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  1. Mine is 2.7 kw had I had known what would happen would have put some panels west facing as well every extra panel back then was expensive Just finished installing the solar mate heating and cooling panel in this picture The North facing roof is full ! Good luck with it all
  2. Good result 61 kw hours for the day I installed a system about 8 years ago cost me 10k out of pocket back then have rec about 13k sold power and paid one $20 bill once in winter Good to be getting the pfit which is about 71 cents kw hour What is the going rate now?
  3. Great buy for someone on a tight budget new for used price glws
  4. Have a look at the bluesound pulse soundbar 2i its not cheap compared to some but the sound quality is there and the app is great to control it David
  5. Ive bought some lava cable caldera power cable made by beldin for about $3.50 usd per foot + shipping
  6. the audio experts whatmough subwoofer cables
  7. I also have the same problem I wish I had room to walk in behind everything to change cables ect
  8. Not sure what power those speakers would need but there is an audiolab m one brand new in the commercial classifieds here for a sensational price Great unit with Bluetooth built in David
  9. Anyone looking for a optical cable you wont get much better than this ,excellent cable glwts
  10. bought one about the same time as you very happy with it glws
  11. I bought one of these and it was a big improvement than the wall wart I had Great for the money
  12. I had a pair of these and enjoyed them a lot for a few years Only ever connected the speaker wires didn't try the other Pumped it out GLWS
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