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  1. Item: Abbey Road Moving Air Monitor Bi Wire Speaker Cables 3.9 Mtr Location: Inner East Melboune Price: $375 Plus postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Pay Pal, friends, Bank Deposit. Extra Info: Bought these recently on here from Conrad. They are a nice cable but I need to shed cables to combine funds to get a cable a level or 2 higher than this or my others which i will be posting soon. The rest of the ad is from the original post These are a Silver/Copper hybrid cable. Retail on these was $1500. Selling cheap as I soldered spades onto the banana plugs at the amp end. They have ended up a bit shorter due to cutting them to fit my Maggies ,hence the cheap price. I have refitted the banana plugs on the bi wire end. The spades could easily be desoldered or removed as the banana plugs are clamped with screws not soldered. Use them as they are or with a bit of tinkering you can have a high end cable for less than half price.
  2. frednork

    Vale Chris Wilson

    Very sad news
  3. frednork

    The null tester

    Do the Townshend videos disprove Winers or vice versa?
  4. frednork

    The null tester

    the blip was not that big in video 1 but by the time you get to video 4 the differences "look" audible.
  5. frednork

    The null tester

    @Zaphod Beeblebrox please see middle of the quoted post
  6. Assuming you have looked at this or similar when looking at room dimensions https://amcoustics.com/tools/amroc?l=570&w=446&h=250&re=EBU listening room
  7. If I was not on a strict integrated / all in one diet I would be looking at this very closely, pricing looks very keen. GLWTS BTW what are the steampunk coil things in the 38?
  8. frednork

    The null tester

    Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with the Townshend videos. ie what is flawed about what he showed/said?
  9. frednork

    Pass Labs XA25 Power amp

    Nice review
  10. frednork

    82kg speakers

    Done this alone with Osborn Monuments (120kg?) and Duntech princess (measly 90ish kg) many times. Just take your time and dont rush and make an expensive mistake.
  11. frednork

    Telos and blustream banana plugs

    I would like them pm sent
  12. frednork

    Roon 3 Pack discount

    I'm in, what do I do?
  13. frednork

    sony turntable

  14. frednork

    Isolation Transformer - Please school me.

    if you still hear problems then disconnect everything that is not the Lampi and the speakers and then post result.
  15. frednork

    Isolation Transformer - Please school me.

    Ok, interesting. please connect everything to just one outlet (with simple power boards) for testing purposes (no cawsey)