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  1. Karise Eden sings the best version of Landslide.......hands down.
  2. Item: Pimax 4K VR Headset Location: Sunbury, Melbourne Price: $300 + Postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgrading to newer Pimax Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal, COD Only Extra Info: VR is the greatest thing since sliced bread. PIMAX 4K virtual reality 3D headset for PC Outstanding 4K UHD image, 3840 x 2160P resolution, 8.29MP, 806 PPI Prevents your eyesight from the harm of blue laser, with auto light adjustment system and auto demisting system Adopts 1000Hz dual gyroscope, reduce the dizzy sensation effectively 110 degree FOV, dual 53mm large aspherical optical lens Built-in 1000Hz gyroscope, acceleration sensor, magnetometer, range sensor, light sensor, only 18ms MTP Unique design detachable 3.5mm jack headphones, 40mm driver unit, with stereo sound stage virtual 5.1 sound track Self-adaption 58 - 71mm pupil distance Support under 500 degree myopia naked eye watching Lightweight design, feels no pressure after a long time wearing Strong compatibility, piplay independent driver, compatible with Steamvr, Oculus games System Configuration: Compatible with PC Win 7 / 8 / 10 CPU: Intel i5 and above GPU: Direct X 3D10, Nvidia GT X960 / AMD R9 290 and above Storage: 4G and above Port: support HDMI 1.4B video output, USB 2.0 / 3.0 interface Note: Low persistence customised 4K panel, it's not full persistence standard panel Patented low persistence customised 4K panel, it's not full persistence standard panel, so there is no smear issue in Pimax 4K VR Refresh rate: up to 90Hz in binocular frame technology, 60Hz in monocular frame technology Pictures:
  3. Item: Supratek Grange Pre-Amplifier Location: Melbourne (Sunbury) Price: $6,000 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Moving up North to an apartment, so everything must go. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I purchased this from JohnA around 4 years ago who bought it from Steve M around 1 year prior to that. According to SteveM, it was Mick Malony’s personal unit. John purchased it with no volume remote, so had it sent back to Supratek to have one fitted. At the same time, it had a once over and got a clean bill of health. Here we have a DHT 300B Pre-Amp which also features 2 MC phono stages and remote volume control. Also has a separate power supply The back of the Grange is feature-packed. It is currently configured to have 5 RCA Inputs; 2 RCA Outputs; 1 Balanced Output; 2 switched phono Inputs (you can use two turntables and switch on the fly between them); cartridge loading switch; (loading options are 10ohm, 100ohm, 1000ohm 47k) 1 Tape Out; and it has a Negative Feedback settings switch. The feedback switch allows you to match the impedance response to any amplifier you might want to use, solid state or valve. Up top on the solid 2mm copper chassis and in front are controls for Channel Balance; Source Select and Volume; a Mute switch, a pair of unused tube sockets and a pair of obsolete switches which were used for tube loading when trying out different DHT tubes 300B was chosen as the best sounding on this Pre. The top is also plated in 18 Karat gold. It is a little stained as can be seen in the photos, but of course does not hinder the performance of the unit and still looks amazing. Photos have a tendency to exaggerate the effect. Tubes supplied will be 2 x 300B (Shuguang Treasure’s) 2 x 6sn7 2 x 6e6p 2 x 6922 2 x e180/6688 4 x 5881 1 x 5ar4 I also have some spares which will come with it I would prefer a local buyer, but am happy to ship at your expense, but only if I feel I can package it up safely and securely for transport. I will however take no responsibility if it is damaged during transport. The unit is reasonably heavy (both pieces), so needs some serious packing. There is plenty of info on the net, but here is something from our very own SteveM. http://stevem1960.blogspot.com/ If you have any further questions or want to arrange a time to have a listen, please let me know. Regards Andrew Pictures:
  4. Hi Robbee Haven't sold them yet. I originally placed the ad when I thought I was moving up north, but that got delayed. Now, I've just quit work last week to move up to Far North Queensland, so your timing is perfect. I'll be starting to sell all my excess equipment over the next few months. Happy to make the speakers original so you can have a listen. Regards Andrew
  5. Bugger. I have a Sunfire Signature with upgraded Power Cable. 600w per channel at 8 ohm. The question is, do I want to sell it?? It's one of the only Solid State amps I have heard that runs my Klipsch LaScala speakers with no distortion, even though it would only be pushing out only a few watts. Send me a PM with what you were thinking of spending on one and if you tickle my fancy, you may have an amp. No point in haggling if we are way off.
  6. Best idea I've heard for ages Benje Start pledging your support HiSense supporters and we'll even have a GTG on the day it's calibrated so you can see it first hand.
  7. Well Rec. 709, to help out the curious, you can calibrate my brand new HiSense 75M7000UWD for free so that you can post your findings. I'm a really nice guy like that.
  8. Well I just bought a HiSense 75M7000 (no flaming please) just because it was the only model in there entire range to support 3D It wouldn't surprise me if they don't support it at all in their 2017 range.
  9. That sentence put a smile on my face for various reasons. Probably the main one is that many, many, many people on this site never stop tinkering............it's just what they\we do and why we love buying, borrowing and playing with settings to see what happens to the sound. Now you can heighten this thought with the fact you are talking about Horn systems, one of the most difficult speaker systems to get right. They are a difficult beast usually comprising of various brands of compression drivers, non standard horns and other custom tid bits. Now as far as when you get to sit down and enjoy the music?? Again, Horns have a particular sound. I describe mine as "alive" Now this is not to everyone's taste, but when I listen to Joe Satriani, it's like he's plugged his guitar into the back of my speaker, but this is what I want. So from that point of view, a trained ear and knowing the sound you want is when you will finally put a smile on your face. I have personally visited an SNA member who I won't mention not to embarrass him who had new single driver horns in which he raved about the imaging. When I went to visit and listen, I could tell something was wrong straight away. I pointed out the issue and when he looked, he had one speaker out of phase. NOW he had proper imaging. To sum up, if you can hear what you think is missing, then study what is causing that issue and go from there. Better still, host a get together with some SNA members, supply some beer and you will have some experienced people who may be able to guide you on your path. Best of luck
  10. Well, in my experience, Horns image beautifully, so that should not even be considered as the reason you are having issues with your horns. In fact, I run the same Yamaha driver as you on the same Azura horn. Although it's been while since I've run my full Yamaha setup (4 way active with MiniDSP 4x10HD) I can't ever remember feeling that I was starved of soundstage. In fact, it would sometimes blow me away just how much soundstage I had. I think some tweaking is the only thing you need to do to get it all back again. Good luck.
  11. Item: Roksan Radius 5 Maple with Acos Lustre ST-510D tonearm & Entre' MC15 cartridge Location: Sunbury Victoria Price: $1350 ono Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Saying goodbye to audio Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: With me selling almost 20 years worth of items I've collected, there is a handful of items that will break my heart to sell. This is one of them Originally owned by Jaspert and then David (djb) I've owned this for a couple of years Worth the money just on its looks alone, I had the Moving Iron cartridge I bought it with replaced with an Entre' MC15 cartridge. All work and setup was completed by Duc (Peter) of Golden Age Audio (Lovetube) It does has two quirks however No 1 is that it does not have an earth cable, just the power cable, but the unit does not exibit any noise or hum at all, so it's never bothered me. No 2 is that when dropping the needle onto the record, it doesn't drop straight down. Again, this never bothered me as I'd manually set it, but it was on my "to do" list. It also comes with the weight which was made by Duc and the record cleaner as well. Let me know if you have any questions Pictures:
  12. Item: Koss ESP-950 Electrostatic Headphones with upgraded Power Supply Location: Sunbury Victoria Price: $750 ono plus postage. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: The wife has convinced me to say goodbye to my audio hobby. Apparently she's correct Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT Extra Info: These headphones come with all original items: * E/90 Energizer and original power pack as well as an upgraded power pack (this makes a huge difference over the standard one) * Leather carry case and shoulder strap * Battery pack for mobile use (accepts 6C size batteries) * Various RCA cables and headphone plug * instruction manual * Lifetime Warranty card (NB - in practice Koss have repaired any faults that have appeared for any owners). These have served me well for early morning listening while the other half was asleep. I did actually find them hard to get used to as they are so clear and accurate, but once you get used to them, it's hard to listen to anything else. These also have quite a long cable (about 6 feet if not longer) Pictures:
  13. Thanks Dave Your description is pretty much how they are, so that makes me a happy panda. I've misplaced the mic to run the MCACC measurements, but much prefer to run a manual setup anyways. It threw me when I came across the additional Trim setting. Thanks again.
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