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  1. It's the latter... (I'll supply free garlic to everyone)... Yes, like you Ittaku I've had good luck with budget LPUs. To address Snoopy's concern about transformers, many of these Chinese LPUs use Brit-designed Talemas albeit made in India. They're fine.
  2. Check out this eBayer (link below). I've bought several linear power supplies from here and all have performed well, including for the Topping D50 - which sounds a little sterile with the switch-mode supply IMO. I'm not sure I agree with Ittaku that a dual-voltage supply isn't the way to go, especially at this price-point. I've seen twin-transformer unit available that looked fine. (But I try to disagree with Ittaku as often as I can...!). LPS
  3. Do not use an mSATA card with conventional power from the motherboard! Even on idle the injection of noise is hideous in my experience. Rather, use two SSDs with the larger one containing your FLAC files.
  4. Sure...good point. I guess it's best for individuals to have a balanced point of view. And that can be difficult, given the propensity for some people to make black-and-white, broad declarations - which results in driving 'one side' even further into their camp.
  5. An extra thought: how often do you hear Measurements-Are-All disciples declaring they "can't hear a difference"? This is a huge red flag to me.
  6. Yes, I agree Scumbag. My issue with websites with agendas is that many 'followers' are hoodwinked into sharing the same philosophy. Which is ultimately destructive to newbies and less-experienced folk seeking good sound quality. Good designers/audio engineers are guided both by measurements and their ears. It should be the same for hi-fi enthusiasts at home.
  7. rmpfyf I've done all that and more... and hope to find that my shiny new buffer/reclock/isolator rig makes it all irrelevant Currently having it rebuilt into my DAC so that there's no glorious clock line cable runs, controlled shielding etc. I'm honestly surprised though that no audiophile OSs include such a script. It'd be cool to randomise tests of different settings etc, run a script, make a guess at what's best and have your OS either tell you 'validated' or 'bullshi-do'... That reclocker/isolator sounds really interesting...And putting it at the end of the chain right before the DAC processor is a good idea. Is this a collaborative effort? In a broad way it's the opposite tact of the EtherRegen where the reclocking starts as early as possible. Regardless, I wonder if these hardware upgrades do make all OS tweaks irrelevant...In my case they've have made me simplify my OS tweaking, as things sound better this way. Similarly, I no longer have to 'tune' the sound by selecting various DAC filters; I'm happy to stick with one or two. So as you're intimating, hardware upgrades obviously have far more influence on playback quality. Yes, I'm also surprised that commercial audio software doesn't include such scripts. At least one that transfers an audio file to SSD before playback.
  8. rmpfyf said! My PC is Linux-based and I keep my media on a local NAS. I've a simple bash script that does the following: Copies a file from the NAS to local storage (SSD) and to a RAM disk Drops the Ethernet interface completely and/or any other network or interface modifications I'm after Applies any filtering/dithering I want to add to the mix of 'options' Confirms what I want evaluated an how long of the song I want played Randomises playback among the possibilities (can't communicate with the PC whilst this happens so I don't know when the Ethernet interface is dropped) Waits for a keypress to continue or a different one to repeat in same order, then Lists what was played in what order I use a similar script (for an external drive in my case), although yours is more complex. I too hear audible differences by making the various changes you described. And bios settings are absolutely vital, I've found. But we digress. Getting back to the UpTone EtherRegen: I've seen similar discussions on yet-to-be-released products, where people have dismissed something without listening to it. This is unwise, in my opinion. While there are different levels of knowledge among hi-fi enthusiasts, no one knows it all. Personally I'm often surprised by new approaches to hi-fi, or new products that confound my preconceptions. For that reason I keep an open mind - and open ears.
  9. Sorry rmpfyf (I had to type that carefully!) - are you streaming or playing local files?
  10. Reading the points of view expressed so far - mine included - one word comes to mind: fragmented! (No pun intended). Why are we talking about the merits of pulling out an ethernet cable for local file playback, when the UpTone EtherRegen is designed for streaming?! And why are some of us dismissing the EtherRegen citing factors downstream of it like ground-plane noise and DAC connections? Digital playback is a chain of events where every factor is important! That's why professional audio-PC builders use bespoke network cards, USB converters, linear power supplies. Sorry to say that a lot of the opinions here are speculative and not born of experience listening to / building computer audio solutions.
  11. I've found with ethernet (or wifi adapter) that the biggest issue is noise being passed down the chain, causing loss of clarity and other digital 'artefacts'. Regarding UpTone's jitter-reduction circuit in this latest product, surely it's a practical solution for setups with no existing re-clockers / interfaces.
  12. I'm with you regarding Audirvana. For critical listening it's Audirvana Plus on an optimised Windows 10, networking disabled. (I drag WAV files to a secondary solid-state drive and hey presto). For sound quality I prefer this over other computer playback software like HQPlayer and JRiver, or internet/streaming options like JPlay, Hysolid and Roon. As an experiment I've been (cheaply) tweaking my ethernet with a linear supply to router, and inserting a CAT8 cable. For streaming audio this certainly improved the sound, as did a couple of ethernet/isolation filters I tried. If I was sold on streaming or dependant on it for content, I'd definitely consider this new product from UpTone.
  13. Right! Now that makes sense. In that case, Ares have got it right with its second incarnation. Far preferable.
  14. Thanks for clarifying that - I had them the wrong way around! I thought the second rendition was the Ares II!
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