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  1. Fenda

    Rotel Tuner TR940-AX

    Does it have remote control
  2. Fenda

    Hello stereonet world

    Welcome John
  3. Oh thanks i will have to try to get over for it one year
  4. There was a recall before for some loewe TV's catching fire
  5. Maybe you could use graphite powder instead of talcum powder
  6. Snapper has some ns1200 for sale if they interest you
  7. Fenda

    Free Sansui SE-510 Equaliser

    I'm interested if batmaqn hasn't already got it
  8. Do you still have the Charlie Chaplin DVD
  9. Fenda

    Vincent bargain time is here.

  10. Fenda

    The broken Digipak -- what to do?

  11. I had a similar problem with a hum, it ended up being one of those remote control power switches that wasn't even on the same circuit causing the hum from the amp
  12. Fenda

    Luxman SQ101 speaker connections

    This is what they look like