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  1. Item: Allo USBridge Audio Streamer Location: Sydney Price: $160+post Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Cryptocurrency only Extra Info: Will accept cash on pick up Pictures:
  2. @eltech, excellent post and can very much agree with you about the sound quality. When I first read it last year, on my M8S box I was happy with stock android running UAPP. So I did not understand the key thing--LibreElec. By installing openelec or Libreelec you switch from android to linux audio. M8S now runs openelec and can use kodi as renderer for BubbleUPNP. I can upsample Tidal to 192 and usb output to dsd spdif to dac.
  3. Item: TeraDak Linear power supply 5v and 9v 1amp Location: Newtown Sydney Price: $80 Item Condition: used couple of hours Reason for selling: I have two of these Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: see this post
  4. Try USB audio player pro from android device and otg cable
  5. I tried using US DNS and I think there is an improvement. Also if anyone can try VPN. I am on Optus cable see this thread: https://community.optus.com.au/t5/Broadband-Telephony/Problem-with-Tidal-streaming-anyone-else-using-Tidal/td-p/128002/page/3
  6. If you have an android device , get an OTG cable and install USB Audio Recorder pro trial and try that as a source, It might make a difference,especially to lack of detail
  7. Not clubbing for many years now but this : http://boilerroom.tv/recording/mujuice/
  8. Hi I have nothing to do with the developer of the software, only gratitude for his work. It is free to try. I used it with Rpac and Xfi HD. I have an i3 laptop , I tried Bughead, Jie Extreme and many other players with the same dacs Just get the app from Google play , use OTG cable from your tablet to a dac. Takes 5 min to get it working and it is free to try. There is a thread on headfi: http://www.head-fi.org/t/704065/usb-audio-recorder-pro-uapp-24-and-32-bit-playback-ubiquitous-usb-audio-support-for-android/75#post_10534709
  9. Just want to give a plug for this android player. Outstanding sound quality. I think, the sound is easily better then anything I could hear from various laptop players + dac. http://www.extreamsd.com/ Check it out , its wonderful
  10. A Russian thread has about 74 pages on this player. On this page http://forum.doctorhead.ru/index.php?showtopic=24713&st=1650 someone is trying to explain this player with pictures. Run it through translator, see if it makes sense. " It is not simple to understand . The main difference is that the author, Hiroyuki , considering the source format 441000/16 not as a model , but as a lossy format . Accordingly, all these Black, Emerald , armor and other - these are very sophisticated algorithms restore lost when digitizing information. It uses spline interpolation , and as a model of multiple - model schemes recording and CD production . Accordingly, a huge load on the processor. On a button - start when the first dialog box buttons and hold Shift + Z mode is activated Z-tune ( only on 64 bit systems and 8 gigs of memory ) , which optimizes the algorithm of memory , then the choice of ASIO or WASAPI output. First preferred. After self window. Starting with version 2.92 of the dialogue removed buttons that are not harnessing the specific modes. Normal - mode output similar to Foobar and differs mainly in algorithms only work with memory. Modes with sound BufHead - a bit about them . top row - selection X1 X2 X4 X8 - degree sampling transition , Basik, Emerald, ... Brownie- level and signal processing . LPF-free and under it - filtering the output signal different algorithms Free- unfiltered - important - if filtering is enabled it is necessary to ensure that the level would not exceed the maximum allowable . Self sound optimaiser- create their own algorithms image 1 - mode volume control output -AUTO player will reduce the volume if it is outside the permitted , pressing aotklyuchaet automatic control , then a box under a continuation of the arrow indicates the maximum output level for a particular algorithm - for example Browine 5x2 it will be 13 , he should be put on the volume image Next 2 - allows you to select the size of the cluster and the precision of the calculation for the spline interpolation , the higher accuracy and the more stages , the more accurate the result and the more demand resources. ( Workstation 6 on two nuclear Cheon loaded at 100% and believes the sound is 180-300 seconds at the maximum values ​​of the image ) 3 - selection phase of the output signal 4 - Select the algorithm clear memory 9 different types of memory are different algorithms provide the highest quality sound , empirically ) 5 - choice player in the harnessing of cores and threads 6 - Select the processed sound Bagh- HS - output sound from Bug LV5- maximum BUG LV1- minimal - mode Self sound optimizer has the ability to export the processed stream player in crude RAW file for export WAV data from it and the possibility to listen to any player . There is no support CUE!!! image
  11. I have found this player here http://www.purebasic.fr/english/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=49494. There is something I like about this player and I would be interested in forums opinion. Still think Jie Extreme is the best, but listening to alternatives is always fun. Have a good evening. Felix
  12. Upgrade to WIn 8, upgrade to AVX convert to wav then listen to this palyer. It is so worth it.
  13. yes it is windows 8. I do not get any errors when executing, just no sound. 2.4.9 version is working fine and I should be happy with that.
  14. 2.4.9 avx 64 is working fine but 2.4.12 has no sound. I saw the same issue reported on the chinese forum.
  15. Please explain the steps again. I create Pe boot disk from my win 7 as per youtube video. Then i boot computer into PE environment. Then I do not understand what to do. Thank you
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