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  1. Further information:A Great set of Polk Outdoor speakers (Including Brackets) Never been installed outside (used in garage) 3years old light use High quality outdoor speaker that sounds great Dont have original carton but could pack to ship if required Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photogr
  2. Jump onto gumtree so many to choose from
  3. Looks in good nick can be addictive but depending what you paid alot of enjoyment from it
  4. Hi Ray I rescanned mine and got the info button on so it tells you sd or mpeg2 or mpeg4 but not always Have a feeling this does not like the mpeg 4 channels
  5. Anyone have one of these still Were a top unit when they came out Connected to my projector which unfortunately doesn't get used much Thought i would fire it up and see if it likes the new mpeg4 HD channels Rescanned it seems to like one or two stations and others maybe converting after 5 seconds to mpeg 2 Anyone have one ? David
  6. Been some good vintage tuners and amps in the classifieds last couple of months have a good look back a while and if you find something interesting send them a pm if not marked sold also under amplifiers on gumtree melbourne alot of vintage gear
  7. I have one of these dab is wonderful digital out interesting with a upgraded power supply glws
  8. Pretty sure all is good with them but have to watch some online stores sell grey imports
  9. Ifi I power is a good filter/strip available at addicted to audio $729.00 It has a smart earth if needed and also tells you if cables are wrong David iFi audio PowerStation 6-Way Power Board – Addicted To Audio
  10. These are based on the tag mclaren av30r and 700r units when IAG took over tag glws
  11. Hi Chris I usually do mine as paypal so not sure Even doing it eft it should show up Hopefully someone with better knowledge may help David
  12. I've recently picked up 2. 50 inch panasonic plasmas added a firestick to make it a smart tv and superb for the money also this models dtv tuner is good for the new mepg4 HD channels glws
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