marc only instance i have had today was in Lovetube's cable for sale ad where a google ad enlarged to take the whole screen on my samsung note 8. Was strange and have never seen it before. Took a bit to close it too. No other issues.
  13. Hi Brian, Thanks for your note but these look to be spoken for pending pickup in the morning. To be honest I am not sure you need a full frame for portraits - I am by no means a expert here and I know there are plenty of top photographers lurking around these pages who might be able to offer different / better advice. But a good mate tells me for his portrait gear he saved money by buying a crop camera and invested more into his lenses. Good luck. Robb
  14. RobbC

    Inline ads in a thread?

    Mark yep those are the adds i am seeing as well on my ipad and samsung note 8.
  15. RobbC

    Inline ads in a thread?

    @Marc sorry mate not having a rant I understand the need for "ads" but just noticed yesterday that they were covering up text. I don't know how to take screen shot on my phone or would certainly share.