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  1. You might have put those cables' noses out of joint with your ageist comments 😧. Did you try swapping them, to chase down the fault?
  2. I can't see a way around this. In the other direction (balanced pre to unbalanced power) it would seem a more possible compromise.
  3. I doubt that your balanced amp likes having one of the signals shorted to its earth. Joining the chassis and signal earths might be causing it, but you're stuck with that if using these adaptors. Maybe @Bill125812 could help you? Twisting wires the wrong way causes an electrical fault? Or is it a physical thing? New to me. Doubt that's causing your present issue.
  4. There are folk around who'd say that's all you need. (Nonsense of course - if you spend $1k+, everything will work fine - there's another one to forgive). Red is R channel, White is L channel; don't use the yellow. (Sure you got that right, but useless going on if not). The 2 standards for XLR mean your signal could be getting through the adaptor out of phase, or making an earth loop, or worse. The earthing part is what I would suspect most, in giving you bad noises. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XLR_connector Scroll down to "3-pin in audio use"
  5. Not even sure that's the problem, but you'd need a multimeter to find out. What are you going to, and from, to need the adaptors? Sorry if you've said already. (And what cables?)
  6. Are the XLR adaptors 2nd pin positive (most of the world), or 3rd pin positive (Japan)? Something in your pic tells me you should be able to iron out any problems ☺️.
  7. No... that's exactly what I'm telling my kids. 😃👍 In a way which doesn't give them too much of a scarcity complex, of course..... but "figuring things out", and "solving problems" are good life skills (understatement) .... and few cuts from rusty nails won't hurt one bit. That's heartening to hear, it's just that these days I'd be worried about the stream of counsellors and lawyers (or worse) knocking on the door claiming abuse, and whatever other trendy accusations they can conjure up. Some aspects of the present are pretty dismal!
  8. I agree, and this has had surprisingly little discussion, to my knowledge. Since joking about putting them up as surround speakers once, I've often wondered about how to measure them in free air - and the tractor's the only way I can think of, but I'm really not up to that right now, however appealing the concept is. I feel this thread should not be swamped with miscellaneous adventures unrelated to Hugh's project, or at least the Faital 3WC-15 design in particular. See @Sierra's "Another Troels Gravesen's DTQWT Project Build" thread as an example: from memory, I'm guil
  9. Hi Sam, the pic is actually from when I'd just finished the DTQWT-12s in Feb 2013, but yes, nice and lush as usual down here, especially the blackberries. The tree ferns could be hundreds of years old; they look the same at any time. Better not use Hugh's space for other matters though - will PM. A hazard of him living on the wrong side of the planet? Mine could be inverted, as opposed to the smaller version; the difference I see would be that the horn, opening upwards, would affect bass presentation to the room - less room gain? - is this what you had in mind
  10. I sort of have an agreement with myself, that I'll improve the workshop some more, before taking on the next project. It's saved a lot of time and stress over the period, eg now I have a very solid table for entertaining at GTGs (as well as flat, for laminating etc haha). So each speaker build gets easier, more efficient, in theory. I just like making life difficult (eg 2 x 350 litre subs for very little obvious gain). But nothing can compare with the mega-uber-bench you had! And a table saw and table router would solve a lot of problems. In allowing myself a few cool t
  11. 212 hours, over 2 1/2 months, plus odd days later on, fitting fly-wire bottoms to keep out any mud-wasps and rodents, upgrade XO, make slotted rear covers, etc. So, total 236 hours, according to my notes.
  12. Only 200 m, but that was the easy bit! Funny you should ask, 'coz that turned up a pic of the felt-padded trolley thing I mentioned earlier in the thread. Had to build a ramp up the house steps to get it in, but 80 kg moved quite easily on the right slope.
  13. Did I hear 'good front end loader'? I wish we could get my DTQWT-12s into the GTG. Might be a long drive though.
  14. I did this back in 2013 for my HPD 315A drivers. Boxes were as per Tannoy designs that came with drivers. The XO resistors fell apart every time I tried to move them; the connections and wiring were all pretty bad, so I did the full monty. All Jantzen parts. Inspiration sources were Troels Gravesen, Hilberink.nl, a guy in UK, and was it Peter Campbell in Perth?
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