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  1. I have Kenwood model 600 available, integrated if interested!
  2. Its a classic Here is some 80's synth music And one more
  3. I agree with you in a few points AI.M Personally I think that not all vintage pieces are worthy of attention. Some are good, some are a ok, some are just mediocre. But the vintage pieces that have stood the test of 30,40, or even 50 years are totally worth the attention. Especially when it comes down to power amplifiers some of late 70's and 80's Japanese gear that I am familiar with can be as good as any modern power amp at any price. And yes, agreed a Vfet amp may have unobtainable outputs but if they are properly cared for they are super reliable. Yamaha for example sold so many
  4. That would not necessarily be true, there are many modern amps that will produce music as it is intended but you may need to spend a little more $$. Matching the right components gives always better results than getting expensive pieces that don't have synergy.
  5. Had the opportunity to attend a cables test some time ago. All products were from Nordost. The most immediate effect were with power cable, isolation pods and speaker cable. When it came down to USB I personally could not hear any difference. RCA/BNC may be a different story
  6. I use the stereo out connected to my pre/power amp. It is more than adequate for all tv and movie duties.
  7. I think it will happen sooner than later. Already some albums I cannot stream on Qobuz, due to licencing I guess, but if the same album is in high-res is available. I mean where else you can buy a 192/24 song in Australia?
  8. Phew, 62%!!! That is pungent 🙃
  9. Further information: A fully restored Kenwood Supreme, Model 600. High quality parts were used, still retaining the character of the amplifier with original Sanken outputs. Complete rebuild of the power supply, new speaker relay, a combination of Nichicon and Elna SilmicII for electrolitycs, new filtering power caps, and new trimmers for adjusting DC and Bias. A complete integrated with great phono stage as well. You can run the pre and power separately, and dual voltage with a flick of a switch at the back. I also installed a IEC connector, new power switch, and be
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