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  1. Some smooth cool jazz from Stan Getz, backed up by Jimmy Raney on guitar. Very relaxing listen, mono pressing from France.
  2. Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, "The Grand Wazoo"... can't get more zany than this!
  3. Lee Konitz, "Inside Hi-fi"
  4. Ol' Blue Eyes does Bossa Nova!
  5. Classic Van Morrison, "His Band & the Street Choir'
  6. Inspired by KRSDarwin and scuzzi, Michel LeGrand
  7. Great minds think alike!:-)
  8. Can't get more soulful than Al Green
  9. Classic Grateful Dead, "American Beauty"
  10. Feeling folky with James Taylor
  11. Emmylou Harris, "Elite Hotel"
  12. Still with Young, "Time Fades Away" a live album
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