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  1. I'd need a second bottle as well for my hi-gloss whites. Makes it expensive, but as you say it will last a life time providing it doesn't dry out inside the bottle??? Not keen on Mr. Sheen, as you say it makes everything slippery. I find it very streaky too, plus plenty online say they've changed the recipe for the worse. Kiwi Marveer has a huge following, but it looks like Kiwi discontinued production some time ago. Just can't find it anywhere, incl. ebay.
  2. Each speaker weighs 120kgs, so definitely an inside job. Drop sheet would be the only option with this stuff.
  3. Do you have to clean first then apply, or safe dive straight in with it?
  4. Rather than start a new thread... Just landed some brand new hi-gloss black speakers, but fingerprints are visible so keen to clean them off. Also looking to protect for the future. Additionally, I have some hi-gloss white speakers that need a clean and shine (8 years old and no polish/protectant applied). Any new products that people are using, or getting great results from a long standing polish? Ideally an all-in-one product (because I'm lazy), but may go a cleaner and then a polish if that's the only real way. I've already invested in a top quality cloth, may need another according to this thread. I may heed @cafe67's advice and head to a piano shop...
  5. I have all four of the new ones, and the older MOFI (but unopened) B.I.A. Sorry, won't be opening mine until the loungeroom system is up and running...new speakers arriving any day now, then need to source an amp, cables, cabinet. Yeah, it's going to be a while...
  6. Lol, yeah, me too actually, and was somewhat expecting a different ending.
  7. I have my CD collection ripped to WAV stored on an external 1TB SSD, plugged into the rear of my 851N. I've never had to use a thumbdrive, it read HDD's and SSD's just fine. Obviously SSD runs faster when scrolling through your content. I use the CA app on an ipad to control. Ethernet connection is better, so go with that. If you have excellent wifi coverage in your house you can use discard the CXN ethernet and then the spare ethernet for a NAS (if your CXN ethernet is direct to the router and not via a switch) - but even a cheap NAS set-up is an expensive option. I've never used Jriver, so no idea what that looks like. I store my albums in artist folders. Each album cover art is stored in that folder as a .jpg - this means that if you want the artist folder to have an image, you will need to store a .jpg of the band in the artist folder.
  8. In 2019 I discovered 134 artists. My top song was Boys of Summer by Don Henley (that one must be embedded in their artist radio). Top artist is Kings of Leon - yep, recently discovered their catalogue. Genre fluid. 731 hours spent on Spotify this year.
  9. Ensure you have gone in to the menus of the TV and also the AVR and have set the audio output (TV) and audio input (AVR) correctly. You often have to manually select what output/input you are using in the menu systems - these things aren't always plug and play.
  10. Howdy, Watched this flick the other day, it's a ripper. Sienna Miller is a hot grandmother who has to take over care of her grandson when her daughter goes missing. She is fantastic in her role, and portrays a very strong woman. Her sister, Christina Hendricks, is fantastic as well. Aaron Paul makes an appearance, and I keep expecting him to say "where's the meth"... So the main part of the movie that strikes home to me is the ending. I've been there, in person, when this exact thing happens, and this movies captures the moment extremely well. I highly recommend the watch.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, I'll watch tonight.
  12. I use an Excel spreadsheet covering details of the items, including what I paid and a cleaned date. I just keep screenshots on my phone that I take every now and then for when I'm out and about. I don't have any need for anything more than this.
  13. Murfie turned out to be a furphy.
  14. Album of the year - Coldplay’s new one is up there, but Fear Inoculum is a ripper. Discovery - this one’s harder, but based on constant rotation I’d have to say Air’s Love 2.
  15. Yeah, I’m with Al, it’s the most important speaker in the system. I ran centreless for about 2 years, then put in a cheap but good quality centre and loved the improvement. Recently I upgraded the centre to a beast and couldn’t believe the extra aural impact it has had from the last one.
  16. I'm happy to run Tidal for 4 months alongside my Spotify Premium. That's heaps of time to compare and see if the extra cost in the long run is worth it. I've been compiling playlists in the Cambridge Audio app for my 851N where I line up the same song on my SSD (ripped CD's as WAV files), Tidal track and also Spotify track. I just have to account for the extra volume in Tidal. It's been very...interesting...but still 3 months and 3 weeks to go, so no decision yet. And no drop outs at all, my biggest bug bear when I did a trial run about 2 years ago. Drop outs make it unlistenable, so here's hoping it runs okay. Finally, I doubt they'd offer it to existing customers. This offer is all about bringing in new ones...
  17. Almost...a humidifier puck with sponge (they're about $2) filled with a mixture of distilled water and propylene glycol. Distilled water to avoid calcification and mould, and propylene glycol to maintain the humidity level. A 50/50 mix = 70%, but this can be adjusted. You can also buy pre-prepared satchels, but they are more expensive because they're more convenient - NEW Boveda 72% RH 2-way Humidity Control 320 gram Pack Humidor Care WWW.EBAY.COM.AU It's common that the actual RH of your humidor will stabilise up to 5 points lower than the Boveda RH you're using, due to humidor quality and ambient...
  18. Is he still making music, is he? Huh, go figure...
  19. Just joined up to this deal - $2 for a trial run of Tidal Hifi until 24.03.2020. THat's plenty of time to play and decide.
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