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  1. The Belden 694A. It has beaten some mega-buck ones in my systems. Belden
  2. I too have had a couple of bad experiences with this technician, the last of which being a clumsy job on a CD player - which he informed me he'd stuffed. Over a period of several months I had to badger him until finally he put some money on my bank. I remember questioning his moral ethics and that may have done the trick. I underpriced the value of the CD player in order to get some money back, so of course I was out of pocket. Prior to this I'd always thought of him as a nice enough bloke and we had some pleasant chats etc. Since I've known him he always had a ..... relaxed ........ work ethic, and he'd cited health reasons and financial stress as excuses in the past. But he doesn't like to face up to things. That's probably the main thing with him. Certainly you're entitled to go and pick up your amp. I'd inform him first that you're coming, give him a date and time. Tell him 'no hard feelings' so he doesn't feel pressured. He's a civil chap - and you sound the same, so proceed along those lines and put it down to a learning experience. After all it's just a piece of hi-fi equipment - pretty trivial compared to health, love and contentment!
  3. Do some searches on recent threads - there are plenty of opinions. Mine is that streamers and servers cannot yet match a dedicated CD transport for sound quality into a DAC. I don't feel like going into the whys and wherefores again - for fear that I'll be bored by my own rhetoric...😑 Then others will chime in and hit the 'bored' button... Oh, there isn't one? There should be!
  4. AudiophileOptimizer is great for that final tweak to a Windows operating system in a dedicated audio server. You can already do a lot to optimise an OS manually, like disabling services in the registry until there's 10 or so essentials only, not to mention a heap of other manual registry tweaks / group policy edits etc. AudiophileOptimizer goes further, and in Windows Server Core mode (headless) it really comes into its own. But before spending $200 on an OS tweaker there are FAR more important factors to address - bios settings, and of course hardware! In the bios, adjusting RAM timings, CPU clock rates and disabling all non-essentials is mandatory for a good audio server. But none of this means anything if you haven't addressed hardware components. An audiophile computer has linear power supplies, carefully chosen mobos and CPUs, noise filters etc. Back in the real world, I reckon it's far more realistic to dual boot into an audio-only OS, optimise the hell out of it, install JPLAY or Audirvana and spend money on something worthwhile like an IFI usb filter or good USB-SPDIF converter.
  5. This is an old thread, and I'm not sure what happened to scumbag - but if you're reading this, you were going to post some impressions of the sound quality using the Schiit Eitr compared to the Singxer and PUC2 options. Anyone's input would be appreciated!
  6. Asshattery...I love it! (Could this be the new term for peak limiting?).😉 Looking forward to more impressions of the D90.
  7. I agree with firedog that it takes time and a relaxed listening scenario to get a proper handle on a DAC. But I disagree that the differences between DACs will seem much smaller... They'll seem larger, I believe. I also don't believe our ears 'acclimatise' to source components, despite what the 'It's Placebo' or 'Burn-in Don't Exist' folks tell us. Average sound is average sound and if anything, a so-so DAC will become more annoying or fatiguing over time. Such epiphanies have occasionally come to me during 'non-listening' sessions with background music, when subliminally I realised the sound wasn't good. Ultimately to assess a DAC we need good references for comparison, preferably in situ and from different price-points. Of course, many of us have long experience in assessing components and will have built up a broad range of memories to draw on as well. This goes hand in hand with assessing a DAC's specs and recognising the effects on sound quality. And DACs need to be auditioned with a wide variety of musical genres, particularly acoustic music. I don't know how often I read reviews with reference albums that are all studio-produced / eq-d!
  8. Well I think you've handled it all with great humour and class, Trevor - even if I do wonder what it is you're hearing when listening to the Topping D10. From memory you have an excellent system around it. And like the D30, the D10 is great for the price. And I have a friend with a great sounding system downstream of a similarly modest DAC - the Benchmark DAC-1. It really sounds excellent, with better tonality and synergy than many mega-buck systems I've heard. I guess my criticism of you anointing a D10 over $3K DACs etc is a reaction against ASR's ardent promotion of the D10 as a wunderbahr DAC and a wunderkind USB-SPDIF converter. This recommendation is based solely on noise and distortion measurements. I find ASR irresponsible because many new or inexperienced hi-fi-ers will be drawn in by this. Apropos of this thread: a tenfold jump in price from a D10 to a D90 implies a pretty significant jump in sound quality. I remain sceptical.
  9. My comparison in the D70 thread: I've done an extensive listening comparison between the Topping D30, D50 and D70s. Their sonic flavours are different according to their respective DAC chips, but dynamic delivery is rather similar due to their relatively small profiles. Power supplies are merely adequate, as is the number and quality of components used in the analogue output stages. In my opinion, these compromises make the D50 and D70 overpriced at RRP. Soundwise, the D30 is very clean and quite balanced across the frequency range. The treble and upper-mids are a little forthright, but paired with forgiving amplification the D30 is great for a budget setup. It reminds me of the first-release Benchmark DAC. The D30 is also good value price-wise, and I keep one in the cupboard as a standby. The D50 is even clearer with a wide soundstage and 'blacker' background, but it sounds rather sterile compared with the other ES9038 DACs I have (and have heard). It's my least favourite of the three Toppings. The D70 would make a great beginner's DAC - at $450 or $500 AUD! It is smoother in the higher frequencies and midrange, yet it remains very transparent with a nice soundstage: in this respect it compares well to more expensive competition. On the flip-side, the bass lacks drive and definition, making things a little lumpy downstairs. And dynamically it disappoints, sounding somewhat restrained.
  10. Sorry, I was speaking more broadly to others' comments. On TerryO's observations on the back-and-forth ramblings of this thread: Yes, it is a pity, and I know how frustrating it is to read through pages of stuff to find sound quality comparisons on a particular product. I guess I feel compelled to counter the 'Measurements Rule' brigade when they come out in force, because I feel they are so misleading. I mean, espousing a Topping D10 uber alles is ridiculous. I have not heard the D90 but have heard most of Topping's other offerings. I have also compared .... a hundred DACs and CD/SACD spinners over the years. All I can say is that no product with so-so specs like the Topping range has ever surprised me in a good way!
  11. I completely disagree with the last few posts...i.e. that in order to sound good or more like a real instrument a DAC has 'modify' or 'colour' the sound in some way. A good DAC has high resolution, a fairly neutral frequency response and nice timbre/tonality. Honestly, what are you chaps on about! Are you still convinced that an under-developed DAC with puny power supply and ho-hum output stage has a 'neutral' sound? Are you trying to convince others of this, like they do on ASR?
  12. Interesting observations, echoing my own with Topping's D30, D50 and D70. P.S. Keep trusting your ears. There are a minority of people who believe "all DACs sound the same" and try to undermine opinions on sound characteristics. However this minority tend to make the majority of posts, it seems!
  13. Great headphone amp, especially for neutral or slightly warm cans (Sennys in particular). Great price GLWS
  14. Go for the purest design i.e. the Gieseler Klein III with accompanying power supply (vital). Far better sound quality at the price.
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