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  1. Hey folks, I have a pass to Coachella Music Festival, weekend 2 18-20 April. Not looking to scalp, but recoup losses after a mate pulled out. We booked a hotel package, so the ticket includes the pass, and a shuttle pass. We each paid $900, so make an offer. I know it's a bit of a long shot here because it's in California at all, but never hurts to ask. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. Right, I think I finally cracked it. I couldn't figure out how to push to the receiver. It was to do with a setting on the receiver (Airplay automatically flicks the receiver on, DLNA doesn't). I'll give it a go for the 30 days, and see how it goes. I'm ready to burn iTunes to the ground*, so hopefully this is the solution. *On that note, does anyone have a suggestion for a music organiser? iTunes seem to have messed up many, many of the tags. RinseMyMusic gives 50 tracks before purchase. Something similar (preferably free/cheap) would be good. Thanks for your help so far folks!
  3. Yeah, I tried with WMP, but the receiver doesn't play nicely with it. "Unexplained error" or something similar. The receiver isn't "Windows Certified." I couldn't see how to get JRiver to AirPlay. Do I have to use AirFoil as well? I hate to say it, but it looks like iTunes is going to have to do. I've heard it plays a bit more nicely with Windows 8 than it has for the last few years on Windows 7. None of the ludicrous lag time in opening
  4. So JRiver airplays? I might give it a go. It looks like you get a pretty reasonable trial period. Thanks for the suggestion. Another approach: I'm also pretty new to the DLNA way of thinking. I know I can set my computer up as a server, and go through the GUI on the receiver to play music, but that's pretty clumsy. Is there some way to control play from my computer (like I would with iTunes and Airplay)?
  5. Hey folks, I just made the leap to Windows 8, and I'm determined to to avoid iTunes (for the standard performance reasons). I've had a bit of a look around and initially I was leaning towards Foobar or something similar, but I'm also after something that will airplay to my receiver. From the looks of it, AirFoil and AirParrot don't work at this point. Something to do with applications being sandboxed when they run in metro. I've still got an iPod, so syncing ability would be good, but I can use DoubleTwist or something to get around with that. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience in doing this? I'm two days old with Windows 8, so forgive the ignorance if there is an easy fix here. Cheers.
  6. Ahh cool. Thanks for your advice. I was thinking that it was only the USB that would be helped by the DAC. I've got a couple of hours (/days/weeks) mucking around with the different possibilities.
  7. Ok thanks. So that would still bypass the USB (on the AVR side) and go to optical? I have an old Creative x-Fi sound blaster that has optical out. That's going to perform better than the built in sound card. So I might just use that when I'm not airplaying. I was just wondering if I should be aiming for that USB port to get the best performance.
  8. So it's a bit of a rookie question, but I need some help. I have finally replaced my dodgy old AVR with a Yamaha A2020, which contains a Burr-Brown DAC. What's the recommended way of plugging my laptop into it for music alone? My understanding was that by going through the USB on the computer I bypass it's rubbish sound card, but how do I then plug it into the Yammie? There is a usb port on the front of the AVR for playing off USB sticks or ipods, but that's not how I should be hooking my laptop up is it? If so, what cable do I use? I can go headphone port to component, but that's defeating the purpose, isn't it? Cheers.
  9. Great. Thanks to everyone for the replies. I guess I'm just going to have to find one to have a look at it, and settle on whether the $500 difference in price (not MRSP, but bargain offers) is really worth it.
  10. HI folks, I know they have only just shipped, but has anyone had much of a play with the new Cambridge 651r (or 751r for that matter) yet? I'm pretty keen to have a look at one before I finally make the plunge and buy my upgrade. Still tossing up between this or the Yam RXa2020. Cheers, Scotty
  11. Yeah, these are my thoughts exactly. If I'm listening to music and want to push it a little, that's only going to be in stereo (possibly with a sub), if I'm watching a movie and want surround, I don't necessarily need 100+ Watts for every channel.
  12. They are great, but wasted on my crappy little Sherwood. Haha, pretty frustrating. I rushed in to the purchase because of a great price, but now I've got to wait for a new receiver ...
  13. Hi Wilco, I had a read through your comments in the other thread and while I'm pretty new to this kind of thing, I think this might help. About two-thirds of the way down the page they explain that power rating is not the maximum power consumption. Have a read, and see what you think. I find it hard that you talk so negatively about Yamaha products without ever having owned one, but opinions are what I came for. Thanks for your input. What are you driving?
  14. Yeah, I think that tends to be the consensus. Thanks for your feedback. Do you have a specific page in mind? Their website isn't particularly well designed or maintained, although I emailed Steve and he was very helpful. He recommended the Aventage line over the 73 series. Better build quality and sonics etc. I'm skeptical though. Sales people tend to recommend the Aventage, while many people on the forums suggest the same as here, ie "same sonics, but 5th foot(!)".
  15. Hey folks, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the recent range of Yamahas? I'm weighing up whether the extra money to step to an Aventage is truly worth it. There doesn't seem to be a real consensus as to whether there is a real difference between the Aventage and the 73 series. Dealers that stock the Aventage swear that sonically it's better, but others seem more skeptical about the marketing drive ("it's just a a fifth foot and an extended warranty"). I'm looking to compare the RX-A2020 and the RX-V2073. Who's got some opinions they would like to share? I'm looking for comparisons mainly on the musical side of things. Cheers, ST.
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