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  1. Another old LP picked up at garage sale, Supersax "Chasin' the Bird"....1st US pressing giving incredibly warm analogue sound. For those who like Charlie Parker's music, this is a gem.
  2. Laura Nyro, "More than a new discovery" her debut album, recorded at only 19, spawned many big hits for other acts like the 5th Dimension, Blood Sweat and Tears and Barbra Streisand.
  3. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book, love his work in the early 70's
  4. Jackson Browne, late for the sky
  5. Stephen Stills - Manassas his best work IMHO
  6. If I recall right, saw the movie when holidaying in Melbourne back in 1980. "Pocahontas" sounds amazing especially cranked up to noon!
  7. Prices are generally more reasonable at country markets although the range is smaller and stocks are not as well-organised. Go for a drive and do some diggin' !
  8. Some interesting duets here!
  9. Thanks for sharing Chris, always good to know of new places to go digging. That Who compilation is very tempting, has all their big hit singles!
  10. Leon Russell - "Hank Wilson's Back vol.1" - is on fire on this one, with smokin' interpretations of country standards. My favourite Leon LP after "Carney".
  11. Thanks! Not really a fan, I picked it up recently as his name rang a bell from the distant past and Jeff Hanna, John McEuen and Jimmy Ibbotson in the credits convinced myself to get it. I do spin this occasionally when I need a break from the Eagles 😂 thanks anyway!
  12. Michael Murphey - with guests including members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Pleasant country rock with horns on one track!
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