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  1. Further information: If you haven't heard about the NAD M51, you must have been hiding under a rock. Widely reviewed and praised, with many claiming it punches far above its price point in terms of sound quality and features. Has pre-amp capability and HDMI connectivity so can tie numerous components together. Clean, crisp sound with plenty of warmth, energy and life. Easily the best DAC I've owned to date. Selling because I have moved to KEF LS50 Wireless speakers and no longer need a DAC. Praise for the NAD M51 from Stereophile "The M51 projected a rich, lovely s
  2. Further information: Remote is not available Some of the LEDs on the front display are not showing properly, but it is still possible to tell which mode it is in and where the volume is up to I have heard very occasional pops and crackles from this amp when operating for long periods during hot weather Amp can be plugged in to test, but audition is not possible as I have moved house and separated my components for sale Postage not available unless you organise for pickup and packaging to be done by courier. This amp is seriously heavy (30kg) and not recom
  3. Further information: Cannot be posted, pickup only in Spring Hill QLD 4000. Featuring individually isolated shelves, the Norstone Bergen 2 gives your hi-fi the support it needs to sound its best. INDIVIDUALLY ISOLATED SHELVES FOR SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY Each shelf, including the base shelf has its own set of dynamically balanced spikes and counter spikes for ideal mechanical isolation. Isolating each shelf has two main positive effects. Firstly, vibrations from, for example, an amplifier, won't be transmitted to more sensitive hi-fi components. Equally, vibrations
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