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  1. I'll take Pink Floyd Meddle please.
  2. [quote name= al' timestamp='1352277956' post='792992] not sure you'll have much luck on tweeter to replace. have you tried richter themselves ? Finally got onto Richter & they put me onto Speakerbits in Port Melb, so sent it off to them for repair.
  3. Sure is - plus I've just added a Rotel power amp - now I'm very happy with the sound. Although that damaged Wizard tweeter is showing itself a bit more now. Has Blakey72 (or anyone else) have any suggestions on what other tweeters I could possibly replace them with. THanks
  4. Well its been a few weeks now & I thought I'd provide an update... I decided to grab a CA 551R amp & I must say its 1 hell of an improvement. Its like the Richters have come to life, although its shown that one of the tweeters is damaged so need to replace. I've also upgraded my phono side (new cartridge & CA phono amp) & scored myself a 2nd hand Richter Unicorn centre. Very happy with the results thou still keeping an eye out for a decent 2nd hand power amp. Many thanks to all that gave their thoughts & advice, especially Al. Cheers
  5. [quote name= al' timestamp='1348033592' post='765337] I definitely think the power amp will help, pity the onk has no pre outs. I wouldn't think your centre should be set to large. Given rolls off at 100hz & low power handling it's back sticker indicates. Speakers is where rubber hits the road. But need the amp behind to drive em ! Also unsure how much support the sub will help here either Thanks Al. BTW - just came across the Cambridge Audio Azur 551R. Yes more expensive than the NAD T748, but seems to have more grunt so possibly eliminates need for separate power amp. These 2 amps would be comparable quality-wise wouldn’t they?
  6. [quote name= al' timestamp='1348024754' post='765274] That or a 5 channel 1075 or same money I pointed to earlier would be a good option I too think would care of amp side and would work with existing avr. But the OP wants a one box solution My preference is the 1 box but not opposed to adding a power amp such as 1075, however my Onkyo doesn't have pre-outs. As I said earlier "I’m thinking of going with the $699 NAD which hopefully will give me that better definition I’m after. If volume is still an issue after that then at least I could then add a decent power amp." Although reading reviews of the 1075, it sounds like that would definitely give me the "definition" I'm after... Ozcall - my fronts & centre are set to large, rears set to small. Cheers
  7. Thanks guys for your further thoughts. Last night I did some more testing and yes Paul, I think simply wanting more volume is not an accurate description on my problem. I feel I don’t really get proper definition of the music unless it is set at a high volume. Even playing commercial music DVDs thru just stereo (ie. just the Wizards) via Dolby Digital, I need the volume set at least 60 to 65 out of a max of 75. Any higher than that it then starts to distort. Hope that makes sense... I agree that upgrading my centre speaker & sub would be worthwhile, but given that I rarely watch “Hollywood†action movies, I suspect my initial move should be just to upgrade the amp. I’m thinking of going with the $699 NAD which hopefully will give me that better definition I’m after. If volume is still an issue after that then at least I could then add a decent power amp. Late breaking question: Just re-checking the NAD T748 specs and it states “minimum speaker impedance 8 ohms†& I think my Wizards are 6 ohm. Is this an issue?
  8. [quote name= al' timestamp='1347849388' post='764277] still very unclear what actual speakers your using. richter wizards sure. but what are these "CAVs" exactly and presumably the centre is this too ? its a bit hard to comment re amps and avr if not sure what load they are going to be presented in the speakers. ps that you are even having to run at max volume is a worry. I would be very carefull as that is when typically amps run out of puff as speakers are drawing more that amp capable of sustaining and you end up with clipping. recipe for disaster for speakers. yeah sorry al, forgot to specify earlier… CAV DC-50 centre (80 w), CAV DS-50 rears (80 w), CAV W300 sub (100 w). (photos below). I know my CAVs (Chinese brand) aren’t exactly high-end but they seem to do the job - website: http://www.cav-audio.com/ And thanks for the warning re. clipping. Also LFE is set to 75 but I'll try increasing. Speaker levels are set to 0 – most of the time. And the receiver supports 6 ohms min.
  9. Wow – thanks for all your responses & thoughts. To answer some queries raised along the way: - performance seems to be much the same in either 2 or 5 channel mode - the sub is self powered - the Wizards are connected with 65 strand speaker wire - yes Paul, I don’t want to replicate a commercial cinema or rock concert, just something loud and clean without strain. I was testing it out more last night and found with some DTS dvds, even though nearing max volume was getting uncomfortable it was also starting to distort, so based on feedback so far I think I’ll upgrade the amp. Plus very occasionally I lose a channel during use. I would prefer the one box solution, rather than hooking on a power amp. Would like a box with HDMI connections. The NAD t748 does look good so far, based on your comments that quality is the issue, not necessarily wpc. I take it Emotiva don’t make integrated amps…
  10. Hi, Newbie here that would appreciate any feedback. I have a Onkyo TX-DS575x AV receiver connected to a set of Richter Wizards MK1 as front speakers in a 7m x 6m cinema room lined with heavy drapes. My other speakers are CAVs including a 100w subbie. Recently I've found that even pumping up the Onkyo to max volume, its still not loud enough for me in some cases (no I'm not partially deaf - yet). I mainly listen to music DVDs / CDs / TV shows in surround sound rather than thunderous movies. Now even though the Onkyo is quoted as 100watts RMS, I'm wondering: - do I need to upgrade my AV amp to a higher power? - do I need to change my brand of amp to better suit the Wizards? - do I need to upgrade my front speakers? Thanks heaps for any advise...
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