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  1. If anyone is thinking of buying this, and you've got an Oppo BDP, you don't need an AV processor. The internal preamp functions in the Oppo allow direct connection into the Halcro for very high quality HT effects. Cannot argue with the sound quality of this amp or the price - good luck with your sale!
  2. I owned Lenehan ML2PlusR's that I fed via my Audia Flight 2 integrated, which is similar'ish to the one advertised. The sound was very full, rich and with lots of bass. I think your ML1's would actually be a better combo with the AF than what my ML2's were, because the detail would be more pronounced. I can't comment on what the Prima Luna synergy might be like with your speakers, but I've heard that amp with other speakers and I'm not sure it would be as detailed or dynamic as the Audia Flight (which retails at around $6k I believe).
  3. Very accurate description of the Audia house sound. Having owned the Audia Flight Two and Three integrateds, and the AF CD 3 and now the 1, I can confirm this is a genuine top end audio company with the highest manufacturing standards. I have no need for a phono stage but anyone considering an end game integrated should have a serious look at this machine, especially at this price.
  4. Second that. My M51 lasted about a week. Hyper detailed and some nice features, but no soul, depth, or substance. A bit like a couple of ladies I've known...
  5. As you are around the corner from my place at Rostrevor, you are welcome to pop around for a chat about how I managed similar issues via my Oppo, Halcro and a BHK Signature preamp. Cheers, G.
  6. Excellent amp. Bargain price. Ideal for stereo use or HT application depending on rest of set-up.
  7. I recently bought a Pioneer SX 10AE bluetooth receiver on ebay for just $276 for my bedroom system. It's pretty good for low level listening and very versatile.
  8. I paid $150 for my Mission 75C last year and am very pleased with it. I also bought a pair of good condition Mission 770's which I paid around $350.00 for (the biggest bargain of my life). I'd say for the 751s, up to around $300 - $400 depending on how much you want them. Certainly very good speakers still. Good luck with your bidding.
  9. Very nice looking unit, but you will get more views by putting it in the Classifieds - Stereo section.
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