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  1. Wow. Bad luck indeed. Thank you for sharing it though. Please keep us posted.
  2. How much is the sony going for atm? Is it equal in features to the panasonic?
  3. $2699 + $40 shipping. Use code "PEACE" https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TH-65FZ950U-Panasonic-65-inch-OLED-TV/273797852021?epid=20023958560&hash=item3fbf9fab75%3Ag%3Ay4wAAOSwbX1b~lAH Cheapest I have seen around. Enjoy!!!
  4. You are a legend mate, thank you for taking the time to measure it. Would fit if I take the rear seat out but not worth the trouble for such a fragile item. Cheers
  5. So much envy 😋 good on you mate!!! I’m happy you were able to take advantage of the price drop. How big is the box? Would be measuring it too much to ask? Wondering if it will fit in the land cruiser.
  6. I already use madvr for most of my content. It is a wonderful thing. Madvr envy looks very promising hope is good value for money. Thanks for your very informative comments. Cheers.
  7. Glad for you matey. Great price isn’t it? Would you mind sharing your reasoning behind the purchase? Although it is on clearance It is a great tv in my opinnion.
  8. Exactly. Dolby vision is for hdr content. However I think hdr can be decoded on the player device. Thats why I would like to hear oppinions. In the end I have found those things sometimes don’t end up being used. However I don’t know have been on 1080p on a plasma with dts hd for too long.
  9. Hi guys, Will be upgrading our TV in the next 3 months once our HT is ready. Our main content is both 1080p and 4k movies watched digitally. Our current screen is a 42" plasma back from 2010. By reading your expert opinions here on the forum I found that the FZ950 seems to be one of the best value for money TVs at the moment. As of today the FZ950 has just drop $1k in price in preparation for the GZ950 successor to replace it. The GZ950 supports now Dolby Vision and uses a new processor among other features. I'm assuming the successor will cost $4.5k at least. Not sure if the new features are worth the extra $1.5k. Would like to hear from you that either own an FZ950 or know about the subject. Wait for the GZ950 at $4.5k or buy now the fz950 for just under $3k? (the eternal dilemma :D)
  10. http://rotel.com/product/rmb-1095
  11. Same here. Best upgrade I have made to my HT. Bought when the X4100 was about to be launched and it is worth every cent.
  12. They are such good amps. Maybe ebay sellers don't know what they have. That was my understanding when monitoring the auctions on ebay and some other sites (links to auctions are gone) http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/75810-rotel-rmb-1095-1000w-rms-5champ-rotel-rsp-1066-72-surround-preamp-processor-ht-audio-video-receiver/?hl=rmb-1095 http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php/topic/94764-for-sale-rotel-rmb-1095/?hl=+rmb#82081095= Also, there was a user with the same avatar he has here that bought the same amp for at least $1.2k on stereonet. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/67733-fs-rmb1095-rsp985/?hl=rmb-1095#entry1142315 Then had it for sale in Jan on stereonet for $1450, but pulled it out. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/77487-rotel-rmb-1095-5-channel-2x200w-amplifier-and-rotel-rb-1080-2-channel-2x200w-amplifier-surround-processor-lovan-sovereign-8-shelf-hifi-rack/ 1075 go for $600-800 on ebay. Anyway, it is a good amp and he has done some improvements to it so it may be well worth the money!!! GLWS
  13. Hey mate, Just wondering what would be your best price for the RMB-1095 powerhouse. They normally go for $800-1.2k depending on condition. Were 2k when new. Would you be willing to take market price?
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