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  1. Item: Accuphase C275 preamp, with optional persimmon wooden cover Location: Adelaide Price: $3,900 Item Condition: Faultless Reason for selling: Replaced with another Accuphase Payment Method: As agreed Extra Info: This preamp by Accuphase is in faultless condition, having recently been checked by Kasum Audio and given a clean bill of health. I also had the persimmon wooden cover re-polished by Adelaide French Polishers to remove slight wear marks and it presents as new. In fact the mirror-like finish makes it difficult to photograph without picking up the smallest reflection and glare. It is a stunning work of art. The colour is actually more of a dark rose, but under a yellow light it comes up a bit brown. Also, the red sticky tape on the volume control was put there by me to check volume level - it has been removed. In short, the detail and scale of presentation of this preamp is superb. Instruments and voicing are presented with every nuance, with delicacy and dynamics. The C275 has both XLR inputs and outputs, and I found a significant enhancement in sound quality when using the XLR connections (with compatible sources). There is also a near new remote control in matching light gold which selects input and volume. The preamp also has a variety of features including bass and tone adjust, balance control and headphone output jack. This is a substantial piece of equipment weighing nearly 20 kgs, and will be properly packed if going interstate, but you will need to arrange a courier. http://www.accuphase.com/historys/c-275_e.htm https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/accuphase/c-275.shtml Pictures:
  2. gemini07

    SOLD: Musical Fidelity B1 integrated amp

    SOLD pending payment completion.
  3. gemini07

    Halcro MC 20

    @Hazzzy - A is correct. I bought his MC20 a few years ago and was astounded at how clean, detailed and natural the sound was. I recently traded it in for an MC50 so I could use the five channel output for home theatre as well as stereo, via my Oppo BDP and Audia Flight CD player respectively. As you are in Adelaide please feel free to PM me for further details etc.
  4. gemini07

    Classic Aussie Cinema

    One of the scariest, most tense movies I've seen...
  5. gemini07

    SOLD: Oppo 93 - modded

    SOLD - pending payment.
  6. gemini07

    FS: Buchardt S400 with stands

    Can I ask, what amp/s and ancillary gear did you use with these speakers, and what sort of music did you play?
  7. Yep - you just can't have a vintage amp without a yodel filter. Just what you need to filter out those pesky little yodels. Little buggers get in everywhere over time. Pretty sure my vintage Accuphase hasn't got one of them - better check the upgrade options. Hope you sell this classic without further ado.
  8. gemini07

    Classic Aussie Cinema

    Another one for 'The Castle'. But how about one of the funniest movies ever made anywhere:
  9. Item: XLO 3 metre pair of speaker cables with high quality silver / copper connectors Location: Adelaide. Will post at buyer's expense Price: $199 - firm. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer required. Payment Method: As agreed. Extra Info: I bought these 14 gauge XLO speaker cables at a hi fi shop in Athens a few years ago, and had them terminated with Furzer pure silver/copper banana plugs from Aurealis. Connection into speakers and amp is firm - no looseness. Sound quality in my system was superb. Pictures:
  10. Item: Musical Fidelity B1 integrated amp - faultless Location: Adelaide - will assist with freight at buyer's expense Price: $399.00 Item Condition: Excellent. Checked and serviced by Kasum Audio where I bought it. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: As agreed. Extra Info: An excellent little performer with a sweet and refined sound quality. Great for a medium to small room. No marks; no damage. Runs cool and placement is easy. http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/integrated-amplifiers/musical-fidelity/b1.html Pictures: Later, when the light improves.
  11. Item: Oppo 93 blu ray player - with modifications as below Location: Adelaide. Will freight at buyer's expense. Price: $499 - firm Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: 203 Payment Method: As agreed. Extra Info: This player has had the following modifications to improve all aspects of sound and video playback quality: High performance Linear Power Supply. This substantially improved sound and picture beyond what I thought was possible. Burson stereo high definition SS op amps, bringing this up to the standard of a stand alone CD player costing much more. Multi region decoded to enable all region DVD plus all region bluray. Also, there is no requirement to press any buttons to select regions; the player reads the disc and automatically selects the correct region. The cost of the above modifications alone was well above what I'm asking for the player. The player performs perfectly and I've never had any problems with it. Plus it has been regularly serviced and cleaned inside by the Electronic Audio Workshop. Price includes the manual and remote control (in excellent condition). Pictures:
  12. gemini07

    SOLD: FS: Accuphase A70 power amp

    Organ sale is probably the only option for most of us...
  13. You'd have to drop these in by crane and build the room around them.. I'd be half expecting some imaginative kid to put a Darth Vader mask on the top drivers and play the Star Wars soundtrack to visitors.
  14. gemini07

    Accuphase C275 preamp - immaculate

    What I did along these lines was to run the stereo analogue outputs from my Oppo into one of the Line inputs, and select that option for playback via the remote control. Obviously your bluray play needs to have analogue outputs. The other outputs for centre and surround can either go directly into a power amp, or into an HT receiver. You can control volume via one of those two item's remotes. Please PM me if you'd like further info. Yes, both the C280 and my C275 have been very well cared for!