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  1. They're efficient speakers, so more power may not be the sole answer you're looking for. Greg always demos with tubes, so I'd look in that realm in the first instance. I've got the same speakers, but no amp yet, now waiting for this virus thing to settle and see what's out there. I'll be (most likely) aiming for a tube integrated.
  2. Whoa. Missed this release, thanks for the heads up, will have to get my hands on it.
  3. Gave up on HDD years ago when I moved to SSD... lol I have vinyl, CD's ripped to WAV on SSD and stream Spotify. Trialed Tidal twice and dropped it twice. Not a NAS in the house (looked closely at them and decided they're not for me). This all works well for me because I've been running it for years.
  4. Supertramp, especially ...Famous Last Words... I liked them then, didn't listen to them for about 15 years, and then have been on heavy rotation since...
  5. Yeah. Loved the green shagpile carpet on some of the ceilings!
  6. Put some balls behind these puppies and WOW!
  7. You've hit the nail on the head. I actually expected to see more of his friend, wasn't until I read your comment that I thought "yeah, not as much as what I thought". With that was potential to highlight the difference between right/wrong, good/evil. I mean, is there stronger imagery to denote evil?
  8. Yeah, there was potential for use in more scenes.
  9. It was okay. Not bad, not great.
  10. Are they easy to drive? Thinking as a set of PC cans...
  11. Still on PS3, will skip PS4 and likely go straight to 5. Any specs on either unit yet?
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