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  1. Kaynin

    NBN ISP decision time

    How does it feel to finally be getting those speeds?!
  2. Kaynin

    Wifi router for dual level

    Personally I'd move to an AC router. It's better technology.
  3. Kaynin

    Usher are back..

    No Australian distributor.
  4. Frankie's Been To Hollywood?
  5. Don't let guests near your remotes. They'll do your head in with them... 🤣
  6. Yeah where you lost me was the "little" system... 🙄
  7. You should trademark that word, it'll take off!
  8. Kaynin

    NBN ISP decision time

    Yes, true. I voted with my feet, but I don't think they even noticed...😭 Anyway, I hope they keep their practices up as they serve as my yardstick.
  9. Kaynin

    NBN ISP decision time

    Yes, in your example you would go broke. In my example there are ample new customers joining to Exetel but they want to increase their bottom line and refuse to pay the extra quid. I guess we won't know unless we see their books. A moot point for me anyway, I voted with my feet and joined elsewhere. I'm a happy chappy!
  10. Geez I hate that. Surely they'd help you out and refund the difference, or a warranty return then new purchase online...
  11. Kaynin

    NBN ISP decision time

    I've had NBN for about 7 years now (FTTH) and signed up to Exetal at that point in time. Their service flew (90+ Mbps all day, every day). A number of years later I found their service slowed down way too much when compared to what I was used to, so I changed to Harbour ISP. They were good for about 2 years, but I found their service flaky as well (mainly their Melbourne server they were using). I switched to my current ISP and I'm back to what Exetel was like 7 years ago. 90+Mbps all day, every day, and excellent customer service over the phone when required. IMHO if an ISP is signing up more customers, then they need to spend some of that new income on bandwidth increases. I know not everyone wants what I want, but I've never met anyone that's happy with slow internet... lol
  12. Kaynin

    How quiet is your background?

    I tested three a couple of years ago with an accurate analogue db meter, and found that the Decibel X app was spot on. The other two were way off.
  13. Kaynin


    Ooohhhh, uber violence. Looking forward to it.