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  1. Reminds me of this: See how in the photo everyone is very happy and relaxed with this creepy ambiguous ... thing ... in their midst. Show your wife this pic as an inroad to appreciate the look of the speakers.
  2. Item: Pro-Ject 1-Xpression III Comfort Turntable with BONUS 2M Blue Cartridge with a new Blue Stylus Location: South East Melbourne - BUT Will be in Sydney during Christmas til mid-January and will bring the t/table with me. Can pick up from Lugarno or I can deliver in Metro Sydney. Price: $600 Item Condition: Used; Table 9/10; Cover 6.5/10 Reason for selling: No longer required, getting out of hifi completely. 😞 Payment Method: Cash is King! Pick up from Bunyip, OR can delivery anywhere in Metro Melbourne before December 21 or after January 13; OR pick up from Lugarno in Sydney or delivery anywhere in Sydney between Christmas and mid-January Extra Info: All original packaging included. Standard 2M Red Cart and Stylus; BONUS 2M Blue new stylus and 2M cartridge. I bought this at the Hi-Fi Trader in Newtown in 2014. It has been very well looked after and plays fine. It has a speed adjustment control on the front left, and the start/stop button next to it. Also features an automatic shutoff and tonearm lifter operated by a photodiode, so there's no mechanical actuator connected to the platter, motor or tonearm. I upgraded the motor isolation with the Henley kit. Tonearm was re-wired through Carlton Audio earlier this year because I accidentally pulled off a connector when changing the cartridge. There is a brand new 2M Blue stylus which has had less than an hour's playing time with a 2M blue cartridge. These are in addition to the 2M Red stylus and Cartridge which are stock. The Red cart and stylus would have had 50 to 80 hours of use. The only thing worth pointing out is that the plastic lid is in less than perfect condition as you can see in the photo. There are no cracks at all and it works fine. I always had it covered with a soft hand towel but it has some cosmetic wear nonetheless. I am happy to deliver anywhere in Melbourne Metro, or you can pick it up from Bunyip, a bit further out than Pakenham. I will be in Sydney between Christmas and mid January, so a pick up from Lugarno or drop off in Sydney Metro area can be arranged during that window of time. A few days after Christmas I'll be in the Bulli area as well. We can arrange something I'm sure. Please PM me for any interest. My phone's always on with the SNA app, so I'll keep in prompt communication with you. https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/1xpression-iii-comfort/ Pictures:
  3. Lots of fine establishments who will happily relive you of money but will give you fine equipment for the trouble! Melbourne seems to be the capital hifi city in Australia.
  4. If you move to Sunshine, you can introduce yourself as Ray of Sunshine. Consider relocating!
  5. If you do your research on what you want, then just keep an eye on the Classifieds. Items can be listed and be sold very quickly, even within the hour, so my advice from experience is to be ready to pounce when the right thing comes up. Don’t wait or it will be gone!
  6. Nice pun! I mean it! Although I’m sure it was unintentional on your part, I couldn’t help pointing it out. It was a bummer at first but I’ve moved on and sold my gear and got a good bit of cash in my pocket. I’m building a house so if I can’t use it on hi fi I can put it into this project.
  7. I just sold mine here in the classifieds a month ago. Almost all my equipment is gone and I’ve just packed up my vinyl and am moving it to a shop this week. I’ve gone deaf in one ear.
  8. Thanks for your thoughtful post. I still love music; I just don’t need fine hi fi equipment to draw every drop of detail from a recording anymore. Cheap Logitech speakers on a benchtop in the living room is the whole system now.
  9. A good amount of my gear is currently either sold outright or in the middle of negotiating. All in the last 24 hours. Speakers seem the hardest thing to sell. It’s all going as we write.
  10. That is exactly right! Although there were some sublime moments when it came through a system that was put together properly. Anyway, in the end we lose it all.
  11. How could I listen to Lark’s Tongues in Aspic in mono?? I still have terrible tinnitus in my left ear all the time and the whole enjoyment of sound is just not there anymore. But I do appreciate your suggestion. Thank you. Funny, I was just speaking to a fellow SNA member on the phone today and he suggested going mono too. I will just get by with my $169 Logitech speakers fed by the Mac mini from here on in.
  12. I did see the ear nose and throat specialist. The audiologist is in the same clinic so they both have the same info. They talked about hearing aids but I’m not interested. It won’t make music sound like it should. Maybe when I’m 64!
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