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  1. Its very worthwhile to hear this perspective. Interested in how you go. I will be trying 2 x ER with 2 x BG7TBL clocks next week to see if the 2nd clock improves things noticeably (well at least to the value of the clock anyway). How do you attach a 10M clock to the Renolabs?
  2. I think what he was saying secretly when I listened to it backwards was that if you listen to a Topping DAC with MQA then the etherregen difference cannot be detected😁
  3. I dont use Anthem so not sure how much you can customise but if you can create a similar curve to one of those in the article I linked and get ARC to match it it may be enough to get you where you want to be. If not then may be worth going to REW
  4. I would expect you could do better than what you describe with the equipment you have. Do you have a measurement of all channels or at least front channels +sub at once? Also your target curve looks like it is flat. That will result in a forward sound with less bass. Commonly used room curves tend to tilt down from the bottom end to the top with around 5-10db difference depending on your room and taste. Here is one of many things on the internet about customising a house curve to your preference. https://www.minidsp.com/forum/dirac-series-support/17523-advice-on-better-house-curve.
  5. Thanks for the response. Hopefully not off topic and maybe of interest to the OP. I have a "cloud" setup consisting of 8 x 1.2m x .6m panels. 4 are straight RPG dow corning fibreglass and 4 have a BAD panel over the top for combined diffusion/absorption http://www.rpgeurope.com/products/product/bad.html. When I first put them up. I was trying to follow a dead end/live end approach and put a lot of absorption on the speaker end with the cloud absorbers on that side also. Now I am wanting to try the reverse the config ie live side on speaker side and it has struck me that having a constant dista
  6. Would you mind explaining why 2.4 is the critical height for this room?
  7. Yep, I think it does do it this is with switch on this is with switch off
  8. Ok thanks, no wonder I am confused, so they used to but no longer? Also the messaging on the app is not clear if the above is the case as the switch implies it is doing something different.
  9. I have stated my opinion, I will let others decide what is important to be pedantic about and what is not.
  10. Just for my own info, isnt this exactly what the roon guy says they do? If not, how do they differ from HQplayer aside from more filters as most people seem to think they are different.
  11. I think there is no need to correct peoples grammar, spelling or terminology as long as you understand what they are saying. There are people that come from all over the world on this site and the value of their contributions are not measured by how correct their English/teminology is. The appropriate thing to do if it unclear is to ask for clarification. Anything else is annoying for them (for me also and I suspect a great many others) and reflects poorly on the person being "pedantic". Yep sure, the microphone part should be a doddle. I used to have a microtech gefel
  12. yes, perhaps, but if that were enough for everyone then this thread and DBT testing would be totally unnecessary (some would say that is the case regardless) The fact it is not done much and it would be different from the output at line level or into a dummy load has some interest for me. Having looked beyond this thread for advice I have found there are some issues for amps that are balanced in their output (ie live on both -ve and +ve sides. Attaching a device along the lines of suggested above may be disastrous and blow your amp up so would suggest to anyone thinking a
  13. Personally have not seen much info regarding this You may need to do the work here to determine the best result. Alternatively some might say dont spend money on a usb to connect your hard drive but look at other ways of getting your data to the server. non usb methods might be wireless, having a nas on the network, connecting directly with sata with/without power from a separate supply, loading files into memory, or combinations of those. The best will depend on what your equipment allows and setup. Considering some of the usb cables mentioned are in the hundreds of dollars
  14. Perhaps we are trying to blind test the wrong thing. The question I have for the neuroscientists out there, is do these sorts of devices change anything as far as being influenced by bias or external stimuli? ie are your brainwaves a reflection of your bias? It may be a good investment for the curious audiophile? I assume you could replicate the experiment posted previously about high frequency content? https://www.diygenius.com/hacking-your-brain-waves/ https://choosemuse.com/muse-2/?store_id=au&utm_source=Google&utm_m
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