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  1. I'm curious about how you decided upon cap and coil values, and why a 2nd order filter couldn't work for your mid (did you try a series cap/resistor across the low-pass coil?). Personally, I would have chosen a larger mid, for possibly more comfortable crossover to both the woofer and tweeter. If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear more about your design process. Sure others would, too. Sorry to hear about the distractive year - know the feeling well! (I also had father issues). Thanks for your fascinating update.
  2. BioBrian

    How to download HIRES

    I find eclassical.com very reliable. They have higher-res versions of some stuff that Presto sell. I've also had some quite poor recordings from Presto. They are impressively verbose re performances/artists, but don't talk about recording quality. eclassical tell you if the original sample rate is eg 96 kHz. They are generally cheaper too. As usual, the information given on these websites is inadequate to make 100% satisfactory results, but experiments are not that expensive, and can be miraculous. (I also can't see a reason why a VPN is necessary for buying music downloads).
  3. If you live here, you'd be saying 3 other seasons every day. (Today it was filthy hot, like the last few days, but I had to bring the washing in twice, due to rain. Very trying!) Jokes aside, I have been writing down max and min temps, inside and outside, for about 20 years, so I'm pretty confident in the sense of keeping the fridge outside. If you read carefully, I think I covered the warm day thing as well. One little bummer is that the extreme winds can blow the fridge door open - can you believe that? So besides the house shuddering and promising to dump me in the garden, there's this plaintive little beep-beep-beep thing happening in the quiet moments, which eventually looms in the deeply-asleep mind that the frig door's been open more than 1 minute (but it doesn't tell you of the damage to the hinges, and the contents of the door strewn all over). (Gaffer tape helps).
  4. Ha Ha, O ye of the 'land of contentment'! 'they' obviously don't collect data from my place, south of Mt Wellington in southern Tas. My winter days often don't get above 8 degrees max, and the fridge is set for 5 in the beer, wine, (oh yes, and food) part. I also run 2 chest freezers, so I don't use the freezer part down below - it stays on the max setting, and the door never gets opened to let cold air fall out. So having the fridge outdoors is a very cost-saving thing. Inside is mostly 10-15 deg or so warmer than out, at least overnight in winter. In summer, any breeze means it's still often cooler outside. But that's just background, OT, as they say. My only excuse for joining this conversation is annoyance with the noise of this LG fancy-pants inverter thing. The rep told me (so it must be true) that inverter frigs don't have the on/off big switchy noise/big temp swings of the old thermostat jobs, but run at low #*%*^&^%% (apply own word if understood) all the time, therefore better. Hogwash to me - it makes more noise than my old one. Especially when it sets up a resonance with the nearby wall - so I have to wrestle it a few mm, to break the beat frequency. Is it a lemon? I don't know. I do think we've been desensitized to so many noise pollutants that our outrage is unhealthily suppressed. (Think of that outrageous fizz thing that truck/bus brakes do, right next to you in the street).
  5. A gas burner would potentially kill you if used indoors. At least you'd smell leaking ammonia.
  6. I have to disagree. I bought an LG inverter frig, and it's quite noisy. At the moment it's a grumble and whirr from fan noise; sometimes it sounds like a truck on a distant highway. Very disappointed. It's outside at the moment (under verandah - shouldn't need to work hard), but will not be coming anywhere near my sound stuff, if I can help it.
  7. BioBrian

    New baby

    Well despite me being blond, I got a black one... It enjoys playing by itself, and is doing well in Class A, on a diet of 150 Watts, liking more juice when it gets excited. It cut its teeth on my big 4-ways, and has a huge abundance of energy. It's both voracious and omnivorous, and seemed to delight in pushing out 'Rite of Spring' in front of an audience yesterday. Still, I can't help wondering about the twins, and what its new brother, the JC 5, will be like. Apparently they forgot to slap its bottom, 'coz it hasn't made any noises yet.
  8. It wouldn't be the first time the world stopped when there's a problem with the cricket... Down here there's often a slug or spider that shorts between the electric fence wire and a star picket. There's a loud whack, whack, (energizers are immune to shorting) until the thing disintegrates. Judging by the sound released, I'd say they're shunting a fair current! (At the ag shows they like to use potatoes - I suppose more Politically Correct).
  9. There's only one thing better than honking, and that's the build-up to it 🤭. But sometimes this build has been way higher than my level of tantric can cope with. Not suggesting anything, but I happen to be a master in the art of procrastination, so tend to pick up on the subtle signs now and again. 5 weeks before my 'leaving' exams (5th Form, for us in the late '60s) I started building an amplifier... Bit of deja vu there. But the vinyl thing really has me worried. People seem to get on the merry-go-round and never get off... Our difference is that you actually do something in the little diversions. Lots and lots, very quickly. It's fun keeping up - I hope we don't have to hope till New Year for the next fix though.
  10. And it's probably paid itself off for them many times over by now! I do like the human side of things. This is a great thread for that.
  11. BioBrian

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks Andy - good suggestion. As usual, unless the full story is out there, everybody's guessing, so apologies for appearing the helpless waif again. I'm actually quite well-served with irons - just put them all together (there's more in the gas-driven dept) and surprised myself: The problem, as others have said, is that when you go to the right size in the $20 ones, they are slow to warm up, then sit there too hot, burning their own tip protection off, stinking, and draining the grid. The joy of the Goot is that the temp can be dialed exactly, and it gets there within seconds - nice. But that little tip has to be wound up to over 400 deg (to average between set temp and what it cools to on the job) to do RCAs, and has to sit there too long, so the wire insulation starts melting away, and so do the soft parts of (inferior) plugs. My fave WBT plugs are made of sterner stuff, but I'd much rather get in with the 40 W and do the whole thing in about 3 seconds, instead of 12+. If I can find a larger-mass Goot tip I'll be laughing - it really is nice with super-flexy cable, light weight, and its own holder (that won't tip over) and cleaning system. The 80 W (7 mm diameter tip) is still best for speaker cable, and the Anderson connectors I use at the speaker end.
  12. BioBrian

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks for that - maybe this'll bear fruit. I found a NZ link, but their site didn't recognize any country outside the shaky isles. (Too busy holding on?) I'm very wary of fleabay - with free post, those tips are a little more than $1 each (Jaycar Goot ones $20 each 🤣); I'd guess their manufacture tolerances could not be up to original standard. I think the Goot deserves better. Should have bought an Akko!
  13. BioBrian

    Soldering iron tip advice

    I'm having trouble finding a bigger tip for my Goot RX-711AS soldering station. The supplied tip has a tiny point, with not enough mass to adequately heat the plugs/cables I mostly do. Can anyone please help me find about a 3mm bevelled tip in Aus?
  14. I knew this thread was doomed.... I'm hoping in this day'n' age there's some antibiotic for the 'black death'. Perhaps some nearby soul with 'medical training'? While the little voice in the back seat pleading "are we nearly there" risks succumbing to old age, let's for a moment rejoice that acg apparently has a life outside true reality (speaker building).