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  1. I rip all my CD's with dBpoweramp. I don't know if that adds metadata editing or it's a Windows function, but this is what I check for - Song number is correct in the folder listing - Also, when I right mouse click on a song and select "EDIT ID-TAG". This allows me to edit the song numbers (not related to the song title numbering I mentioned earlier).
  2. Maybe. Check the metadata in each file and see if they're numerical like the song title. This may be the issue in that the app may be loading files up alphabetically or some other method, and not numerically. If you look at the metadata and think you can update it so each track runs numerically, then test it just with one album. If that sorts your issue out then, yes, you'd have to do the same to the entire collection. Or re-rip...
  3. It could be a metadata or song titling issue. I've never had this issue when using the CA Connect app, but when I rip my songs I title them accordingly - "Track Number Artist Song Title" so "01 Angels, The - No Secrets", "02 Angels, The - Poor Baby".
  4. Yep, a simple test with an effective result. I think I'll stick with one type of stone as well, namely sandstone. This is all very good food for thought. I'm also considering a block of acoustic material to compare against squash balls and stone, as @Grant Slack has discussed. This wouldn't really be too expensive to trial.
  5. Did you have those supported in any way? And, if so, were they supported the same?
  6. ...for playing squash. It's still plausible that they will be very effective for this alternate purpose though. I certainly don't discount @andyr's testing and effective results, and how he achieved it.
  7. @Grant Slack I like the humour in your post. Yes squash balls do vary in size, and energy absorption to dampen bounce. The 2 dots are competition level, and provide the least bounce when playing, so the most energy absorption. I was considering those... Angel Step looks interesting. Their Angel Step 630 is "acoustic underlay for vinyl" - perfect! lol Do you recall which one of their products you used? Do you have a section just for underneath the TT feet, or the whole plinth/shelf?
  8. Will sealing it prevent this, or does that have to be re-applied over time?
  9. Great information Andy, thanks for sharing. I do recall you have previously mentioned squash balls. I take it you just place the 8 balls strategically to ensure a level slab? One dot, two dot, larger or smaller squash balls? It's certainly made my choice easier, slate or sandstone it is. I'll have 60mm to work with, so 25mm thick is fine.
  10. Great to see, after all these years, Telstra hasn't changed...well, since Telecom really.
  11. Unfortunately the bot wouldn't understand my swearing when I'm pissed...
  12. I'm now keen on this thread. I'll be placing my TT into (not on) a custom built cabinet as a wall mounted shelf won't work for me. Looking to isolate the TT from the cabinet, so currently thinking some (yet to be determined) isolation feet under a slab of .... Travertine/limestone; Bluestone; Granite; Sandstone; Slate. Is thicker better, or not really going to make a difference with isolation feet? Will the material really make that much of a difference?
  13. The KISS principle. Perfect.
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