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  1. thanks Mike I have sent Bill a PM and hoping it is still available...
  2. Bill how would you compare this to the bluesound node 2 ?
  3. RobbC

    SOLD: FS: K2 HD Mastering CD's

    Discs 4 and 5 please mate. Pm to follow
  4. Item: Burson HA160 headphone amp Location: Brisbane Price: $300 posted in Australia. $280 pickup. Item Condition: Very good. Small mark in second photo on top of face plate, also couple of small marks at rear of unit on top plate. All marks from previous owners. Reason for selling: Unit is fractionally too tall and won't fit under my computer monitors Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT is posted Extra Info: Bought this a few months ago and finally got a chance to try it out this week. If only it was about 5mm shorter...alas it isn't. Sounds great though my HD600s. Very different sonically to my PS Audio Sprout. Less dark or perhaps cleaner is the obvious difference and seems more even across the range whereas on the sprout the bottom end is a little bloated. I can see why these are popular amps. Handy also for a desktop setup as can be used as a preamp too. Some pis below to show condition. Link to original SNA sale thread. Pictures:
  5. RobbC

    FS: (BRI) Elijah Audio USB Cable

    Still for sale folks $50 posted in Australia
  6. RobbC

    FS: (BRI) Elijah Audio USB Cable

    Thanks Mark - all is ok. I have PM’d the next lucky guy on the list.
  7. now sold thanks for all your interest
  8. Item: iFi iPower 5V/2.5A audio power supply Location: Brisbane Price: $40 plus postage Item Condition: VGC Reason for selling: no longer used Payment Method: Cash on Pickup or EFT if posted Extra Info: iFi iPower in great condition. Well know power supply. Original accessories are included in the original box. Manufacturers blurb. 20 TIMES QUIETER THAN CONVENTIONAL AUDIOPHILE LINEAR POWER SUPPLIES: IFI IPOWER INSTANTLY IMPROVES PERFORMANCE OF ALL IFI COMPONENTS AND VIRTUALLY EVERY OTHER DC-POWERED PRODUCT. iFi iPower Power Supply lets you hear more music, detail, and clarity: 12-Element Output Array, Virtually Nonexistent Noise Floor, and Interchangeable Wall Plugs for Global Compatibility. The iPower delivers pure DC power like nothing before it. Enjoy clean DC power anywhere you go in the world with the iFi iPower power supply. Up to ten times quieter than than iFi's already excellent ultra-low-noise stock AC/DC adapter, and 20 times quieter than conventional audiophile linear power supplies, iPower has a virtually nonexistent noise floor of 0.000001 Volts (1?V). This vanishingly low noise floor offers significant improvement to the performance of any DC-powered product. A 12-element output array delivers audiophile-quality noise suppression and a set of interchangeable wall plugs ensures global compatibility and supreme portability. LOWER-THAN-LOW AUDIO NOISE FLOOR, 12-ELEMENT OUTPUT ARRAY SUPPRESSES NOISE Measured on the Audio Precision 2, iPower delivers an astonishingly low audio-band noise floor of only 1?V, which is . To put this into context, iFi's prior ultra-low noise AC/DC adapter was in a class of its own at 10?V. Compared to a typical audiophile linear supply, which measures at 20?V, iPower is unparalleled. Plus, its 12-element output array dynamically suppresses noise in real-time as it makes its way through the mains. WORRY-FREE GLOBAL COMPATIBILITY, FREEDOM OF PORTABILITY The iPower is light, convenient, and above all, easily travels to and works in any country in the world. Each variant is dedicated to a specific output voltage (5VDC, 9VDC or 12VDC) to power a wide variety of DC-powered devices. The iPower includes a set of interchangeable wall plugs which span the globe for world-wide allowing use with USA, UK, EU & AUS electrical outlets. Pictures:
  9. Item: Samsung wireless mobile chargers (2 off) Location: Brisbane Price: $60 each plus postage Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: phone died Payment Method: Cash on Pickup, EFT if posted Extra Info: Both chargers are about 12 months old. The EP-PG950 was purchased in a Telstra Shop, while the EP-N5100 was purchased from JB HiFi. The later has seen less than a months use as it was my charger at home - the joys of working away Cables are not included - cannot find them as my samsung died about 5 months ago. Both are still $110-120 depending on where you look. still have box for the N5100 but can safely package the PG950 if needed. Pictures: EP-PG950
  10. Item: Ecosse The Producer 1.0m Digital Coaxial / BNC Cable Location: Brisbane Price: $30 plus postage Item Condition: very good see extra info and photos Reason for selling: new computer tower - cable too short Payment Method: Cash on Pick or EFT Extra Info: I purchased this from SNA a while ago (12 months) as a bundle. Happy to arrange pickup or post at buyer expense. Link to Ecosse website: http://www.ecossecables.co.uk/ecosse_digital_interconnect_the-producer.html Pictures: Image for Ecosse The Producer coaxial Photos of actual cable for sale