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  1. Item: Mac Mini (2010) - 8 GB RAM, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (320 GB hard drive) Location: Sydney (Eastern Suburbs) Price: now $250 Item Condition: Cosmetically very good - Fully functioning Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Prefer Pickup - COD Extra Info: Used this with Audirvana as a music server and to watch KODI. Very nice sound running into a NAD M51 DAC via HDMI. The extra RAM is useful. Have acquired a more recent Mac Mini - hence the upgrade. Running Yosemite currently (because Audirvana doesn't work completely with Sierra OS onwards). Prefer pickup. Pictures:
  2. peeto

    SOLD: FS: Vincent SV236 MK with Upgraded tubes

    Wonderful amp. Have one myself.
  3. peeto

    SOLD: FS: Mac Mini

    Hey there SIB. How big is the hard drive?
  4. peeto

    FS: Apple Time Capsule 2TB

    Scouse the ignorance but is this a wireless router as well as hard disk backup? P
  5. peeto

    FS: valves, tubes nos

    Hey CamBam. I'll take the GE 6As7G. Can you post?
  6. Item: Rega Brio R Amplifier Location: Sydney - Eastern Suburbs Price: $525.00 Item Condition: Very Good (tiny scuffs at rear speaker connections - see photo). First owner. Reason for selling: Upgraded to Vincent Hybrid Amp Payment Method: Pickup preferred - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Well known, award-winning amplifier. Excellent phone stage. Nominally 50 wpc (at 8 Ohms) but sounds much bigger. Very good detail and resolution. Really love the sound and it's very hard to let the little guy go but lack of space demands it. Manual, remote, all packaging complete. Many, many excellent reviews (see links below) 'Agile, musical and rhythmic. The Brio-R is an immensely musical amplifier. It sounds agile and detailed, and sniffs out a rhythm track brilliantly." (WhatHiFi review) http://www.whathifi.com/rega/brio-r/review 'Only a handful of sub-$3k amplifiers provide true high-end sound; the Brio-R belongs at the top of that short list. It truly sounds like separate components.' (Tone Audio Review) http://www.tonepublications.com/spotlight/rega-brio-r-worlds-first-review/ 'This is possibly the finest AU$1000 amplifier I’ve heard to date. The Rega Brio-R is an integrated amplifier that WILL compete with rival units 2x the price' (John Darko - Digital Audio Review) http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2011/12/rega-brio-r-integrated-amplifier/ Pictures:
  7. peeto

    FS: NAD M51

    Excellent price. Excellent DAC
  8. peeto

    FS: NAD M51 Reference DA Converter

    Excellent DAC ... Is this a black version?! That's rare if so.
  9. peeto

    Orpheus Aurora 3.2 Speakers

    No longer available. Awaiting payment.
  10. peeto

    Orpheus Aurora 3.2 Speakers

    Hey Wiffle, thanks for asking. Have added dimensions above.
  11. Item: Orpheus Aurora 3.2 Speakers (Jarrah) Location: Sydney (Eastern Suburbs) Price: $800.00 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving to stand mounts Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these new from Kiat at the Orpheus factory a few years ago. They were the last of the previous square-backed versions of the Auroras. Very lovely all-rounder with great bass extension and sweet mids and highs. They have never been pushed, having been fed a genteel diet of Miles Davis, the ECM label and obscure Scandinavian TV drama. They can certainly rock out however. I think they are still under warranty. I would keep them but space is at a premium with the arrival of the wife's fabbo (ie. large) new dinner table! Includes spikes (speakers that is, not table, or wife) Present very well but have no boxes to pack in so need a local buyer. 'I have only one concern about the Aurora 3s, and it’s that these speakers sound too musical for their own good. There’s no exaggerated bass response to suck in inexperienced listeners and no high-frequency peak in the tweeter response to make the treble seem airy. So in the heated environment of the demo room, when they’re A–B’d against the often wildly inaccurate speakers that are pitched at same price-point, it will take an educated ear to hear that it is Orpheus’ Aurora 3s that offer the listening experience that most closely approaches the truth.' (Greg Borrowman - Australian HiFi) Review here: http://www.orpheusaudio.com.au/reviews/Aurora_3_Review.pdf Sensitivity: 92.5db Impedance: 4 Ohms Dimensions: 91.3 x 22 x 33cm (HWD) Weight : Heavy Pictures:
  12. SJay is first in line. Subject to payment.
  13. You just load the sand or lead shot into the base through an access hole (usually plugged). Never done it though.
  14. Honestly no idea. Not the original owner. This was the series before the current Tannoy Revolution series.