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  1. Wow - I used to have pair 11116, so this is the very next pair! Fantastic speakers!
  2. I used the Leben phono and CS600, and sold both a couple of years ago. I was very happy with both - great gear.
  3. Is this the same seller who sold refurbed Gales last year (Morley, WA)? I bought a pair and they are fantastic! Anyone looking for speakers anywhere near this price should consider an audition.
  4. Yes - davidro has just summed it up nicely..
  5. And if you buy something heavy like a TT or amp, just send by courier or via the post office. Much cheaper than excess baggage charges. If you really want to run the gauntlet and you're flying out of Narita, you can try and check your heavy luggage and then if they won't allow it, there is a post office in the airport. Just leave yourself enough time to pack and send it and still get your flight!
  6. If you don't speak Japanese and are not travelling with someone who does - I suggest you start with a visit to Audio Union near the South exit of JR Shinjuku station. Above ground section is regular gear, and stairs down to the left go down to a high end section. All prices and product info clearly marked. This place has a few stores around Tokyo and the rest of Japan and can give you their up to date list of items available. Also, worth going for a walk around Akihabara - particularly one to two blocks to the west of the main drag (Chuo-dori), Kanda, and Ochanomizu. All have second hand audio gear shops and second hand music.
  7. I watched very little TV for many years, but now I'm pretty keen on sitting down to a couple of hours of music video surfing. With a good screen and a decent stereo system connected to the inernetz, there's a lot of fun to be had. Also nice to get out for dinner and drinks, or go for a walk Oh, and in Perth, the council has kindly put a couple of pianos in the middle of the city for plebs like me to muck around with - coincidentally surrounded by bars and cafes!
  8. Really?! Woot! I'll throw a party to celebrate, and increase Triple-J in the no-ad-radio-station-rotation
  9. There are so many like that. I often listen to Like a Version covers - recently Meg Mac, Kite String Tangle, Rudimental, etc.. The intro's are embarrasing, and I've learned the music start point so I can totally avoid the intro. Compare with KEXP Seattle where the presenters and artists talk like normal people and make the artists and listeners relaxed!
  10. Couldn't agree more. Some of the music is good, some is ok, and some is rubbish, but the presenters are terrible. For me, The Doctor (and I've no idea why he chose this nickname for himself) is unlistenable. A douchebag of the highest order. What's the difference between a Triple-J presenter and God? God doesn't think he's a Triple-J presenter.
  11. I had SHL5s driven by a CS600 - it was a good combo! Have never tried the MEs though, so can't compare.
  12. I have a pair of these - best thing ever for flights! They take a bit of jiggery pokery to work out which plugs fit your ear and how to get them in snug, but once you work it out, they're brilliant.
  13. Yes - I'm still looking. Also just going on good reviews and the fact that it has all the connections I want and room correction. I did have an offer at a very low price through stn - but it was the offerers first post and I couldn't confirm that they were genuine. Might have to take an overseas trip - or just keep waiting!
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