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  1. +1. And the finished product looks very professional, unlike tinfoil. I've had roller shutters with pelmet box and tracks for 8 years. 100% blockout. If I had known about Screenaway at the time, I would have went them and saved 50% of my costs but still had 100% blockout.
  2. Ooooh, good idea. Hadn't thought of that. I'll keep that in mind when I'm next there. Good thinking 99!
  3. Awesome! Unfortunately not the case at the MIL’s house.
  4. Looks like this piece of carp here -
  5. Hi, I have a different NBN set-up at home, it's FTTP and has nothing to do with Telstra, so I'm struggling a bit here... The mother-in-law has FTTN and a Telstra modem. the wi-fi is crap, I've measured it with Wi-Fi Sweetspot and it's bad in key parts of the house. She bought a new router, DLink D-fend AC2600 router because I said go with AC wifi to get better coverage. I advised her to s/t the local computer store, and this is the one they recommended. I went to set-up the new router today and found only 1x DSL wall port that the current Telstra router is using. The DLink does not have a DSL port. AIUI, she needs a router that has a DSL port. That being the case, I want to seek out one with AC wifi... Do they exist? Is AC worthless considering it's a FTTN connection? If AC wifi is worthless given this set-up, what's a router that's FTTN compatible that will provide far better wi-fi performance than the standard Telstra router that is supplied???
  6. These guys get good wraps. @Quark and @al have both used them, to excellent effect. https://www.screenaway.com.au/
  7. Is the room correction the only difference between these two? I can't see much else in the spec sheets. Better room correction may be enough to sway me, still haven't bought my pre.
  8. I've tried the rocks, but they never stay cold long enough. I now use tap water and create my own clear ice. I cut them large and find they stay colder for longer, and don't melt as much. Maybe an option...
  9. Their albums are so well produced to begin with, I’d expect these to sound superb!
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