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  1. Yeah, a bought a used bluray player a while back from gumtree and the seller used pack and send. Needless to say it didnt work when I arrived here.
  2. Still avaiable - first buyer pulled out and 2nd buyer bought a brand new one becuase he assumed it would be sold! JG
  3. Been there, done that, hence this thread! Not having the original box can potentially affect any insurance claim, so yeah I plan to take pics of the box every stage of packing and confirm with the buyer they are happy with it before I send. Thanks JG
  4. Hi all, I have a chap who's interested in taking my Pioneer Susano amp for which I do not have the original box. Now I'm quite confident I will be able to pack it fairly solidly so it doesn't get damaged so long as it gets proper in-transit care, which is where this question is leading to. Does anybody have any experience of this? I know alot of couriers/logistics companies REALLY dont like stuff being sent in a non-original box. If anyone has used any companies or has any advice I'd be keen and grateful to recieve it! Thanks
  5. If no luck on here you can always try Airtasker. Used them a few times, as long as you get someone with a high rating and job completion you should be good. There are lots of people doing regular SYD>MEL trips for exactly stuff like this.
  6. Further information: I bought this a year ago, put about 10 hours on it and have never used it since. Why is this you ask? It's not a good match for my Clearaudio TT, especially with the isolator, I can't get enough height on the arm. And seing as I have sold the bulk of what was my main hifi I ended up sticking this in the drawer and forgetting about it. I did then take off the isolator and tried it on my Sony Linear Tracking TT but it seemed a bit overkill for the TT and the phono amp Im using it with. This model is about $3,000 new so pick up a bargain for half of that.
  7. Further information: Item: FS: ASR Emitter II amplifier Was asking $5500 originally) Extra Info: Purchased in late 2012. Have the upgrade kit to take it to 2014 spec (requires someone who is an expert solderer). Too big to take with me so letting go for way less than what I paid for it back in 2012 ($12.5k). I was using this beast to drive a pair of Rockport Avoirs and the sound was just awesome (ask Ed Kramer). Has 2x balanced inputs (not standard I believe) plus a sub out and a direct mode if you only have 1 component attactched to it. Always gets
  8. I'm so angry right now. All I am going to do is post these pics for you all to gasp in despair at. These are pictures are of BRAND NEW just opened records, and this is what they looked like AFTER I got all the gritty crap off them and some of the fingerprints. Record one - Ben Howard "Every Kingdom" Record two - Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" I've sent an email to GZ asking them what the hell do they think they are playing at. Can't wait for the response (if any)...
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