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  1. Curtains will be less reflective than hard surfaces at some frequencies. Chances are it will be a bit dead. But, depends on... everything. Suck it and see if its not too expensive and you like the idea.
  2. Ha you dont muck around Chris. Look forward to your impressions.
  3. Room looks great, colour is good!! ML's look good too. Just need to add another 3 bass drivers per side and all should be good
  4. Ahh ok this is the room with the pitched ceiling. you might need to treat that a bit more to get rid of that flutter echo. I had one as well and was very annoyed by it. That might be all that needs to happen.
  5. Nothing looks terrible above 100Hz so no obvious cause for harshness. How does this room compare with the other in terms of absorption (either placed specifically or incidental due to carpet or building materials ie concrete floor vs wooden etc)?. If you are running roon or something that accepts a convolution filter you can follow the tutorial I posted earlier and get REW to create a stereo filter for you. The trick with that is getting the room curve right. It is surprising how quickly it can make a big positive difference tho for not huge effort and no bucks.
  6. Ha ha, yes. why didnt I think of that?
  7. You can do an RTA (real time analysis) measurement but probably unlikely to help as far as harshness goes . Here is a tutorial , just use no noise instead of pink noise and keep quiet!! https://community.roonlabs.com/t/a-guide-how-to-do-room-correction-and-use-it-in-roon/23800 DOnt worry about the making eq's and roon bit Where you listen from is the place to measure as it may measure better elsewhere but no use if you are not there. There may be a reason to do a nearfield measurement of the speakers but lets see what the LP shows. The other issue is that individual points in space may not give an as accurate representation of how it "sounds overall" and multiple measurements might be better to use in the long run . Even if you post the sweep you already did or others from the LP is ok as a start
  8. @davewantsmoore has beaten me to it, the shape of the bottom of the waterfall is typical and not an indicator of anything much. And I was also going to also ask if you could post a frequency response curve as found in the All SPL tab perhaps with 1/12 smoothing which might show more info. Also distortion graph may be useful. So, what he said !!
  9. Nothing looks terribly amiss to me however the "room curve" is pretty flat. This is largely a matter of taste and how the room (and system) performs. Do you have a measurement of the previous room to compare? If not, are you able, as an initial test reduce everything above 600Hz by 3db (perhaps using a high shelf function) and see how that sounds.
  10. Had some mini grands previously but this is just awe inspiring. Congrats on your commitment to get these Apogees singing! Would love to hear these one day..
  11. Diamond wiring ensures both sections have exactly the same length of cable assuming your cables (and jumpers) + and - sections are the same length. However diamond wiring may have worse results if the jumpers are not the same or better quality than the main cables. @Happy Sacks I have tried it with poor quality jumpers where previously the main cables were plugged into the mid/tweeter section and had similar results to you.
  12. I have heard them sound terrible and I have heard them sound very very good. When setup properly they will rival systems 3-4 times the price and probably a lot more. They go very very low they go very very loud and include a dac, amp and the speaker so lots of cables unnecessary.
  13. I am also getting for sale and wtb that i already got previously todays is from the 16th also. It also happened a few months ago when things went a bit awry. Not worried, just for your info @Marc
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