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  1. I've been wishing for one of these for ages, and finally got one. Much neater than some others I'd seen. Cool toy! Now it's easy to check distance of each speaker from the listening position. It remembers and shows the last 2 measurements - perfect for the job. https://www.jaycar.com.au/mini-laser-distance-meter-20m/p/QM1626
  2. Well, thanks to lots of feedback and encouragement from you and others, and my patented set of rhodium-plated blinkers, I think it's pretty well plain sailing from here. I did some more reading about augmenting subs, and it confirmed that 4 is a good number to deal with room modes. And that this should be the first step, before room treatments (and EQ of whatever flavour). I'll have 4 x 15" passive drivers in the room - 2 as part of the stereo "fronts", and these 2 to fill the nulls. The size is set at 320 litres internal (good old WinISD), first trial of placement in room is decided (and variable), drivers ready. Just have to find that saw, stuffed away in the bowels of the Barn in the frantic cleanup for the Holton day.
  3. I can add to the (above) list of hurdles conquered - fitting new bearings, tyres, and tubes to the trailer. Cost, from tow bar to safe(?) trailer, now over $1300, but it finally did the job. @Upfront "Stubborn" works, Linc! Thanks again for your kind offer. Driving past the sites of 2 previous nasty trailer accidents brought up some vivid memories; I can't describe how relieved and pleased I am to have this lot here.
  4. I got Daphile working in my server last night, and heard some excellent sounds - thanks Clay. DSD 256 works into my Oppo 205 as DAC. Don't have a DSD 512 file to try, yet. I bought a new Samsung 1TB 860 Pro, so Daphile and the music library could both be on that. (Asrock 3710 MB, 8GB single-sided, single card RAM, Uptone JS-2 LPSU, modded Pico, etc). But when doing a copy/paste from my Windows 10 computer to the Daphile server over ethernet, it copped out after only a small number of files were passed across. Tried again today - can only manually paste into the empty folders it did receive. Is there a way to get it to copy them all without fuss? Wonder if the ethernet switch is being a bottleneck or something? Is there a tutorial somewhere between the Daphile basic setup, and DIY's 400 Daphile pages? Or should I put Daphile on the USB stick, and just use the SSD as the library, off the MB's SATA socket?
  5. They probably had to send staff to UK to undertake the special In-House Training "Identify Torx #10 screwdriver". My sympathies.
  6. Sadly, the radiologist said it's unlikely I can achieve full dilation in 3 days. And a Caesar would be too dangerous. We'll just have to hold our breath for the next GTG date (except me - better get onto those breathing exercises). Meanwhile, I'll just keep feeding the beasts. Need more plywood, BUT... usual story down here - can't do that until you've done this, and you can't do that until you've done this, etc etc. I borrowed a friend's elderly Hilux to get the first load of ply, and had a sore leg (and mild PTSD) for a few days after enduring the perched position and needing several tonnes of force to get the brake to understand my intentions. (Not to mention the near-death experience of getting back in my car, and discovering the brake DID work). So, having a trailer just sitting here, I decided that's how to do the rest. NO - first I had to get a towbar fitted, then re-do the trailer wiring and swap plug type, fit new reflectors, repair lights, re-weld a couple of suss joints, spray some zinc around, take it for inspection, be told someone had stuffed up the original data entry, had to buy a new compliance plate and sets of letter and number stamps, stuff up one and have to buy another compliance plate, spend 4 hours stamping the thing, pay the inspector, pay the new rego, and wonder what the hell was all that about. Now it's raining for weeks on end, with no letup in sight. Hmm. So now I'm starting a flirtation with Daphile on my music server - in an attempt to get DSD-512 happening. Better than cleaning out the bottom drawers, I suppose.
  7. Welcome, David, to my low-key thread. I've enjoyed your posts elsewhere, especially as you favour acoustic rather than DSP solutions to bass issues. Can you lure your mate down this way at all? You never know - one american guy told me the fly fishing here was legendary... Your participation would be much appreciated.
  8. Oh, and forgot to mention, I'm also a bit "shatto Le Tour"...
  9. @soundbyte Hah! Not sure how to continue the analogy - "pregnant pause" is the best I can manage at the moment. Truthfully though, it's been death by a thousand frosts, as dreaming about a heating system has taken priority. I can only manage a few minutes at a time in the Barn (lucky to get over 5 deg lately), and the process of thinking there has proven too much of a challenge. I did put some tape on the floor to try getting an idea of the projected (actual) size, and my present design all looks a bit silly. Too long and thin? 1500mm would make them the same height as my DTQWT-12s, but I doubt they would ever be set up side-by-side seriously. 1200mm would be more practical, especially in cutting from 8 x 4 sheets of plywood; this would mean much wider baffles though, and limit any future option of a floor-standing option, as they'd just take up too much space, especially in their triangular shape. There's also an acoustic question - I'm not really on top of the the whole "augmenting subs" thing, as in: where is the best room placement for them, to fill nulls. Reading today from @Audiophile Neuroscience and his mate "Barry", I started worrying about exciting modes if placed in the ceiling corners. But to counter modes, maybe this is what is needed? I suppose I'd have the option of lowering them down the walls - would make a couple of nice tables/shelves to rest drinks & nibbles on at the next GTG... Hope you're enjoying your new cosiness!
  10. I agree about less cables, but in my experience the PSX-R is not negotiable. My 8xpds sound so much better with them. Less boxes is great, but I think the biggest advantage is that one familiar remote can do all your input switching, volume, power on/off etc, and the screen is legible from the listening position. Looking forward to reports of how this new DAC sounds.
  11. Does anybody know which DAC chip they are using? The Bristol Show video bloke seemed to say "32-bit 76AK40FS Sabre DAC", which even Google hasn't heard of yet. It does seem rather over-priced, especially here in Aus, but I guess the QX upgrade was around that, a long time ago.
  12. There's lots of info about building updated crossovers for these. Big improvement is likely, over the frail old Tannoy parts. (I did it). Lovely drivers.
  13. There are much better pics around than this, but a look at the back is quite helpful for me, so I'll share this one: It shows the simplicity - no stickers, rock solid, modest, and fine proportions. I certainly have no issue with the placement of the feet - spot on. And the whole thing - it was quite humbling just to be in its presence! The aesthetics are just perfect, obviously well thought-out, and whether intentional or not, a work of art. From above, side, below with the polished steel transformer 'pot', and of course the front, it is quietly neat and confident. The 14 kg 2 kVA (edited) transformer is less than half of its weight; the 10 mm front and rear panels are a special grade of aluminium that allows the stunning CNC lettering; this and the anodising are done in South Australia (edited). From past photos and Anthony's descriptions, it's obvious that this meticulous care is exhibited throughout the interior as well. There is virtually no wiring inside. The power supply is a major part of the centre, and the transformer is encased below the isolating mezzanine floor. We heard that Anthony has quite a history of "making cars go faster", so it would seem natural to have such a low centre of gravity, with the transformer showing its lovely bottom below the casework. Some of the conversation re technical aspects of the design was over my head (implications of voltage feedback, etc), but it gave me complete confidence that this man has been studying and implementing amplifier design for decades, and that this amplifier is a pinnacle of his success. As mentioned in above posts, we compared the '500' with my Parasound A 21 amp, which is rated at 250 W into 8 Ohms, still a solid piece of work of similar weight, and similar claimed 'A' biased 'A-B' type. The Parasound transformer is only 1 kVA, compared with the Holton's 2 kVA. And it's not silent, like the Toroidy Supreme. The test track was a portion of Mahler's 4th Symphony, played by Boulez and the Vienna Philharmonic. Near the end of the achingly-beautiful slow movement there's a huge outburst from the orchestra - strings going crazy, full woodwind and brass, triangle, and tympany using both sticks at extreme levels. Previously, I had been very pleased with how the Parasound made all this feel reasonably effortless. I never had the feeling I needed to protect against cones hitting me at high velocity, or seeing blue smoke arising - my speakers are quite efficient, and the AT drivers can handle huge dynamic contrasts, etc etc. But the Holton made it so much easier! Everything stayed in control, and there was much more detail, even in the terrifyingly loud parts. It made the A 21 sound like everything had soft edges, a coloration in the upper midrange, and quite a bloom in the bottom notes, even though I had the illusion of the A 21 being slightly louder down there. We played many types of music through the Holton, including one of Martin's own recordings of a local jazz group, a hi-def remix (?) of Hotel California, some provocative Stravinsky, a Steinway grand piano, Bach played on the 'Barrere' Stradivarius, and some demo test tracks. One track prompted the question - "Brian, are you sure you want supplimenting subs?" Everything was so clean, 3D, and virile. I heard many comments about the depth of sound stage. It made my speakers sound better to me - some aspects which had been of concern around that midrange were showing a new transparency. I'd wondered if it had something to do with the polyprop driver cones, but now I don't need to doubt. I have to admit that I haven't experienced any amplifiers of this calibre before, so this might explain my rather emotional reaction. The whole time was a very thrilling experience - right from the first moments of sensing it sinking into my dining table (that felt like a mild blood transfusion), to the big orchestral climaxes in the Barn the next day, as well as being in the presence of its designer/builder - that quietly potent man. It was wonderful to hear Anthony open up and let forth some views about design aspects, better use of the room, speakers in general, and the state of hifi around the world. I'm so glad we could all share this, and thanks to you all for your contributions.
  14. Suddenly, it was all over. Gone was the company, the intensity, and the adventure. Unplugged gear, music still playing to a deaf DAC, a pile of dishes, and the odd can to recycle. A wet tractor seat, and futile attempts to focus on feeding a bunch of swarming hungry beasts up the hill silently yelling 'hey what happened to this global warming thing'. (Icy wind and rain). Back to earth. I'd been chatting to Anthony for quite a while, so when he mentioned he had one of his Five-Zero-Zero amps ready to send to a client overseas, and would I like to hear it first, what could I say? It was still engaged in its 'soak-in' period, so it could only enhance the amp's performance by coming down and showing its first footsteps to an equally innocent speaker nut in the southern wilderness? So it turned into a GTG, sadly limited mainly to the 5 people that the 'message' service would allow. I hope not too many others missed the grapevine (sorry). Anthony turned up with his very classy chauffeur 😉 on Saturday evening; we survived a bit of my cooking, and got into some fairly serious chat before crashing. This morning we slowly recovered from my overt lack of ostentation, and carefully man-ouvered the this mighty declaration of human achievement into my salubrious listening space. I admit total exhaustion, after having spent the last few days bulldozing and re-ordering 25 years of junk and treasures to gain a stunning further 22". We had space, in The Barn. So there it was - my Idealish Server running Snakeoil OS, controlled by my 2nd mITX (Win 10) computer, both on Uptone JS-2 LPSUs, feeding via Curious Cable to the Gieseler Konverter DAC/preamp. Balanced cables then took the goodies to the Holton 500 power amp, and on to my SBAcoustics/Audio Technology/ScanSpeakBe 4-way speakers. Also some input from an Oppo disc player, and some 16/44.1 stuff via optical from the control computer. The rest is history. Maybe others could join in with impressions of the experience. @soundbyte, @deblur, @henning, @jasonphilip, @Aussieamps I'm all a bit overwhelmed. And not just by Anthony's very kind words about my speakers. Feeble thoughts flashed by... "oh, but you could just leave it here, and I'll post it on", etc. All a bit like having your child arrested in a foreign country... Dreadful feelings of loss, seeing it lovingly wrapped up and driven off into the stormy night. And the company too. It's been a very rich few years, connecting with you SNA guys, following all the joys and tragedies of life. My ears are forever addicted. That's my amp review for you (for now). Thanks to you all, and an especially huge one for Anthony. A beautiful crystallization of decades of achievement there! Sorry you couldn't make it, @Upfront and @davewantsmoore.
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