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  1. Couldn't make it, I was too busy Rapping Like A King - BTW, looked up their website, fantastic work, looks like the art work is painted on!
  2. Pigs bum Jake, there are no wrapping world championships...
  3. Yep, I bought a handful, great prices. Thanks for the heads-up.
  4. More snap crackle and pop back in the day...vinyl was renowned for it, but mine's pretty darn silent these days due, in part, to my RCM! I picked up my Consonace RCM second hand as a trade-in for $350. Considering they're well engineered for the job, I wouldn't shy from a second hand model. Try a WTB thread.
  5. Hijacked? Popularity is hardly hijacking, but merely a common opinion. Don’t feel threatened by being in the minority. 😉 irresponsible? It’s a tried and true method that is much quicker than a peel - and as with everything in life, you pay for convenience. The OP can decide for himself if what he wants to spend money on. You will note that the cheap option of a spin clean has been mentioned... 👍
  6. My RCM is the Consonance and I also use Melody Mate. I'll add that my experiences with Melody Mate customer service has been absolutely A1, including rectifying an order issue. Have never used the stronger strength Melody mate solution though, I'm concerned about too much residue...
  7. Mate I've seen it work every time where dust is sticking to the disc, the static gun is fired at the disc and the dust floats away. I still watch it in awe! There's youtube videos of similar results, I think with sticking paper that no longer sticks.
  8. Yes I wet vac all of my vinyl, new or second hand, before first play. I also use a carbon fibre brush on each side before each play. I use a small stylus brush when I see dust on the stylus (similar to this one) - https://www.selby.com.au/vinyl-turntable-carbon-fibre-stylus-cleaning-brush-se-3.html Finally I use this anti-static gun before each play (so not each side) - http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/milty-zerostat-3-anti-static-gun/ The end result is rare snap, crackle and pop when I play a disc.
  9. Congrats. No surprises though, that 's a beautiful amp.
  10. I do recall a vote thread on here a number of years ago where members voted their best systems ever. The noticeable leader was active systems yet, despite that, the majority currently had passive systems. Not that this furthers the discussion, just thought I'd throw it in there...
  11. Awesome these are sold. Really, really interesting to me. Keen to know what you were driving?
  12. Stop skiting Al, you're embarrassing me.
  13. Wow @JukKluk2 , way to spoil @betocool's party...
  14. It's a hotel room. Victorian law doesn't have any jurisdiction, just like out at sea, right?
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