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  1. Mines a REL T7 but definitely gets that vibration / rattling from time to time.
  2. Mine does similar, although usually from the back panel, so I get out my allen key and tighten up the back panel. Hopefully a similar fix for you.
  3. Welcome to SNA Andy. You are quite correct about SNA being a great resource, it's also addictive.
  4. Chris, you might try Snupps. https://www.snupps.com/
  5. Can't have a Jim Jarmusch list and leave out 'Only Lovers Left Alive'.
  6. Home - City Pulse DA7.2x DAC. / JBL Synchros S700. Away - FiiO Mont Blanc E12 / JVC HA-B27 / Tweedz Noise Isolating Ear Buds.
  7. Welcome to SNA donghoon. 🙂 Tell us about your HiFi experience, that's always a very good introduction to SNA.
  8. It's not uncommon for AVR's / HDMI to go a little weird.
  9. Twisty is the signal from the Onkyo carrying Foxtel or Fetch? If so try resetting the box. I have the similar TV, when I first connected I had only an error from my Fetch, but a power off / on sorted it out.
  10. I first saw Miracle Mile in the late 80's and I'm still thoroughly intrigued by it. Yes a little corny in some patches, but packs a fabulous punch.
  11. 'L' for Led Zeppelin, Presence Deluxe Set.
  12. good luck with the sale Russ. this would make an excellent start for anyone wanting to get into vinyl.
  13. Excellent investment for someone, besides being a wonderful watch. This is the pre 'cyclops' model and sought after.
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