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  1. The software sounds different, the hardware also sounds different, and power supplies.
  2. Hi, thanks for the pic. I do like the Hulgich's very much! Your room also looks great and I am interested in how you went about deciding how to treat it.
  3. Agree with @Snoopy8 , can make a significant difference., especially the first step up or 2
  4. Have seen some info regarding this os and player. Reports sound favourable, anyone had experience? https://euphony-audio.com/ https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55873-shootout-at-the-linux-corral-audiolinux-vs-euphony/#comments
  5. Item: Shunyata Venom USB cable 1.5m Location: Melbs Price: Priced to sell at $150 plus postage. RRP $350. Item Condition: As new - opened and used for just over a day. Reason for selling: too many cables. Payment Method: Pickup - Paypal. Postage = Paypal (as a friend or add 3% for fees). Got this recently from SNA see ad below, Very nice cable at a great price. Agree with the sellers assessment. I have too many cables so something has to go. Pictures:
  6. Ebay like to promote themselves as a safe place to buy stuff as compared with dodgy gumtree (which they own) and scary facebook and the hardly need to be mentioned boiling frog Trading Post, so they generally look after buyers very well. Sellers.... not so much.
  7. I have bought from a hacked sellers account and was refunded. Usually if the seller has plenty of feedback and there are multiple items that are too good to be true it is a hack. If the seller has low or zero sales they never get anywhere near the paypal money as ebay hold it back for a month.
  8. if you run snkaeoil iso it wont affect your hard drives. obviouslty if you choose to install, it will wipe the disk you install on. Maybe disconect any drives you dont want overwritten while you get your head around it
  9. Snakeoil supports roon, hqplayer, mpd, minimserver, lms, and others, has amazing support, will be better than a linux distro and has an easy dash to do stuff so you dont have to learn linux. Small donation unlocks even more features, works well with roon, setup is not difficult , boot with a usb stick , you can run it off the usb iso or install on the local drive, sounds like you have enough skills to manage this. All at no cost
  10. you seem to have an axe to grind. How did they sound?
  11. what sort of cable is the crystal clear? I cant tell what the plugs are
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