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  1. Boulder 1060 power amp. But you'd have to break your self-imposed rule and buy second-hand. Wonderful piece of equipment.
  2. Item: Sennheiser HD600 Headphones Location: Sydney east Price: $300 Item Condition: New condition Reason for selling: See below Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Bank deposit / Paypal gift Extra Info: Bought four months ago from Addicted To Audio for an audio mastering project. Used 50 hours, put back in box. Pictures:
  3. Yeah the desktop speaker question has been posed a few times. I don't think expensive bookshelves are smart since most desktop situations are impossibly difficult as listening areas. Bass boom / nodes .. (regardless of stands / isolation methods).. Resonance from the desk .. Soft supportive surface where the speaker stands sit on.....Restricted soundstage... Large changes in listening perspective / quality when you move your head a centimetre... Just get something cheap and reasonably flat in frequency response.
  4. The four amps your considering are....fine, but a sideways step IMO. Triple your budget and find an NAD M3
  5. Yes, I've been enjoying this thoroughly from the first episode - and agree, the second season is very well done. Great script - and wonderful dark humour. A gem in a strangely uninteresting new crop of TV shows over the past 6 months.
  6. Instead of making ... predictable ... jibes, have a watch of the video link. As many audiophiles realise, differences in sound quality depend on our individual audio systems.
  7. There's a school of thought that the 'unzipping' of FLAC files to full resolution during playback affects the sound quality slightly. Personally all my CDs are ripped to WAV, and FLAC downloads converted to WAV too, since data storage is cheap - and yes, I do find a difference in sound.
  8. Check out past classifieds - they've both sold for around $500. Either way, keep an open mind and do some research.
  9. Well, no, a lot of those brands in that price category sound thin / clinical / unmusical. Look for a Rega Apollo. Or an NAD M5 if you're lucky.
  10. Good work. I must say though that if you do get a chance to audition some of the Grado Statement series (GS1000, GS1000e, GS2000e) don't hesitate. I listen to a lot of classical music and find headphones more satisfying for this purpose than my speaker setup at present. And these larger Grados are absolutely wonderful for all things classical due to a very natural lifelike sound. I say that having compared the flagships of most headphone brands - if that's worth anything.
  11. A very valid argument. Reproducing violins and pianos, double basses, the acoustic space large or small, is the true test of a system. And much depends on speakers and room (or headphone). So your point is a good one. For gauging how well a digital source reproduces the sound of piano, I've always had a simple test: step out of the listening room into an adjoining room, corridor or balcony. And listen, as if you were listening to a real piano in another part of the house. Does the attack and decay sound reasonably close to the real thing? Or does it sound too fast, or too etched, or unnatural? I should add that chasing perfection in this area is folly; only the very best of digital or analogue sources have a hope. But you can achieve a pretty good result for reasonable money if you listen and compare.
  12. I just wonder whether all of us go through a long phase of trial and error before we gain perspective as hi-fi hobbyists. Specifically, becoming familiar with 'classic' products from the past in order to gauge the merits of current designs; acquiring a reasonable knowledge of electronics; and deciding what type of sound we're after. That way we can make realistic choices and compromises, and find some 'peace of mind' to sit back and enjoy music in the home.
  13. Yep, the NAD M51 went through the same thing. Like so many popular products, rave press reviews and favourable write-ups in forums fuel the bonfire. Of course, anyone with sufficient experience and knowledge in hi-fi (often earned the hard way!) realises that a DAC's analogue output stage, power supply and design principles are crucial to its performance. In my opinion, many reviews and buyers have a one-dimensional focus on DAC-chip technology and measurements. Personally, my (unsuccessful) foray into Chord DACs was motivated by Rob Watts' enthusiasm for classical music, and his insistence that Chord's technology was a breakthrough in reproducing the sound of piano and other acoustic instruments. I spent many nights trying to make my ears hear this, simultaneously reading reviews and forum posts espousing this 'natural, life-like' sound quality. Of course, the whole industry relies on this sort of marketing to seduce buyers. It worked on me!
  14. There's a Rega Apollo in the classifieds that is very musical and has a real touch of class at the price - even at retail 10 years ago. Adding a DAC to a blu-ray player is often the standard advice; however, much in digital replay depends on the quality of the transport as well as the SPDIF digital output, so I would advise against it.
  15. Disagree. Those Spendors would be plenty for the Arcam FMJ - which doesn't go well with brighter speakers.
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