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  1. hey @Grumpy where did you get it from? Looking fwd to your report on SQ!
  2. Currently Spinning

    My favourite Feat LP, "Sailin' Shoes"... from the out-&-out rocker "Cold Cold Cold" to the truckie anthem "Willin'", not a bum track here. Sure miss Lowell George's wonderful songs.
  3. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Saw her at Newport festival 2014, the crowd went wild for her, never heard of her before then!
  4. Currently Spinning

    Still get a kick out of this after all these years, must be played loud, though!
  5. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Benny Gilson + Art Farmer...Jazztet
  6. Currently Spinning

    Having CCR fever this arvo... this music has stood the test of time for me!
  7. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Benny Carter's not known as the King for no reason, one of the sweetest tones you'll hear and his blowing is so smooth too, this LP's a real find for me!
  8. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Coltrane "Impressions" Speakers Corner pressing...includes 2 live tracks from Village Vanguard, featuring Eric Dolphy. Very good SQ, I really should get more Speakers Corner releases.
  9. Currently Spinning

    Read somewhere Hot Rats was released "on this day" back in 1970, this music is to be played loud, it certainly has stood the test of time, and my CD edition sounds very good too!
  10. Currently Spinning

    This brings back memories growing up in the 70's. Dedicated to Duanne Allman, all great tracks, the killer being the Mountain Jam which takes up 2 sides of the double-LP set.
  11. For Alice fans, here's a deal.... too bad Adelaide misses out! https://lasttix.com.au/buy-discount-tickets-alice-cooper
  12. Know what you mean, some of them can sound "over the top" and bombastic, lots of noise which now doesn't impress anymore. I still like Yes & ELP though!
  13. Currently Spinning

    No Sir, it's on the Presto label, manufactured by Allied Records
  14. Great thread, I listened to Led Zeppelin II when it first came out, still have my pretty scratchy copy, these days feel a bit cringey listening to Whole lotta Love! ... although the more "bluesy" tracks not so bad!