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  1. If you list what suburb in Melbourne you are Im sure there will be a sparkie or tech about that will be able to help you
  2. Auris bluMe HD Bluetooth 5.0 Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC and ap - Auris, Inc (theauris.com)
  3. Any sparkie could fix it for you Looks like a rewireable Martin Kaiser plug
  4. Whack one of the new $99 google tv with remote on it and will be as smart as any smart tv glws
  5. I got that info from your recommendation in a post ittaku about Lindy I wouldn't buy anywhere else
  6. Another good one hear I bought to run out to my garage http://www.lindy.com.au/cables-adapters/network/cat7 and very fast delivery
  7. I have a dh labs and a wireworld supernova Both excellent performers
  8. Ive always put my best cable from the wall to the strip or conditioner On my main system I have a nordost valhalla feeding a isotek sigmas I havent done to much a/b testing because vey tight behind my unit but sure sounds wonderful to me
  9. Probably better to remove contact details and send a private message
  10. Connect a $99 google tv to it and as smart as a smart tv was a good pick up for someone
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