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  1. I have one of these - very nice and highly recommended. You'll need to get your own dac, but as there are about ten now listed on SNA that shouldn't be hard.
  2. I have the same amp and it is great with all music. Huge bass, very natural mid range and silky treble, all with massive sound stage. These take a while to run in so at 6 months it has just started to settle. At two grand off retail this is a great buy for someone looking for similar quality to Vitus, Accuphase, Bryston etc. @kimmcblane - hey Loz, what are you pairing your FLS4 with?
  3. In fact, these with that Halcro power amp just advertised would be half way to a great system.....
  4. Best game of the season!
  5. Recommending speakers to match an amp is always problematic, especially without knowing what specific improvements you are looking for. In any case, your room is quite big so a floor stander is probably the right way to go. Have you considered EagleEye's Lenehan ML3's? Lots more bass, scale and sound stage than your ML2's, and also lots of change from your ten grand.. And he is in Perth. That would also give you an idea of what the other Lenehan floor standers could do. You could also consider some of the Osborn range, especially the Epitome models: https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/osborn-stereo-speakers Australian made speakers are unbeatable for value and the sound quality is excellent IMO. I'm sure there is a separate thread around on Aussie speaker manufacturers somewhere.
  6. https://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/osborn-home-theatre-speakers
  7. An excellent digital cable. I bought a new one last week......
  8. Please PM me if interested. Still well over three years warranty on this.
  9. Just wish this was around when I had my Accuphase C280 preamp..... In life, timing is everything...
  10. Yeah right.... I'll just check the XLotto results.... Truly high end gear - matched with a good preamp, this will drive any speakers to perfection.
  11. There is a Musical Fidelity M6i that has just appeared in the Classifieds that would do the job (and save you some money). I've heard a number of Dynaudio speakers and they seem to do better with amps that are tonally sweeter, richer and more organic than the more analytical ones.
  12. You may also want to point out its coaxial input, allowing the DAC to be used for streaming purposes for those who require that functionality. Unfortunately the market for stand-alone CDPs, other than those in mint / new condition, falls away very quickly.
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