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  1. My understanding (and it's only from reading, not actual experience) is that valves on the input stage (pre-amps) can last several years (like 5+) but valves on the output stage (ie power amplifier valves) are best replaced once every 2 years or so. But I could be completely off base here and would actually be interested in an answer from those more knowledgeable myself. I run valves on my pre-amp and also wonder how often I should be replacing them.....?
  2. If they weatherproofed it and made it look a bit less lary it would have a decent market. A more discreet version of this would be popular with the povo outdoorsy party BBQ types.
  3. I'm with you on the anti-monster fat platters. Unfortunately so many of the top end tables have them nowadays. I just don't dig em. They look like cylinders that have grown out of the plinth. I'm afraid, Dave.
  4. Dude, you live in Singapore and you have a system as big as that? You'll be getting complaints from Malaysia, let alone your neighbours. Love it!
  5. Good to see you here. Now I can hassle you via 4 different methods as opposed to 3. Recommend any perth siders check these guys out. Rare breed of honest AND worthwhile advice. Just leave your c/cards at home until at least the second date.
  6. Sure good idea, here you go: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqB62OxhKc36wUIuR3H-WThXTZNy Please note you will need to use either very good resolving headphones OR a system with a lot of bass to hear this. Thanks fellas.
  7. No mate... I'm absolutely over the top (compared to most) in this area. I only touch the edge of the rim and the label. All records are cleaned with both an Okki Nokki AND a KLAudio Ultrasonic cleaner prior to playing.
  8. It's got a screw in headshell so it's very easy, all you need is a spare headshell for each additional cartridge you want to use. Screw in the headshell, adjust your weights and away you go, takes less than 2 mins. In my case I need to change inputs on my pre-amp for MM as opposed to MC, but you get the idea.
  9. I mainly use an Ortofon Cadenza Black, but also an Ortofon 2M black when I want something a bit more bombastic.
  10. Hey wait, what? I thought I got special treatment? It's not special if you're giving it out to everybody! I do need a new set of main speakers at some point. Might need to take a listen to these.
  11. Didn't offend me... Just trying to point out some misconceptions in your assumptions, that's all
  12. You can change the tonearm easily if you like, in fact they make a model that comes without a tonearm if you want to bolt on your own. http://www.luxman.com/product/detail.php?id=8 Not sure what you meant about 'speed' being an issue. You might want to look into how these things control their speeds (microprocessor controlled with a window stroboscope) before assuming anything there. It's a great table for what they cost. If you're in the 'lightweight is better' camp though, then this table is not for you. It's a big bertha built specifically to induce hernias.
  13. Sorry mate but that looks revolting.
  14. Yeah I recently bought one of these, very happy with it. Built like a tank and very reasonably priced for what it is.
  15. Oh and also, the sound is not the exact same on every record that is affected, but it is in the same frequency range. (<80hz or so). Some may go whump (pause)...... whump (pause).... whump... (pause) Others might go whump whump (pause)...... whump whump (pause).... whump whump.... No two records that are affected sound the same. Imagine the sound of a scratched record (how the sounds can repeat) but in super low frequencies. That's the issue I have. Slightly warped or dead flat, makes no difference. Some slightly warped make the noise, others don't. Some flat ones make the noise, some don't. Like I said in post #1, freaking maddening! Perhaps I've been cursed!
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