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  1. Item: Canton Karat AS300 Active 12" Subwoofer in SIlver Location: LNS Sydney Price: $250 Item Condition: Used - Very good Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Was $2000 new. Has a few blemished but works perfectly. SPEAKER SYSTEM Amplification Type active Speaker Driver Diameter 12" Speaker Driver Diameter (metric): 305 mm Nominal Output Power:250 Watt Max (RMS) Output Power: 350 Watt Frequency Response: 20 - 150 Hz Output Features: Bass Reflex Audio Amplifier: integrated Magnetic Shield:Yes Connectivity Technology:wired Brand Canton Product Line Canton Karat Model AS 300 SC Nominal (RMS) Output Power 250 Watt Frequency Response 20 Hz Connectivity Technology wired DRIVER DETAILS (1ST SPEAKER) Driver Diameter : 12in Driver Diameter (metric):305 mm DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Width :14.2 in Depth :17.3 in Height :18.9 in Weight :60.63 lbs Pictures:
  2. Item: Antelope Audio Zen Tour USB/Thunderbolt Audio Interface 192Khz ADAT Location: LNS Sydney Price: $1400 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Not using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Antelope Audio Zen Tour Thunderbolt and USB Portable Audio Interface 8 x analog outs, 2 x headphone and 2 x reamp outs 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH) Up to 192kHz sample rate Producing your own music has become the contemporary equivalent of writing poetry. Current technologies have made sound recording as easy as grabbing a pen and pouring your feelings on paper. However, unlike the solitude writing requires,music creation is usually a shared experience. A simple two or four-channel audio interface is no longer enough. A cool, creative jam with friends will require at least eight channels, packed in a portable interface that could easily fit in a backpack. Zen Tour borrows the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Antelope Audio’s top-selling pro studio devices. This game-changing technology provides the interface with massive parallel processing capabilities, thus the lowest latency levels on the market. Antelope audio's latest interfaces all feature a new breed of hardware-based audio effects. Key features: 8 x analog outs, 2 x headphone and 2 x reamp outs 2 x ADAT (up to 16CH) 1 x S/PDIF Up to 192kHz sample rate Over 40 + FPGA FX plug in effects, including 5 x new compressors. All features controllable via its high res touch screen Control the Zen Tour from multiple computers Control the Zen Tour remotely. Check out the newly available iOS and Android apps! REVIEWS: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/reviews/1100989-antelope-audio-zen-tour.html Pictures:
  3. Item: KRK V8 S4 Powered 8" Studio Monitors (Pair) Location: LNS Sydney Price: $950 Item Condition: Excellent, have boxes Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: About 2 years old, minimal use (hence selling). Have original boxes. Prefer pickup but can ship at buyer's expense. INFO: KRK Systems V Series 8 nearfield studio monitors are specifically designed for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is critical. KRK worked with hundreds of pro engineers/producers/mixers to develop these groundbreaking monitors. Recording and broadcast studios as well as sound design and audio production houses will benefit from adding the V Series 8 as the go to monitor of choice. V-Series 8 includes 49 user selectable EQ settings to ensure proper setup for room acoustics and placement anomalies as well as taste and individual preference. The KRK design team has painstakingly modeled and analyzed hundreds of monitor placement and room acoustic situations to ensure that KRK delivers the most useful tools with minimal adjustments. Features 8” Woofer KRK custom designed Kevlar tweeter KRK custom designed Woven Kevlar woofer Optimized front ported bass reflex enclosure design Bi-amped Class-D amplification Acoustic and desk loading condition correction Low Frequency EQ's Mid and High Frequency EQ's Precise input level attenuation switch Standby, ground lift, input sensitivity, and logo LED selectors Optional protective grille included for mobile broadcast applications Friction lock, Neutrik combo (XLR and TRS) connector Robust EVA foam pad for non-skid and acoustic isolation Universal threaded mounting bracket points Pictures:
  4. Item: Samsung Galaxy Book 12" LTE (4G) , Intel i5 7220U, 128Gb SSD, 200GB SD, 4GB RAM, 12" FHD+ sAMOLED display + HDR Video Location: LNS Sydney Price: $800 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need bigger screen for work purposes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: FREE INTERNET (see below)!!! Excellent little laptop which is perfect for traveling with as it's the size of an iPad but runs Window 10. The screen is simply amazing and I always use it on flights to watch videos with. If you use your laptop for basic stuff like emails, internet, basic word and excel stuff then this is what you need. Only reason I am selling it is because I do a lot of remote work and I need a bigger screen to work with. Also, this has a 4G card in it which I can't use as the new laptop doesn't have 4G. Therefore I will leave the 4G data card in it until the contract ends meaning you have free internet (Australia only) until the end of October (up to 250Gb per month). Comes with an additional 200Gb SD installed plus Office 365 Professional. Has the original box, s-pen and comes with a USB-C charger. Contact me for more details. Full specs and product page here Pictures:
  5. Item: Beatles Stereo remastered Vinyl Collection Location: Sydney LNS Price: $500 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In mint condition, albums only played once. Pickup or ship at buyers expense.m: Pictures:
  6. Seems to be the most logical...
  7. Hi Larry, Did you ever upgrade to the LX500? If so have you still got the BDP 450 and would you like to sell it? JG
  8. Hey there, Long time no speak! I might be interested in this, can you confirm the following for me please (or anybody else on the forums that has one): Can this play SACD-R? As in a SACD iso burned to a DVD-R? If not I believe it can play via attached storage or even DLNA right? Does it pass native multi-channel DSD over HDMI? Can it be used as an external DAC for say a HTPC using the USB input and HDMI outs? Now I think the answer to all 3 of these questions is yes, but I can't seem to find a 100% definitive answer before taking the plunge. Would be great to know for sure if it is capable of doing this as I essentially would want to use it as an external sound source for my HTPC if it can do the DSD thing, otherwise the HDMI out on my NVIDIA RTX card essentially works just as well, except DSD is converted to PCM by JRiver first (my receiver cant do DSD over DoP which AFAIK the Nvdia card can do over HDMI but not native DSD). Maybe somebody else can chime in on this, as I know I have a bee in my bonnet about native DSD, but Im wondering if anybody else has gone down this path before and noticed a difference between native DSD and DSD>PCM? I would be feeding it into a Pioneer SC-LX90 which does accept DSD over HDMI, but given its not a Pioneer component Im pretty sure it wont activate the PQLS anti-jitter feature which might make the whole exercise pointless! Apologies for my ramblings! Thanks JG
  9. Well I hooked up an old DVD player via ilink recently to the receiver and I preferred the sound of that to JRiver. At this point I am trying to weigh up whether I should spend some money on an Oppo or something similar.
  10. Hi all, I have been googling this for a while now but cant seem to come up with much. Maybe someone here has a personal experience? Essentially I have all my SACDs ripped to ISOs and also have extracted all the files to dsf which are nicely indexed using Jrvier for easy playback. Now my receiver (Pioneer SC-LX90) does accept DSD input via either HDMI or iLink, but since iLink died with DVD I think we can rule that out and I don't want to use the physical media any more anyway. Also, DSD from my PC Nvidia card (over HDMI) to the receiver will not work unless its converted to PCM by JRiver. Apparently this is a thing that will never be fixed. So, from my understanding, the Oppo 105D will DEFINITELY allow me to play native DSD over HDMI using the PC USB input with the correct JRiver settings. If I am wrong about that please correct me. Given Oppo are no more, can anybody tell me if there are any other solutions that will do the same thing? Surely Oppo cant have been the oinly company to produce a player that does this? The Essence HDACC II-4k looks like it might be a solution but they dont seem to be in production any more either.... There must be a solution!!
  11. And now Luke Perry dead at 52.... (not a musician I know). I really hope we aren''t going to have a repeat of 2016 where they were all dropping like flies. That was a bad bad year.
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