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  1. Item: Burson HA 160D Headphone Amplifier, DAC & Preamp Location: Melbourne, Balwyn North Price: $475 Item Condition: V. Good Reason for selling: No Longer Using (sold headphones a while back) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Burson Audio HA-160D Headphone Amplifier A really sweet sounding, transparent, open and powerful sounding DAC, Pre-amp and headphone amplifier. In v.good condition. I used this to drive a set of high end Senheiser T1 headphones and it worked a treat. After I sold the headphones I primarily used the unit as a dac and preamp running straight into my power amp and its works really well in that set up as well. Sold with original box, manual etc. so happy to ship at buyers cost. Specifications Input impedance: 47 KOhms Frequency response: 5Hz (-0.3dB) to 35 kHz (-1dB) Signal to noise ratio: >98dB at 0dB gain THD: <0.001% at 6mW/300 Ohms Channel separation: >70dB/10kHz Output power: 650mW/300 Ohms, 800mW/60 Ohms Output impedance: line out 60 Ohms, phones out 5 Ohms Power dissipation: <25W, internal, regulated power supply Dimensions: 265 mm x 250 mm x 80 mm Connectors Inputs: 1 x USB Connection (Support up to 24bit @ 96Khz with 10ppm low jitter clock) 1 x Coaxial RCA (Support up to 24bit @ 192Khz) 3 x gold plated RCA (line level input) Outputs 2 x headphone jacks 6.35mm 1 x pre -out with 10Db gain Weight: app. 7 kg Color: silver anodized aluminium Pictures:
  2. Thks for the comment, Yes, they are unbelievably good for what looks like such a simple speaker but they come at a price as with all things Magico! . I had to go a long, long way to improve on them and still think that "better" is a matter of taste rather than outright improvement at the level these perform.
  3. Item: Beyerdynamic T1 600 Ohm headphones Location:Melbourne Price: $550 Item Condition: Exceptional Reason for selling: No longer using, I used these with an Accuphase set up I sold some time ago. I no longer have a headphone amp that does them justice so better to let them go. Ear-cups, leather headband, connector, etc all is in really good condition. Sound is really clear and detailed you hear exactly what the recording artist meant you to hear with no real inaccurate emphasis. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pictures:
  4. Item: MAGICO Q1 STANDMOUNT LOUDSPEAKER Location: MELBOURNE Price: $23,000 - Reasonable offers entertained Item Condition: VERY GOOD Reason for selling: UPGRADE Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Design: Two-way Enclosure: Sealed LF Driver: 177m Nano-Tec cone HF Driver: 25mm MBe-1 dome Frequency Response: 32Hz–50kHz ±3dB Sensitivity: 86dBSPL@1kHz@1w@1M Nominal Impedance: 5Ω Minimum Impedance: 4Ω (at 156Hz) Dimensions (Inc Stand): 1120×370×250mm Weight: 54kg (Inc Stand) Shipping Weight: 280 lbs. (127 kg) Can ship as all original packaging is included Hi-Fi News Critic Recommended Product Award Ultra Audio Select Component The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award Stereo Sound Japan Best Buy Stereo Sound Japan Grand Prix Award Pictures: A sample of the reviews these speakers received Jonathan Valin of Absolute sound …”he Magico Q1 is the highest-fidelity stand-mount two-way I’ve yet heard. It is not just a little better than its predecessor, the Mini II, it is a whole lot better in every sonic regard. Switching from the Mini II to the Q1 (on the same sources with the same electronics) is almost exactly like switching from an LS3/5a to a Quad 57—or for that matter from an M5 to a Q5, only in a couple regards the Q1 is better than the Q5.” “Above the bass range, the Q1 is a dynamic dynamo (as was the Mini II, to be fair), although because of the unusually smooth blend of tweet and mid/woof (and the lower noise of its enclosure) that dynamism has a less roughed-up, lower distortion, more civilized feel. The new Q is also—with the right source components—a paragon of transparency and resolution, reproducing subtleties like Joan Baez’s and Melody Gardot’s tremolo with the clarity, delicacy of timbre and texture, dynamic range, and sheer “in-the-room-with-you” realism of an electrostat, albeit with more body and dimensionality than a ’stat. Naturally, the Q1’s soundstaging is vast (when the recording permits) and the speaker disappears into the soundfield—as all minis do—so completely that you have little-to-no sense of the sound being projected from or painted on drivers and faceplates. On top of this, the Q1 (like the Mini II before it) does not miniaturize instruments, although it does focus them a bit more crisply than the Mini did. Thus something like the concert grand piano in the aforementioned Dessau LP has the height, volume, and most of the power of a piano reproduced by a much larger multiway loudspeaker.” “It goes without saying that I highly recommend the Magico Q1 to all but the hardest of hard-rock music lovers. It is, as I said, the highest-fidelity, fullest-range, most transparent-to-sources two-way I’ve come across (and I’ve heard a few). It is also, in my experience, one of the two finest speakers—the other being my beloved Q5s—that Magico has yet come up with. (I haven’t had enough listening experience with the Q3 to include it in the charmed circle, although by all reports it too may very well belong among the Magico elect.) For listeners in small-to-medium-sized rooms who can’t house (or won’t stand for) big boxes or large panels that clutter up the décor, or for classical/jazz/acoustic-pop music lovers in any size room who want very close to the ultimate in transparency, resolution, and refinement at much less than a Q3/Q5 price, the Q1 would definitely be the Magico ticket I’d ride.” Awareded Select component by Soundstage! Ultra – “In reducing Magico’s Q series to its essence in a two-way stand-mount, the Q1 performs its own magic trick, unfolding what in lesser monitors remains miasma. Almost shocking in its ability to exceed expectations, it left agape the mouths of a string of visitors to my listening room. The visceral results ranged from tormenting to thrashing to unexpected, beckoning depths, but were most notable when the Q1s reproduced bass passages, from orchestral crescendos to hard-rock drum kits. My time with the Magico Q1s is over, but they are not forgotten. They have left on my ears an indelible mark. “ Hi-Fi Plus – Alan Sircom By making a loudspeaker that works in a small room and delivers unparalleled bass response, Magico has answered the Big City Audiophile question. Those who have enough money to afford speakers like Q1s tend to make their wealth in cities. And if they live in the big city where the money happens (be it London, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore or what have you), space is often at a premium. The traditional loudspeakers the size of a garage door will not work in a room 3m wide and 4m long, but even that space may set the listener back a fortune. This is perhaps the most important loudspeaker I’ve ever sat in front of. Why? Because it doesn’t try to bend the rules of physics. Instead, it shows us just how much more we can get out of the physics if we try really hard. Magico’s Q1 demonstrates that real-world and honest bottom-octave sound is possible from a two-way standmount sealed box loudspeaker, and from a speaker design that isn’t the size of a large fridge. That throws down a challenge to all – if the Q1 can do it, why can’t your speaker? Hopefully, others will rise to the challenge, and that suddenly raises the standard for audio across the board. And there’s more! For those who can’t afford the Magico Q1, you should still be happy this loudspeaker exists. This is the Formula One car of our world. Things that go on inside this speaker are being watched by intellects vast and cool and sympathetic to the audio cause, just as things that go on inside a Formula One car are watched by those looking to create the next generation of production car. What the Q1 does is create a trickle down set of ideas for subsequent generations of loudspeakers (whether or not they have a Magico badge on the front). That way, audio gets just a little bit better at doing its job. Of course, if you buy the Q1, you get to be the audiophile equivalent of a Formula One driver.
  5. Hi Thanks for your interest in the server. The PSU is in the 1st photo to the left of the server. Don't know much about it but its manufactured by FSP in Taiwan. Website states they're a specialist power supply manufacturer. The device has been specifically set up to act as a server with the S/W platform as provided, while it currently only produces a digital output over the AES/EBU link as opposed to a network link it might be reconfigurable and hackable to work in any number of ways, if you have the skills and experience? You could certainly re-purpose all the elements in all sorts of ways. So to answer the question about setting this server up as a roon rock.. while I think it has the basic h/w elements (network connectivity, processor, hard disks, etc.) you might be better off buying an Intel NUC to do this? Regards Fikub33
  6. Item: Sonore DLNA Music Server- Plays your Flac, Wav and all digital files Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Streaming music now Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Music server The digital output from this server sounds amazing and it plays most file formats, flac, wav etc.. This is based on the audio server that Sonore / Green Computer used to sell before the rendu series of products took off and is similar to Vortexboxes sold here in Australia in so much that it uses the same software platform. This was custom built for me by Jesus Rodriguez (the main tech guy and founder of Sonore). He helped select the design options and built the server for me. I chose not to include a ripper so the server is dedicated to music playback – just load your files and play…!! The server has not had much use as I have been streaming all my music with Tidal and before that it was installed in a second system that only had occasional use. It has an intel processor running Linux (massively heat-sinked so no fan is needed) and the server is pretty much silent in operation) and has a high quality external power supply. The Operating System is on a solid state disk and I had the server configured with 4TB of western digital disk (my music is still loaded). You can attach a hard disk via USB for back-up purposes as well The output interface is a specialised studio quality output card that was used in Sonore severs at the time. The unit is provided with a custom Cardas cable (originally over $300 usd) that was made specifically for these units and provides an XLR - AES / EBU connection to your DAC. You can use your favourite app or the web interface to the server to view, play and manage your music collection. Any number of renderers can serve up your music and the server has software such as Vortex box and squeezebox, alreadyloaded etc.. I used squeezebox which works really well. Happy to demo the unit but its pretty straight forward to use for those familiar with servers / and their associated software renderers such as squeezebox, MPAD, etc.
  7. Item: Aesthetix Atlas signature monoblocks and Pandora Dac Location: Melbourne Price: $13,000.00 Condition: Used 9/10 Reason for selling: Purchased a new system Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only All packaging, manuals and Remote available. Can ship at buyers cost Excellent condition hardly any marks. Approximately 4 years old $11k for monoblocks & $4k for Dac OR $13k combined Dac has optional, high quality pre-amp section specially designed not to impact on Sound Quality (uniquely uses both analogue and digital domains) Award winners from Absolute sound, Stereophile and what HiFi Amps RRP $21,800 price $11,000 Power Output: 300wpc into 8ohm 600 wpc 4 ohm Input Sensitivity: 60mV (1 watt), 3.1V (full power) Input Impedance: 470K Output Impedance: .25 at 1kHz Signal to noise: 120dB Bandwidth at full power: 4 - 150kHz Rated THD at full power: <1% Dimensions: 18"w x 8"h x 19"d Weight: 70 lbs ATLAS amplifiers can drive virtually any speaker. An innovative hybrid design incorporates a bipolar output stage, bipolar driver stage, and vacuum tube input gain stage. They stand alone as the only hybrid amplifiers with zerofeedback, essential for maintaining harmonic integrity, air, space and coherence. The Atlas provides your choice of full range or high-pass inputs. This unique built-in filter is ideal for speakers featuring powered woofers,such as Vandersteen, or for audio and home cinema systems using outboard powered sub-woofers. Zero feedback, fully differential amplifier with complementary balanced bridge design for open sound. Tube gain stage using one 6SN7 tube per channel provides harmonic accuracy and soundstage layering. Amplifier has a built-in high-pass crossover: 6 dB / octave, 16 settings from 40 Hz to 200 Hz in approximate 10 Hz increments. Single-ended and balanced inputs . Direct input bypasses all crossovers and switching for ultimate purity. Bus technology reduces power supply impedance between output devices for more instantaneous current. Power supply uses two transformers and three chokes. The high current section uses a dedicated transformer and choke input power supply. The vacuum tube B+ power supply has choke input and is discretely regulated. The result is unequalled clarity and control. Cardas patented rhodium-plated binding post with single knob lockdown. Stainless steel cover for transformers prevents magnetic fields from interacting with sensitive audio circuitry, preserving low level musical nuances. Pandora DAC RRP $8,500 – Price $4k The Pandora is a vacuum tube based digital-to-analog converter with one USB and three SPDIF inputs. The Pandora USB solution uses the asynchronous transfer modelicensed from Gordon Rankin / Wavelength Technologies with an ultra-low jitter fixed-frequency crystal clock immediately adjacent to the DAC. This technology allows for jitter levels over one hundred times lower than previous USB solutions. USB is capable of Class 1 audio up to 96KHz / 24bit and Class 2 audio up to 192KHz / 24bit. SPDIF/AES inputs use a unique jitter reduction technology that offers jitter performance on par with asynchronous USB and arealso capable of up to 192KHz / 24 bit. Proprietary DSP The DSP section utilizes the Motorola DSP 56362 for specially designed oversampling filters, which adapt according to the incoming sample rate. Static memory buffering is selectively used to completely isolate incoming data from USB and SPDIF from outgoing data to the DAC. Precision Clocking Theclock section of a digital product is absolutely critical for audioperformance. Any jitter (tiny timing variations) or noise will cause the DAC device to perform analog conversions at incorrect and varying rates, causing clearly audible negative effects. The easiest timing solution - but also themost jitter prone - is to simply allow the DAC to use the clock of the incomingsource device. A slightly better solution is to incorporate an internal clockat the DAC using an off the shelf crystal oscillator to regulate the timing.Pandora takes this a step further by utilizing specially manufactured crystaloscillators custom cut to our exacting specifications. These crystals offer radically lower jitter and noise than any standard issue part. There areseparate crystals for 44.1KHz based sources (44.1, 88.2, 176.4KHz) and 48KHzbased sources (49, 96, 192KHz). The clock section is powered by its owndiscretely regulated power supply, to isolate it from the DAC. Fully Differential DAC Digitalto analog conversion is performed by the Burr-Brown PCM 1792A run in pure differential mode. Differential mode is a critical implementation feature that only amplifies the audio signal itself, cancelling noise and other digital artifacts. The digital side is isolated from the analog side, withdiscretely-regulated separate power supplies for each. Special attention isgiven to circuit layout and component selection. Vacuum Tube Amplification The Aesthetix reputation for state-of-the-art analog stages is continued in the Pandora, which features a current-sourced fully differential zero feedback vacuum tube amplifier (12AX7) being fed from the DAC. Differential amplifiershave the unique ability of rejecting "common mode" signals, particularly useful in digital audio products, where high speed clocks and other digital noise can disrupt the delicate analog circuitry. Both Pandora and Romulus feature Rel-Cap polypropylene coupling capacitors and Roederstein metalfilm resistors. Ground noise is reduced by using two separate, discretely regulated positive and negative power supplies for the voltage gain section. Vacuum Tube Output Stage Outputbuffering is performed by one 6922 per channel, also run in pure differential mode with zero feedback. This is a unique configuration, providing much of the benefit of balanced operation for single-ended outputs. The output section also has separate discretely regulated positive and negative supplies which are completely isolated from the voltage gain power supplies. Power Supplies As with every Aesthetix product, Pandora power supplies received tremendous attention. If a single transformer is used to supply all the necessary voltages and currents in a product, digital noise is allowed to easily traverse the transformer windings through stray capacitance and pollute the delicate analogue sections. Separate windings help, but only a little. The real solution is separate transformers, where no interaction can occur between windings. The Pandora digital / DSP section is given its own transformer and regulated power supply. Individual digital sections are further locally regulated to isolate them from each other. An additional transformer and dedicated regulator are used just for the control system. A further special transformer is custom manufactured for Aesthetix for the analog sections, where six separate windings and regulation stages are used for the critical functions described above. Optional High Resolution Volume Controloption included A high resolution relay-based volume control has been added to allowthe unit to directly drive a power amplifier, ideal for many systems. The volume control for Pandora is very special. Typical digital products control volume entirely in the digital domain, where every 6dB ofvolume attenuation causes a loss of 1 bit of resolution. This means since most listening is done in the -30dB range, if one were playing a CD with 16 bit resolution and attenuating at 30dB, only 11 bits of resolution would remain, an incredible loss. The Pandora and Romulus volume control prevents all resolution loss by operating partially in the digital domain for small 1dB steps and partially in the analog domain using relay-based switched resistors for large 6dBsteps. Using this method, eighty-eight 1dB steps are created with zero loss of resolution. Pictures:
  8. Hi I’m interested in the bullfrogs but have a few questions... I’d very much appreciate your response to the following : do the electronics have a volume control or is a preamp necessary ? does the dsp allow tailoring of all frequencies or just lower octaves / bass? Much appreciated regards Fikub33
  9. Item: SOLD - Berkeley Audio Alpha DAC Series I Location: Melbourne Price: $2400 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the top dacs when released and still comparable with the very best in terms of sound quality, resolution and soundstaging. Build-in pre-amp does not degrade the sound whatsoever and drives most ampifiers better than a separate pre-amp. Rated as the best DAC Robert Harley (Editor Absolute Sound) had ever heard (winner of Absolute sounds, poduct of the year, editors choice and golden ear awards multiple years in a row and Computer Audiophile awards as well.) Two channel analog stereo outputs: XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced Digital Inputs: AES - Single XLR 110, SPDIF - BNC 75, Toslink – Optical, BADA encrypted - RJ-45 Input sampling rate, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz. HDCD decoding, polarity inversion, a range of digital filters, adjustable output level, (the Alpha DAC is designed to drive a power amplifier directly). Extract from the Absolute sound review: ."...resolving lots of information without sounding analytical, hyped, or “hi-fi-like.” The Alpha DAC presents to the listener a tremendous amount of low-level detail such as delicate spatial cues, the finely filigreed harmonic structure that defines instrumental timbres, and the gossamer-like quality of the very end of reverberation tails. ...... it’s this ability to dig down into the lowermost levels that elevates its performance into the top level of digital playback. ......fostering a tremendous sense of ease, relaxation, and musical involvement...... The Alpha DAC is also capable of huge dynamic contrasts, along with a lightning-fast portrayal of transient information. The music swings effortlessly from quiet to full-scale with tremendous speed, but with no sense of etch on the transient leading edges. " Full review http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/berkeley-audio-design-alpha-dac-1/ Pictures:
  10. Item:10 Jazz paino CDs Location: Melbourne Price: $40 for the lot Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer (would mail if buyer picks up cost) Extra Info: Would prefer top sell in a single batch Some of the best Jazz pianists: - Kenny drew trio - plays with the great paul chambers and philly joe jones (this is a 20bit K2 super coding CD - plays on regular CD players etc. but special mastering technique was used to get the best out of the original recording) - Andy Bey - "Aint Necessarily so" - a great recording of singer / pianist Andy Bey and his band lots of detail, etc. - Ahmad Jamal - "Big Byrd" - - Abdullah Ibrahim - "Ekapa Loduma" - Michael Petrucciano "Both Worlds" - Herbie Hancock "Speak like a child" - Herbie hancock "Crossings" - Kenny Barron - "Soft Spoken Here" Double CD previously issued as two CDs "Sunset to Dawn" & "Golden Lotus" Pictures:
  11. Item:10 Jazz paino CDs Location: Melbourne Price: $40 for the lot Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer (would mail -buyer picks up cost) Extra Info: Would prefer top sell in a single batch Some of the best Jazz pianists: - Kenny drew trio - plays with the great paul chambers an dphilly joe jones (this is a 20bit K2 super coding CD - plays on regular CD players etc. but special mastering technique was used to get the best out of the original recording) - Andy Bey - "Aint Necessarily so" - a great recording of singer / pianist Andy Bey and his band lots of detail, etc. - Ahmad Jamal - "Big Byrd" - - Abdullah Ibrahim - "Ekapa Loduma" - Michael Petrucciano "Both Worlds" - Herbie Hancock "Speak like a child" - Herbie hancock "Crossings" - Kenny Barron - "Soft Spoken Here" Double CD previously issued as two CDs "Sunset to Dawn" & "Golden Lotus" Pictures:
  12. Hi Snoop I think I have to respect the "First in best dressed" principal and honour Zen's and Winter's requests. Happy to package up the remainder for $45 and make them yours if you still want them? You wont be disappointed as they are great recordings. If the other offers fall through I will make them available to you on first refusal at a "good rate" so you dont loose out. PM me with your details and we'll arrange payment and delivery/pickup if you're interested Thanks Fikub33
  13. Item: 8 SACDS for Sale Location: Melbourne Price: $75 for the lot or $12 each Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, or happy to mail at buyer's cost after bank transfer Extra Info: Audiophile dual layer recordings - play on CD and or SACD players - Clark Terry - "One-on-One” – Legendary Jazz trumpeter gets loads of other Jazz legends to join him on this album - Isaac Hayes – “Hot Buttered Soul” - a honey voiced soul classic of the time (60s-70s) - Claire Martin – “He never mentioned Love” – Classy female Jazz singer on Linn records - Barb Jungr – “Walking in the Sun” – another great female vocalist on Linn records - “The Persuasions Sing the Beatles” – Amazing Acapella produced by David Chesky (the quality of this recording is simply amazing) - Michael Brecker – “Pilgrimage” - American 15 times Grammy awarded Jazz Saxophonist - James Taylor - - “Hourglass” - Jazz guitarist not quite as many Grammy’s as Michael Brecker! - Linn Selektions – Compilation featuring some of Linn’s best recordings includes: Martin Taylor, Carol Kidd, Barb Jungr, Pamela Thorby, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, etc. Pictures:
  14. Item: Auraliti PK90 music server Location: Melbourne Price: $380 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: Great music server that I have used with a direct connection to external USB hard drives to stream music (via USB) to my dac. In great condition as you can see from the photos, comes with power supply but I dont have the original box. I am happy to package up and ship buyers cost. I have had this for about 3.5 / 4 years and it has worked flawlessly connected to a range of DACS (Accuphase, Berkeley Audio and also Aesthetix). Simple plug and play (needs a hardwired connection to your network as it does not use noisy / unstable wireless) and gives a great sound (I thought it was as good as most CD transports) as it uses a SOtM interface card to connect to the DAC. (This used to retail for >$430AUD all by itself). This audio card has a unique design incorporating a power line noise filter. It also has individual ultra low noise regulators to power the USB device attached, the on board ultra low jitter clock and the on board PCI host controller. You can even switch off the supply of power (to drop the noise floor even lower), if your DAC does not need to draw power on the USB interface. I have used it with FLAC, WAV, and AIFF lossless files. I use it mainly for 16-bit/44.1kHz CD quality rips but I am pretty sure it does high resolution and higher sampling rates. No moving parts so its silent (no fan and it has a solid state hard drive internally) There are multiple ways of controlling the server. I use the mPad app on an iPad and or mPod on my iPhone and a web-based interface from either or my computer. All worked really well. I think you can use any number of MPD controller apps for Android as well but I havent tried this. Lots of good reviews of this device e.g. see this review where the reviewer states that the PK90 blew away high end transports from Marantz, Lexicon, Audio Research, and Classe ! https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2014/02/14/auraliti-pk90/ Pictures:
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