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  1. Item: WTB: Sealed, front firing small sub. Price Range: open to offers Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a small sealed front firing Sub, something similar to B&W ASW608
  2. that should work. but you're doubling up.. unnecessary to have 2 amps, both on the speakers and receiver. if you want to keep the receiver, buy the edifiers with no amp. they're cheaper.
  3. not many people is into cheaper brands around here.. regardless of their sound prowess. a shame because there's tons of new brands that are worth looking into. I'm also interested in edifiers as an affordable and compact solution for my desk. I highly doubt that you can use active speakers in any multichannel config unless you buy a decoder (which you would be loosing the benefit of a cheap setup) and to top it all off decoders just decode, they don't apply any phase/volume/tone or any adjustment. only receivers do (which are powered) however, edif
  4. Given the two and for the price. I'd probably prefer a newer class D chipamp. They use less power and some (not all) have proven themselves to be just as good if not better than AB. Reason it's lighter it's because the power supply is external. Also the chip integrates a lot of functions that in AB are external.as far as i know.
  5. OK, So I'll get a small amp for 2 channels, and add a subwoofer. how does a SMSL AD18 sound for a combo amp/dac for ~$200? There are good reviews on it, but the brand might not have much resale value when i decide to sell, so I'm open to alternatives.
  6. Item: B&W DM100 Location: Sydney Price: 100 (non negotiable) Item Condition: Excellent for it's age, cabinets are really good, speakers sound well, only 1 grille has a tear (pictured) Reason for selling: Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Can possibly deliver or meet halfway, check with me and we can work something out. Photos:
  7. My goal is to use the system for watching videos as well as music. Do i need a receiver so i can use decode dts and such? Is it worth having 5 or 7 channels when all i need is 2.1? Would just having an amplifier reduce the audio quality of video due to no codecs?
  8. don't have any 601 unfortunately, just 302. in your opinion, I gather than all of the recent receivers are no good, except for a selected few.. would that mean that going a small chinese amp with good reputation be OK? or should I hunt old amps? PS: someone in Sydney selling some 601s, in the classifieds, bummer i have too many speakers at the moment, otherwise i'd have a chat to him/her
  9. as far as the D10. what happens for example if you play a movie that uses DTS and such? would in this case, the Nvidia shield recognise that the DAC doesn't decode it, and decode itself and pass PCM?
  10. definitely comfortable buying used. and agree with you the Volls will have next to no re-sale value, even if they're good. Just looked at the dimensions of the 602 and they're a bit too large for the bookshelf I have (Ikea Kallax) I could move the shelf, but it's a hassle I don't want at the moment. I'll focus on getting a dac/amp, and selling all the remaining stuff
  11. OK simple power amp will be for the living room. as there's only 1 source, the nividia shield. Only problem is it doesn't have audio out, just HDMI or USB, so I'll need a USB DAC and amp (or combo) should I go for an old school nad? any model in particular? or go the newer chinese class D like SMSL AD18 or topping?
  12. I tend to agree with you, however, I was surprised with this effect on such a cheap amp. Would you go for a simpler amp only rather than receiver?
  13. I thought the B&Ws were good? what would you get instead? for a cheap option i was tempted in getting the Voll B50, their B44 were excellent value for money, but not many reviews for their newer model. but I'm at odds, even an old B&W "should" be better than a "no name" company. dunno
  14. Hi All. I'm starting my system from scratch with a simple goal. to spend as little as possible while getting the system to the point I'm happy with, and then upgrade as I feel necessary along the way. Mainly due to 2 reasons 1) Diminishing returns the further up you go 2) Live in a 2br unit, with bugger all space In the past I've had multiple bouts with decent-ish equipment (for my $ range) such as the diamond 9 Jamo system, Focal JMLabs floorstanders, fostex self built boxes, a few class D "chipamps" Anyway, I recently scored some equipment and
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