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  1. Yes, the Law of Downwind has trumped the Law of Godwin...although the two are more closely related than you think -
  2. Hotmail issues

    Did you do this by logging into your account directly on their website, or did you click on links in emails that were sent to you?
  3. Don’t know sorry, worth a phone call though. In fact even if they’re business hours only it’s worth the effort. Their showroom has heaps to look at, much more than what the B.P.P. have on show, so worth the effort. My wife and I had been looking everywhere, then I attended Pegar’s factory then called her and told her that I’d found what we were after.
  4. FS: Renovation Sale

    That RP3 with upgraded power supply is a good price...and the PWT transport...
  5. Correct, Pegar are too expensive when sold through the Big Picture People. The manufacturer is based at Moorabbin and they sell direct to the public, which is what I did. I had a quote for a custom build through the B.P.P., then went direct to Pegar and saved thousands. Very high quality furniture. If you're out and about, I suggest stopping in at their factory, they have a show room too - 21 Viking Ct, Cheltenham VIC 3192 Phone 9 555 0793
  6. Sounds good Marty, I’ve been building a little stash for about 12 months now! I really want to see this TT of yours, looks beautiful. Now we just need to fix you up with a streamer...
  7. Lol, I have mate, last week I bought a new Music Hall 7.1 with a Garrott Brothers K3 cart. I’ll pick it up in about a fortnight...my first TT!
  8. Headphone Amp Recommendations?

    Thanks for the update. Nice one, can't go wrong at all! Built like a tank...
  9. Cobra Kai

    Ohhh yeah. I'm calling it now. TV series of 2018... Come on Johnny, get back what's rightfully yours...
  10. You and I go to different concerts. My arms go up to stop some punter landing on my head...
  11. Excellent news, someone taking a stand on the anti-social behaviour of phone users...
  12. This is a whole new meaning to the term of moving to the "Dark Side"... So are you in the vinyl realm now Marty??? You certainly don't do anything be halves...