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  1. Hi Ray, I may have a Sonneteer Alabaster in excellent condition available shortly. Plenty of outstanding reviews on this exceptional integrated amp. Please PM me for further details if interested. What speakers are you intending to use?
  2. Extra Info: I bought this superb CD player via Klapp Electronics late last year after having been advised by the repairer of my Audia Flight CD One that a replacement laser assembly for that player might not be available. After waiting six months for a replacement laser, I decided to buy this AF Three player in lieu, having owned one before. Eight days after taking delivery, I was advised that my CD One was now fixed, making the purchase of this new player redundant. Other than the initial testing, it has been safely tucked away, complete with original box, packaging, remote, accessories and manual. It is in every way, virtually new. I have owned one of these players previously and they are truly superb, with a very rich, dynamic and detailed sound. This will definitely suit someone looking for a new player as these retail for about $4,000. Spec's are as follows: (note the very high dynamic range of this player, making for outstanding tonal accuracy) FL CD Three Technical Data Frequency response 0.5 Hz ÷ 20 KHz ±0.1dB Upsampling 192 KHz Dynamic Range 122 dB THD + Noise > -100 dB Maximum output voltage 2.5 Vrms Output impedance 600 ohm Main voltage AC (50-60Hz) 240 V Power consumption 50 W Dimensions and weight 420x90x420 (WxHxD), 8Kg Shipping dimensions and weight 490x250x530 (WxHxD), 10Kg
  3. What speakers do you have?
  4. A Geiseler Fein 11 DAC would leave you with about $8k to spend on an amp, which should get you something decent..
  5. I have a Mission 25C in immaculate condition is you can't get your e8c. Mine had the crossover re-tuned by Edward at Adelaide Speakers to provide more detail, and to match better with my Mission 770 speakers. I can also provide a single 1 metre length of Aurealis S418 speaker cable made for that speaker, if required.
  6. Genuine value and an honest price. The JLTI mods are between $1,500 and $1,600.
  7. Expertly performed as a professional hit man in Three Days of the Condor.
  8. And 'Fail-Safe'. Two movies where the highly improbable keeps coming at you.....
  9. Hi Matt, You are more than welcome to come over for a listen when it suits. @mcvinyl had a listen last Sunday so I'd imagine he'd be able to give you a more neutral opinion. The Spatials provide a very broad sound stage and considerable scale, and to my ears, more than enough bass. Also, they don't need massive power - a more detailed amp at lower power will do the job (which is why I sold my PS Audio gear). 35 W via my vintage Pioneer absolutely rocks the house. Feel free to send me a PM if interested.
  10. Item: Audia Flight 3 integrated amp Price Range: tba Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Not the current 'S' version - the original version. In silver if available. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. Gorgeous looking room - well done. Your cabinet seems to be the same brand as mine - I think it is in the French Provincial style? I have just changed cables over to Aurealis 201, from WireWorld Eclipse7. They made an immediate improvement to the detail, separation and 'attack'. I am currently trialling a pair of R1 Dragon ICs, and they also appear very special. Geoff Mahony has some loan cables he uses for people to try out - highly recommended. My setup below has just changed - update coming over the weekend.
  12. Mick - as you are in Vic, why not arrange an appointment with Greg Osborn and visit his home theatre room? His speakers are ideal for HT, he builds them himself and provides excellent customer service.
  13. Approx 2.2m between centre points. Room is 5.5 x 4.5 with the speakers along the long wall.
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