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  1. Sunday morning's a good time for some Dead!
  2. It's also one that I play often, the man comes across as rather self-effacing from the limited footage I've seen. Love all his work. Thank God he didn't sign up with the Stones, as I prefer his style of music.
  3. Mr Ryland P Cooder - Jazz...I believe this LP was featured on the cover of Time magazine when it was released.
  4. Sorry mate, now sold. Thanks for the interest!
  5. Michael Jackson - "Thriller" - 25th anniversary special edition 2-LP set. Sealed copy.
  6. Further information: Billy Joel's "The Stranger" - Mobile Fidelity 45 rpm 2-LP numbered special edition . Price includes postage within Australia
  7. Oh how I long for the old Rod the Mod!
  8. Wondering if Selby will have a sale on vinyl soon?
  9. Picked this up on the strength of Mylon's recording with Alvin Lee (Road to Freedom).
  10. CS&N...what a ripper of a debut album this was! One of the better reissues by Rhino.
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