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  1. I doubt you'll get a completely forthright answer! But I sold my Hugo and then my Hugo 2 after no longer being able to ignore certain traits that got in the way of my listening enjoyment. I found transient attack unnatural, and detail retrieval too forensic. Also, the upper mids and treble were too forward for my liking. This applied to acoustic music, of course, and classical music in particular. My lowly Marantz SA11s2 disc spinner is enough to satisfy my ears these days.
  2. was_a

    Music vs Audio?

    Well, I would describe myself as a music lover, since it dominates my day job, out-of-house entertainment (attending concerts), TV-viewing (Medici-TV etc) and reading (pedagogy), and of course in-home listening. My hi-fi system is simple these days, and relatively cheap compared to a decade or 15 years ago when I spent HEAVILY in the chase for improvements. My system cost about $80K ($60K, and $20K lost in selling-on equipment), and for a low-middle-income earner that was absurd. I will readily admit that back then it was more about the audio than the music. So when I read most of your posts declaring that it's all about the music, I have to say I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! I'm sure there was a time when it wasn't always like that? Perhaps this still applies sometimes? Admit it!
  3. I think your plan is smart since the components are well matched and the price is right, especially if you're patient and pick up a second-hand item. Importantly it will give you a reference point, in your own listening space, that allows you to form your own opinions/preferences soundwise. We all start with a combination of some sort and go from there. I would say the most important thing is not to lose the fun factor in listening to music. It's so easy to start chasing 'perfect' sound and stop enjoying music.
  4. Item: Graham Slee Lautus interconnects (RCA, 1.5m pair) Location: Sydney east Price: $200 (Paid $380 incl post) Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Funding purchase of XLRs Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Postage - bank deposit / Paypal gift. Extra Info: I took delivery of these last week from the Australian distributor; they have approximately 50 hours' use. Pictures: Tomorrow (when it's daylight)!
  5. was_a

    High end bookshelf around $2K - $4K

    Beyond the $2000 mark for a standmount speaker I'd look for a low-distortion design with a balanced frequency response, as opposed to a floorstander wannabe or detail/clarity maniac. The first suggestion of the ATC models is a fine choice. And for less money the latest Legend Kurre is a must audition.
  6. Best Sennheiser headphones (bar the squillion-dollar Orpheus - and of course the new HE1 which I've not heard). Accurate balance across the frequency range makes these ideal for everything, and acoustic piano in particular (which the vast majority of cans don't do well...I always keep my HD600's handy for solo piano and close-miked piano concertos, even though my 'flagship' cans are 4 times the price. GLWS
  7. Remarkable deal for someone who appreciates the natural timbre of instruments and a large soundstage. GLWS
  8. You mean bass-head, no? Too neutral for my taste? Yet, your sales blurb was so extremely well-written. I find that interesting!!
  9. was_a

    Good DAC for TV?

    A Schiit Modi 2 is PLENTY! And this $15 one would suffice. Cheap DAC
  10. To the OP: Did you end up a choosing an SACD player?
  11. I agree these are fabulous as transports, but that's only half the battle. Most of these DAC stages are rather primitive in their stock form. Mids and treble are rather blunt in sound. For a $400 budget getting a modded one might be ambitious. Sorry, NAD folks, I've had a few and they're fine 'for the money' but their modern CD players are pretty forward sounding and a little thin up top.
  12. was_a

    Album I can't get sick of playing

    Great choice! Love the way Steve Winwood sang during that period, with a lot of passion and risk-taking. Another Winwood collaboration, the Blind Faith album, would be my nomination (along with 200 other albums!).
  13. Rega Apollo s/h. FAR better than anything in its price category.
  14. was_a


    It's an excellent amp, nicer sound than the succeeding Diva range. I bought mine for the same price, but it would need to be in good condition for the money. Check the pot meter for problems and listen for any grounding issues - the two most likely issues for the Alpha series. Plastic speaker terminals are also vulnerable to breakage.
  15. Oh, just read this. Completely disagree. What's important about guitar solos is the emotional and musical response to a moment of magic. A moment you cannot forget.