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  1. Was_a is my user name, and I'm a long time member with a good reputation. My account was suddenly closed down with no explanation. My emails to Stereonet went unanswered. So I've opened this new account. On opening it a message from Marc advises people to email him if they want to merge a new account with a previous one. But this isn't possible as a new member is allowed to send O messages! I'm hoping after 'introducing' myself that I can send a message, or at least get some explanation as to what is happening! Needless to say I am not impressed.
  2. Nice price. I wonder if you could snap a picture of the rears?
  3. 'Twas five years ago when I heard these first In a lazy boy whilst quenching my thirst A Mozart symphony ear to ear Sounding so sublime I dropped my beer Rachmaninov followed, then Duran Duran My senses floating like Peter Pan When the sun came up I called in sick And danced all day to Keith and Mick A week went by and my fridge ran out So I ordered pizza and a carton of stout When the Dominos came I thought, Holy Socks: This looks just like my Grado box!
  4. This is on hold pending payment. Thanks for looking folks.
  5. Thanks for all the PMs - these have attracted a lot of interest, and are on hold for local buyer (and several in line).
  6. Hi - thanks for your reply. Looking for a local buyer at this stage but if no interest let me get back to you.
  7. Further information: I bought these off the second owner last year and put them in my weekend setup in a small-medium-sized room. They function perfectly, and look fantastic despite a couple of marks (front top + bottom) on one of the speakers - which didn't occur on my watch, I hasten to add. Barely noticeable in normal light, and priced accordingly. The Haydn Grand SE is very well balanced, and definitely not treble shy - a caveat with the earlier Haydn versions. The sound resembles that of Harbeth / Stirling / Spendor monitors, but is perhaps faster with better-defi
  8. Further information: Purchased from Apollo Hifi a little over a year ago and used sparingly in my weekend setup. (Retail receipt provided). It is in pristine condition and functions flawlessly. I prefer local pickup but don't mind putting it in the post. It has been boxed in my cupboard since I bought the latest Jay's Audio transport last September. The Audiolab 6000CDT produces wonderful sound quality; I tried to describe this on another SNA thread: I recently bought the new Audiolab transport and it is an excellent performer, regardless of price. I have o
  9. This is a real bargain, particularly with the Libran ICs. There's no way I'd ever sell mine! GLWS
  10. And I totally disagree with you. Start with the source and make that the investment priority. The signal going into the amp and speakers is the first thing you need to get right. Sound quality of speaker and room, although also important, depends on it. Tweaking amp, speakers and acoustics downstream of an average source is a waste of time - often an expensive one! Certainly, espousing a laptop into a USB DAC is folly. This is of course irrelevant to the OP, but let me say that surely most people in this hobby know that good digital sound depends heavily on the transpo
  11. Source first, always. Get some advice from the turntable experts on SNA regarding cartridge choice and record players. Direct-drive might suit your music, although the latest belt-driven models are pretty dynamic. Then look for second-hand bookshelf speakers and suitable amp to drive them i.e. the amp should have enough current and headroom to control the drivers. Suggestion for amp and speakers: NAD M3 with Epos Epic 2 Phono stage: Graham Slee Era V
  12. Music genre has a bit to do with it - anything acoustic, and '60s/70s rock sounds better with more accurate, balanced amps and speakers than Yamaha and B&W. But seeing as your collection is '80s and beyond perhaps this isn't as important. Regardless, I'd strongly recommend a Graham Slee phono stage.
  13. Selling a pair of polyester bass traps made by Cristian Corsini from Corsini Acoustics in Brisbane. They are 120cm tall, 60cm wide and 15cm deep. Triple-layer absorption treats bass down to effective frequencies with nice even broadband dispersion. Constructed with light wooden frames, light-gray exterior and free-standing. Acoustic measurements shown in pic below (Absorber 1). Price is firm, pick up from Maroubra. PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperat
  14. With an unconventional listening space and unequal corner angles, I've been searching for a free-standing bass trap. In America I found the perfect solution, a panel supported by a steel floor stand (link is below pic). I'm wondering if there's anything similar local. Free-stand
  15. I find that statement arrogant and insulting to anyone with ears, a brain and a memory longer than that of a goldfish...
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