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  1. Surely that price can't be right!? The speakers alone are worth twice that much...
  2. These were and still are a superb little speaker. When released in the mid 80's they were arguably the best little speaker going around. They seem to be in excellent condition - good luck with your sale. I'm sure someone will be very pleased.
  3. My MC50 will be controlled via a PS Audio BHK Signature pre, arriving today ☺️ I think that the combination of the clarity and lack of distortion of the Halcro together with the sweetness and presence of a valve preamp seems to be a good match. Sorry for the digression - good luck to the future owner. They won't be disappointed.
  4. Superb amp - best I've ever owned.
  5. I have the DVD version and find the visual quality quite satisfactory. And the content a mixture of morbid and funny. Steve Buscemi as Khrushchev is novel and captivating, as are all the other characters. Would have hated living in those almost dystopian times in the USSR. Not sure what would have been worse - Nazi Germany as a Jew or the USSR as a peasant / normal person.
  6. I've heard this amp at Peter's place and it will be an end game for someone. Very big sound-stage, sweet and detailed. Should pair well with most preamps.
  7. Hey Ben, What equipment were these tubes used in previously?
  8. Any pictures of this Anthony? Must admit, I've never heard of them.
  9. Not vintage, but if you can get these for under $400, it would be great buying: www.ebay.com.au/itm/Osborn-Speakers-Pair/113699063631?hash=item1a78fe074f Alternatively, there are some very good Mission vintage speakers on both ebay and Gumtree that would do the job. Check postage though.
  10. I've got two really great reality checks (for me anyway): Does the sound bring a smile to your face? Is it real? I accept that not everyone rates the second point - but each to their own..
  11. Al, are you able to comment on the relative SQ of a usb stick vs a dedicated storage unit (such as a Bluesound vault)? I'm using my Oppo 203 as the streamer.
  12. Has anyone used the Bluesound Vault2 as storage along with an Oppo (203) as a streamer?
  13. That's exactly the point I'm trying to make - running a preamp / DAC into another just muddles things up, as per my suggestion of simply running a BDP that has analogue outputs directly into a power amp. In hindsight, referring to the Denon AVR was a mistake on my part. Sorry if I confused anyone, or haven't understood you.
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