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  1. frednork

    Advice on speaker refresh

    When i enquired with the manufacturer of my 80's speakers about crossover reburbishment they recommended selected capacitors be updated and some ceramic resistors be changed to metal oxide types. There certainly is a difference in the sound post update but I dont know how much was due to the resistor change.
  2. Hi Chung, no worries, enjoy the wedding and when life calms down happy for you to get in touch. Not Sovereigns , but princesses. (a bit) More family friendly All the best.
  3. Hi Chung, I am not far from you and run a 2 pc setup using Roon. I am not an expert in Jplay but happy to assist if you think it will help. It is not that difficult to set things up in a scalable way so that we can get it working reasonably using some of the software you have and work on the harder ones if you think it will yield a sonic benefit. you can pm me if you wish
  4. Yes, as usual the more boxes the better applies according to common understanding. I guess that this solution is scalable and offcourse you can hang off as many extra doodads and de crapifiers as you want. The theory goes that very busy cpus and drives will inject more noise and jitter into the system so a lot of people isolate power supplies for the motherboard , drive , and usb/optical card. I havent seen many people discuss the purification of an optical connection, its mostly usb which you are very familiar with. Its not difficult to add an extra box and the processing demands for a "renderer" box is very low so atoms or even arm processors may work better here so high current power supplies and big boxes may not be required . Hardware is one part, software and operating system may give different results also. Windows, linux, snakeoil. dietpi etc. I expect it is possible to achieve good levels of fidelity even with one box and then its just how much more money do you want to throw at it. Also happy to demo a 2 box solution as my renderer has an optical out.
  5. frednork

    Roon software

    Havent done it, but on paper, yes
  6. frednork

    SOLD: FS: Cable Parts

    Could you list lengths please
  7. frednork

    Roon software

    Ok, one more thing which i think is relevant for those looking at Roon, Roon can be setup to output multiple channels either into a multichannel dac like an avr or by grouping sets of outputs. I think it would be a trivial exercise to have extra channels which are set to route the left /right main re-outputting to say the analog audio card as well as the optical out , setup eq in ROon (which you have determined by MSO) and adjust for any latencies, distances. This straight into a couple of subs and voila .Can also invert phase if required Although I havent tried it I do intend to. And dont forget ability to run music anywhere else there is roon endpoint (ie an android phone)
  8. frednork

    Roon software

    Its strange they did it that way only (optical). Optical doesnt get as much airtime as usb. I have a solution you could try. An all in one nuc roon fanless headless server/player with optical port. Not super expensive, will run dsp. small footprint. I am assuming you are looking at a hardware based solution so at least one more box anyhow! The standard dsp in Roon is great to use as you can change it on the fly and hear the difference you are creating as the song plays. @Snoopy8 Happy for you to have a play with this unit if interested.
  9. frednork

    Roon software

    Hi @Snoopy8, assuming you have tried airplay connection for the phantoms, cuts it down to one box that you may already have
  10. frednork

    Roon software

    Have been using Roon for over a year. Have used straight eq and convolution filters. Roon is very flexible in the way these can be applied and you could use both if required. The power of convolution filters (if my understanding is correct) can take it into the realm of what a deqx does if using a program such as DRC to generate the filters. The thing I find really good about Roon is it mostly just works and having tried a lot of other software it is clearly the best functioning and has the most features, although i havent tried mac options. Remember the way it works is the Roon "core" can power many endpoints and they include any android device, chromecast, squeezebox, any kodi installation, dedicated devices , raspbery pi etc. And it can run them all simultaneously and with different music like in a family situation , no extra licenses required. Just limited by how powerful the core is and how far your network travels. Having said that, I have run roon on old laptops, atom fanless pc's, pi's and dedicated servers. In terms of how much power is required. Not much to run one endpoint at redbook (44.1k) with DSP (eq or convolution) , An atom could easily handle dsp at higher rates but may just be a bit slower in response over the network. Although it is expensive and I keep trying to figure out what I can replace it with once you integrate Tidal with it, it is very hard to improve upon. With the Tidal integration you really have the entire Tidal library as if it is part of yours and when your selected music ends it can play music from either your library that is smiilar or can also include selections from Tidal that are similar. It is very easy to find new music and explore with no gap. For this last reason I can justify the money. In terms of how good Roon sounds I think it is all relative to what you are trying to achieve. Roon software is made for the purpose of streaming high quality music through a house easily. I havent compared it but apparently much better than sonos and similar. So for most people it is already probably more than adequate. Once you get into the rarified atmosphere of can it equal my $10000 cd spinner, well some think it can (especially if you use the same dac that your spinner uses). At this level the hardware and software becomes critical to achieve the result and very expensive renderers, power supplies, cables, network solutions are the order of the day. Do you need all that in a standard setup? I would say no. There are also other options such as adding Hqplayer to do more sophisticated upsampling/digital filtering if you want to fiddle. A great start is to attach in whatever way you can via audio outputs, usb or optical and go from there.
  11. Item: Acoustic Revive Isolation platforms RST-38H x 2 Location: Inner Melbs Price: $475 Item Condition: ok but is scuffed from moving heavy speakers and components on to them Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These platforms are filled with quartz crystals which are supposed to turn vibration into heat and therefore isolate the object placed on it. I have used them mostly under my speakers (apparently they can take a 200kg load each.) which I found better than anything else in this price range, but also got some benefit under my components. Would prefer local pickup They have indentations and scratches from having 70kg speakers and heavy components on them. I used a black marker to make the scratches less obvious and they look fine under stuff. please see photos Cheapest I could find online is just under $2k for 2 More info from website below ( I do like how they are so proud of keeping costs down by using an Ikea style assembly approach), last pic is taken from the web Dimension:W482*H38*D382mm ●Dimension of Placement:W432*H20*D332mm ●Weight:5.9kg ●Bearing capacity:Max 100kg 2013 Visual Grand Prix 2013 Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2010 SUMMER Visual Grand Prix 2010 Writers' Choice Award on US hi-fi magazine "Positive Feedback" 2010 Audio Excellence Award Prize in accessory category 2009 U.S Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award Achieved an ideal vibration control of the speakers An ideal structure of a speaker platform is to stop the vibration generated by the speaker being conveyed to the floor and the reversed vibration back from the floor. Regardless of the material and structure used inside of the board, the vibrations are still conveyed on the surface of the board and this pollutes the reproduced sound from the speaker reducing the overall quality of the sound. When using the RST-38H, with its top board floating on natural crystal particles, all of the vibrations from the speaker are absorbed by these particles, thus having a major impact on the sound. The crystal particles absorb and eliminate the vibration by changing it into thermal energy. Consequently, there is no vibration to the floor and it also avoids the reversed vibration to the speaker. The result is a much improved, clearer sound, giving a higher level of musical enjoyment. The employment of luxurious natural materials for improvement of the sound. The structure of the RST-38H is highest grade Finnish 20mm thick Hickory plywood(acoustically superior) for the top board and natural crystal particles for filling material to achieve an organic, smooth and vivid tone and a feeling of quality. You will be able to enjoy a real, natural sound that is impossible to achieve with a board using vinyl chloride, granite, glass and many other acoustically inferior materials. Excellent price to performance ratio was achieved! We chose the system of having the user assemble the RST-38H by themselves. This enables us to control costs and at the same time have the maximum effect on quality. This leads to a Marvelous “price to performance ratio” in spite of using a huge quantity of natural crystal particles. Load-resistance is over 200kg! In spite of its floating structure, RST-38H is extremely rigid and can accept over 200kg load weight. Therefore, RST-38H can hold tightly and steadily even a speaker or an amplifier of over 100kg in weight, while its vibration control effect is far superior to other boards. Wonderful effect for audio - visual apparatus as well! As the structure of RST-38H is also very effective to intercept vibration from the floor, RST-38H makes a remarkable effect also for audio-visual equipment such as CD players, analogue disc players, and so on. This is a ground breaking and long-awaited audio board that can unite the conflicting element, i.e. a silent, sharp and high resolution sound, and at the same time, the sound is warm, soft and smooth. Pictures:
  12. Item: Uptone USB Regen signal regenerator Location: Inner east Melb Price: $130 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: USB regen comes with power supply, uptone short flexible usb cable and original power cable, will include an aus power cable as well as i dont have US outlets. These cost around $300 landed direct from uptone. Unit works well happy to post at cost Stock photo. unit looks the same blurb from uptone The USB REGEN takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. If you are familiar with the variations in sound quality that come from different computer configurations, USB cables, and power supplies (no, "bits are bits" really does not apply when pursuing the audio summit), then you will immediately recognize the often dramatic effect that the REGEN can have on the the connection you feel with the music. Although the REGEN does not eliminate all sound quality differences between USB cables in a high-end system, it significantly reduces those differences. John Swenson has written about how the PHY chips and processors at the input of every USB DAC (even those with galvanic isolation) are sensitive to "packet noise modulation" and ground-plane noise—caused by poor signal integrityand impedance mis-matching. Every USB audio source (computer or streamer) and cable causes this, every DAC is affected by this—and the REGEN is the cure. The USB REGEN's secondary function is that it disconnects the computer's noisy 5 volt bus power coming down the USB cable, and provides clean 5VBUS on its output--for DACs that need it—via a second ultra low-noise regulator. From all the time we have spent listening to the REGEN in our systems we can say that it is exceeding our expectations. Often it sounds like you are listening to a different DAC! Of course the benefit will vary with each computer/DAC system, but we hear positive differences even with very modest systems. The improvement is different than with a power supply or computer optimizations—but perhaps larger. Regardless of whether you are feeding your USB DAC from a from a stock computer, a fully-optimized music server, or a streamer/renderer (Auralic Aries, Bryston, Moon Audio, SOtM sMS-100, etc.), the REGEN has the potential to carry your music system to a new level. Here is a quote from one new USB REGEN owner (very typical of the comments seen all over): Pictures:
  13. Item: Gale 401C speakers Location:Inner east Melbourne Price: $975 Item Condition:good Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Up for sale is a pair of Gale 401C's . These speakers work well and sound great. All drivers are functioning . These speakers have all original parts and have had the surrounds professionally replaced. The trim pots on the rear have been taken out of circuit and replaced with 2.2 ohm resistors as described in Gale refurbishment web sites. The speaker terminals on one were also replaced as they had broken off. These do sound great so its easy to see why they have such a big fan base, and I would keep them but I just cant see how I will get a chance to use them in the next year or 2 so better someone else gets to enjoy them. Cosmetically they are not bad with some marks on the wood as shown and covers are original also pretty good. Plenty of resources on the web and on SNA regarding these. Preference to local buyers as I dont really want to ship them as I dont have original boxes Pictures: