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  1. So I finally got a chance to listen to them - ('tonight' didn't happen!) I think it is fair to say that I didn't stuff it up Very impressed overall, and this is with a modest 50W class D amp, streamed with Blutooth audio. Levels of bass really shocked me, and the midrange was forward, but not overly fatiguing.
  2. I love watching them install their systems as well - got to love those Japanese audiophile's...
  3. Bookshelf in that if you removed the front panel you could store a hell of a lot of books in there
  4. Think I am in love with Alan Shaw - I could listen to him all day
  5. So here is my mostly finished LK1 - used American cherry to finish them. Was my first ever veneer job, and it is pretty far from perfect but looks ok from a distance 😁
  6. I downloaded a version on Google music - sounds compressed, so probably a victim of the loudness wars 😑 having said that, it sounded better on my modest home theatre system. (Ok using all 5 speakers and prologic II 😁)
  7. I did spend a bit of time with the ATC as well - very nice, although they didn't sound great with stuff like 'Owner of a lonely heart' by Yes. Might have been the recording though. The Harbeth was in a different galaxy for me. (Would be facinated to hear that Yes track on them)
  8. I atended on Saturday, and really enjoyed it. Really took my time to listen to everything for extended periods. Didn't seem too busy, and had no trouble getting a seating position. As I mentioned in another thread I LOVED the Harbeth. was interesting coming from listening to the B&W's setup in multiple rooms. Guess I don't get the appeal of the sound, but to each their own. Loved listening to The Wall on the 'golden ear' speakers - (not sure of the models)
  9. it was this amp: http://www.audiomagic.com.au/product/detail/630/lavardin-isx-reference-stereo-int-amp-mm-remote
  10. So I finally got around to listening to some Harbeth HL5+ speakers on Saturday at the 'other' Hi-Fi show that shall not be named. Of all the systems I heard, these were the speakers that left a real lasting impression on me. I was struck by how 'real' they sounded, especially on female voices.
  11. This is my first Hi-Fi Show, and I thought it was interesting, and worthwhile - Didnt get to attend the Krix show as I missed the memo about having to book separately To be brutally honest I wasn't blown away by any of the systems I heard. I found most of it pretty fatiguing. (esp the Revel system I heard - ugh) I didn't get to hear the Kharmas for some reason - there was one room that was always impossible to get into, and I must have forgotten to go back to it. Oh well. I did like the new M8audio's, Yamaha's, Sonus Fabers, and newest VAF i91's. Hated the Revels and was a bit disappointed by the sound of the SGR, Osborne, and Hulgich setups. The Osborne floor standers I heard had impressive bass, but sounded unpleasant when female vocals came on. The SGR and Hulgich systems just didnt inspire. If I was going to spend money, I would have got the Sonus Fabers and two Rel subs
  12. I got my second CD player (first one was nicked by a drug addict) from Douglas - a Denon DCD 620. I also fondly recall going to Brashes, although they were probably the Equiv of JB Hi Fi back in the day
  13. So - if I wanted to have a wood veneer finish, does anyone have any tips on the best way to do this? the tricky part would be the front piece.
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