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  1. Whenever this subject comes up I speed read through . Basically for the entertainment value. The same old lines are coughed up. The price should never be taken as a sign of the high fidelity worth of the item concerned. As for the term High End? Come in spinner !! Not forgetting that the finish on some of these goods makes them veritable works of art and magnificent furnishings. That's enough from me, I've broken my own rules by typing in this thread. ? ?
  2. Tony Morgan in his 01 March 2018 review of the 60 XD wrote "The tweeter in the 60XD is not an Esotar2 , but one of Dynaudio's lower-specced Esotec+s". He also said that thanks to the advantage of the active crossover ,DSP etc it sounded as sweet as an esotar.
  3. Yes that makes a lot of sense. The other downside in a small market, it is quite easy to monopolise certain brands.
  4. Which sort of begs the question, yet again. Why do some brands have such exorbitant premiums here in Australia?
  5. The most alarming part for me was reading . For other Tannoy purchasers that is, as you have obviously had this corrected. Actually I find it quite disturbing.
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