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  1. I am just using QED silver RCAs and Tara Labs digital cable, only because they were available when hooking up. Have not tried substituting cables to determine if there is any difference.
  2. I have been running both Analogue and Digital out from the Discovery into my Vitus Integrated amp with onboard DAC. Frankly, I cant hear much difference between the Discovery and the Vitus DACs.
  3. Can't wait for live music to fire up again.
  4. By the way, an Elac Discovery Server was advertised in the Classifieds on Tuesday.🙂
  5. I'm afraid the answer is yes, you will need more hardware to access Roon. I use an Elac Discovery Music Server DS-101_G which allows me to access Roon Essentials via a perpetual license. You will need one of these or any Roon-based music server to access Roon. This extract from the Elac site below may help. At the moment I would imagine that you will only be able to play your music from Spotify via your connect. The Discovery Connect The Discovery Connect is the perfect companion to an ELAC Discovery Music Server or other Roon-Based music server. The included digital and an
  6. I use one of these units and had no issues with connection. First check would be to ensure that your LAN and WiFi are on the same network. I have several networks at home and must ensure that my phone or iPad for the Roon App is on the same network for connection. Second check is that you are using the Roon Essentials App, not the full Roon App as there is a difference.
  7. Thanks JukKluk2 and westsurf, its difficult to describe these amps and do them justice particularly this one with this much "patina". A tough, powerful amp with enough finesse to make most people happy.
  8. Further information: I purchased this power amplifier from Canberra Audio Engineer Bill Crampton of The Factory Audio Engineering several years ago. Many of these amps had been used in cinemas and other professional settings and Bill would purchase and modify them for home use where they were popular due to their massive power and ability to drive any speaker with ease. This particular unit was refurbished and modded for home stereo use and from memory has increased Class A bias and has single stereo inputs and outputs. RCA to XLR cables for input and Neutrix Speakon plugs for o
  9. Thanks Ittaku, I knew that the Forum would have a great solution. and bends to the side rather than down which will work better in my situation.
  10. I have a similar issue and have been looking for a 90 degree IEC connector. The only item I can find to date is the Furutech connector, https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/furutech-fi-12l-r-rhodium-right-angle-iec-plug.html. At $145 I am looking for alternatives and will be interested to see what other members of the forum have to offer.
  11. Further information:Selling my Bryston BP16 Preamplifier which was purchased from another SNA member about 5 years ago. Like all Bryston gear is is very well built and has another 5 years of its 20year warranty still available. It's been flawless since I've owned it, it sounds fantastic (quite an accurate, detailed sound which matches well with my Anthem power amp) & integrates well into my HT/2CH system via it's bypass function. There is a minor blemish to the top of the heavy anodised faceplate which seems much more prominent in the photos and some marks where my CD transp
  12. Are you interested in an Anthem MCA 50 to keep the Canadian flavour in your system? I have a black unit here that I will get around to putting on the market soon, it has been used in my 2 channel system with a Bryston pre since I didn't bother setting up an AVR when I moved house three years ago. I will be selling it to get a dedicated 2 channel amp, probably Elektra Reference HD. Twin toroidal transformers and five separate amp modules ensure that it is a quality item. It's easy to do some reading on these to see if it meets your needs, let me know if you want more details.
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