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  1. Both covers convey a very different message. The original Aussie is dark and moody, the USA makes it look futuristic. No surprise as Mad Max is set in the future! @muon* a blast from the past seeing the original cover, brings back memories!
  2. You get the American cover, which is something we don't really get to see!
  3. I’ve wanted one of these for years, but my current amp isn’t getting enough use as it is....
  4. The beach scene with the mannequin was shot at Seaford pier, which is where I spent my summer’s when growing up. Oddly, I’ve always been proud of that fact!
  5. Best Australian made movie ever. I saw this for the first time on VHS, so a few years after cinema release. I was too young to see it at the flicks. I feel I’ve known this movie my whole life. Geez I love his V8 Interceptor... I liked how it looked on bluray, so 4K would be a real treat.
  6. Under Investigation is also on tonight where they’re looking at his poisoning campaign. Allegedly.
  7. I bought the Luxman purely because I’d lusted after one for a long time, so not trialled first. The Epitome’s are easy to drive, so headroom is not an issue - but I chose not to go the Class A Luxman’s because, from time to time, I like to listen really f’ing loud. The bass is well controlled by the amp. I’ve been very impressed so far. I do want to do an A/B with some of Greg’s amps at some stage. That will decide if it’s a keeper.
  8. Hulgich make beautiful speakers and should always be closely looked at. They are well balanced performers that do a lot really well.
  9. These Epitome Reference towers are 12 months old, still playing with placement/toe-in and a couple of other things. I haven't heard the Elite upgrade yet, something on the list for this year regarding the Epitomes. I expect these to be my end game speakers, will work on upgrading the digital and analogue sources this year, see where that lands me - These Eclipses used to be where the Epitomes are, so serving HT duties with the C5 and other Osborn effects speakers in a dedicated room. The HT room has been dormant for 6 months, only just collected new amps/8805
  10. Yeah trigger cable from Selby Acoustics will more than do the job.
  11. Yeah I really like the expanding head band. Nice and light too...
  12. Many years ago, as a result of my head-fi journey, I said I'd never get closed cans again. Then, a couple of years ago I heard some Mezze Classics 99 at the hi-fi show, and loved them. Picked some up today, in replacement for some more monitor style cans I was previously using. These are for PC use only, so not part of my dedicated set-up. Very simply just internet/YouTube/Spotify use. I must admit, their timbre and tonality is right up my alley. Nice and comfy too, although time will truly tell on that one.
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