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  1. Bass isn't just about slam and being able to shake the room - it's also about texture and clarity, especially with voicing at the lower registers. Many bass representations come across as 'muddy' because the quality of the equipment, especially the speakers, doesn't allow those distinctions to be heard.
  2. What was the difference in the sound character (assuming nothing else in the system changed)?
  3. Could you please provide some details of the rest of your system for context? Also, whilst you've mentioned this is your first foray into the digital world, have you tried any dac in your setup previously? I too am very interested in the Abbas range. BTW, how long did it take from purchase to delivery?
  4. Regarding the possible cable changeover, I've owned both the S418 and the Chord C line. The C Line is Chord's entry level, and IMO it is very poor to the point where I felt it significantly downgraded the signal. The S418 (I still have that cable for my centre speaker) was Aurealis's standard cable for a while, until the development of their current series. It was replaced by the 201, which is the best value for money at this price point. If you can get a second hand pair at a decent price it could well be your end point. Cheers, G.
  5. Are these actually Dynaudio speakers, or clones based on eg, 42, 52, 52SE, etc.? They have the Dyn emblem on the front but nothing on the back regarding model number, year, power rating etc. They look quite nice but as they may be non standard a bit more information would be good.
  6. Beautifully smooth, rich and very easy to listen to preamp. Should go well with majority of systems.
  7. Yes, this is something I would definitely have been interested in had I not bought a new (OAD) power amp late last year. I can't believe this is selling so cheaply. Definitely world class and about 1/3rd original price. Highly desirable - someone will be getting a great buy. GLWTS.
  8. Congratulations on the new arrival to your family. I'm sure the experience will be most enjoyable. I have a 555A which is mainly used in my bedroom, but is currently performing duties in the main listening room. I've found it does well with family members of a similar age group. Successful relationships have been with Mission, Celef, Kef and to a lesser extent Proac standmounts. The 555A has a sweet and warm disposition so be matching with slightly opposite natures is good. Try not to have too much bass as the overall effect might be a bit full. Although the
  9. I also owned a pair of these a few years ago (and similarly have the chiro's report to confirm the weight...) These will truly sing with well-powered valve gear IMO. SS equipment is OK, but valves will be exceptional. They look stunning too..
  10. Easily the best power amp I've ever used. Trusted seller - buy with confidence.
  11. I can understand the confusion. Perhaps they should reverse the wording and state, 'This is a garbage can. It is not a speaker. Do not try to play music through this'...
  12. Further information: This is an 'as new' Burson Swing Preamp / DAC with the dual Burson V6 Vivid HD opamps. Included is an Audio Quest Forest USB cable (3m). The unit has a smart little remote, is very easy to use and includes all accessories and cables. I bought this from an SNA member late last year as a Xmas present for my son, to go with the excellent Burson Bang power amp as part of his desktop system. However he is using his computer only for gaming, so the audio quality and multiple features of the preamp / DAC weren't required. It was never used by him and only
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