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  1. I love the yellow, and damn that's quick to 100.
  2. W7 support ends in about 6 months. Yeah you can keep running with it, but there will come the day you'll have to jump ship. I'm choosing to go to W10 when I have the time to do my 5x NUC's later this year. Personally I don't want to run it over the top of W7. A fresh install is always good (ideally every 12 monhts, but who can be bothered???) as it gets things running smoothly again.
  3. Best performance? Likely sucks the power out or goes to lower specced options. Stick with best appearance...
  4. I'll grab the Bill125812 if still available.
  5. I went to buy a Mazda CX5 last year, test drove the Kia Sportage and bought that. As I'm a fan of Japanese built cars I was somewhat disappointed the Kia was a notably better build.
  6. Yeah PSB floor standers aren't too bad, I've always found better elsewhere though. PSB is a sister brand of NAD, which is very well known around these traps.
  7. Good to hear. I’ve had my CS1000’s for about 7 years now and have never been disappointed. That’s an awesome price for those speakers too. Removing the port plug makes a big difference. When I heard the difference I packed those plugs away in the boxes and they’ve never been seen since! Mine are the white version and they’re weathering very well, albeit they are installed under an alfresco roofline so not exactly a harsh environment.
  8. When I ordered Hendrix Axis Blood As Love (UHQR) from them it was $AUD70 for the single item. Shipping was June of this year.
  9. I'm happy to wait for the bog standard CD, and the vinyl re-issues... although I doubt my definition of "in the near future" will be the same as Tool's...
  10. yes, I actually went with the Old Speckled Hen and bought a slab. Not as strong on the finish as the Spitfire, which is what I'm looking for at the moment.
  11. Can't decide between these two lately -
  12. Awesome. Can you rip it for me for 10 bucks? You can keep the screen...
  13. Well that was a win for the ages. Day 1 looked ominous for the Aussies and the hole that was dug was deep. One man carried the team back in to the game, and then to victory. Just brilliant, glad I didn't miss it. It's a privilege to watch Steve Smith play French cricket. Now all we need is Warner to hit his straps.
  14. Yep, for a couple of reasons. More time and overs to take wickets, plus you want them to believe they have a chance so they take their shots.
  15. Amazing how great the barmy arm sounds when you’re winning... 😂
  16. And it looks fantastic...
  17. Although the date stamp below it gives it away. Only one unedited post at that time...
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