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  1. Hi Guys, quick question. I noticed recently on an old thread on another forum someone said the marquis originally had dynaudio drivers and was later changed to vifa. Is this correct?
  2. Thanks for the write up. Glad to hear it helps. The room does look challenging!!! you could easily put another unit in with no chance of overkill!!
  3. Ok, I was able to set up vlans but couldnt get them to talk to each other as some things need to be in both
  4. God, networks shlt me, I thought I would assign some ips as suggested above to see what would happen, the servers took up the ip addresses fine but did not work through roon but I could still connect by their window "name" . So I did the interface grouping- set up another subnet called audio I also did some mac and ip binding didnt work so reversed all that and nothing changed, roon still didnt work release renew ip no change roon came back today around midday and the renderer is still not connecting and neither is tidal Arghhhhhh!
  5. This is good, thanks! one small wrinkle is the lan port which I can reaasign to audio interface is eventually connected to the audio servers on the other side of the house and has all manner of other things hanging of it that are not audio. I'm guessing this is not good....
  6. Yep, easy for you to say!! Being network challenged I need a hint on what settings I need to look for
  7. Hi thanks for that, maybe I dont want a vlan, this looks great for separating networks but I still need to access roon from the "normal" network from a variety of devices. This I think I can do This is the bit where I get a bit lost, what sort of thing am I looking for in the router. Is it forwarding or route settings?
  8. Dont think I want a physically segregated network My understanding is I want to change from all traffic going everywhere which is the case in a normal home setup to only audio related traffic going to the audio servers. and all other stuff going to everywhere else. The jumbo frames thing I dont totally understand but would like to try it.
  9. Hi all, am wanting to put the audio gear on a separate subnet and have started this process about 3 times and spent 4 hours last night looking at google and am normally medium computer savvy but this is just not making any sense to me. I dont even know if it is possible to do it with the gear I have! Ready to pull any remaining hair out. I have been wanting to address the network as I use roon and tidal a lot and as with most people, everybody in the house has a couple of devices which use the internet and wireless. Have seen it mentioned that if the audio servers can be segregated from the rest of the net traffic it may give a small benefit in SQ along with using larger (jumbo) frames. I dont really want to discuss whether or not you think it will make a difference, I just want to focus on how to do it. Ok first off I have a TPlink TD-W8980 modem router - https://www.tp-link.com/au/home-networking/dsl-modem-router/td-w8980/ I also have a Cisco switch info here https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/switches/catalyst-2960-8tc-s-compact-switch/model.html I can log into the router and switch and can do stuff but I dont really know what to do. Is it about vlans? I can make them but dont know how to implement them. networking is very confusing
  10. No less audio related than power cables I would suggest
  11. Have had an ME850 in my setup and it was very good, had to spend twice and much to get an easily noticeable improvement. So not an ME basher or fanboi. Lets see what Les thinks!
  12. As good as the 850 is its hard to imagine a situation where the 850 would outclass the JC1's. Alsomonos's and double the price or more so not apples with apples
  13. Hmm, and I thought you liked the Hulgichs? sounds like the relationship has stalled..
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