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  1. Ive deviously owned a M&K MX125, MX200 and an MX5000 and M&K rank easily with the best there is. Very strange to read that something is actually wrong with one. Virtually bullet proof. Must be something minor.. Very sad day when I sold them..
  2. Item: Krell S-1200 HT pre amp. Location: Oak Park, Vic, 3046 Price: $1500 Item Condition: Perfect working order. Reason for selling: Getting out of HT. I don't have the room for it. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Owned since new I've gotten out of HT. having said that this unit is as brilliant, as you'd expect from Krell, in stereo mode as it is a Ht pre-amp. Comes with the Krell made of steel and ridiculously but typically over engineered remote control. Pictures:
  3. Item: Toshiba HD-XE1 HD-DVD Player Location: Oak Park, Melbourne, Vic. Price: $250 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling what was the top of the line Toshiba HD-DVD Player on the market. Is in pristine condition and has been tested and is working perfectly as one would expect from anything Toshiba made from this era. In addition to video, thanks to it HQ components it is a very high quality CD player. Comes complete with remote , manual, and 5 HD-DVD titles. Does not have a power cord but any typical computer lead will work Pictures: hd-xe1-k-ty.pdf
  4. @jakeyb77 No I think they were the start of the stored audio and did a brilliant job at it. I've update d he HHD to a 120g from the 80g. I think that's the only diff with the 1500.
  5. Item: Yamaha CD-R-HD1300 CD/HDD PLAYER/RECORDER Location: Oak Park, Melbourne. 3046 Price: $300 Item Condition: As new. Working perfectly. Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my Yamaha CDR-HD1300 music storage/CD player/CD burner. As new condition and has little use. All matrix display is working perfectly. Remote and manual included.. Records in Full Flac and holds 120 average CD’s at highest recording quality and a lot more at lower recording quality. HDD has been upgrade from 80g to 120g HDD so will hold more. Typical brilliant Yamaha quality and performance. Owned since new. Pickup from Oak Park. Pictures:
  6. Item: Denon RC-995 Programable Remote Control Location: Oak Park, Melbourne. Price: $75 Item Condition: New - Never used. Reason for selling: Not needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling this Denon RC-995 Programable Remote Control. This is a never used or needed inclusion with the top of the line Denon AVC-A11XVA. Is in perfect working order and unused condition. Prepared to post at buyers expense. Pickup from Oak Park area. Pictures:
  7. Wow, The Denon DVD5000. My dream of the day. I'm actually selling my DVD-A1. I noticed yours is sensitive to playing CD's. Mine has a intermittent fault were it refuses/can't lock on to a CD/DVD when first loaded. Requires up to 4 ope/closes before it finally clicks then plays faultlessly for the entire CD. DVD's are less likely to play. Must have been a common fault in this era of Denon DVD. I bought two DVD-A1's @ $5,700ea at the exact same time and both had the same fault. I enquired about fixing mine and it involved a new laser assembly for $600 x 2. Regardless of the fault when it does play the quality of the sound is sensational, and the build quality, apart from the faulty Toshiba CD drive, is sensational..
  8. Item: Denon DVD-A! DVD/CD/DVD-A Player Location: Oak Park Price: $400 Item Condition: Has an intermittent fault in the optical tracking. Cosmetically is perfect. Reason for selling: Taking up room. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Have placed $400 but am open to reasonable offers. The thing will give $4000 CD players a run for their money! Selling my bought from new in 2002 Denon DVD-A1. This was the flagship DVD player produced by Denon when they made incredible HT and Audio products. I bought it to match my Denon AVC-A1SE, another classic piece of Denon electronics that weighed as much as a battleship. Weighs in at an impressive18.5kg; and it's a DVD player! Sadly it has a fault where the optical drive has issues detecting the CD or DVD when first loaded. This results in a noise from the CD tray and sometimes a normal playing of the CD or if not a need to open and close the CD tray a number of times, usually three or four, before it begins playing, When playing it perform perfectly for the entire CD. I have had the issue checked and at the time DVD's were being replaced by HD-DVD and BlueRay so spending $600 for a new laser assembly didn't seem to make sense but when the sound from this thing is heard it probably was. I have it currently connected to a Moon system comparing the Chris Jones - Roadhouse& Automobiles CD from Stockfisch on the Denon V my Moon CD transport valued at at $7k plus and I'm shocked at how close to the much more expensive and newer Moon, the Denon is. For $900 repaired this would be great value. In addition to being able to play CD's, when it finally does, the CD drive can be bypassed and the internal DAC's ( Burr Brown PCM1704 Audio DACs (these are rated at 24-bit 768 kHz and will oversample 96/24 8X) can used for external devices. Here's a link to brilliant review of it. Denon DVD-A1 As much as the fault annoys me I love this thing but if someone else wants it I'm prepared to let it go. Not much good sitting under the bed and being brought out yearly to hoping he fault has miraculously gone. Comes with remote, manual and proprietary DenonLink cable.. I have a video of noise associated with fault and with it working perfectly if needed. Pickup only from Oak Park in Melbourne for obvious reasons. Pictures:
  9. If considering selling subplatter be aware that the Delrin platter does NOT work with the standard Rega subplatter. The Ref subplatter is specifically designed for the Delrin platter when used for the RP6/P6.
  10. Item: MUSICAL SURROUNDINGS FOSGATE FOZGOMETER and THE ULTIMATE ANALOGUE TEST LP Location: OAK PARK, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA. Price: $450 for both. Won't separate. Item Condition: FOZGOMETER OPENED TO INSTALL BATTERY AND NEVER USED. TEST LP STILL IN SEALED CONDITION NEVER OPENED. Reason for selling:MOVING ON FROM VINLY. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: purchased these new approx 18 mths ago to test alignment of cart but just never got around to doing it. all items are as new condition and the Test LP is still in sealed bag. **WILLING TO POST AT PURCHASERS EXPENSE.** Pictures:
  11. Item: GROOVETRACER RP6/P6 DELRIN PLATTER (WHITE) WITH MATCHING REF SUB-PLATTER AND MICHELL CLAMP FOR EXTRA LENGTH SPINDLE OF REF SUB-PLATTER.. Location: OAK PARK, MELBOURNE, VICTORIA Price: $600 FOR ALL THREE PIECES. NEW RETAIL WITHOUT POSTAGE AND TAXES FOR PLATER AND SUB-PLATTER FROM US ALONE NOW IS OVER $700AU. Item Condition: AS NEW AND GENUINE DELRIN. GROOVETRACER RECEIPT AVAILABLE AS PROOF. Reason for selling: HAS VERY LITTLE USE DUE TO OTHER COMMITMENTS TAKING PRECEDENCE. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Delrin is considered the material of choice for record platters by many of today’s high end turntable manufacturers. It also carries more mass than the majority of high performance thermoplastics available which is important in terms of maintaining speed stability. Comes complete in original packaging with zirconia spherical bearing, oil, instructions, and magnet to remove rega steel bearing. Pictures:
  12. Item: Schitt mani Phone Pre-Amp (Made in USA) Location: Oak Park, Melbourne, Vic Price: $190 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Going in another direction with audio Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this about 18 months ago after reading glowing reports and reviews and they were spot on. A brilliant piece of gear at an unbelievable price. Has had very little work due to other interests so best I pass it on to someone who can get the intended use out of it. Just a waste sitting in my system collecting dust. Comes in original packaging, with manual, and dedicated AU power supply. Pictures:
  13. Don't have an issue with the sound of the RP6 especially with the Delrin, Ref SubPlatter and Mani. Brilliant! Just the work required to maintain and actually get a vinyl record to produce sound. The record washing, anti static sleeves, anti static brushes, stylus cleaning. I'm lucky enough to have a very high end CD player that extracts just about every piece of info from a CD, and that's the difference between an average CD player and a high end player, and really the difference between Vinyl and CD isn't huge, perhaps the sound stage is a little wider. Even the space needed to keep a TT and store my 200 odd Lp's is excessive these days. I won't ever sell my LP's so at a future date I may well buy back in, perhaps the P6. I'm waiting for Groovetracer to get back to me as whether or not my Delrin Platter and Ref Sub-platter will work with the P6.
  14. Looks like individually is the the way to do it. Thanks to all for the advice..
  15. As the title says I need some good advice re selling a turntable I've become bored with. It's a Rega RP6 in black with Ortofon Blue MM cart, that I bought new and have had for approximately 6 yrs. I run hot and cold with vinyl so to say the TT has been used sparingly would be an exaggerating. In addition to the turntable I have a Groovetracer Delrin Platter in white, with matching GrooveTracer Reference sub-platter which I purchased personally from Frank during a visit to San Francisco. I also have a Michell Delrin record clamp that is specific to the extra length of the GrooveTracer spindle. I also have a spare brand new Nagaoka Mp110 cart. I also have a the AVID Rega Alignment guide thats never been used. I also have the Little Belter RP6 upgrade belt. I also have a brilliant Schitt Mani phono pre amp. I also have a brand new in the box Music Surrounding Fozgometer complete with test LP for checking cart alignment. ALL items are as new bar the Rega which has a minor scratch to the perspex lid. ALL items come in original packaging!! My dilemma is do I sell the this as a "Welcome to Vinyl" one stop solution or do i seperate them and sell off individually. Does anyone have a rough idea what to ask for the whole lot as a package? The Delrin platter and Ref sub-platter was over $500US, and that's picking it up and was 6 years ago, and the Fozgometer was $575 with test LP.
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