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  1. Hi Shovel, Sent you a PM, could you please reply. Thanks, Jon
  2. Is it possible to get a photo of the pcb while the amp is apart for the binding post repair.
  3. Hi, looking at the screws on the rear panel, one damaged it seems the amp has been apart previously. What was the issue. Thx, Jon
  4. The Aurender was also surprisingly sensitive to footers and top weights. Tried many variations, before being satisfied. This was for an X100L.
  5. I have an Aurender in my set up. Added a Kenneth Lau linear supply from Hong Kong and had a sizable SQ improvement. For approx. AUD 1k a really worthwhile addition. Digital now comes very close to my Esoteric K-01, which is where I wanted to be.
  6. Jon47

    ML1 Limited

    Bhooba.....did you receive your new speakers...what are your impressions? Regards, Jon
  7. Very experienced people did the work on my speakers and I am more than happy with the results in this case. The components were not chosen at random...a lot of research was done in advance. If the results were not as hoped for after the upgrade, the speakers could have been brought back to standard. After the mods, I am more than happy to keep the C4's longer term....otherwise, I would have been looking at a significant price jump to a speaker with better performance than the standard C4. The speakers now out perform my friends Mk11 version C4's by a decent margin. I will leave it at that.
  8. Solen from Canada and France and Bennic from Taiwan and China. In the C4's the cap's are +/- 3 and 5% and 250v The upgraded caps are 1% and 750-850v with gives more head room. All values are the same as originally specified. All the new caps have the same charge and discharge rates. The original caps are very run of the mill, nothing special at all. That's how they keep the costs down and achieve a sonic gap between products. I am very happy now....the improvement was huge. The speakers are now in a totally different class! The original wiring was all multi strand copper van den Hul zip wire...very ordinary indeed..
  9. Hi, I am a Sydney sider living in Singapore. Probably relocate back to Sydney in 2014, where I will build my 2 channel and HT room. The room already exists, starting to plan now. I forgot to mention that the cross overs were also upgraded. I enlisted the help of some local Singapore audio enthusiasts and DIYers. One of the chaps runs his own audio business. He has just done a job for a friend in Adelaide, another happy customer I believe. I did a lot of investigation and spoke to many people before I took the plunge to make these upgrades, very worried that I might loose the Dyn midrange and end up sounding thin...that did not happen. Now, I hear more of my system and not speaker colouration. The parts list 6N 18 AWG Teflon insulated Silver Wire (38 metres) Jantzen Z-Silver Caps 0.47μF 5.6μF 10μF 15μF Obligato Gold Premium 33μF 51μF Tuaron Angel hair Dampening Bitumenous dampening pads for the woofer cabinets Furutech rhodium binding posts The speakers are now mounted on Well Float isolators from Japan...this helped tighen the bass further by decoupling the floor. Cheers, Jon
  10. You could also listen to Electrocompaniet Nemo AW-600 600w monoblocks. Good value for money and the sound is decent.
  11. Love the Solution gear. Are you driving your Temptation's with the 710 stereo amp? http://www.hifihub.com.sg/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4123http://www.hifihub.com.sg/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4123 Second hand Solution gear is available at Jenson Audio in Singapore at present. Approx SGD50k for the both. The C4's have a huge soundstage, the Sapphires are more lively. Sapphires are great value, like them a lot. I have just fully upgraded my C4's, all solid silver interal wiring (38 meters), angel hair, bitumous damping sheets and Furutech rhodium binding posts. Huge improvement in clarity, speed and dynamic's. Very happy with the results. Best of luck with your HT build. Cheers, Jon Bryston sounds detailed on the Dyn's....not as organic as other choices.
  12. Hi, I borrowed a pair of MX-R's to try on my Dynaudio C4's some time ago. I did not proceed to purchase, as I felt that they did not have the current to really drive the C4's to their full potential, compared to other amps. This is with an upgraded power circuit/breakers, with high quality recepticals and power cords. I have also tried the Dan D'agostino momentum mono's with spectacular results. I like Ayre very much, so much so, I have the KX-R as my pre. A friend of mine also has C4's, he has great success with Bryston SST 28B mono's...over 1KW. The big Dynaudio's need a lot of power to get the best results. Sounds like you will have a killer HT. The Ayre will still sound fabulous, but I do not think you will dig out all the bass extension that is possible, and maybe miss a little in dynamic's. Cheers, Jon
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