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  1. Kaynin

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Yes, it's easy to spot those who care and those who don't.
  2. @Marc do you have a floorplan with the booked out rooms? The link on the website doesn't work...
  3. In regards to getting caught up in the gear, I've found two types of enthusiasts. Those who love the gear and talk about it with a passion and love for the craftsmanship or value, and then there's those who talk about it as an extension of their penis.
  4. Kaynin

    NAD M3 Remote

    Does the status LED blink on the amp when you point and press the remote at it? Is the M3 in Zone 2 mode? Have you done a factory reset by holding RECORD + BALANCE for 5 seconds?
  5. Kaynin

    NAD M3 Remote

    Is the IR receiver on the amp covered/dirty?
  6. That's a 4K projector... @Quark and I are referring to 1080 only capable units.
  7. You'll never go to the cinemas again...
  8. @:) al bangs on about it, but he's right, save a decent budget for your screen too. Quality counts here because "it's where the rubber hits the road"...
  9. 180" at 4.9 metres is massive, you'll strain an eye ball! I'd be inclined to keep it to 150"...in fact I sit 4.5 metres from my 120" 16:9 and it's plenty big! Get an old bed sheet or two and mock up a screen on the wall. Just remember that you have to sit in that position for 2 hours or more...
  10. Kaynin

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    YES! I forgot about that, it's a ripper.
  11. Kaynin

    Metal: Currently Spinning

    Yes they have! - Lol...but I'm an Anthrax fan too, saw them at the Entertainment Centre on the Persistence tour, it was fantastic. Would love to remember who supported them...
  12. Yours is one of the best 1080 pictures you'll see.
  13. The NUC's work nicely with MCE media center player remotes because the sensor is in-built and you don't need a USB receiver. If you can find a brand in the Harmony list you can then load the code in to the Harmony remote. Must be an RC-6 controller. Another option is to buy one of these and use the "learn" function on the Harmony - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Remote-Infrared-Ray-Control-Controller-Wireless-PC-USB-Windows-Media-Center/381210067916?epid=510277943&hash=item58c1e403cc:g:NDYAAOSwstxVGLon I have used these for years and they work seamlessly, although I paid $10 each they seem to be a bit pricey now - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Genuine-Original-PHILIPS-RC1974506-01-Windows-Media-Center-Remote-313922851251/173086910306?epid=893378694&hash=item284cc8a762:g:haYAAOSwi0RbFQnY