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  1. @rantanI have listed both the amp and cd for sale previously. I have not got a current add for the CD payer but doing a search for Michi will bring up one of my expired listings.
  2. Item: Rotel Michi RHB-10 amp Location: Brisbane Price: $1,100 plus packaging / postage (if required) Item Condition: 7/10 - conservative rating due to the marks. Performance is terrific. Reason for selling: upgrade (i hope) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or EFT Extra Info: This Michi amp is unfortunately not in perfect condition - it has marks from previous owners. I have rated them conservatively and tried to capture any marks in the photos below. That said the blemishes are not visible from seating distance and still look like the classy wood cheek components they are. The history I know, I purchase these off Trevor Lee in 2012 since then it has been my main amp. Having said my work takes me out of town a lot so it realistically has been a low use amp since 2012. It was serviced by AvDigitech in 2015 and given a clean bill of health. Greenwagon also replaced the rca connectors about 18 months ago. This Michi certainly held its own against a mates very nice Pass pre/power setup driving my Dunlavy's - in fact I think we were both surprised how well they held their own. Plenty of love and great opinions about the Michi line here on SNA. This one has most certainly served me well but you can't keep them all. I know the new owner will have plenty of enjoyable listening hours. I do not have the original packaging but I can source some and package it securely for postage / courier. Donation to SNA upon sale of course. Matching Rotel Michi CD player also available if interested. Photos:
  3. Sorry to hear of your light fingered colleague. What a terrible shame especially at this time of year of peace and goodwill.
  4. I see iFi do the OTG for android phones but can't located something similar for iPhone. Can anyone point in to an alternative to the apple camera connection lightning to USB tail ? thanks in advance.
  5. I was looking at the bundle today it is a great deal.
  6. I really enjoyed my Ref 8. Didn't find the GUI that easy to use but sure sounded good...
  7. Anyone know if a HiMD home/studio component was ever released ? Be cool to have one in the system to listen to some of my old recordings.
  8. I was a heavy user of the MD format in late 90s through to late 00s for recordings on the go. Serious studio recordings were on DAT and converted to CD. MD format was so easy and had a great recording quality. Never bought any recordings on the format only CDs. It was purely a working format for me. At the time I had an alpine MD player in the car which was real handy to listen to bits and bobs when driving. Also had a BOSE home component but when I changed over to the HiMD format it became redundant. Still use my player today when I get together with my muso mates and do the odd recording. A real shame sony no longer supports it.
  9. I can't really believe this hasn't sold either Neo. If I had a use for it I would have bought it - alas my Mk IV isn't getting the usage either ATM. Hope you get a sale soon.
  10. Anyone have experience with the new Cobalt vrs the older Red dragonfly ? Currently need to replace my red and wonder if there is merit to going for the Cobalt. Anyone knows of a local stockist in Brisbane where I could listen to both ? I have spoken to Audio Tailor they keep the Red but only order the Cobalt.
  11. recommended to me by a friend. Ensemble Jupiter is new Baroque ensemble in France. "Vivaldi" is their debut album. Really enjoyable...
  12. Hi Peter will it fit a canon 5d mkiv with a 24-105 lens ? Not sure on the definition of mid sized slr with lens...
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