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  1. It Must Be Nearly T Shirt Time Again

    Here we go again...
  2. @mattjtaylor2809 @jrhill Only joking lads. Unfortunately my poor humour only amuses myself...
  3. Brimstone

    Guy Pearce is a brilliant actor, and excellent in this movie. I didn't know what to expect when I watched it, and wasn't disappointed.
  4. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    I agree in that I'd change to 80Hz for your cross-over to better account for your smaller speakers.
  5. Cooling setup for AVR

    Awesome, sounds promising. My seating position is a little further away than that. I purchased the AC Infinity S7, which is the dual 120mm USB fans. I've been concerned about the heat factor of my set-up for a while, so it feels good to finally be doing something about it.
  6. Cooling setup for AVR

    Yep, thanks to @Pops110 as well, I'm going this option because they have the USB end as factory fit off, plus are specced for 5V. It will be either the single or double fan, I'll have a closer look tonight. @IMDave - how far is your sitting potion from the fans? Also, when you can hear them when the system is silent is that when they're running on High (considering they have 3 speeds). I'm not sure on a single 120mm or double 80mm...
  7. Kodi v Jriver

    Ok, I've never downloaded JRiver so I don't know what's involved, but you've reminded me that KODI did take some time to set-up and get used to!
  8. Kodi v Jriver

    @powerav I think your testing would go towards what your preferences are in terms of ease of set-up, but not so much in the way of comparing audio results. If you're keen to know how KODI vs JRiver compare soundwise, then I think you need to court the idea of spending more time with the settings. Surely you jest, er? I hear you say, but you may end up getting better audio results, which would be worthwhile... I have had a love affair with KODI for about 5 years now. I use it as a media player, but not 2 channel. As a media player I agree with @powerav - the ability to customise, as well as the professional slick finish, is hard to beat.
  9. Cooling setup for AVR

    Yeah, spot on. I have the Marantz 8801 on the bottom which doesn't generate any heat, and the source (Consonance Ref 7) is on top of that. The Ref 7 runs hot because of its tube output stage. Between both components I've measured it to be around 39 degrees, again with the Ref 7 generating the heat. I put some isolators on the feet of the Ref7, but that's put the Ref 7 closer to the top shelf. On top of the Ref 7 it's 49 degrees. The Ref 7 has always been very warm to the touch, but now that it's stacked it sits closer to the top shelf. I think a fan is needed for the top of the Ref 7.
  10. Cooling setup for AVR

    Yep, I had a cabinet custom built and requested no backing boards at all for easier access and better airflow. It's the stacking of equipment, for me, that presents an issue.
  11. Cooling setup for AVR

    Sorry to the OP for going OT - How does this work? If the unit has a USB will it have power when the unit is on, or does it have to be "selected" as an input? I have a Marantz 8801 with iPod/memory stick USB at the rear, does it power on only when it's selected as an input? I also have a USB at the rear of my Consonance Ref 7. The Ref 7 generates heat, but not the 8801, so thinking of running a fan from the Ref 7 but not sure if it will power it... I tested my Ref 7 at the top of the unit with a meat thermo and it registered 48 degrees, so will definitely go with a fan somehow...
  12. Veneer or paint advice

    Aranmar Acoustics do speaker cabinets for a lot of people, including Osborn Loudspeakers. I'd get a quote and see if the price is right - I'll guarantee the finish will be... http://www.aranmaracoustics.com.au/contact2.html
  13. Cooling setup for AVR

    My Consonance Ref 7 sits atop my Marantz 8801 and a meat thermometer placed on top of the Marantz in the middle tells me it regularly sits at 39 degrees. I'm not too fussed, if it was 50 I'd install some fans. I wouldn't have thought 33 degrees was an issue???
  14. Cooling setup for AVR

    That's a good solution @:) al , thanks!