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  1. So, the decision has been made. I weighed up a few factors, and it ultimately came down to my movie watching habits, which isn't full scale blockbusters. Much of it is script and character driven. So, finances came in to it more in the end than I expected, and I've ordered 2x PSA V1800's. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt they'll do the big blockbuster job extremely well in my room - it's a good value for investment when considering all factors. Thanks everyone for the input. Thanks @Quark for the tip.
  2. Good point, no grill doesn't worry me. You're all over it mate. I went to Hallam Selby Acoustics today and checked out the Cyclonix. First thing I noticed is that it's much larger in person than I expected - this thing is a beast! I was very impressed with the performance, but couldn't give it a real nudge. I wanted to test the 20Hz capability to see if it's deep enough, but I had my twin 3 yr old girls with me, so had to take it easy. It was great to see them lying on their sides, which is similar to how I'd use them.
  3. Yeah, spot on. I have a Osborn T12 in another room, that's no slouch, but I'm looking for more. Much more. 😬
  4. You had to go and plant that seed in my head... 🤣 Yep, great value for money. I’m hoping to scratch around and find a reason to rule out one...not easy!
  5. Okay...so where I'm at is down to three...I still want twin subbies down the front of the room. 16 or 18" is cool. Price is important...but I have the money now to pay for any of these options, so don't mind spending extra for a quality product. Having said that, point of diminishing returns and all that... Krix Cyclonix - I have been in touch with Krix and they've been awesome, confirming that they can be laid on their right and also left side to suit my needs; SVS PB16 Ultra - this is a beast, but also the most expensive; PSA V1800 - a lot of subbie for a discounted price of $1,850 is ridiculous. Any thoughts? This is not an easy process... 🙄
  6. Nice. So you prefer the Lowe rumble...
  7. I have the first gen Consonance. It sucks hard. The only thing it doesn't remove is fingerprints...not mine, of course, I know how to handle them properly... 😬
  8. Thanks to @Quark for his hospitality today, was excellent to catch up and talk all things AV and audio! The twin 15" PSA's were awesome. Car doors slam fast and clear, then explosions blasted the room and rumbles rolled through shaking my seat! They did the job, plus some. Loved the finish too, perfect for a HT room. At the current price point, twin PSA 18" will be so hard to go by. In turn, the Paradigm Prestige SW2000 is a premium price, in part for the internal DSP which I won't use. A bit more research is to be done though.
  9. Thanks for chiming in Satanman, I was hoping you would. External units like miniDSP are pretty hard to beat. - for music or movies, or both? What are your current sub-woofer(s)? Crap. You really want to know? (It's a tweenie)
  10. Thanks Muri. Yeah, I'm concerned about the comms and after sales support, I've had issues with gear in the past and there's nothing more stressful. It's a pity, I would likely have gone straight for the Seaton otherwise.
  11. Thanks jb, great info. You're right on the Krix, only down to 20Hz. I know in room can drop those specs, but I'd prefer to see the unit capable of doing it itself. I'll look at the Rythmik too, thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Ooooh yeah, one either side...now we’re talking. I’m going to check measurements tomorrow...
  13. Yeah I saw those, they look awesome. Height is too tall at 120cm, but if they can be laid on their side it may work...
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