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  1. Yep, but still on track before Xmas!!!
  2. Great to hear @rabidlistener Seattle is also the resting place of a great influence in my life, Bruce Lee (next to his son, of course). Pity their graves are so far apart, it's two pilgrimages in one day! I also made the trek in 2011 to Jim Morrison. No joints for me though lads...
  3. Back covers is one thing, back boxes, OTOH is different. If the back covers are actually completely sealed boxes, then that's a big win. A sealed back box improves performance immeasurably. I use in ceilings you haven't mentioned, and ran them for a few years before installing back boxes and couldn't believe how much better they sounded, plus noise bleed is ZERO! http://www.dynamat.com/architectural-home/architectural-home-dynabox/ BTW - have a look at the Niles in ceiling range, also fantastic. At least 7" range, preferably 8... https://klappav.com.au/collections/niles
  4. Ben Stiller - Illegal stiller... 🤣 ...Lawless (2012)
  5. Yeah their upper end finishes push the price right up, and that catches many people out. However, the premium finishes are worth it because they're absolutely beautiful in the flesh - and make for bargain buying on the second hand market. Not that I'm a buyer, only because my end game speakers are on the way, but would you split the system to different buyers?
  6. These were THE dac for a long time. Still very desirable.
  7. I'm fairly certain that many sliding windows can't carry the weight of double glazing too...I installed double glazing throughout the house and had to install awning windows.
  8. Wow, I couldn't name one Jay-Z or Lil Wayne song...or Drake, for that matter. Cool video, very interesting.
  9. Not necessarily to hock it, they could be crooks setting up their own house.
  10. I use a broker for all of my insurance, wouldnt go back to doing it myself again.
  11. Mulgrave Trash n Treasure is on this weekend...
  12. More like 5 minutes, 10 tops. Sit and time 1 minute and imagine clearing out your gear, especially if you don't care for it, then multiply that by 5 or 10.
  13. Have you sold anything lately? Had an interested buyer to your home? EDIT: @Bunno77 beat me to it!
  14. Does a laser light perform the same as a sound wave at reflection points?
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