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  1. I sit around 2.5 meters away from a 50" screen which is within the guidelines linked to above. Why sit far away from your nice HD TV? Effectively reducing the screen size to a phone?
  2. Why the 14k suckout (and less HF information) with the 24/192 download too? Hi-Fi News and Record Review give graphs with their download reviews - would be useful in all cases.
  3. Luis;191570 wrote: There's a nice original looking one going for a good price in Spain http://www.comoficho.com/venta/giradiscos-o-platos/plato-emt-948-con-brazo-emt-930_752 I'll be there next year, but it may be too big to send as luggage.... Not a bad price for such a fine thing...
  4. Yes perhaps scathing is a bit strong - but to get 'nicely made' and 'well performing' from that review is pretty optimistic.
  5. Can't get more scathing than "I give up and don't want to use it any more."
  6. Here's a scathing review by the normally mild mannered Art Dudley on the Riggle tonearm. http://www.stereophile.com/content/listening-130 I felt sorry for Mr Riggle by the end - but Mr Dudley is a fair and reasonable reviewer so I take notice of him.
  7. I suspect you may be right - it really is a fantastic phono stage. I wavered on my Shindo journey, thinking that I would never manage to get a power amp to complement the pre-amp (Masseto). I got hung up on it - who knows why - sometimes things just don't feel right. So the Masseto moved on via TOA and as part of the deal the VIDA arrived. Well this VIDA is just revelatory in its ability to totally transcribe what's in the recording and yet still remain musical and not just scientific. That's good news for bad recordings - it can give you old blues recordings with the bacon frying in the background but they are still listenable with every layer there. Good news too for dubious recordings of dense guitar fuzz - records like Wooden Shjips West have everything, fuzzy guitar, looping organ, drone like singing, pressed into sharp relief. There is no clouding of the midrange that can happen with less-than-perfect recordings. Great recordings sound, well, great - but they do with 'most' phono stages I guess. Added to that it has a nice mute button (handy for cueing) and a rumble filter (handy for those who like idlers that rumble - mine don't :rolleyes:) and selectable loadings with a rotary switch - it's a nice piece of kit. It's also the quietest phono stage I have ever used - by far. More info here LCR comparision Hi-Fi News Review
  8. Luis;191121 wrote: Right now I hate you. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
  9. Anywhere that sells art supplies should have it - I got mine from Whitcoulls, around $5 for a small bottle I think.
  10. Indeed yes - Indian ink seems to have more density than fountain pen ink too. I applied two coats undiluted with a soft brush - it didn't use much so I imagine the weight would be very small. It made no sonic difference at all to my ears.
  11. gortnipper;191088 wrote: Dude. Wow. Speechless. I knew there was a light n flimsy TT lurking! You must have I big-ass smile on most of the time now! Happy as a pig in some high quality muck! TonyD;191094 wrote: Wow, a total system change in < 12 months? ... and such excellent taste! Outstanding! Cheers Tony, there's been a few swerves and u-turns but I'm liking the system a lot at the moment. omegaspeedy;191096 wrote: Dodgy I just love your system and every aspect is beautiful! For me, your system is the pinnacle of my journey which I have yet to reach. Thanks so much for showing your stunning system. High praise from the tonearm guru! The Apparition is a masterpiece in musical expression. Michael Wong;191097 wrote: Nice looking system DC ! The giant Denon makes my SP10 look like s tiddler... Cheers Michael - it is quite a battleship of a TT. It has big manly controls, which is good for a klutz like me. paul300b;191107 wrote: Wow! And that old painting doesn't look too bad either. Heh heh - one of your fine early works Paul
  12. Final overall shot - the rack was welded up at a local engineering firm. Filled the internal void with expanding foam and put 25mm ply shelves on it (isolated by good ol' squash balls). Functional and not too pricey... Attached files
  13. I have finally bitten the bullet and got a digital front end. My last one was in 1995 - a CD player that I traded in on my frst MC cartridge. I bought Kaka's Antipodes Server (now upgraded to a DS) and Beeman's SoTM DAC. I have to admit this Hi-Def stuff is pretty nice, and I find I graze a lot more widely in my musical choices with the convienence of digital. I recently replaces the stock USB cord with a Chord Silver USB which was a significant improvement. Sigh...turntables are so much prettier though... Attached files
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