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  1. Measurements, (and what they really mean for me) are very relevant to me with regards to the Vitus. The reason is that prior to the Vitus I had a Devialet 200. When you look at the specs on the Devialet it should sound miles ahead of any other amplifier, especially the Vitus. Here are the Devialet specs from their website, this is for the current series but from memory the 200 was the same or at least very close. AUDIO PERFORMANCE MEASURED IN STEREO 0.0005% THD+NOISE (HARMONIC DISTORTION) AT FULL POWER UNDER 6Ω
  2. Trevor, not directed at you, sorry for not being clear. you were quoted as you listed the spec. Others have mentioned they thought the bass on the Vitus was very good so my comment was a general comment on specs and what they correlate with. Definitely no hidden messages here! and as you say, you didnt make any comments re the sound of the Vitus. Am sure you have heard it enough though as I bought one of the sad bastards' one, the RI100. Bass wise its very similar to the RI101 which I have now.
  3. Given that high damping factor has always been touted as indicative of good bass control....
  4. Another spec that doesnt correlate with the subjective experience?
  5. We had a thunderstorm a couple of days ago and I unplugged the RI101 just to be safe and have been a bit busy last couple of days so only plugged it in again tonight. I was immediately reminded of a post a saw on here a while back which mentions the RI-100/101 needs to be connected to power continuously to sound its best and whereas I used to switch off at the plug previously I tried not doing that and perceived an imoprovement so left it connected after that. This time I plugged it in and switched on and i sounded a bit flat from the get go and while improving hasnt opened up as much as norma
  6. I agree, and just as happy for you to show any combination of measurements which do so and have been shown to correlate with depth perception. Not sure what this statement really means as no amplifier is truly accurate, There are only different amounts and types of innaccuracy. which type of innacuracy correlates with sound stage depth I cant say.
  7. Yes, you are both allowed to speculate and that is exactly what the above is unless you can show practically how it does correlate with depth of image by either your work or someone elses. I agree it is buried in the signal somewhere just dont agree there is a reliable measurement which correlates with it.
  8. Not an expert either but it would have to measure soundstage depth somehow. The rest are probably not that relevant.
  9. Didnt think we were talking about comparing "very poor audio quality" dacs, In fact the opposite!! Not that I see how it applies but even in this you arent separating out the effect of the dac and adc To be honest I have lost track of what has and hasnt been achieved as I still dont understand the point of the exercise besides confirming what is already known which is that degradation occurs when passed through an ADDA process. How that relates to a possible sound signature is not a linear extension of this for me. However this is your thread and you s
  10. As interesting as this may be, I fail to see how this relates to the topic under discussion. Am I missing something?
  11. you have posted your impressions and that is what I would expect, so no need to The other thing I would add to the above rant is that i dont equate listening on headphones with running speakers at all. Headphones for me will bring out tonal differences even more so than speakers so if you are looking for tonal differences they are great. When it comes to soundstage depth and width and the feeling of the artist "being there" I dont find headphones to accurately convey that at all. i think headphones dont capture that well and so you are only getting some of the audio "
  12. I honestly did not think that was your aim. No I have no need to prove it to myself. Please fell free to try yourself if you want. just about any laptop sound card will be as crappy on the analog out. Have no wish to offend anyone and in the end, the enjoyment of music is the thing that we all have in common. However I think there is an elephant in the room that is not being addressed and I am fed up enough to address it. Clearly some people find no difference between dacs, amplifiers, let alone cables of all sorts. I find quite
  13. Dug this old lady out, Cork was soft but was still sealed, bit sharp to start but within 30 minutes settled to a pretty nice drop, suspect its a "little" over ideal age but surprisingly together nonetheless.
  14. Ahh, fair enough. Minimalist thing isnt it!!
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