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  1. Kaynin

    2019 projector releases ?

    Seriously mate, I wouldn't go within a hundred miles of them. Trust me on this, they have dodgy practices.
  2. Kaynin

    Greetings from Ingo

    Welcome. Red flags on this one...
  3. Kaynin

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Lol, love it! It means you'll always have the taste of thyme.
  4. These don't pop up much at all, in fact this is the first I've seen. A true balanced design. Love mine, GLWTS.
  5. Kaynin

    AFL 2017 & 2018 - In memory of Nude

    The M.F.C. (Mentally Frail Club) have been bundled out by half time. Disgraced themselves. I wonder if they'll get away with sooking up against their coach again this coming pre-season.
  6. Kaynin

    Are Emotiva Any Good

    Well, considering this is an opinion thread I'll give mine. I'll never buy the brand, I've seen and heard enough to avoid it. There's too many other brands out there to choose from that I have a higher opinion of. Of course, there are others who would disagree, and more the power to them. It would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything.
  7. Kaynin

    Great app for Speed and Wow

    Don't use a Samsung!
  8. Kaynin

    Digital Microscope for your stylus

    @dwbasement @stevoz You guys have started a run on them, I'll pick one up too! Very handy to have.
  9. Kaynin

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome! One thing said about Sweden is that the flag is a big plus!
  10. Too late, I just printed "my" VIP pass and I'll be there super early to scan in...
  11. Kaynin

    New Record - Most Online

    This is odd. A record of 14,203 on 06/07/18 at 01:34 AM? -
  12. Kaynin

    Currently Spinning

    I never gave this band much chop, but they got me recently...love those horns...