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  1. Or these larger ones - bigger room required, of course. Stirling Domestic
  2. I mostly agree with what Luc said earlier - get out there and start listening etc. Still, recommendations from others could help people learn what to listen for, but only if such recommendations are accompanied by examples of preferred sound characteristics, musical genres and other useful comparisons. On hi-fi forums most people respond to 'recommendation requests' by simply naming a product and saying it's 'good', 'very good', 'excellent'. This is nearly useless in my opinion!
  3. Translation: It's good to see that A2A are doing their best. Enjoy the headphones!😏
  4. A couple of quick comments from my experience. Firstly, for serious listening use a Linux distribution. It has superior sound quality to Windows (regardless of costly efforts with Server 2019, core mode, AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer, Jplay... et al). For the full experience Snakeoil is wonderful; for bare-bones playback the latest WTFPlay is just as good. (For everyday listening and convenience I use a stripped-down early version of Windows 10 (1511). This sounds pretty nice with HQPlayer. I much prefer 1511 over the recent Win10 / WinServer releases). And experiment with BIOS settings. Even slightly underclocking CPU and RAM can bring significant improvements. Despite what Stereophile and other sceptics say, an audio server with bespoke hardware definitely sounds better than your average computer for noise reduction reasons. Every other digital hi-fi component lives or dies on the back of its power supply and internal circuit design, so how could a computer be any different?! Therefore, for a dedicated audio server use a CPU/mobo that's compatible with a good linear PSU. After that look at a bespoke USB card, and, if network streaming, a bespoke network card too. DON'T use an M.2 drive if powered conventionally! A final comment regarding digital sources: the transport - whether it's a disc-spinner or audio PC - has just as much influence on sound quality as a DAC.
  5. Item: Bookshelf speakers Price Range: $80 - $500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I'm looking for standmount speakers for a smallish listening space. Anything up to 40 cm high. If someone has a budget power-amp they're looking to offload I'd be interested in that too. I can pick up in Sydney region (stretching to Wollongong and Central Coast if need be). Thanks for browsing!
  6. An argument? How about a discussion! You haven't compared software in the same PC? Why not try!
  7. Yes, I've tried the lot for Windows over the years, and to my ears the best are Audirvana, JPLAY or HQPlayer. Regarding JRiver, its 64-bit processing and dithering engine, and excessive bloat, do no favours to audio quality in my opinion. Not to mention the fact they regularly force users to pay for updates - and that includes JRemote: at US$15 it's an expensive yet very average smartphone app, and now that JRemote2 has been released users can't even download the original JRemote they paid for!!
  8. The OP talked first about a better interface; seems to be a priority? I use Audirvana for its improved sound quality over Foobar and spiffing interface!
  9. Gidday from a born-and-bred Aucklander calling Sydney home. Herd immunity from Compulsive Hi-Fi-19 is an attractive concept for many of us here on SNA! Unfortunately I doubt we'd reach a 60 percent saturation point in our particular club! Welcome and enjoy the forums mate.
  10. Nice story. And yes, your speakers look interesting! Are the cabinets light wood? Hard to tell...
  11. Thanks to all inquiries and offers, DAC+PSU sold together locally.
  12. Thanks Brian, you're quite right (I realised my mistake soon after typing that).
  13. I can understand the interest in the PSU - I tried it with a few cheap 12V DACs I have lying around and the transformation was astonishing. (Perhaps that says more about the power supply filtering of budget DACs than anything else, but still!).
  14. $450 for the Klein III, and $350 for the Enhanced PSU.
  15. I've had a couple of inquiries to buy the New Enhanced PSU separately. So I'm happy to split if someone wants the Klein III.
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