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  1. Thanks a lot Steffen. Yes, it's a crossover cable, yet still works between Netgear modem and computer. For some reason there's an audible improvement in sound quality over my previous ethernet cable, a flat Cat6.
  2. I have an old ethernet cable that I originally bought for a two-computer setup where the 'control' PC was hooked up to the 'audio player' PC using their ethernet ports. I've forgotten what type of ethernet cable this is. (The cable is round, not flat, with good shielding. One plug is red and the other blue, for some reason. Can anyone tell me what this is? Many thanks
  3. DAC is sold to the gent above, pending payment. Thanks for interest.
  4. Hi there - I have an Audio-gd Ref7 and NFB-1, an old Weiss, and my mate's Benchmark 3. I also took out of the cupboard my Topping D30, and an unbranded ES9038-Pro that's around the same price as the D70. Hope that helps!
  5. Item: Topping D70 DAC Location: Sydney east Price: $500 Condition: 4 days old Reason for selling: Finished comparison/review Payment: Pickup - Cash, Post - Bank deposit Extra Info: Bought out of curiosity and to compare against my other digital sources (write-up to come). Suffice it to say the D70 holds up well against pricier opposition. This included my Marantz SA-10 (not fair play!) which I use for just about everything. I ordered the D70 from the official supplier and paid just north of $700, so this is a nice deal for anyone who wants an essentially brand new D70. Cables and other accessories were untouched. The remote has new batteries (which were not included with D70). Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Having recently changed from Wi-fi to a wired connection, I'm now looking at a fibre-optic hookup using a TPLink converter. To any of you who've tried this, what was your configuration? TPLink
  7. Yes, seems AES or coaxial options provide the best performance, though I guess the listening will be the ultimate guide. So anyone using the D70 in their systems?
  8. Well it seems the AUD$429.99 for the D70 might be an invalid price, since payments are apparently not being processed. The same seller has the D70 for US$429.99...
  9. I've just checked with Aoshida and this is apparently the correct price! D70 $429.99 AUD!! Seems a bargain!
  10. Head straight to the Jplay site, pay $100 or so, install. Download BubbleUPNP for your tablet. By far the best sound, i.e. clear, wonderful soundstage, natural and unforced reproduction of instruments. Jplay
  11. Sure... It's just that a direct-drive like the Technics spoils you for pitch stability, dynamics and reliability. You really need to spend money to equal these attributes when moving to a belt driven model - which is preferable of course when done well. I'm sorry, but the suggestions I've seen so far would disappoint.
  12. Not sure going to the cheapish (relatively!) belt-driven Denon will be an upgrade... In fact, if you get a decent plinth made for the Technics (and that dust-cover that you're after!) you'll have an excellent turntable. Upgrades for Technics
  13. I was interested in the listening test with the HD650s, which are most definitely kind to any high frequency anomalies. Yet accentuated highs were heard. That would worry me if I were looking at buying a 'high-end' DAC.
  14. Three great performances: Jeff Buckley on Grace
  15. Nah, she sang two other songs in the grand final. This one, 'Hallelujah', ain't bad although she tries too hard at the end and things do get rather strange and un-beautiful... She was NOT good in the grand final, yet the huge TV audience voted her the winner. And voted out two or three WONDERFUL singers. The concept is flawed IMO.
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