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  1. Im using a Pro-ject Dac box e from my Tv to hifi system Can hide it where you want as no power buttons My Tv has optical only out I wanted something simple Have a look on ebay $149 Delivered
  2. I have a LG oled and use you tube for a lot of music clips Don't know about other brands but this one has voice activation Finds what you want point the remote pointer// enter and away you go Im having a great time David
  3. I can't reccomend anything but some great used amps come up in the classifieds
  4. Not an expert at this Make sure you are signed in Go to the wanted to buy section Choose start a new topic You may need to have x amount of posts before you can do this?
  5. I also would say sorbothane I bought a foot square about 8mm thick and punch out circles as needed
  6. Actually bought a Bludento for a friend It is a good unit (there is a couple of different models ) 'compared to the audioengine not a lot of difference except price under $100 landed Also have a Auris Blu me which is also very good Have tried with external dacs not a lot of difference David
  7. Hi Rocky Mc There was a dealer in Melbourne selling for that price Out of stock now Could possible have been manufacturer refirb units 0r something
  8. Perhaps have a look at Selby acoustics they sell a range of wall mounts David
  9. Item: System Audio Saxo 1 bookshelf speakers Location:3166 Oakleigh Price: $185.00 plus postage Item Condition:9/10 Reason for selling surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Great Small speaker with a beautiful piano black finish Bought these very recently 10 hours on them Can supply paperwork as these have a 7 year warranty 8 ohms Have original packing carton Found I wanted something a bit bigger but these will suit if you have space restrictions Pictures:
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