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  1. was_a

    SOLD: FS: Burson Soloist HA160

    Fourth finger of the left hand needs some strengthening... Nice head amp at good price - GLWS!
  2. was_a

    Speaker Recommendation

    Agreed - ATCs, Harbeths, or the (equally good and value proposition) Legend Kurre 9s, would be the right choice in my opinion. In a room your size any floorstander (even thin cigar types) will overwhelm.
  3. was_a

    Realistic piano recordings

    http://www.musicweb-international.com/classrev/2016/Nov/Rossini_Bottesini_4825103.htm The last two tracks on this celebrated recording by Salvatore Accardo have beautifully natural piano sound.
  4. was_a

    Realistic piano recordings

    ...And one of the best interpretations/performances of the Beethoven cycle, along with Barenboim/Klemperer and selected concertos by Pollini/Bohm. But 'realistic' piano recordings are in the ears of the beholder: some listeners/engineers prefer a close-miked balance with corresponding sharp treble attack; others prefer a mid-row perspective etc. Of course, the majority of young pianists ask that their Steinways/Fazziolis are tuned with a bright sound and a light key action. This suits their 'fingery' technique and ensures that the sound is still dynamic and clear despite their lighter touch. It also allows them to play faster. This translates to very crisp attack and bright treble. For audiences in the concert hall this is diluted the further back you sit, but many modern-day recordings are brightly lit due to close miking.
  5. Wow, you're really reaching there, it seems to me... Just reciting cliches or making guesses. Have you heard a system with a P10 Power Plant?
  6. If you have no noise problem with your supply, no filter would do any improvement. Just like the best umbrella will not keep you drier when there is no rain. That's interesting - and perhaps true of the 'cheaper' options out there. In the hifi shop I used to work we had the top-of-the-line PS Audio PerfectWave generator hooked up to an appropriately resolving system: Boulder preamp-monoblocks; flagship Metronome Technologie CD player and an early version of Kharma Exquisite speakers. There was a definite improvement in sound quality - a lovely flowing, natural sound. More realistic with acoustic instruments (leading edge of piano notes, decay). And if I was a pedantic well-heeled audiophile eking out that last ounce of improvement, I wouldn't be happy with most mains supplies in most abodes.
  7. The question put by the OP was broader in context than the humble power cord; regardless, I think it should be addressed with this supplement: "Does...[it] make a difference for the better?" Because to my ears every type of cable - including power - changes the character of the sound somehow. And in my experience, 'exotic' metallurgy harms it. So too the 'filtering' in audiophile power cords. (One of the easiest ways to hear this is through good headphones, by the way). From the point of view of an audiophile trying to eke out that final percentage of improvement - and with money to spare! - a properly designed mains conditioner/regenerator would be the place to start. A private power pole connected to the electricity grid would be the place to end! Everything else is a complete waste of money in my opinion. Have $1000 burning a hole in your pocket? Measure the frequency response of your room, and conservatively treat with acoustic panels. Got an extra $5000? Upgrade your speakers.
  8. Thanks a lot for relating this. And for all your valuable input, of course...We'd be idiots not to consider your knowledge and opinions on this matter. Regarding your client/friend - he obviously has very good ears (almost as good as mine..!.). Considering he can hear the difference between interconnects, speaker cables etc, I would be almost shocked if he wouldn't remark on a change were you to insert a thick, shiny, super-dooper audiophile power cord into an upstream component - digital source / headphone amp and the like. (Or complain to you about the unnatural sound, more likely)...
  9. I'm in stitches over here... Good stuff, chaps. Yeah, I know, I sounded a bit simplistic. But my point is that blind tests with unfavourable conditions are not beneficial.
  10. Actually, you raise an interesting point. I believe that blind testing - of which I've been a part - is not a completely reliable way of ascertaining differences in sound signature. To properly get a handle on these differences, a listener has to be very familiar with the default setup; in a relaxed, unhurried environment; and using all their god-given senses!
  11. Hey, Crisis, don't call me arrogant. I never suggested my opinion was 'definitive'.
  12. I actually tried something (for fun) and reported back. What have you done?
  13. What on earth are you talking about? I haven't set up two TVs etc! (Go back and read). Gosh, what a lot you have to say! Do me a favour, stick a fancy audiophile cable into your TV and tell us what you see! Yes, actually do something practical!
  14. Sorry 1080, but I'm not proposing doing a 'test.' I can see the difference for myself, and I don't feel the need to convince anyone of this! An observation: you and some others have made quite an effort in rejecting the idea that an audiophile power cord affects a TV picture. So here's a proposal: make a little more effort and actually try it for yourselves!