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  1. Got one of these sitting in my cabinet as well Is a top machine glws
  2. I don't really want to sell any hifi I've ever bought but like a lot on here too much gear some must go I bought when i was young they served me well and sold them easy .on ebay not here.Think I got $1600 for them they were mint had them sitting in the back room for years....plenty of better options these days
  3. Series 111 probably better choice had a pair sold them a couple of years ago
  4. Have a look at Digital cinema they have a couple of good priced packages Audiolab M one Kef LS50 for $1995 ?
  5. Thanks Bill Checking postage and payment pending
  6. Further information: In excellent condition Does up to 192 Manual and Original packaging available so can post Bought new 12months ago Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Sounds like a trip for a check over perhaps as you said the importer may be able to put you onto someone
  8. The discount is online👍
  9. Ifi make a more expensive one now but the other one $80 odd bucks less 10% at addicted to audio for new &delivery in case you were not aware.David
  10. I had some tag McLaren equipment that also had bfa connectors If you don't have any probably can find online from the UK I searched for a bfa to banana adapter with not much success David
  11. These are a good upgrade not noisy like standard wall warts
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