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  1. Fantastic write-up by Audio Esoterica in their review and history of Halcro. Great reading - well done!
  2. PS Audio have a couple of options you may want to consider re your needs, depending on your budget. I recently went through something of a rationalisation process, wanting sound quality, ergonomics and ease of use for an integrated HT and stereo system. My BHK preamp provides me with all of those, and is a current model. Obviously there are other parts to the equation you need to juggle, especially your power amp. I believe PSA also make a digital preamp / DCA that is supposed to be quite good.
  3. Just to repeat what others have said: there are many superb amps out there, including some very powerful Australian examples, so I suggest you try to audition various options with your Helicons in situ. Also, don't underestimate the impact of your preamp on the sound character - you should consider the amp and pre as a combination. When considering other people's opinions re combinations, bear in mind what music YOU like compared to what they like (or what they think you like).
  4. I didn't realise Proac made such a stupendous speaker. Nice setup by the way...
  5. 'Dockers sack Lyon' - despite the fact that he has a contract until the end of 2020 / 21. I could never understand how Lyon was able to stay there for so long. He clearly underperformed and seemed to be unable to change his ways, despite being given considerable resources. An interesting development, with just one game to go.
  6. Just a different perspective: why actually run this as a competition? Why not just an exhibition - and let listeners simply provide feedback on what they liked, etc? You can still have a 'most popular' speaker, and so on. I think the broad concept is great, but there are so many variables in running a competition that need to be factored in for equity. Also, is there any real value in subjectively comparing one person's electrostat's with someone else's three-way etc etc? Let alone all the issues around what amplification the builder could afford to maximise his sound quality. I feel we need to exercise care in not being overly analytical. Music enjoyment is about fun - not ratings.
  7. As the original owner of the said ML2 PlusR's, I paired it with an Accuphase preamp and a Halcro power amp, with great results. As far as using an integrated is concerned, I'd look to Myryad's advice, or consider one of the Accuphase integrated amps on Gumtree. The more power you can feed into those speakers, the better the results. I'd be careful about any amp that tended towards excessive 'sweetness' or 'smoothness' - the ML 2's are already smooth and sweet, so I'd go for something detailed, natural and powerful.
  8. 'Final price drop and am firm. Don't make me an offer less than this as it would really piss me off. I would rather reverse over the preamp in my ute before I sold it for less.' A man of principle - great to see! Hope you get your price - seems like a very good buy for a current model.
  9. You don't need them - stick with your Dyn's and that wonderful new amp and dac.. 😊
  10. Yolanda Ingley's second album - sensational track.
  11. CD On order.. A few different iterations of this by the same artist - all great.
  12. It's a superb amp and no one could ask for more power.
  13. Items: Various pairs of XLR and RCA interconnects Picture 1: 1.5m Aurealis R1 Dragon XLR, copper Litz. Custom made as R1 Dragons are typically only RCA. As new - $249. SOLD PP Picture 2: 1.5m DH Labs Silver Sonic RCA, silver plated copper. Good condition - $89. SOLD PP Picture 3: 1.0m Aurealis R1 Dragon RCA, copper Litz. Used once to test suitability as centre channel speaker. As new - $199. SOLD PP Picture 4: 0.5m QED Qunex RCA dual coaxial Silver Spiral. Bought for my bedroom system but only used once. As new - $69. Picture 5: 0.3m QED Qunex RCA dual coaxial Silver Spiral with KLE Silver Harmony plugs. One of my favourite cables. Good condition - $99. (Cost of the plugs themselves is far more than my full asking price) Picture 6: 0.5m Mogami 2964 RCA. Used for rear effects speakers. Very good condition - $30. Location: Adelaide Prices: As per separate descriptions above Item Condition: As new to good. Reason for selling: System reconfiguration Payment Method: As agreed. Extra Info: Cable clear out due to system consolidation. All cables work perfectly, with no fraying or loose attachments. Aurealis cables have original boxes, and all will be carefully packaged. Freight is at buyer's expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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