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  1. @Marc On an unrelated website issue, I notice that the "Unread Content" button only works sometimes, in that occasionally it returns a result of "There are no results..." - see image. If you press the "Unread Content" button again it usually works normally. This has been happening over the past 4-5 days, but doesn't happen every single time, it's intermittent.
  2. Done Winter. Will PM you tomorrow to sort it out. 👍
  3. Item: Led Zeppelin 4-Cassette box set Location: 3977 Price: $20 (incl. shipping Oz wide) Item Condition: VG (please read summary) Reason for selling: NLR - been sitting on the shelf for over 20 years. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash gets first priority, Paypal (friends transfer only) Extra Info: I'm selling my 4x cassette Led Zep box set. Photos are a good indicator of condition. Signs of use are apparent, but the box edges are fine with no splitting, the colour booklet is excellent. It comes with a poster which has some tape on one side from when I stuck it to a wall, the other side of the poster is fine. There's a crack in one of the cassette cases. I can't check the condition of the tapes themselves because I sold my tape player years ago, but if I remembered any issues I'd post it here. Having said that, price is only $20 so I'm accounting for any issues. These recordings were remastered by Jimmy Page and George Marino in May 1990. Cat # is 7567-82144-4, box says Made In Germany. Happy to pay for tracked post but it won't be insured, you'd have to pay for that yourself, if so desired. Pictures:
  4. Kaynin

    Greg Lake and vinyl weight

    Interesting, so advertising vinyl weight is more of a marketing ploy? As a guide when buying, is the pressing plant a better guide than vinyl weight?
  5. Kaynin

    RSD 2018

    Sorry man, but Jeff's Grace kills it... {fight fight fight}
  6. Greg's new website looks good too... http://www.osbornloudspeakers.com.au/
  7. Yes and no. It's a single box solution that performs to an excellent level considering what you pay for it. To better it, such as external DAC's, you usually have to pay a fair whack more. As a single unit is does a lot well, not just the DAC but, for example, the analogue outs or streaming or.......... Yes AVR's have DAC's, but the Oppo sounds better. * Now, this is a subjective statement and there's many here who will say "but AVR such and such has a better DAC/sounds better than an Oppo". Both statements are correct however, generally speaking, you would expect the Oppo DAC's to sound better than an AVR DAC's considering what you're spending.
  8. Kaynin

    Do You Suffer From APE?

    Left Foot Tinea?
  9. I love Tool, that's where my Third Eye is from...but 4 studio albums in 30 years isn't exactly what I'd call productive...
  10. Well, couldn't wait until the weekend. Picked one up today and cleaned about 10 records. You're right, it's perfect for the job! The width is excellent, and the small bristles fit in to the grooves perfectly, whilst the rotating handle allows it to track along nicely. I'm a fan...
  11. Kaynin

    FS: SPL Phonitor

    Very nice, you don't see these come up too often...
  12. Kaynin

    Forum Navigation Problem

    Awesome, thanks! Yep, had to delete the old and upload a new.
  13. Kaynin

    Forum Navigation Problem

    @Marc side issue but no point in a new thread - the cover photos in the profiles aren't appearing. Is this intentional, or an error?
  14. @Hensa Thanks! I'll be picking one up this weekend!