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  1. Not me - no. I'm quite happy with what I have. They do the job for both stereo and HT.
  2. @mattjtaylor2809 Likewise - I have similar speakers to PeterP. Matt, you are very welcome to come over for a listen. Mine are the Spatial Hologram M3 Turbo. Cheers, G
  3. “Seems like women can still tell the difference between a PS5 console and an air purifier.” I don't know which is the more remarkable - the achievement or the statement....
  4. Sensational Proton D1200 power amp from the 70's. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ashfield/stereo-systems/proton-d1200-power-amplifier-high-end-/1260113550 These could power up just about anything, and provided a very detailed sound stage. I suspect they might be best with a tube based preamp, or something just a bit warm. I have the D1150 sibling and although it's not currently in use, it's much better than some new amps costing 3 x's the price.
  5. I actually think he is more of a seller than a collector. His business model is to offer approx 1/3 of what he feels he can sell an item for, regardless of how much it might have (recently) cost you. His stated rationale is that he has to cover costs, cover possible repair and warranty issues, and to make a 'reasonable' profit. He knows his stuff and is quite passionate about audio, but his intent when buying is based entirely around making a profit. He won't bother looking at anything, collectable or otherwise, unless there's good money in it for him. If that's at someone else's
  6. Ah yes - the best features of conflict resolution and anger management in an integrated package.
  7. I have memories of buying Dad a copy of the Zorba the Greek EP - which he absolutely loved. It helped get me off the hook after buying The Beatles 'Collection of Oldies but Goldies'. These were my first ever records back in about 1966...
  8. Seller is an overseas student who has just finished his degree and packing up to go back home. English is not his first language. The wording in his advert was a bit misleading as the TV is not 'new' and has been used a fair bit. Language issues more than any deliberate attempt to mislead I think. Anyway the TV (Samsung 65" QLED 4K) looks nice in its new home, and watching Prometheus via my Oppo 203 etc was an amazing experience.
  9. Not sure how much interest there might still be in this thread, but I recently acquired a Benchmark DAC3 HGC from a friend, which combines a dac, preamp and headphone amp. Highly versatile with both USB and coaxial digital inputs, and XLR / RCA outs. I also has HT bypass and everything is easily controlled via a user friendly remote. Highly recommended.
  10. Nappy change and sedatives mandatory after this experience....
  11. Lots of great memories here. RIP.
  12. I don't think there is any hard and fast rule on this. My CD player has an excellent internal DAC and produces sound quality comparable to my Benchmark DAC3 (which is very highly regarded). Similarly, some amps now have their own internal DAC mechanisms that are quite good. Again, many streamers have excellent DACs onboard, negating the need to look outside the box. It ultimately gets down to the sound quality you enjoy most, the overall features you want, and the ergonomics you prefer, etc. And, of course, don't forget the 'S' word (synergy).
  13. I've been watching footy for a long time and last night there were some of the most baffling umpiring decisions I've ever seen - all to Port's disadvantage. Pretty shameful IMO.
  14. Correct. The solution would be an Oppo, with the video output directly via HDMI into the TV.
  15. If it was my money I would buy the Lexicon 7 channel multi room AV receiver currently in the Home Theatre classifieds. Over $13k when released and build quality is excellent.
  16. This is a truly great integrated and at this price surely cannot last the day. It's a shame they never made it with a remote - one would definitely be in system now.
  17. Hi all, For those interested, I have just listed my Curious Evolved USB cable. It is definitely 'x' times better than what I had before...
  18. I'm just about to list my Curious Evolved USB cable - one metre in length. The advert should appear soon (pending mod approval) Bought very recently, unused due to change in setup and listing of USB equipped amp. Please PM me if interested, or wait until the advert comes up, etc.
  19. Further information: For sale is my recently purchased Curious Evolved USB cable - one metre in length. I bought this from Hi Fi Collector for $649 intending to use it with my new Audia Flight 3S integrated amp, but as I am selling that, I have no need for the cable. This is as unused as you can get without actually ordering it new. Discount given if you buy the amp as well 🙂 Photos:
  20. Personally I do not need any form of blind testing to know what I like. As to whether 'expensive' interconnects 'are really worth the extra bucks', that question is one for the prospective buyer, as is the case with any discretionary purchase. Fortunately Aurealis allows trying before buying, so an answer is easily obtained without risk. As to my own preferences, I found the R1 Dragon ICs (and the Lenehan FoilFlex SCs) made a substantial and pleasing contribution to the sound quality of my system.
  21. Welcome, enjoy and participate!
  22. The concept of something sounding, 2 times, 3 times, 4 times etc, better is very abstract and hard to quantify in a meaningful manner. What criteria can you use? What scale do you use? How do you objectively and consistently assess this? In reality, you are asking people to objectively quantify a listening experience by applying metrics - just look around the SNA forums to witness where that goes.... It is subjective and totally up to the individual and their buying capacity. Yes, the Aurealis are very good value, and are a genuinely great sounding speaker cable. And th
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