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  1. Donations & Classifieds

    Hey, don't talk about Hensa's mother like that...
  2. currently drinking

    Well I had one of the best beers that I've ever tried last night. Looking to get my hands on a slab as we speak -
  3. Yep, James Cameron - he just rolls out blockbusters... I remember when it was first released, the special effects just blew everything else away.
  4. Wife wants another dog... so...

    Brilliant, love it. Keep this thread going for the build and fit out, always interesting for others to see your progress.
  5. Wife wants another dog... so...

    The stepped floor is awesome for the second row of seating, especially if you put recliners in...
  6. Wife wants another dog... so...

    Yep, good choice. I have double doors to my HT room and the builder used normal doors which, these days, are the hollow honeycomb type. Whenever I watched a movie my wife couldn't sleep - and the master is at the other end of the house! Anyway, I know what issues noise bleed can cause, so I replaced the doors with solid timber doors and the improvement is excellent. It's not sound proofing (that costs mega $$$), but deadening it is a good result for minimal cost.
  7. Wife wants another dog... so...

    This is a marked improvement on your first choice, good work, you've got the bones of an excellent set-up right there.
  8. Wife wants another dog... so...

    When you close the door there will be nothing to dampen the sound. All you will have is a cavity where the door recesses to, which is merely plaster board and timber studs. This will cause immense noise bleeding, no different than leaving a door to a HT room wide open. You'll hear it throughout the house. It's no dramas so long as you're aware of the impact that a slider will have...
  9. Anything will be better than the stock, it's pretty average. I've ordered a Norne Draug V3 for my LCD-3's, but that costs more this this option obviously. I have a Cardas Clear Light with my Hifiman's though, this is a cheap offer, can't go wrong really...
  10. Spotify Round Up

    Lol. I just use Spotify to find new music, which I guess shows in the different genre stat. Man I love a good stat...if I like what I hear then I buy the album and listen to that, which is where I spend most of my listening time. Gotta love Spotify though, I wish I had it from when I was a teenager...
  11. Spotify Round Up

    Very interesting little feature, I never would have guessed mine -
  12. UHQR is back.

    Beauty Ordered mine, stereo version. Now I can hurry up and wait...
  13. Hi from Adelaide, LCD-3 Owner

    Howdy, nice cans... What are you driving them with? I'm currently using my Woo WA22 with upgraded tubes with mine at the moment...
  14. Wow, you make decisions like my wife... {sheesh} Been following the thread with interest because I'm after a small footprint amp as well, but for the bedroom. I just want to run a TV into it and driving a pair of in-ceiling speakers. The NAD D3020 looks perfect, especially because you can control it with your TV remote. Thing is though, I've heard it's laggy when doing this...that would be the only drawback.