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  1. I have just received my TW9000 back from repair after having the light unit and board replaced to fix a green line that appeared https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8949552/Projector/Epson%20Projector%20green%20line.jpg . Epson Service Centre has been fantastic to deal with. After hearing what was occurring Epson fixed the issue within about 3 weeks, which would have cost about $2,500 if I had to pay for the repair. As they needed to replace the main board, LCD/light unit (which includes the lens) i.e; projector has all new internals other than transformer , fan (I think), and body. The TW9000 is 3.8yrs old, on it's second globe and the projector having about 6000hrs use (main TV). Epson warranty was 3.5yrs (normally 3yr warranty, but had a bonus of extra 6 months if you registered the product ). Projector was out of warranty, but Epson kindly did the repair at no charge as good will. The certified Epson repairer in Geelong (Vic) Pro Electronix http://www.whitepages.com.au/business-listing/pro-electronix-pty-ltd-827364/leopold-vic who undertook the repair was excellent to deal with. I would definitely recommend him to service/repair your projectors. I also replaced the globe (Genuine Epson), and was charged $165. I was surprised with the price after paying almost $300 for the last globe. I was advised the Epson globe "book price" has reduced in price by about $100 in the last couple of weeks. I am looking forward to purchasing an Epson 4K projector in the future, due to the TW9000 excellent picture, good value, and superb customer support Epson demonstrated.
  2. I have been very happy with the 1240ETL (Dayton SPA500 540 watts 4Ohms , 273Watts 8Ohms set at 400 watts 6Ohms Upgraded to 12" Lab driver, ,45kg). This sub shakes the walls at the other end of the house.
  3. Thanks Yorac, I have purchased my ticket, will be going Friday. Last time it was in Melbourne, I went on the Friday and it wasn't too busy,and exhibitors had time to demo their products.
  4. Hopefully they have some ATMOS capable AVRs. As some OEMs release them in September eg Denon, and I am ready for an upgrade.
  5. I installed the below for friends in their music room who listen to classical and guitar solos, as well as attend Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performances. They are very happy with the below setup (they also have a separate home theater room, but wanted a setup specific for music) Amplifier - Quasimodo amplifier (80w) = http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/amplifiers.html Speakers - Summoner 863FRTL 140watt (Ribbon tweeter, silver flute 5" wool cone , silver flute 8" wool driver, Natural American Oak ) plus improved cross over http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/summoner-floorstanders.html (This is the newer model of the SUMMONER 863PVTL that is on the website) Marantz CD6005 - http://www.qualifi.com.au/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=vmj_genx_SR.tpl&product_id=38300&category_id=147&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=237 I listened to the setup (I am no audiophile) and in the 4 x 4 meter room it sounded amazing i.e clear, tight bass, and excellent vocals, with only the need to turn the volume dial less than a 1/4 for it to be loud enough.
  6. I have also come across the Onkyo TX-NR818 Service Manual and Repair Guide https://www.dropbox.com/s/03iqnr4ghxhffya/Onkyo_Tx-nr818_Service_Manual_And_Repair_Guide.pdf
  7. I have also posted this on Whirlpool, but another learning is to speak with some repairers that are not just representing one brand to get an understanding of the build quality, board placement etc . Mine advised the pick to repair are the Yamaha's due to ease of replacement parts and some components you can actually fix where some brands he mentioned such as the Onkyo you really need to replace the whole board even if it is only one component that has failed. Whirlpool post below; I picked up the AVR this morning from the the repairer who advised Onkyo is the only AVR company he deals with (he repairs Yamaha, Denon,Marantz, Onkyo etc) that do not sell parts for AVRs they have not sold as a distributor i.e from overseas. Other than Onkyo from his experience the others you just order from their parts list, pay and the part is sent to him. Onkyo he advised ask where it was purchased, serial etc The repairer advised he had another 3 Onkyo's come in within the past week.
  8. I have shared my experience and learning from purchasing overseas, as well as dealing with Onkyo and their distributors/support network here and globally in the Whirlpool forum if you are interested http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=2276483
  9. I have been using the Ascension centre speaker for 2 months (283CFM that has 2 x8" drivers 2 x 5" drivers and the larger ribbon tweeter http://www.adelaides...e-channels.html).. The speaker is very detailed, listening to Adele sing the theme from James Bond's Skyfall blew me away with the clarity. Also, the 8" drivers really delivered in Tron Legacy. The difference this centre made to my existing setup (which includes Acension 540w 1240ETL 12" sub) is amazing. The research I did that advised for movies the centre is the most important front speaker is correct, the setup now with the Jensen front speakers (probably only worth now about $200 (DX-70 150w 2way,Sensitivity 93db , 6Ohms) is really good to listen to for movies. When listening to some music, you can tell the Ascension centre is light years away from the Jensen's. I will upgrade my fronts to Timberwolves after I upgrade the rears with Ascension's. My wife (who doesn't really care for speakers) is impressed Smash the TV show sounds so much better. Photos below of the unboxing and speaker compared to my previous centre (Onkyo SKC-305, 80W,6Ohms) https://www.dropbox....iwa4/WgpDgNymVD
  10. Edward from Ascension will design the speaker size to meet your requirements. Edward built a custermised center speaker to fit my cabinet.
  11. sorry for the late reply, the subwoofer has been excellent. My wife complains the wall shake at the other end of the house. I have just ordered a centre speaker from Edward due to the quality and service I received from Edward.
  12. Just got off the phone from Edward and ordered the centre speaker 263sfm that has 2 x6" drivers 2 x 5" drivers and the larger ribbon tweeter http://www.adelaidespeakers.com/centre-channels.html. Edward as he was last year was very knowledgeable and excellent to deal with.
  13. I am ordering today an Ascension center speaker from Adelaide Speakers, I am looking at the TRIO CENTRE 453SR. Last year I purchased the Ascension 1240ETL Sub-woofer and been very happy with the build and sound quality.
  14. Wasn't aware of this one, but from looking at it it looks like it will be a perfect solution to replace our Boxee Box in our bedroom when it dies to run on a Raspberry Pi. The hardest thing I have found is finding a Media Center that supports TV viewing and recording at the front end without the need for a backend server.
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