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  1. Hi Matt, welcome to the site. There are lots of DIYers here and plenty of threads to show off your creations, compare or ask for advice. Looking forward to seeing what your setup is!
  2. Work out a time share arrangement with @Tubularbells, then you both get to listen to 2 awesome speakers without having to buy them both. Shipping could be a fly in the ointment however.....
  3. Can imagine will make a huge difference, good stuff!
  4. The first speakers look like Gryphon Pendragons. you can pick up a used pair cheap at audioconnection for $120K https://audioconnection.com.au/products/gryphon-pendragon
  5. Your (very) broad question(s)/statements seem designed to try to ignite some kind of vinyl/cd vs digital streaming debate/flame war, rather than answer some burning question you personally have. You really havent read enough similar threads if you truly are interested in some cogent response.
  6. wow, nice pickup for someone, very generous!
  7. your choice will work fine, the teddy pardo says it will run the nuc so should be fine also,
  8. should mention prior to the xover update, I would have found no toe-in a bit rolled off on top end especially at closer listening positions, after update, no drama.
  9. rough simulation shows a dip at that frequency is possible depending on where everything is
  10. Ok, might be worth redoing with the mic not on a big (resonating) box, (preferably a nice solid stand) and see if it improves. (might not though) , can you perceive the dip?
  11. Ok, if I use REW room simulator with what you have said I get this and this shows the original plus 30 cm forward and back. Might be worth trying more forward and this one shows moving eatch of them 30cm closer to the middle This is what I get with listening position 3m from front wall, with 30cm in front and behind shown also (not making much diff) similarly 1.2 from the back wall on the simulation, the further away from those spots the lumpier the bass gets. It may not be spot on but the trends might give you an idea
  12. Mine are in a 5.7 x 4.4 x 2.7 room and are 84cm from back wall to front cover and 78 from side wall to middle of drivers. Am limited in how far out they can come as it is a shared space. similarly they cant really come any closer together as there is a projector screen that comes down for movies ( but have had them further out and closer together and that hasnt necessarily been better). The room has a fair amount of treatment and is double brick so not lossy unfortunately. I currently have them straight down from which I am enjoying the relaxedness and wider sweet spot but have had them at many angles and positions. As you know small changes in position can make quite a bit of difference especially in upper bass. How far back is your listening position? Do you know what the frequency range of the mid bass thump you are looking for is? Have you had a chance to do the crossover upgrades?
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