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  1. I've been living with my WA22 and a Cambridge Audio 851N which can be used directly or as a pre for about 3 years now. I've A/B tested using with 851N as a pre and not, and also lived with both set-ups for months. The amp has a hi-lo gain switch, but I only use that depending on the cans I'm listening to. I've come to the conclusion that I can't tell any difference between the pre mode on or off. There's no noise whatsoever, I mean it's a black background, dynamics are the same. I don't recall what I've left it on, but I'm happy either way.
  2. Kaynin


    Stop it!
  3. Kaynin


    I can't be bothered swapping out squash balls, levelling, TT set-up, listening, swapping out squash balls, levelling etc. Please, someone else do this for me...I'm just going for the cheapest ball regardless of the dot colour. Definitely going the full ball though @andyr
  4. Just give them a call now, they're pretty flexible with their pricing. I've never seen their sale prices on Elektra's go below what I know I can buy them for any other time.
  5. The Feds are paying? I'm sure they'll use the plastic...
  6. What do I think? It's a no brainer, Elektra over the Emotiva all day long. Quality lasts...
  7. Kaynin

    Headphone EQ

    No EQ'ing on my head-fi set-up, but I use it in my hifi system! I couldn't care less how I get the end result I'm after, so long as I get there. No EQ in my headfi gear because it sounds better - EQ in my hifi because it sounds better...
  8. Kaynin

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    Houston Texas. Texas BBQ. I like it!
  9. Kaynin

    FS: Music Hall Turntables various models

    Gee whizz that's a whole lotta TT for the money...
  10. Kaynin

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Did one perform better than the other?
  11. Kaynin

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Is a square of it just as effective as the discs?
  12. Kaynin

    Vinyl disillusionment

    Is this them? https://www.mackayrubber.com.au/
  13. Yes, that's a tough situation. Years ago I had a bad dealing with a retailer and I said "never again!". Then, some years later I fell in love with some audio equipment and, you guessed it, that retailer was and still is the only place to get it...well, I bought the gear, but it was a bitter pill to swallow to have to walk in to their store once again.
  14. Responsibility for returning goods When the consumer notifies the supplier they are returning the goods, the goods become the supplier’s property. The consumer must return the goods to the supplier unless the cost of returning, removing or transporting is significant; for example, due to the: • size or height of the goods, or the way the goods are installed type of problem with the goods. For example, a consumer would not usually be able to remove a light fitting that has melted and stuck to a wall. If the cost to the consumer would be significant, the supplier must collect the goods at their own expense and within a reasonable time. Examples of goods a supplier would be likely to collect: • a 127 cm T V • a bed • a swimming pool filter connected to a pool by fixed pipes •an extension ladder stuck in the extended position. P. 21 - https://cdn.tspace.gov.au/uploads/sites/60/2016/05/0553FT_ACL-guides_Guarantees_web.pdf
  15. Kaynin

    My Change in NBN Speed

    Hmmm, I first configured my router 6 years ago with over the phone help from Exetel, so sorry I really don't recall if there was anything specific set up. The settings remained the same with the new ISP, but I just had to update the log in details for the new ISP. They helped me over the phone to do that, simply entering new details and saving. We didn't touch anything else and they didn't check anything else. For the record, the router is an Asus RT-AC68U. It was a market leader 6 years ago when I bought it, and is still a good performer now. Personally, consider an after market modem if you have an ISP supplied one. Look at it this way, they don't give away top quality units free. The modem/router is often over looked in performance issues. These days they need to be mini-computers. We have around 15-20 devices connected at any one time, and there's only two adults who use the network! So, the modem/router, IMHO, needs to be a good one.