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  1. LOL. No, not a history teacher (close but no cigar..) But I do like to think of myself as something of a student of history.
  2. If you want to watch a good movie re Pearl Harbour, simply get the Tora Tora Tora blu ray version and be done with it. A very accurate, compelling and spectacular rendition IMO.
  3. I saw 1917 last night and although the script was perhaps a little predictable it still made for a bit of excitement and reflection. A little in the style of Dunkirk but a lot more gritty in many of the more 'scenic' shots. Without spoiling it, there are some similarities with Saving Private Ryan, but where that movie tries to sensationalise, 1917 is almost scarily discreet, as though the horrors of trench warfare and the surrealism of No Man's Land had become passe (adding considerably to the effectiveness). I don't know if I'd describe it as one of the best war movies ever, but it does capture some elements of the horror and helplessness better than most others. Definitely worth seeing. And the attention to original detail with uniforms, equipment and landscape, etc is very good (although I'm pretty sure the Lee-Enfield 303 magazine clip held only five rounds, not eight+...)
  4. Item: Audia Flight Three CD player - as new. Location: Adelaide Price: $2,500 ono (current retail is nearly $4,000) Item Condition: As new - still under new component warranty. Used only for a few days (see below). Reason for selling: Too many CD players Payment Method: As agreed Extra Info: I bought this superb CD player via Klapp Electronics late last year after having been advised by the repairer of my Audia Flight CD One that a replacement laser assembly for that player might not be available. After waiting six months for a replacement laser, I decided to buy this AF Three player in lieu, having owned one before. As chance had it, eight days after taking delivery, I was advised that my CD One was now fixed, making the purchase of this new player redundant. Other than the initial testing, it has been safely tucked away, complete with original box, packaging, remote, accessories and manual. It is in every way, virtually new. I have owned one of these players previously and they are truly superb, with a very rich, dynamic and detailed sound. Spec's are as follows: (note the very high dynamic range of this player, making for outstanding tonal accuracy) FL CD Three Technical Data Frequency response 0.5 Hz ÷ 20 KHz ±0.1dB Upsampling 192 KHz Dynamic Range 122 dB THD + Noise > -100 dB Maximum output voltage 2.5 Vrms Output impedance 600 ohm Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 240 V Power consumption 50 W Dimensions and weight 420x90x420 (WxHxD), 8Kg Shipping dimensions and weight 490x250x530 (WxHxD), 10Kg Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. There seems to be a lot of fantastic gear for sale that is NLR. Xmas must have been quite an event for some people!! Good luck with your sale Scribbler - I can only (ever) imagine how good these must be.
  6. Also depends on the sort of music you prefer. I'm another fan of Accuphase, and there is a bit of vintage second hand stuff available via Gumtree. Although you won't be able to audition it here (ADL). If you like smooth and sweet with your speakers, maybe Luxman gear. If you prefer sweet and nuanced, maybe Accuphase would be better. There is also a second hand Audia Flight Three integrated on ebay that would provide a dynamic and tonally rich sound. Whilst reclining in Canberra last week I heard some very nice integrateds at Duratone - especially the Soneteer Alabaster. Very refined and realistic sound with great instrument separation. As you are in the Hills, you have the company of a number of other Adelaidean SNA members nearby who might be able to give you a better close-up of what might suit you. Enjoy the journey.
  7. Not a bad set up for a restaurant. Wonder what the owner's personal system is like...
  8. The SNA site has been a major beneficiary of your efforts - well done. As per above, I've been fascinated not only by the large range of various equipment, but also the way in which you went about the whole process, which was a lot more insightful and interesting than many so-called professional reviewers. Thank you.
  9. So how did Zulu Dawn go down Mick? A bit of a reality moment in contrast I would think. Or perhaps that one wasn't shown...
  10. Gear I'm not using, with accompanying tale of woe. Audia Flight Three CD player - bought virtually new a few weeks ago. Still wrapped, still in packing box. Used maybe for a couple of hours. And with a year's warranty. In March this year, my Audia Flight One started skipping tracks - diagnosis was a faulty laser. I decided to replace the entire mechanism. Having checked out various repairers, I left it at Adept (Adelaide). Five months later, after considerable difficulties trying to source a new replacement part, I was told that the mechanism had been discontinued and there were only 'leftovers' available which were very hard to find. There was a distinct possibility that one might not be available at all, leaving me with an $8k dodo. I started thinking about an alternative, just in case my worst fears were realised. I had been watching the AF Three on ebay, and after being told by Adept there was no immediate replacement part available, I pulled the trigger and bought the AF Three on the basis that I was familiar with their house sound. Eight days later Adept rang and were very pleased to advise that the replacement laser mechanism had arrived a few days earlier, had been fitted and had tested perfectly. Anyone need a world class CD player currently sitting in storage?
  11. I have a pair of these sitting in my bedroom (my original 'high - end' speakers...) and I also replaced the tweeters with the same Scanspeak D2008/8512. The sound is precisely as described by the owner, and they also image as well as anything I've had since - a very nice, and surprisingly full, sound.
  12. Might now be the time to 'think' about that lotto win....
  13. I imagine that this, with the Magico 3 speakers just advertised, would be the mother of all Xmas presents for someone... Best of luck with your sale 👍
  14. It will be interesting to see which amp you are most naturally drawn to after comparing the two over time. I owned a Halcro MC50 (& MC20) and recently swapped over for a PS Audio S300 (hybrid class A / D). The sound is very different but quite similar to your own descriptions. The Halcro is very clean, pristine, detailed and quite sweet. The S300 has more low end texture, more bass, and is a 'fuller' sound, while still retaining good detail and clarity. Obviously all this is only part of the equation - the other equipment factors such as preamp, source and speakers are just as critical. (Not to mention cables...) As you mentioned, the Halcro does not run hot at all. The S300 is mildly warm. I imagine your Jungson would need a fair bit of breathing space.
  15. For the uninitiated this is actually a preamp (and a very fine one at that).
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