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  1. Item: HTPC Location: Scoresby Price: 1000 ONO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Currently sitting in Storage as I don't have the space to setup :( Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Would love to give someone the opportunity to enjoy a premium setup that runs very efficient and quick despite the CPU only running at 1.6 MHz Now with a brand new Antec Edge 750W power supply installed and fitted. XEON E5-2603 V3 - 6 Cores running at 1.6MHZ 15MB Cache with AVX2 instruction set. Asus X99-A Motherboard running latest bios. GSKill 32GB PC2400 DDR4. Noctua U9S CPU Cooler. Nvidia GT 610 Fanless Video Card. Silverstone Case - https://www.silverstonetek.com/legacy.php?area=en&model=LC13-E Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB SSD, Reads 3000 MB/sec writes at 1300 MB/sec Windows 10 Pro, has Windows 8.1 Pro licence attached to the side of the case, this was a free upgrade to 10 Pro. All fans on the motherboard can be disconnected to enjoy a noise free delivery of power, the heat generated by the CPU is minuscule at 85W. I have the original box for the case, cooler, GPU, Ram and motherboard. Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Pictures:
  2. Item: Parasound ZDac Location: Ferntree Gully or St Kilda during business hours. Price: $500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Topping DX7s on the way Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Check the reviews on this, it's an exceptional DAC no matter which way you look at it, incredible bass extension and syrupy mid range with no fatiguing high's. Everything is clocked to 422Khz 24bit, jitter is a non issue with this AD1853 based device. Pictures:
  3. Item: Brainwavz B2 Location: Ferntree Gully or St Kilda during business hours. Price: $175 Item Condition: As New Reason for selling: Not an inner ear headphone type of guy. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Amazing sound, I just can't get used to having something pushed into my ear and much prefer over ear type headphones, hence why I love my T90 Beyerdynamic. Brainwavz B2 Dual Armature Earphones The rest of the Brainwavz line is based on dynamic drivers but the Brainwavz B2 has quite a different sound since it is based on a dual balanced armature configuration. Listen to Your Music as it Was Meant to be Heard Balanced armature technology provides better sound reproduction. The two small drivers have been meticulously tuned to provide crystal clear and accurate audio, so you can enjoy your music as it was meant to be heard. Sound Quality for Audiophiles The B2 sound signature is one of detail, with wonderful mids, clear highs, wide soundstage, and a bass that many would coin as just right. The sound could be best summarized as being well rounded, where each part of the sound spectrum is well represented and a truly balanced sound is provided. Comfortable Fit - Worn Like A Pro The B2's small and compact size allow them to sit comfortably in your ears. The in-the-ear design allows for a proper seal that will block out almost all outside noise. Brainwavz - Born In 2006 Brainwavz, founded in 2006, has been producing earphones and headphones that are known for their high sound quality that is way above their weight class. All Brainwavz earphones come with a no hassle 12 month warranty, if any problem arises within the first 12 months of use, simply contact Brainwavz warranty service and a replacement will be sent. Specifications: Transducers/Drivers: Dual balanced armature Rated Impedance: 40ohms Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000Hz Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW Maximum input power: 60mW Plug: 3.5 mm 90-degree gold plated Cable: High grade copper cabling Cable length: 1.3 meters Pictures:
  4. Item: Breeze Audio USB XMOS U208 Digital Signal ReGenerater/Reclocker Location: Ferntree Gully or St Kilda During Business Hours Price: $150 Item Condition: Very Good, Minor scratch on Fascia. Reason for selling: Topping DX7s on the way. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Exceptional Build Quality This blew my old Gustard U12 out of the water, I paid top dollar to get the Talema Transformer, willing to see this go to a happy home so selling for a good price. Product features: - XMOS-U8 core, the latest program, the highest support 384khz 32B asynchronous transfer - Built in imported TALEMA sealed cattle, the use of top linear regulators chip, multi-level multi group independent power supply, more than a few hundred dollars on the market XMOS linear power supply, the only one in the whole network to use such a high-end power XMOS decoding, the advantages of independent power supply experts know, even if the external power supply, circuit design is not fully independent regulator is no effect - The optimization and upgrading of the clock circuit, 44.1/88.2/176.4/352.8Khz and 48/96/192/384Khz respectively using two crystal - The output interface is complete, with the current mainstream of all interface to improve the ability to play - Input:USB data line - Output:coaxial,optical,IIS(RJ45),AES/EBU - Support:16bit 24bit 32bit - Windows /MAC/ PCM : 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz(coaxial,optical,AES the hightest support 192K, if it is above 192K,it needs to be used with IIS transfer) - DSD: DSD64 , DSD128, DSD256(2.822, 3.072, 5.644, 6.144, 11.2896 and 12.288MHz)(DSD needs to be used with IIS transfer and the support of DAC ) - The America SITIME ultra low jitter without temperature drift and low phase noise oscillator .Beijing green cu be transformer . Pictures:
  5. How does this compare to the ESS9038Q2M found in the Topping DX7s? http://www.tpdz.net/en/products/dx7s/index.htm
  6. Item: Full Digital Front End Stereo Setup Location: Ferntree Gully Victoria Price: $4500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Extra Info: Expertly built by an IT professional with over 22 years experience, each component has been hand picked and assembled over many hours of research to reduce digital glare and produce linear power supply quality using switch mode power supplies. If you are looking for a great entry into the wonderful world of High End Digital using a wide range of digital players then look no further. All items come with their original boxes. Job 225 Power Amp Imported from Switzerland. Parasound ZDac. QED interconnects. Breeze Audio Reclocker upgraded with Talmea transformers running XMOS USB interface. HTPC Specs: XEON E5-2603 V3 running at 1.6HZ 15MB Cache with AVX2 instruction set. Asus X99-A Motherboard running latest bios. EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G3 Low Ripple Power Supply. GSKill 16GB PC2400 DDR4. Noctua U9S CPU Cooler. Nvidia GT 610 Fanless Video Card. Silverstone Case. Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB SSD. Windows 10 Pro. Speaker Specs Synchrony Two Tower 34-23,000Hz 36-20,000Hz 36-10,000Hz 29Hz 88dB 90dB 4 Ohms 4 Ohms 20 - 300 Watts 300 Watts 1” (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid Neodymium Magnet 3 x 5 1/4” (133mm) Dual Layer Fine Weave Fibreglass Natural Fibre Cone Rubber Surround 2,200Hz, LR4 1.8 cu ft (51L) Triple Port Bass Reflex 7 5/8 x 39 1/4 x 11” * 192 x 994 x 279mm 46lb (20.9kg)/each 55.8lb (25.4kg)/each Black Ash Temperered Glass adjustable stand included Pictures:
  7. Item: Sennheiser HD600 Headphones Location: Ferntree Gully Price: $300 OBO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Upgraded to Beyerdynamic Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only, Can deliver within reason as well. Extra Info: Gently used with a my Asus Essence Xonar One Headphone Amp/DAC, these need no introduction and produce a natural sound perfect for classical with open air Cans to maximise comfort during long listening sessions. Was used in a non smoking environment, has all original accessories included, however the 3.5mm cable no longer works on one of the channels. Some specs for those interested; Headphones Form Factor Circumaural Headphones Technology dynamic Sound Output Mode stereo Frequency Response 12 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.1 % Impedance 300 Ohm Magnet Material neodymium Pictures: Enjoy.
  8. Item: Gustard U12 USB Regen Location: Melbourne CBD during Business Hours or Ferntree Gully AH Price: $180 OBO Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Require Funds to Upgrade my Music PC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: - One of the best bang for buck units ever made, removes all traces of digital glare. I have been switching between this and the Breezeaudio for the last 2 years very happily but the time has come to fork out big bucks for my new X99 music system with a Xeon E5 2603 V3 under the hood, just because Bug Head Emperor no longer supports Ivy Bridge CPU's... Damn you AVX 2.0! Features of this unit include; Native 32 bit 384Khz 8 X-core XMOS chip. Multi-thread. USB class 2.0 Async. - Seperate 0.1ppm TCXO clocks, Temperature Controlled High Precision Active Crystal. One for each clocking ratio. - Independent Linear Power Supply. Sealing Torodial Transformer, Multiple Sets of Multi-Level Regulation - Four outputs: Coaxial (RCA), Optical Fiber, AES/EBU, IIS (HDMI port). - DSD support to 128. PCM to 384K. - Latest XMOS Thesycon ASIO v1.6.1 drivers, strong driver support for future Windows versions. Kept in smoke, pet free environment on filtrated power all it's life. Pictures: Sorry for the last two images, they went upside down and there is nothing I can do to prevent this.
  9. Item: Mission 760i Bookshelf Location: Ferntree Gully Price: $100 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Clear Out Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Pictures: Used Mildly great for surround or a small room system.
  10. Purchased 28-4-2015, cheers there is no warranty on this Sony want nothing to do with it.
  11. Thought I would post this here as there are many practical tinkerers on here, if you can't fix it you can just hang it on your wall to impress your mates. TV sustained damaged during transport/installation only good for parts as it turns on. No remote, manuals or wall mounts TV is as is, can deliver or arrange pickup. Thanks for looking. Dan
  12. Great looking cables, I don't see how these haven't been modified into men's jewelry.
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