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  1. I haven't read all the replies on this thread, but I think this is a very good explanation: see below The point to remember is that even so a streamer is digital in and digital out, the actual signal is always analog. We only infer it as being digital because we assume it will be interpreted that way and that the interpretation is perfect. Being an engineer with a Telecom background, what I find confusing is why don't DAC's report their errors. There is (apparently) enough redundancy in a PCM signal for a DAC to KNOW it has made an error. If a DAC would flash an LED every-time it made a decoding error in realtime, we could use that to know when to stop spending money on cables! I guess I just answered my own question.
  2. Good News! The distributer are going to replace the front panel with a new one that will permit the upgrade. So I should essentially have an amplifier with all new digital components. Parts are coming from the UK so hopefully I'll be back in business in the next few weeks! It's going to be interesting making comparisons as it would have been a while since I have played my system. If I get time (which is a long shot) I can always setup an A-B comparison with my other 8xpd (with original DAC). I'll be really intrigued to see if I perceive any change out of the box.
  3. Update on this upgrade. It turns out not all 8xpd amplifiers are created equal. Once the service personnel opened my unit they discovered that amplifier is model 1 (there are 3 models apparently). It can't even have its firmware updated via USB! They all look exactly the same from the outside (at least to me they do). So while it is commendable that Cyrus state they support the upgrade for all their amplifiers going back 10 years (mine is 7 years old), they have obviously not provided sufficient support to their distributors to perform this upgrade. You would think they would have upgrade kits for model 1, 2 and 3, if they are that different. And this is after announcing the availability of the upgrade in January but not really making it available till the Munich show in May. I think it is a reasonable observation to make that their marketing dept have not handled this product release well. So the ball is back with the retailer and distributer and for Cyrus to get back to them with the answers. The retailer (and no doubt the distributors) and possibly Cyrus themselves are monitoring this thread and will have their say and hopefully set the record straight for all. And I'm not the earliest adopter: apparently they have already performed 7 upgrades (where are these people?). Just not one as old as mine. I tend to buy nice gear and hold on to it for years, part of the reason I like Cyrus. I hope the love is reciprocated! Watch this space.
  4. Wonderful speakers. The pinnacle of the Twenty5 series. Go 3-way or go home I say! Possibly my next upgrade sometime in the next decade. Great buy as these don't come up too often.
  5. I'm actually not too fussed at the moment. I'm so busy with work and under the weather with bloody viruses I barely have the time or energy to listen to music! The upgrade is really for the future for me: for the years ahead of listening pleasure. (I hope!) By the way: I strongly recommend this podcast to everyone if you have not heard it yet: http://strongsongspodcast.com/
  6. Rio Sound and Vision are performing the upgrade and its it taking quite a while. The offical estimate as "a few days" to do the upgrade but they have had it since 6th July and now the ETA is next Wednesday 24th. I won't be able to pick it up till the Saturday the 27th July. 3 weeks! In the mean time I have bought a 0.8m Curious USB cable to use with an Allo USBridge as a streamer from Roon. I will also be comparing with an Allo DigiOne SPDIF. Although after 3 weeks I may forget what the old one sounded like! I do have another 8xpd with the vanilla DAC but I'm afraid I really don't have the time for complicated A-B testing setups!!
  7. My QXR board has arrived. I won’t be able to drop my unit in till the weekend and most likely the following weekend to pick it up.
  8. Yes the PSX-R is definitely worth it! But having the DAC in the amp makes sense, as long as you're happy with your amp.
  9. I know it's an ESS Sabre. Yes I'm wondering if I chose the right path. Perhaps I should have gone the Hugo Chord route. Just more bloody cables!
  10. No not particularly. I will someday update the Mission M53 speakers but right now they are in the main livingroom and with a soon to be 2 years old running around they somewhat sacrificial. They sound ok and I'm not too stressed when he draws on them with crayons! I've already replaced the tweeters he pushed in and I've velcro'ed the grills on! Still in love with the PMC's. The next step might be second hand PMC Twenty-five 26, when they come down.
  11. Update: the QXR cards were only officially released in mid May. ETA is next Friday. So probably another week to get it installed.
  12. No, no news. I'll bug them again this week. Been sick and too busy at work. Don't worry I'll update this when I know something. In the meantime I bought an IsoTek Polaris board for my system which might help the listening tests. Still looking for a Curious USB cable but may need to buy new.
  13. Thanks for the interest all. Latest update from INDI imports last week: They just released the unit for the 1st time at the Munich High end show so will be shipping the units shortly as the response has been overwhelming worldwide! Sorry for the delay but as soon as it arrives we will make contact for you to drop off your unit .
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