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  1. Kaynin

    No more riding for me

    That last slalom through the trees is a suicide run!
  2. Kaynin

    Free Solo (2018)

    Yeah, girls do that! Lol. Interestingly, other people around him saw the same thing. He’s clearly different, the MRI indicated that. Plus the minimalist lifestyle to concentrate on his climbing, he’s a freak! I agree, one of the most amazing sporting achievements of all time.
  3. Kaynin

    Free Solo (2018)

    @Ihearmusic yeah, spot on, one of the great human achievements. As you say, train the mind and body. The film depicts the introduction of his girlfriend, and the effect that has on his mind.
  4. In the same theme of this thread - there's a new climbing doco, "Free Solo". Double wow this time. It's gripping (lol!)... It covers Alex Honnold's attempt to be the first climber to scale El Capitan free solo - crazy! Just amazing and awe inspiring. I watched it last night and have to say, well worth the time spent. It's in cinemas at the moment - I had moments of adrenaline just sitting in my seat! The camera work is incredible, it shows just how ridiculously small the holds are just to stay on the cliff face.
  5. Kaynin

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    That looks so good. A whole meal in one pan! Paella is best eaten fresh... I imagine the seafood goes in raw?
  6. Mate don't be disappointed in yourself, you can only hear what you hear. You have to be true to yourself and go with what you're hearing. I heard clear and distinct improvement in one system, and no improvement in another (better quality) system. It's always best to listen in your own system, albeit this is often difficult, but that's the best way - otherwise you're relying on reviews, both professional and amateur (positives and negatives with both!). IMHO a piece of gear priced at $7K+ should have an instant positive impact, and if you have to live with it for a while then it isn't worth seven grand (because obviously the difference is far too subtle)! And having said that, don't forget system synergy, I've never found something that works perfectly with everything.
  7. Kaynin

    FS: Kronzilla VA680 Power Amplifier

    I’m not surprised mate, your taste in hifi has always been excellent. I also notice that when you move the gear on your prices are excellent. GLWTS.
  8. Kaynin

    FS: Kronzilla VA680 Power Amplifier

    It's ridiculous the amount of quality gear you move. Very nice.
  9. Kaynin

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    The 851N does native DSD.
  10. Kaynin

    Kia Stinger

    Wow that's a 4K reflection!
  11. Kaynin

    Jersey Boys - theatre show

    Yep, agreed. Saw it in NY and loved every second of it.
  12. Kaynin

    Metallica supp/by Slipknot.

    No doubt just to be able to say they’ve stood in the seven continents...
  13. That’s the Perth hi-if show right there.
  14. That room scares me...
  15. Kaynin

    Kayo Sports

    Great to hear, thanks for the feedback.