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  1. Could try digital out of the marantz into the dac if it has a digital output
  2. I have a project dac box e spare here you are welcome to try if your not far from me
  3. I have some ifi products not this one though and think there products are good value have a look at topping units they are popular here
  4. I will have this please can pick up Clayton today.David
  5. There is a couple of ways the simplest hook DVD to tv with hdmi and if y o ur taking optical from the tv to the amp you will have sound if your Amp doesn't have digital inputs then a small dac needed
  6. david j

    FM antenna

    Ive always had an external fm antenna which was bought from radio parts some time ago
  7. Hi I have an Auris Blue me which is great but no coaxial IFI Zen Blue receiver has coaxial and optical not sure if it comes with one of there low noise power supplys would think it would ?? Makes a big difference to a crappy noisy wall wart
  8. I can recommend the ifi I power strip available from addicted to audio Not really budget but well made unit
  9. The Ifi zen blue for $199 at addicted to audio would suit Don't know if it comes with one of there fancy 5 volt power supplies or not
  10. I have an auris unit and it performs very well can recommend it also ifi make a Bluetooth unit
  11. I have had one for a while and performs well I also like the ifi ac purifiers can notice a subtle enhancement to the sound
  12. They work well also checks polarity and can plug a banana earth into it but wont add unless needed glws
  13. Any from topping I'm running d70 with opt Bluetooth with great results
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