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  1. Another thing worth mentioning is if you currently have Marquis, or lower models, the cp's are not just a slightly bigger speaker that goes lower, they are much more complicated in the crossover, they use more expensive Dynaudio and SEAS drivers and sound significantly better. Not to say the others sound bad but remember these were significantly more expensive than the next model down and the difference is obvious. I have directly compared the crown prince/princess with the marquis and statesman and there is quite a difference. Considering Marquis are selling for near the asking price for these , this is a good chance to trade up a lot in quality for not much cash outlay. Once you had these you could not go back to the lower models easily.
  2. Massive bargain for someone. All the hard work has been done. crossovers redone with tasty mundorf caps, check, (worth around $1500) drivers in good shape, check, Cosmetics done, check. In my room the princess (which is the same internally but different cosmetics), are essentially flat to 20kHz and have useable output down to at least 10Hz and may be more extended but I havent measured beyond that. If you are after a full range speaker with fantastic imaging at a bargain price, run, dont walk and grab these. Others similar or same that come up are either twice the price or require significant work and expense. GLWTS
  3. Think I just realised how "girly man" my setup is.
  4. You might get away with it. I have run roon on atoms and it works ok, bit slower and dsp is ok, upsampling might be challenging.
  5. TVheadend the Linux one? I really like that software. Which nas software are you using it on? Not using with NAS but with nuc with libreelec
  6. I think choice of backend TV server is the key, I use headend. Have tried others and failed
  7. Dont have experience on nas software specifically but I use this https://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Sony_PlayTV_dual_tuner_DVB-T on a nuc with libreelec for our daily driver and it works fine. Super cheap, Not as fast to change channels as the Hauppage I used to have but it works and it is our main TV source. and works across the network at other nodes.
  8. Am very interested in your treatments and any measured and subjective impact you can report. If you are amenable to sharing please post here or maybe start a new thread. Very nice setup btw!
  9. Cant say I have ever heard another DJ that was able to play music so new, interesting, challenging, engaging and revelatory as the Ghost. Will be very sadly missed by me and I am sure many.
  10. Ok , I just did a simple simulation of your room in REW and I doubt my suggestion above will help alot This is how I guessed your room is setup, note the distances estimated on the speakers are .45m from the side walls and 1.1m from the back wall. Note the big 25db hole which is centred around 65Hz and relatively flat curve above 100Hz If we move the speakers and listening position a little we get a smaller hole and reduced energy above 100hz. Its probably not exactly correct but it gives you some clues as to what you might try.
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