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  1. Oh, just read this. Completely disagree. What's important about guitar solos is the emotional and musical response to a moment of magic. A moment you cannot forget.
  2. Love the Steve Hackett picks (cos I'm a huge Genesis fan) - nice one! For me, Jimmy Page in Dazed and Confused from the first Led Zep album; those fraught plucks building up to the climax never fail to give me a (emotional) heart attack. And his beautiful blue notes in Since I've Been Loving You from LZ III. Can't fail to mention David Gilmour's wonderfully constructed solo in Pink Floyd's Money. Lastly, Ritchie Blackmore's brilliant work in Speed King from Deep Purple In Rock - my fav Purple album.
  3. I don't think modern-day DACs are compatible with Spandau Ballet though...Or Thompson Twins.
  4. ...with wireless aptx bluetooth streaming.... hehe. My open mind just closed with a double lock.
  5. was_a

    Legend Acoustics Kurre 9 - Review

    There's a version 10? I can't find any info.. Oh, right, on the Legend website's feedback. But not on the actual product page.
  6. was_a

    Building your own PC for music

    Your idea to upgrade to a latest spec PC is good; I did a similar thing last year (Intel's latest i3, Gigabyte's latest compatible motherboard, better RAM) and found a very decent improvement in sound quality (particularly with suitable bios settings and running Windows Server 2016 in normal GUI mode). BUT!!!!! For the outlay you're considering, the improvement won't match the $$$, because the biggest SQ improvements in computer audio come from linear power supplies to essential components; bespoke USB sound cards / coaxial converters - in other words, relevant hardware. If I were you, I'd upgrade to a reasonably powerful general-purpose PC (say $1000 max, incl fanless PSU), and then consider a separate Audio PC Server (Nimitra Server comes to mind). The general-purpose computer can become the control PC.
  7. was_a

    SNA Album of the Year 2018

    Good for you...? !! (What did you like this year?).
  8. was_a

    Upgrading Spendor BC1's

  9. was_a

    Upgrading Spendor BC1's

    Ah, well if you're into that primarily then no. In my experience that's the thing with speakers - it's hard to find a one-box-suits-all solution. For rock I'd look at PMC or Epos. Not 'vintage' but very good for that purpose. Pretty easy to find places to audition. Your original thought though is probably the best.
  10. was_a

    Upgrading Spendor BC1's

    Sounds like you're a fan of that Spendor series. What about second-hand Harbeth SHL5's? Perhaps a little over-budget but not too bad if you sell your Spendors.
  11. Just the Valvo and the Raytheon left for sale.
  12. ...And set aside for you Stan.
  13. I've set those aside for you. Cheers.
  14. Item: Classical CDs/SACDs Location: Sydney east Price: See below Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Doubles/downloads/streaming Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Post - Bank deposit / Paypal gift Extra Info: Some of these are brand new Brahms - Symphonies 1—4, Piano Concerto No. 1 etc (4CD) [MINT] ($12) James Levine, Chicago Symphony RCA Red Seal, made in EU (2011) Beethoven - 9 Symphonies (5CD) [MINT] $12 David Zinman, Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Arte Nova, made in EU (1999) Beethoven - Complete Piano Concertos (3CD) [MINT] $10 Yefim Bronfman, Zinman - Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich Brilliant Classics, made in EU (2014) Andras Schiff plays Schumann In Concert (2CD) [MINT] $10 Schumann: Humoreske op.20; Novelletten op.21; Sonata in F minor op.14; Nachtstucke ECM, made in Germany (2002) Mozart - Piano Concertos 20 & 23 (1CD) [VG+] $10 Ivan Moravec, Marriner, ASMF Hannsler, made in Germany (1997) Beethoven Diabelli Variations (1CD) [MINT] $8 Stephen Kovacevich Onyx, made in EU (2008) Beethoven - Symphonies 9 & 6 (2CD) [NM] $8 Karl Bohm, Vienna Philharmonic Deutsche Grammophon, made in West Germany (1984) Chopin - Piano Sonatas 2 & 3 (1CD) [VG] $8 Alexis Weissenberg EMI, TOCE-7175, made in Japan (1991) Mozart - Piano Concertos 20 & 27 (1CD) [MINT] $6 Mitsuko Uchida, Cleveland Orchestra Decca, made in US (2010) Mozart - Piano Concertos 22 & 27 (1CD) [VG] $6 Alfred Brendel, Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Philips, made in Germany (2002) Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 'Posthorn' Serenade (1CD) [MINT] $6 Charles Mackerras, Prague Chamber Orch Telarc, made in USA (1985) Also for sale: Tubes for Schiit/Woo headamps/preamps Grado RS2e headphones Brahms - Complete Symphonies etc (3CD) [NM] $12 Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Berlin Philharmonic Teldec, made in Germany (1997) Schubert - The Symphonies (5CD) [NM] $12 Claudio Abbado, Chamber Orchestra Europe Deutsche Grammophon, made in Germany (1998) Mozart - Piano Concertos 24 & 25 (1CD) [VG] $10 Ivan Moravec, Marriner, ASMF Hannsler, made in Germany (1996) Rachmaninov - Complete Piano Concertos; Rhapsody (3CD) [MINT] $10 Vladimir Ashkenazy, Previn, London Symphony Decca, made in Germany (2002) Mahler - Symphony No. 2 (2x Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $12 Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco Sym Made in US (2004) Mahler - Symphony No. 4 (Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $15 Manfred Honeck, Pittsburgh Symphony Exton, made in Japan (2010) Mahler - Symphony No. 6 (Hybrid SACD) [MINT] $12 Ivan Fischer, Budapest Festival Orch Channel Classics, made in Germany (2005)
  15. The latest JRiver is the quickest, most reliable Windows solution IME. And the XMOS driver I prefer is 3033 v4.13.0. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hf6v6yxyuguow4t/XMOS-Stereo-USB-Audio-Class2-Driver-3033_v4.13.0.exe?dl=0 I prefer BubbleUPNP as my Android app to control JRiver.