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  1. Those ebay ones are lead lined, which the generic Eclipses don't have, so that's a bonus. Standard Eclipses weigh about 45kg each, so these would be much more than that.
  2. Is this the ad? - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Osborn-Eclipse-Loudspeakers-with-rare-Lead-Lining-option/113885643493?hash=item1a841d02e5:g:UpkAAOSwK-BdejCT&frcectupt=true If so then this appears to be an ad by Greg Osborn (no 'e') himself. His email is 'osspeak', the background of the photo sppears to be his home, and recent audio sales by this ebay seller are products he sells. If that's the case, then you know the speakers will be 100% right, which is a good thing. To answer all of your questions if they're the right speaker for you, head to his place for a listen. I have owned a pair of Eclipses for 7 years now and I think, for the price, you'd be hard pressed to better them. Solid cabinets, clear mid's and highs and bass that digs deep.
  3. Good to have you back. An intriguing integrated combining ss and tubes.
  4. Yours Mr. Anderson. On hold pending collection.
  5. Item: 2TB Seagate 3.5" desktop internal HDD (ST2000DM008) Location: SE Vic Price: $40 + $10 postage AUS wide if rqd. - firm. Item Condition: Bought brand new and used for 4 weeks Reason for selling: Wrong one for my CCTV PVR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Extra Info: Howdy, I have bought the wrong HDD for my CCTV PVR. I bought this on 15.07.2019, but as PVR video playback didn't operate correctly so I stopped using it four weeks later. This comes with a 2 year warranty, no idea if it's transferable but I have the original receipt from Centre Com, if that helps. When I was running the HDD the PVR has a health check of the drive, which I ran and all sectors came up green, so I wouldn't expect any issues for you. The only reason this HDD is no good to me is because I used it for the wrong purpose, I wouldn't expect any problems at all for standrad internal HDD uses. 7200 RPM is a good speed too.
  6. The Gold 200’s look nice... Also always good to see customers upgrading in the same brand.
  7. 100%. I've had negative experiences with a couple of people/businesses that are raved about around here, and I would never go back again. One amp builder made 6 months of promises and in the end I had nothing. I've tried explaining my matters with people, but the fans will never listen. Sorry to hear of your experiences here. I appreciate you letting us know, I'll certainly be steering clear.
  8. I think a quality pressing of their albums on your ball tearing system wouldn't get much better...
  9. We don’t pay dickheads prices!!! 😂
  10. Any chilli in yours? This is a chilli salami thread...
  11. Yep, it’s also flowing in to Primus, Rage Against, Soundgarden etc. Just an awesome mix.
  12. April 12, 1997, Festival Hall - Aenima tour for me. Maynard painted himself in blue paint with orange dots and had a lumo light on - trippy! I'd take the set list at Rod Laver and hold the concert at Festival Hall - perfect! (Not a fan of Rod Laver for concerts at all...)
  13. Considering I've never heard of the other artists I'd like to thank LZ for bringing this wonderful music to me.
  14. I bought my 3mm mat from Addicted To Audio in Feb 2018. Their website doesn't appear to have any on a search, but may be worth a call. It was $75 delivered.
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