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  1. Muddy Waters - "Chicago-London" CD featuring Otis Span, Michael Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Rory Gallagher, Steve Winwood etc. Digitally remasteed from original Chess masters.
  2. James Moody smooth jazz CD "Sweet and Lovely" in NM condition
  3. Bee Gees Studio Albums 1967-68 Box Set comprising 6 vinyl LP's remastered and pressed at RTI. Features expanded 2-LP reissues of their first 3 studio albums in stereo including previously unreleased tracks. Each reissue features the original album in stereo, plus a second LP of rare and unreleased tracks. Includes a 36-page colour book. All Lp's are housed in gatefold jackets. The whole boxset is in as-new condition.
  4. Finally got this 45rpm edition... very good indeed.
  5. Gotta go once borders open and it's safe to travel. Thanks for the tips, will check them out.
  6. @keyse1 got this compilation to keep me happy until I pickup "Demons in Disguise" LP from Toronto. Nice "live" version of Bojangles, especially his guitar-playing
  7. This reminds me of a record shop in Hobart, which has a crate full of LP's and the label on this crate says "Difficult". 🤗
  8. Welcome Alex to SNA, enjoy the forums!
  9. Welcome to SNA Josh, enjoy the forums, chat with the like-minded folks here.
  10. G'day ! and welcome aboard, enjoy the forums, plenty of like-minded folks to chat with.
  11. My copy is a Malaysian pressing bought when living there. Lately I'm rediscovering my old 70's LP's and must say they sound pretty good and they're mostly on heavyweight vinyl as well.
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